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Miguel's eyes fluttered open and a smile broke out across his face. He could feel Reese's warm arm draped across his body, his land lying against his chest. Reese's breath warmed the back of his neck. He was aware of the contours of Reese's hard body pressed against his own - chest to back, their legs intertwined (the hairs rubbing lightly together), foot against foot. Resting against his rump, almost squeezed in between the mounds was Reese's large semi-hard member. Miguel could feel Reese's beautiful blond pubic hair against his lower back. It was utter bliss.

"Good morning sleeping beauty," Reese cooed into Miguel's ear.

Opening his eyes fully, Miguel found himself facing a mirror and he could see Reese over his bronzed shoulder, gazing down at him fondly. Miguel smiled fully and turned his head to meet Reese in a wonderful full-mouthed kiss. After a few moments they parted and Reese got up, the blanket falling off of his tall naked frame. Miguel looked up at him, admiring every inch.

"What time do you start work at?" Reese asked.

Oh crap! Miguel glanced at the clock and noticed it was already 8:00 am. The boat left port at 9:00 am sharp and he'd have to hurry. He only had a few shifts left to clock in before a week break leading up to school and he couldn't afford to miss any. Miguel jumped to his feet and took a moment to marvel at the scene - never in his life had he thought he'd be standing around stark naked with his best buddy Reese after a night of lovemaking.

"Do you mind if I shower first? I gotta get to work," Miguel asked.

"Not at all, but I thought we'd shower together," Reese said with a smirk.

"But what about -

"Don't worry, my parents left for work an hour ago. We have the whole house to ourselves."

Miguel grinned and smacked Reese on the ass as he bolted out the door and ran down the hall to the bathroom. Reese cried out and gave chase, smacking Miguel as they ran, both giggling uncontrollably. They reached the bathroom and collapsed into another full embrace, both their dicks hardening to full erection. Taking his hand, Reese led Miguel into the shower and started the water. In the movies the shower sequences were always erotic, but in this case it was actually rather awkward. The shower was small and only one of them could get wet at a time so they took turns lathering one another and shampooing each other's hair. Miguel nibbled on Reese's nipples as he rinsed his hair, then sank down to his knees before Reese's impressive manhood. He started to lick around the head, jerking down near the base with one hand. His other hand massaged Reese's ass, cupping the right buttock. His dick was big, but not too wide and Miguel was able to fit it into his mouth, letting in about 3 inches before taking it back out. The night before Miguel had merely licked around Reese's cock, but now he was intent on returning the favour and allowing it to penetrate his mouth. He fought against his gag reflex, fitting more and more of the large tool into his mouth and throat. Four inches, five, six and then no more of the impressive eight inches would go down. Miguel started to work more furiously and he felt Reese's hands clench the back of his head and begin to control the tempo as Miguel was face-fucked. Another inch went in and then suddenly Miguel's nose started to hit moist pubic hair. He could feel pre-cum leaking down into his stomach and then suddenly thicker fluid. With loud gasping moans Reese was hitting orgasm and Miguel was so overcome with joy at what he'd accomplished that his cock seized up and spluttered cum all over the tiled tub.

Miguel sank back, Reese's softening dick sliding out of his mouth. He was startled when Reese bent down and started licking up Miguel's cum before it washed entirely down the drain.

"Too bad I couldn't do you, Reese said standing back up and helping Miguel to his feet, but then you DO have to get to work - and it will give us something to look forward to tonight!"

"Damn right!" Miguel said with a laugh and gave Reese another big kiss.

They turned off the water and dried off, smacking each other playfully with the wet towels. Eventually though, they both had to get dressed with Miguel not even having time for the breakfast Mrs, Durkee had left as he ran out the door and hurried down to the pier. Running down the street Miguel suddenly realized that he'd never told Charity that he wouldn't be meeting her for their morning jog. Part of him thought 'who cares' but another part was still pulling him towards her and making him feel very guilty about ditching her.


It was a long day for Miguel before the boat finally pulled ashore again. He'd been distracted all day, with conflicting thoughts about Charity clouding his head. At one point he'd almost dumped a bucket of fish overboard. The older fishermen had laughed it off, saying Miguel must be love struck. All they talked about all day long was Miguel's 'beautiful young lassie'. It was almost too much to bear, Miguel wanting nothing more than to NOT think about Charity. Damn fate, why couldn't he just live the life he wanted to live?

Miguel stepped down onto the dock, and there waiting for him was his sister Theresa, along with Ethan, Chad and Whitney. He grinned at them, happy that Charity had not been waiting for him as he had dreaded. They all said their hellos, and Miguel noticed Chad seemed to be acting a little weird. He thought about asking him about Mr. Russell's garage and what they'd been doing in there but thought better of it. It was not polite to pry.

"Miguel, how'd you like to come on a little trip with us?" Ethan asked.

"What kind of trip," Miguel asked, intrigued.

"Well, we just found out that Ethan here has never been camping before so we figured we'd break him in up at Moon Lake" Chad said, elbowing Ethan playfully.

"Yeah, I hear camping is a lot of fun and that you're quite the camping aficionado" Ethan said, smiling.

"I already asked mama and she thinks it's a great idea for you to get away for a while since you've been working so hard all summer. And of course Charity, Reese, Simone and Jessica are invited too," Theresa explained.

"And Kay," Whitney added, giving Theresa a pointed look.

Theresa rolled her eyes but nodded. Miguel thought this was a splendid idea - there was no way that his mom would allow co-ed sleeping arrangements for the teens, so that meant he'd be camping out with Reese! He just hoped Charity wouldn't prove too distracting - every time they went away anywhere something always happened to the girl and Miguel had to rescue her again.

"Sure, sounds great!" he said.

The group of them walked back to the Lopez-Fitzgerald home, where Charity was waiting for them.

"Well, we'll leave you two love birds alone" Ethan said with a smile as the others all went inside.

Charity. Right there in front of him. Once again, Miguel felt something steering his path as part of his mind revolted. Dump her! His inner voice was crying out. But what came out of his mouth was:

"Hi Charity, sorry I missed you jogging this morning. I slept over at Reese's and we were up late. You look beautiful."

"Thanks Miguel, you're the sweetest!" Charity exclaimed, moving in for a chaste kiss on the lips. No tongue, never any tongue.

Charity went on and on about how much fun camping would be, and Miguel just smiled and nodded like a big dumb oaf. God, it was hard dealing with her before, but now that Miguel knew he could have something better with Reese this inexplicable hold Charity had over him was all the more unbearable. She even suggested they have cookies and milk - and Miguel sat there munching away like he was the happiest shmuck in the world. All the while, all he could think of was getting to Reese - Reese who had promised him a blowjob tonight! God, camping with him was going to be great. They'd have to be quiet of course, with the others all around, but they would make do.

"Miguel? What's wrong? You look distracted," Charity was talking to him.


"You look so preoccupied. I hope it's not that vision I had yesterday morning. I can't even remember what it was. Was it something bad, are you in danger Miguel?

"No Charity, I'm fine. I was just thinking about what supplies we'll need for the trip."

"Oh," she said, sounding disappointed.


There was no blowjob for Miguel that night, but the next day brought promise. In the morning everyone assembled with their baggage at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house and packed up two rented vans. Apparently Ethan had rented a cabin up on Moon Lake (probably still a little nervous about the idea of camping), but they were still planning to stay outdoors.

Ethan and Theresa were in front of one van and Chad and Whitney in the front seats of the other. The teens were split in two groups, with Miguel, Charity and Kay being driven by Chad and Whitney, and Simone, Reese and Jessica in the other van with Ethan and Theresa.

The drive took about three hours, and Miguel was forced to sit next to Charity as she nattered on about nature and beauty and whatever. Kay, sitting on his other side was pretty silent and clearly rather annoyed with Charity as well. Miguel thought he noticed Chad eyeing him in the rear-view periodically but it could have been his imagination.

They arrived at noon, pitched their tents and then had a picnic lunch. No doubt thanks to his proximity to Charity, Miguel found himself going on and on about camping up at Moon Lake as a child and how he would have to show Charity all the sights. His inner self cried out at the look of obvious discomfort on Reese's face. Miguel had tried to explain about Charity's pull on him, but he knew it must have sounded odd - and seeing Miguel mooning after some girl had to be throwing Reese for a loop. He HAD to sneak away with him.

But no opportunity arose. During the day the teens went off to explore the forest and then for a swim. Reese kept his shirt on - Miguel really didn't understand why he didn't try and show off his physique more. Still, the sight of that white shirt clinging to Reese's curves gave Miguel a woody under the water and he had to keep himself waist deep in water until it subsided. Miguel had a sudden idea - he jumped on Reese and started to wrestle with him in the water. Damn, Reese was happy to see him too! Reese caught on and they started to play wrestle their way deeper out into the lake. The girls backed off and went to shore.

"Man I want you so bad!" Miguel whispered loudly in Reese's ear.

"Coulda fooled me" Reese snapped, suddenly plunging Miguel's head under the water and grabbing his legs to flip him backward. Reese had never played the aggressor before and had always let Miguel flip him around in the water.

Miguel emerged, a look of shock and hurt on his face. He looked at the beach where the girls were all laughing and then started to swim further out, where a bunch of trees and a rock outcropping would block them from view. Reese followed a few feet behind. When Reese arrived Miguel was looking at him with tears in his eyes.

"I'm so sorry, he said, I don't know what comes over me when I'm near her. It's like part of my brain shuts off and ignores the part that's screaming no, no, no!"

"Miguel, it's okay. I understand if you still love Charity, that's fin-

"No! That's not it all! I can't stand her!" Miguel cried, dropping his voice.

Reese looked shocked. "You really mean that don't you?" he asked.

"Yes, Miguel said, his head downcast, I just don't understand what's happening!"

Reese pulled him close and they kissed passionately and quickly before pulling apart. They both knew they could not chance being seen. Reese gave him a playful shove and they started wrestling again - which did nothing to alleviate their obvious boners. Miguel reached out and yanked Reese's shirt off over his head. He gave his chest a few quick kisses before plunging Reese's head under the water. Miguel had only a moment of shock before he felt his bathing suit drop off below his ankles and Reese surfaced a few feet away holding it. He tossed it up onto a rock, which forced Miguel to climb quickly up onto the side of the outcropping to retrieve it. Reese admired Miguel's muscled legs and smooth ass as he climbed.

Having retrieved the suit and pulled it on, Miguel dove back into the water. Reese swam over to him, grabbing hold of Miguel's erection when he arrived. They both sank to their necks in the water and tried to pretend they were having a normal conversation while they jerked each other off below the surface. They each had their bathing trunks down around their knees now and were pleasurably fisting one another. After a few minutes they both came and stared at their ejaculate floating in the water.

"Wow, I've peed in the lake before but never this!" Reese joked, and Miguel laughed.

"Reese, Miguel said seriously, when we get back to shore I don't know what will happen. Most likely I'll turn into Charity's little puppy dog again. But tonight, once everyone's asleep how's about we sneak off and continue what we started?"

"Sounds perfect to me" Reese replied with a smile.

They swam back to shore, where the girls were all sitting waiting. As they emerged the girls all gaped. For a second Miguel thought they might have forgotten to pull up their swimming trunks but then he realized it was Reese they were staring at. Shirtless Reese. He blushed boyishly at the attention but quickly pulled a dry shirt on. Miguel was happy to see he was getting the attention he deserved - unfortunately that attention wasn't Miguel's, he was once more captivated by Charity.


It was now 7:00 pm and the sun was set. Miguel and the other teens were all down by the campfire, Charity leading them in campfire songs like 'Kumbaya'. Theresa and Whitney had wondered off to chat, no doubt about Ethan and how Theresa's latest lies were interfering with their relationship. Chad stood apart from the others hanging up some wet clothes from a swim the 'adults' had just taken. Ethan approached him.

"Say, Chad, do you have any idea what could be bothering Theresa?" he asked.

Chad had a very good idea what was bothering Theresa - she had recently gotten drunk and married Ethan's father! Chad wasn't supposed to tell him that of course, he'd promised Whitney he wouldn't.

"No, I didn't notice anything. She and Whitney are probably just talkin' girl stuff, you know?" Chad said with a grin.

"Yeah, I guess you're right" he said glumly.

"Say Ethan, how about we leave the kids for a bit and go have a good look at that cabin you rented?" Chad suggested, wanting to distract his friend. He also wanted to distract himself - being around those two young bucks at the fire was killing him. He couldn't get the images of them on the tape TC had shown him out of his mind. After TC had made Chad his bitch (which Chad now accepted and relished) he had shown Chad countless other tapes of the duo and their classmates. TC had also dug out some 'golden oldies' of Noah Bennett, Kay and Jessica's older brother.

"Sure," Ethan replied.

They told the kids where they were going and headed up to the cabin. 'Cabin' was an understatement. Clearly Ethan still had his high scale rich-boy tastes from when he was a Crane heir. Chad had no idea where he'd gotten the money for the rental and asked about it. Apparently the owner was a friend of Ethan's and had lent them the cabin free of charge.

They made their way through the house, and gawked at the enormous fireplace it had. The rooms were quite spacious and well furnished. In a backroom there was a large hot tub.

"This could be fun..." Chad said with a laugh.

"Yeah, the girls will love this" Ethan replied.

"How about we take it for a test spin?" Chad asked mischievously as he turned it on. His mind had immediately seized upon a possibility when he saw it, and he wanted to explore the avenue...

"Well... I -

"Come on!" Chad exclaimed, stripping off his clothes. Ethan shrugged and started removing his shirt. Chad was going pretty fast but slowed down to let Ethan catch up. When they were both standing there in underwear, Chad suddenly peeled his off.

"What the hell!" Ethan cried, turning his head.

"Oh come on, I only have so many dry clothes" Chad explained.

"Well, okay" Ethan said, shrugging and dropping his briefs down around his ankles and stepping out of them.

"Man, that is one pasty white ass!" Chad joked, concentrating hard to keep from springing a boner.

Ethan turned in his direction blushing, and Chad tried to quickly shoot a glance at his 'equipment'. Ethan had a really curly tuft of wild pubic hair that framed a neat circumcised three-inch flaccid cock. His balls were slightly furred and packaged in a tight pink scrotum. Chad turned away, a smile on his face and got into the tub. Ethan followed quickly behind him, clearly uncomfortable with his nudity. They sat across from each other and enjoyed the heat of the tub for a while in silence. Every so often one of Ethan's feet would brush up against one of Chad's and Ethan would pull away quickly - clearly the idea of any contact with another man while naked was scary to Ethan. Chad was starting to have doubts about where this could lead.

"Man, you must be getting itchy waiting on your marriage to Theresa," Chad offered.

"Itchy?" Ethan looked blank.

"You know what I mean... you must be getting some serious urges down under..."

"Oh, Ethan said blushing a bit, no not really."

"Man I've been getting myself some serious itches lately waiting on Whitney. And I've been scratching myself too if you know what I mean!" Chad said with a laugh.

"Whoa, too much information man!' Ethan said laughing.

"Oh, but come on, seriously do you, you know, jerk off much?" Chad asked, more seriously.

"I don't see how that is any of your business" Ethan said, indignant.

"Oh come on, don't be such a prude, Chad teased, we're just two nekkid buddies here talking about men's natural uh - proficiencies."

"Chad you're too much, you know that?"

"Please, you went to an all boys school Ethan, you telling me you and your little buddies never jerked off?"

"Well no. I mean, yes we did - but I haven't in years. I've had girlfriends, and besides I don't really enjoy it" Ethan explained grudgingly.

"Don't enjoy it?! You must be doing something wrong boy! There's nothing more pleasurable than a man's own hand. Bet I could show you a thing or two!"

"Yeah right!" Ethan scoffed.

"Oh you don't think so? You're talking to someone whose been practicing steadily for years. I could show you a few tricks that would make you want to swear off real sex!"

"I highly doubt that!"

"Wanna bet?" Chad taunted.

Ethan was totally caught off guard by the conversation, but Chad knew his Crane upbringing meant he could never turn down such a challenge. He was raised to think he was better than everyone else, and had a need to prove it.

"You're on!" Ethan cried with a boyish grin.

"Alright, so what are the stakes? Say fifty bucks?" Ethan asked.

"Nah, I'm thinking of something more personal. If I manage to get you off in under 10 minutes then you gotta kiss by big black ass. And if you keep your load in for longer than that, I'll kiss that pasty white bony butt of yours!"

The two young men climbed out of the tub and grabbed some towels off the wall. Chad couldn't help but laugh at Ethan's shrunken member, who he blushed while trying to force an indignant expression. They gathered up their clothes and ran into a nearby bedroom, where they stood grinning at each other like two little boys up to no good.

"So now what?" Ethan asked.

"You just do exactly what I do" Chad explained, sitting back on the bed and thinking how much TC would love to be videotaping this!

At first Chad didn't even grab hold of his stiffening cock, he simply placed his hand over it and began kneading the package like dough. The action warmed it up, and soon his hard-on was fully erect. Ethan was blushing a little as his dick stretched out to its full 6 inches. He was long and skinny. Chad traced his index finger up the sensitive underside and Ethan mirrored his action. He then grabbed hold of the base firmly and started a slow pumping action with one hand. Ethan followed suit and was soon letting out a long low moan. With his other hand, Chad pinched the swollen head of his monster and the pulled the slit open. He pressed on the underside of the shaft with his palm and pre-cum started leaking out. He used this to lubricate his dick, bringing a nice sheen to the chocolate rod. Ethan's unit was turning increasingly purple as he shined his up. He was moaning like a real little bitch now and he had closed his eyes.

"Well, if you aren't going to pay attention then I'll have to do it for you" Chad said suddenly, and Ethan's eyes popped open as Chad seized control of Ethan's manhood.

Ethan didn't protest, he merely closed his eyes again and let Chad get to work. Chad massaged the shaft down towards the head while his left hand continued to squeeze and pump at the base. He squeezed out more jism and sampled a taste. Ethan's seed tasted fabulous! Chad was overtaken with longing and he knew he needed more. Before he could even stop himself he had descended on Ethan's skinny scepter, licking around the head.

"Oh God!" Ethan cried out, dropping his torso back on the bed.

As he continued to suck off Ethan, Chad moved his own body around so that he lay parallel to Ethan but in the reverse direction. His own raging black cock was now just inches from Ethan's moaning mouth. He pushed it towards Ethan's face, leaving a splotch of pre-cum on his cheek as Ethan turned away. Little bitch! Chad thought, stopping his sucking motion.

"Don't stop!" Ethan panted.

"Then return the favour" Chad explained calmly and went back to work.

A moment later Chad felt Ethan's tongue tentatively reach out and lick at the tip of his cock. Ethan quickly got used to the idea and was soon licking up and down Chad's broad shaft. Chad could feel Ethan's balls seizing up and knew he was going to cum. At the last minute he took Ethan's dick from his mouth and pointed it up towards Ethan's body. Ethan started shooting loads, which landed on his stomach, chest and face. Chad loved the site of the former rich boy covered in cum - almost enough to get off himself, but he wasn't ready for that yet.

Chad pulled away from Ethan and stood up looking down on the pale little white dude. At the moment Chad wasn't even thinking of Ethan his friend, he was only seeing Ethan the whore. Ethan was lying there panting and sweaty, streaks of his own cum across his body - a big dollop of it was running down his chin. Chad looked at his watch - he had no idea how much time had passed but he was sure Ethan didn't know either. Chad noticed Ethan was staring lustfully up at Chad's still swollen dick. Not yet, he thought.

"Come here little bitch and kiss by big black ass" Chad ordered playfully.

Ethan got up with a grin and sauntered sexily over to him. Chad pointed to the floor and Ethan knelt before him, licking his chops. Chad turned around, presenting Ethan with his ass. Ethan leaned it with his lips puckered but at the last minute Chad shifted position slightly and with his left hand guided Ethan's face right into his sweaty ass crack. Ethan tried to pull back but he was clenched firmly in the crevasse.

"Kiss me there" Chad ordered.

After a moment he could feel Ethan's lips moving and could assume that he was making a kissing motion.

"No, I want a real kiss - with tongue!"

Ethan tried to pull away again, but finally gave in. Chad could feel Ethan's warm tongue licking around his shoot, even forcing its way partly inside. Ethan got into it quickly, and even brought some fingers into play.

"Yeah, eat that pussy out bitch" Chad panted. This was going way better than he'd anticipated!

After a few minutes Chad knew he was damn close to cuming so he turned around to face Ethan, placing a restraining hand on his shoulder to prevent him from getting up.

"Close your eyes" Chad ordered, and Ethan did so.

A moment later Chad spewed his seed all over Ethan's upturned face, painting the milky fluid from ear to hear. When he was done it was like Ethan wore a translucent mask. It was truly a beautiful sight! Chad pulled Ethan to his feet and guided him over to a mirror on the wall, where he told him to open his eyes. Ethan stared in shock at the sight of himself, his face dripping with another man's cum, streaks of his own across his whole body.

Chad collected some of his cum on one finger and presented it to Ethan, who hesitated a moment but then slurped it off greedily. He continued to do this until there was very little left. Finally he stopped and smiled at Ethan.

"Told you I'd get you off" was all he said, and Ethan smiled in return.


After playing "Duck, Duck, Goose" for the third time in one evening, Miguel was getting seriously bored - not that you'd know it from the expression on his face, he was still beaming at Charity. He noticed that Ethan and Chad were finally returning, as were Theresa and Whitney. Maybe now the children's games would stop. Miguel wondered for a moment what all the conversations were about and if his sister had gotten herself into trouble again. Ethan gave Theresa a weird guilty look when he saw her but after a Chad whispered something in his ear he seemed more comfortable.

A sudden clap of thunder over the lake startled them all and Charity grabbed onto Miguel's arm tightly. Another clap went off and then the skies opened up with a steady drizzle.

"Shit!" he heard Chad cry as he started trying to gather up any gear that couldn't afford to get wet. Miguel got up and together they all managed to get everything stored away quickly. The girls had taken refuge under a large tarp they had strung up in case it rained, but with all the gear they had tossed there and the bevy of females there wasn't much room left for the guys to squeeze in.

"Maybe we should all just go to bed" Theresa offered, looking guiltily out from under the tarp.

"Yeah, maybe that's best" Ethan agreed.

Boy was that every best! Miguel thought, finally he'd be alone with Reese again. Miguel felt a flash of panic as he saw Jessica look up at the dry cabin.

"Yeah, I'm actually pretty tired. I think I'll just turn in too" Miguel was shocked to find himself saying. He'd chosen Reese over Charity!

Some people were a little bummed out at turning in so early, but they all eventually agreed the night was a wash. Miguel and Reese stripped down to their sodden underclothes before going into their tent, and Ethan and Chad did the same. This left the girls able to get undressed in privacy. A normal teenage boy would no doubt be trying to peak outside at the collection of nubile young females stripping down - but not Reese and Miguel. They were completely buck the moment the flap was zipped up tight, playfully fondling at each others dicks and squeezing each other's nipples. Miguel let out an uncontrolled moan as Reese licked across his sensitive right nipple.

"Did you say something Miguel?" he heard Charity call out from nearby.

"You better not be peaking at us Miguel, or I'll tell mama!" Theresa warned.

"Sorry, I uh, I just stubbed my toe on something" Miguel explained lamely as he and Reese slid their naked bodies into sleeping backs.

"Oh, okay. Goodnight Miguel!" Charity called before making a dash for the tent she was sharing with Kay and Jessica.

There were calls of 'goodnight' from around the camping area as people turned in. Miguel lay close to Reese, resenting the sleeping backs that kept them apart. Joining the two bags together earlier would have been too much of a give away in anyone peaked into the tent, and doing so now would make too much noise. Their plan to sneak out after dark seemed out of question now, and the longing they felt for each other was almost too much to bear.

"Well, you know... a little water never hurt anyone..." Reese suggested tentatively and Miguel smiled.

The two boys waited in agonizing stillness for at least a half hour until they were sure everyone had dropped off to sleep. Then, pulling on their wet underwear - actually pulling on each other's wet underwear - they slipped quietly out of the tent. Picking up their shoes they padded silently out of the campsite area - they carried flashlights but the moon provided sufficient illumination. Once out of earshot they pulled on their shoes and continued to move silently deeper into the wood, careful not even to speak until they were pretty far out. They came across a clearing - it was muddy, but it would do. They turned and kissed passionately, their cocks straining through their white briefs - now transparent from wetness.


There were calls of 'goodnight' from around the camping area as people turned in. Chad had a tent to himself and boy was he lonely. After the fun they had had earlier Chad now wished he'd suggested that he and Ethan share one tent and let Theresa and Whitney have another. But no, Ethan was now ensconced and doing who knew what with Theresa, while Whitney shared a tent with her sister Simone. Whitney had refused to camp with him, not wanting to hurt Simone's feelings, and although Simone had made it clear that she wanted to spend the night with Chad, that had been forbidden by her parents. So here he was, all by himself with only his hand for company once more. He thought of TC and wished he were here chaperoning them. He thought of Ethan, dripping with semen - the proud former rich boy turned into cock whore for one delicious half hour. He thought of the two young bucks in the tent across from him, of their upturned asses in the shower footage, of the wonderful moan he'd heard come from their tent a little while ago (it certainly hadn't sounded like a stubbed toe to Chad's ears!)

He was disturbed from his reverie by the sound of a zipper being slowly undone, as if to make as little noise as possible. Curious, Chad shifted quietly around and manage to work up an edge of tent flap to peer outside. He saw two sets of bare feet he recognized as Reese and Miguel's and then Miguel's darkly haired knee as he knelt to zip the tent back up slowly. Miguel's wet boxer shorts were white and transparent thanks to the rain. Chad could clearly make out one smooth ass cheek and, as Miguel turned and stood Chad caught sight of dark pubes and a semi-hard cock!

Chad heard a whisper and then the boys left his field of view. Careful, so as not to make any noise, but not wanting to take too long and lose them Chad slipped out of his tent and crouched outside of it. He saw two sets of thinly covered buttocks disappearing into the forest. Closing his tent, Chad crept along behind them.


Miguel knelt naked, knees and toes sunk in the thick mud, before Reese's beautiful 8 inches. He tongued joyfully at Reese's swollen nuts, bringing first one and then the other into his mouth. This was a new game for the young virgins; everything was so rich and new for them. Miguel hunched down lower, making his way in behind Reese's low-hanging balls into that secret area between scrotum and ass. He worked his way further back, spurred on by Reese's delighted grunting. Reese adjusted his posture, spreading his legs to let Miguel through and hunkering down. Mud squeezed up between his toes. Miguel had now twisted himself around and was facing Reese's pale cheeks. He hesitated a moment, face to face with this new uncharted territory, before he tentatively pulled the melons apart and stared at Reese's puckered asshole. Miguel knew that this was what gay guys did, but over a decade of being raised straight had created a wall of inhibition around this one act.

"You don't have to," Reese assured him.

But Miguel wanted to - more than anything he wanted to make Reese the happiest guy alive. He had his selfish reasons too - earlier he had finally made a decision which for the first time since he had met Charity had not been motivated by interest in her. Miguel thought that taking this step would create even more distance between them and that he might finally be able to break away from her altogether.

Miguel was inching closer now. He expected to be overcome with stink, but the crack smelled only of cleanliness and rainwater. He stuck out his tongue and close his eyes, letting it lead the way. Miguel's tongue came into contact with something and he knew what but still he did not open his eyes. Not until he had licked and slurped his way around the hole for a few minutes, listening to Reese groan in response, did he finally open his eyes and see what he was doing. It really wasn't bad at all!

"I'm going to start using my fingers" Miguel warned and Reese nodded his head, unable to speak.

Not exactly sure how to go about this, Miguel started with his pinky, figuring it would be the easiest fit. He pressed in with it and Reese cried out. Miguel pulled out.

"No, keep going, no matter what just keep going" Reese gasped.

Miguel was more wary now, uncomfortable with the idea of hurting his friend, but he pressed in with his pinky again. Figuring that his tongue might make the experience more pleasurable for Reese, Miguel started licking around the pink opening as he eased his pinky in and out. After a few minutes Reese seemed to be accepting the finger smoothly, so Miguel switched to his index finger and continued the treatment. Reese gasped again but adapted to the new finger size pretty quickly. Miguel inserted another finger, amazed at the elasticity of what he'd always imagined to be a rather 'closed' area - or at least a one-way opening! Using his thumb, Miguel pulled the hole open even further - and then, on a sudden impulse buried his tongue deep up the canal. The taste was slightly unpleasant but Miguel steeled his nerve and continued to trash his tongue around inside of Reese.

"Ugh! I'm ready now, do it Miguel" Reese gasped.

It was all the invitation the horny young Hispanic needed! Reese sank down to all fours and Miguel hunkered down behind him. They were getting mud all over them, but neither cared. Miguel gathered up his throbbing spear and pressed it up against Reese's inviting cavity, which almost seemed to eat it up. So this was what sex felt like! Miguel was in wonderment at the warm sensation encasing his young boycock, and it took him a moment to realize he should be doing something. Gradually, he started to pull out - saddened at the loss of warmth. Miguel pressed back in and then started to work up a rhythm, his thrusting increasing the delirious feeling of warmth and excitement that was spreading through his body despite the cold rain. Reese was grunting, and gasping out words in pleasure - 'oh god, yes Miguel, harder, faster, harder, faster...'

Despite their recent games, it didn't take the inexperienced Miguel long to climax. He let out a loud 'argh' of warning before busting his nut right up Reese's ass. Reese collapsed down into the mud and Miguel fell down beside him. They lay there for minutes, letting the damp earth sooth their heated bodies.

"That was awesome!" Miguel finally exclaimed, delighted.

"Would you like me to return the favour?" Reese asked hopefully.

"Absolutely!" Miguel said without hesitation.


Chad sat on a boulder in the dark about 40 feet away. He couldn't believe what he had just witnessed! Since seeing TC's videos of these young lads he had fantasized of almost nothing else but scenes similar to what he had just seen in the flesh. The two boys lying pink and muddy like little pigs on the ground below him were too hot to put into words. He had jerked himself off and climaxed at the same time as Miguel had busted his nut. Chad had been forced to cover his mouth with one hand and the tip of his dick with the other to keep from making a mess or letting out a cry that would have waken the campground. He removed his hand from his softening cock head and lapped up his own cum happily. What he had just watched would fuel his lustful dreaming for months, and he couldn't wait to tell TC about it. Man, would he be jealous. But what was even better was - unless he was misreading their body language, Chad was about to witness a second act!


Miguel had expected searing pain as Reese's digit pressed into his anus, but it felt more 'weird' than anything else - like he had something stuck up his butt (which he supposed he did!). Gradually though, the pain did begin as his hole was stretched open further. Reese's warm tongue helped to ease the pain somewhat but there was still a great deal of discomfort. Miguel felt a little guilty, it was taking him a lot longer to get used to this than it had for Reese. He even heard Reese mutter about a 'tight little pussy' and Miguel blushed furiously.

Eventually though, Miguel's tight little pussy opened nice and wide. Reese made sure Miguel was good and loose and capable of taking his large meat before he pressed his mushroom head up against Miguel's virgin opening.

"Here we go!" he said, and pushed inward.

Miguel squealed, sounding embarrassingly too girlish to his own ears. Reese eased up but then started to slide in slowly. Halfway in and he pulled back out, then back in deeper and out again. He kept this up until he was burying the full length of his cock into Miguel's wonderfully tight bubble butt. There was nothing girlish about the low grunting and moaning coming out of Miguel's mouth now. This was amazing! He felt so complete, joined as he was with Reese. He started to uncontrollably buck backward - spearing himself on Reese like a lustful little whore. Reese was ecstatic, his eyes rolled back so that only whites were showing. This was the most amazing thing he had every experienced in his young life.

"Fuck me man! Fuck me hard... ugh, yeah like a little whore!" Miguel was crying now as he had his virginity taken away from him in the increasingly rough sex. He felt Reese pull out and was about to protest when he felt himself being turned over. Reese was crouching over him, smiling as he hoisted Miguel's meaty thighs onto this shoulders. He then grinned a mock evil grin as he plunged back into Miguel's depths. Reese was pistoning hard down and into Miguel, who was grunting like a little sex slave. His nipples were so hard they were painfully sensitive. His smallish cock was hard again, and leaking a pool of semen into his navel. Miguel loved this position - it gave him a clear view of Reese's handsome face - in which he saw his own lust mirrored.

Although he lasted longer than Miguel had, the lovemaking session was still fierce but short. After ten minutes Miguel saw Reese's eyes bulge in shock as he fell slightly backward - his dick sliding out of Miguel and shooting large streams of cum across Miguel's smooth chest and stomach.

They stared at one another for a moment in contentment and then Reese slid down beside Miguel and they held each other in a warm embrace. Lips met lips as they showed their love for one another. At some point the rain had stopped, but the water and the contorting bodies of the young lovers had churned the small clearing in a muddy morass. They were both half covered in brown pasty mud, and Reese (laughing) started to smear more of it onto Miguel's clean half. Miguel, not missing a beat lobbed a handful at Reese and it splattered across his chest. Laughing boyishly they started to wrestle in the grime, slipping and sliding as they jockeyed for position. Miguel managed to grab Reese around the waist and flip him to the ground, laughing in triumph. The laugh was knocked right out of him though as Reese spun himself around tripping Miguel backwards so that he fell with a splat ass-first into the mud. Grabbing one of Miguel's buff arms, Reese quickly pulled Miguel over onto his stomach and - imitating a move he'd seen the school wrestlers use - straddled Miguel's wide back and pinned him down with one arm. For an added twist, Reese reached back and gently grabbed hold of Miguel's ball sac and held it firmly.

"Uncle!" Miguel cried immediately.

"Na, I don't think so, Reese teased, I wanna hear you squeal like a girl again!"

"No way!" Miguel said fiercely, slightly embarrassed.

"Have it your way," Reese said cockily. He let go of Miguel's sac for a moment and slapped his muddy ass playfully before grabbing a hold of nuts again.

Miguel laughed this time, figuring he could let Reese win for once. He then did his best imitation of a slutty young girl and squealed in delight.

"Ooh, you sound like a good little bitch!" Reese laughed, letting go.

"Bitch eh?" Miguel said, suddenly spinning around and tackling Reese to the ground.

He managed to get him in a waist lock and they crouched there, cock to ass with Reese unable to break free. Miguel reached down and wrapped one hand around Reese's scrotum, returning the favour from earlier. Their current doggy style position sprung a thought in Miguel's head...

"Ever see Deliverance boy" he said in his best southern hick impression.

"Ah crap," Reese said laughing.

"Squeal like a pig boy!" Miguel ordered, trying to restrain his laughter.

Laughing, Reese did as he was told, trying to summon his best pig impression. When he was done Miguel let go and got up, a smug look on his face. Reese got up after him and held out his hand.

"Draw?" he asked.

"Alright," Miguel said laughing and shook his hand, pulling Reese in for another passionate kiss.

"I think we'd better get cleaned up," Reese suggested, taking stock of their 'muddy from head to naked toe' appearance.

They picked up their sodden underwear and shoes and made their way gingerly down to the lake, trying their best not to step on anything sharp and not to make too much noise as they drew closer to the vicinity of the camp. They bathed quickly (the lake was icy cold) and washed out their underwear. Getting dressed - or at least as dressed as they could be - they made their way back to camp. They tried to be as quiet as possible but as they went to open their tent they heard the flap of another opening up. The two boys turned in shock to see Ethan staring out at them in surprise from the opening of his tent.

As he eyed them up and down in shock, Miguel noticed Ethan's eyes resting for an uncomfortable moment on their crotches. Their young cocks, shriveled from the cold, were readily apparent and Miguel's first thought was that he wished it were warmer so that he didn't look even smaller than normal.

"Uh, we couldn't sleep so we went for a swim" Reese adlibbed, speaking quietly.

"Yeah, the water was really cold" Miguel added, faking a shiver and hoping Ethan understood.

"Oh, okay. I thought maybe some animal was in the camp," Ethan whispered.

"Goodnight," Miguel said, not wanting to prolong the moment. Ethan was unconsciously staring at their crotches again.

Miguel and Reese kicked off their shoes and climbed into the tent. Miguel immediately started to slide out of his wet undies, and as he turned to watch Reese close the tent opening he saw that Ethan was still staring right at him, watching his bare ass disappear from view.


Chad watched the bizarre exchange between Ethan and the twinkboys curiously. While their suck session earlier in the day had been very pleasant, Chad had figured Ethan would throw himself devotedly back at Theresa - he loved that silly girl way too much - but Chad was sure that had been a hint of lust he saw in Ethan's eyes before he turned in again. Maybe there was something worth pursuing there... Damn, after this afternoon and that fine show he'd just witnessed this was turning out to be one hell of a camping trip!