This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives.

Nick Jonas always felt a little out of place with his brothers. He knew he wasn't like them. Well he knew he wasn't straight at least. Nick spent many nights looking up gay porn. He would see videos of young muscled boys like him, getting fucked in the ass by muscular college boys and he'd jack off to them every time. Nick loved the feeling jacking off gave him. When Nick started working out he began to realize how his own muscles would turn him on. He'd run his hands down his smooth, hard Pecs and he'd rub his six-pack and flex his abs. He loved when his fingers ran over his stomach and would dip down into the muscular crevices. His biceps were bulging with newly formed muscle, but his favorite part of his body was his hipbones. Nick loved tracing the contour of these lower ab muscles until his own touch gave him chills. He'd rub his body until he got hard and then would work his hands onto his shaft.

Nick maintained his pubes; he watched the guys in the videos and discovered he could see more of his penis if he shaved around the base. Nick was long, about 8.5" full erect. He had a vein running down the top of his penis from the head to the base. He was circumcised and had a fat mushroom head on his giant dick. He would gather a bunch of spit and then rub it on his hands and use the saliva as lube. He'd let it dribble from his hand down onto his slit and wait for it to fall off of his mushroom head. Then he'd take both hands and make a ring with his fingers, trying to replicate the tight ass holes he had seen in the porn. He'd forcefully shove his dick between his fingers and begin fucking his hands until he couldn't take it any longer. Nick had come to love the taste of his own cum, so he would shoot his load onto his chest and scoop it up to eat.

Nick and his brothers had just started their new tour, so Nick didn't have much alone time. He'd have to go into the bathroom on the tour bus and jack off quickly so no one was suspicious. He didn't get to watch any porn with the time constraint and so he would come up with fantasies in his mind. Before the tour, Nick saw his brother Joe working out without his shirt on in their backyard. Nick watched him from the room as his brother's chiseled body sweat profusely. He had never seen anything so hot before, the tension and strain on his brother's face as his toned muscles flexed and contracted sent Nick over the edge. Since that day Nick had been picturing his brother fucking his tight ass every time he jacked off.

Nick looked around the empty tour bus. They were parked for their next leg of the tour but everyone had gone out to get lunch, but Nick stayed on knowing he would have a little privacy. He went into the bathroom and closed the lid on the toilet seat. He pulled his shirt up, so as not to stain, and spit a good amount of saliva into his hand. The spit slowly crept down his giant cock. He paid close attention to how it gathered right on the rim of his head until it became so much that it flowed down his long shaft. He prepared his hands in the "okay" sign and began fucking his hands. Nick pictured his brother's dick sliding between his ass checks, how painful, yet rewarding it would be to have his brother deep inside of him popping his cherry until Joe came a huge load inside of his younger brother. Nick was really going at it, and thought of how he could give himself the pleasure he longed for. Nick took one of his spit-lubed fingers and shoved it deep inside of his tight ass hole. He could feel his body split with pain and he let out a low moan as his ass adjusted to the new force inside of it. He slowly pulled his finger out, but stopped as it almost came all the way out, and shoved it back in, even further than before. Nick let out an even louder moan. His dick was leaking pre-cum and his jacking hand began sliding even faster up and down his cock. Nick felt his dick flex and get bigger and he knew he was about to cum. He started panting and fucking his ass with his finger as he shot the biggest load he had ever shot on to his abs and chest. He shot over nine loads of warm salty jizz. He collapsed against the toilet and panted heavy, the cum dripping into the crevices of his abs. he slowly pulled his finger out of his hole and scooped up some cum. He put it to his mouth and began cleaning his finger. He loved the new taste, a little sweat and shit on his finger making the cum taste that much better. He was almost done cleaning himself up when he heard a knock on the door.

"Nick, I need to take a shower! Zac and I just got done shooting hoops." The older brother of his fantasies called out.

"Uhh... In a minute... I'm... taking a shit," Nick tried to cover.

"Dude, spare me the details."

Nick finished cleaning himself up and swallowed the last of his salty cum. He washed his hands and flushed the toilet as a disguise. He opened the door to the bathroom. There was his older brother standing in the tour bus with just a pair of tight fitting athletic shorts and a sweatband. His body was dripping in sweat as he panted from being out of breath. Every one of his muscles looked like it was being engaged and Nick could have sworn his brother was flexing. He looked down and saw his brother's hipbones, he searched for a waistband, but figured out his brother wasn't wearing underwear.

"Uh... sorry dude, had to go."

"Yeah I know, can you move it's fuckin' hot outside."

"Oh, yeah sorry." Nick replied taking in his brother's intoxicating scent.

Nick lay down on his bed and tried to put the thought of his sexy brother out of his mind. He closed his eyes and tried to breath steadily. He heard someone come in the front door of the bus and looked up.

In walked a fellow Disney co-star, the super sexy Zac Efron. Nick first discovered that he was gay when he saw Zac in 17 Again, gardening with his shirt off. Nick was immediately drawn to his big muscles and had a crush ever since then. One of the perks of being famous was having famous friends. There the angelic Zac stood in front of Nick, in the Jonas tour bus, wearing a pair of shorts and sunglasses. The sweat was dried to Zac's body but gave his muscles a contouring shine. Nick took in every inch of Zac's defined body. His eyes went from his broad muscular Pecs, observing the slight patches of hair on Zac's chest, and around his perfect nipples. His eyes drifted down to Zac's perfect six-pack, which looked almost too good to be real. He couldn't look away when he noticed Zac's treasure trail. He wanted to lick Zac's body from head to toe.

"Hey Nick," Zac awoke Nick from his trance.

"Hey man, what's up?"

"Just shooting some hoops, it's so fucking hot out there,"

"Tell me about it." Nick replied.

"Got anything to drink in here?" Zac asked.

"There's some Gatorade in the fridge,"

"Oh, thanks man!" Zac smiled.

Nick thought he was going to faint right then and there. Zac's smile was even better in person and cast a halo around his perfect blue eyes. Zac turned to the fridge and Nick's eyes fixed onto his back. Zac's back muscles were the hottest things he had ever seen. The light must've been hitting them perfectly because Nick was starting to get hard. He looked down and saw Zac's back dimples right above his perfect round butt. Nick had seen videos of guys eating each other's asses, and wanted to yank the pants off of Zac right there and lap away at his pink hole. Zac grabbed a Gatorade, opened it up, and took a sip. Nick's eyes went down Zac's body again and noticed Zac's bulge in the front of his shorts. He could tell Zac was big from the tenting outline of his shorts. Nick had to cross his legs to hide his now, fully erect penis.

Just as Nick had turned his legs, Joe opened the door to the bathroom with a disgusted look on his face.

"Dude! You fucking came in bathroom!"

"WHAT?!" Nick frantically replied.

"Nick, I went to take a shit and sat in a pile of sticky white stuff. Don't tell me it's lotion, I know what cum feels like."

Nick couldn't focus on anything but the fact this his own brother had just revealed he jacked off too.

"Joe... I'm sorry, I was jus--"

"Dude save it, just clean up after yourself." Joe turned and closed the door and turned on the shower.

Nick sat back down embarrassed as fuck that his own brother had just called him out in front of Zac. He looked over at the High School Musical stud and apologized. Zac just starred at Nick squinting, with a perceptive look on his face.

"You were thinking about your brother weren't you?"

"Uh WHAT?!" Nick shouted back.

"When you were jacking off... you were thinking about Joe, weren't you?"

"No way! What are you talking about?!" Nick nervously tried to hide the truth.

Zac laid back in his chair and took a sip of Gatorade.

"You were starring at his ass when he walked back into the bathroom,"

"Dude, I'm not gay!" Nick shouted

"Then why'd you get a boner when I walked in the door?" Zac smirked back at him.


"I knew it."

"Dude, I'm sorry, please just don't tell Joe or Kevin."

"Oh, I'm telling Joe." Zac took another sip of his drink.

Nervousness flood over Nick, he couldn't imagine why Zac would do something like that to him.

"Zac plea--" Zac cut him off.

"Let me finish... I'm telling Joe... Because he wanted to have a threesome."

Nick's mouth fell open, dumbfounded trying to process what Zac meant.

"Like Ashley, him, and me?" Nick asked.

"No, Nick." Zac smiled. "Like, Joe, you, and me."

Nick didn't believe what he was hearing. His biggest celebrity crush, Zac Efron, just told him he wanted to have a threesome with him and his stud older brother.

"What?!" Nick stammered.

"Dude look at me, I'm gay!" Zac chuckled. "Why do you think your brother and I spend so much time together?

"Your publicists?" Nick bartered.

"Haha. Cute." Zac walked over to the chair Nick had positioned himself in and crawled onto his lap. Nick instantly was back to his full hard length as a sweaty Zac Efron was inches from his face. Zac grabbed Nick's hair and forced his lips down onto Nicks. It was the hottest sensation Nick had ever felt. Zac's lips were perfect. Smooth, soft, but forceful all at the same time. His stubble brushed against Nick's face sending shivers through his whole body as Zac slide his tongue into his mouth. Nick's hands leapt for Zac's toned back and pulled the stud closer into him. Nick could smell the sweaty musk of Zac's body, and he loved it. It stung his noses but he wanted to keep breathing it. Zac broke the kiss and tore at Nick's shirt, pulling it up over his head so the two of them were skin to skin. Nick dug his fingers into Zac forcing their bodies to slam into each other. The feel of Zac's sweaty muscular torso was more pleasure Nick could ever dream of. His skin was soft but muscular and felt like it belonged against Nick's. He never wanted this to stop.

Just then the bathroom door swung open and Joe walked out into the bus and stopped, taking in what he saw.

"Umm... Your brother's down." Zac replied with Nick's face dug into his stomach. He pulled himself away and turned to face Joe.

"Joe, I'm gay." Nick shyly confessed.

Joe walked over to Nick and pulled Zac off of him. Nick got to his feet to look his brother in the eyes.

"Don't tell mom," Joe said as he threw his brother onto their parent's bed. Joe yanked off his shorts and jumped on top of his younger brother grinding his 9" dick into his baby brother. Zac pulled off his shorts and jumped onto the bed next to them both, Zac jacked his dick getting it to its full 10 inches.

Nick looked up hoping he'd never wake up from what must be a dream and took in what was around him; his hot older brother naked with a giant dick rubbing against his leg, and an equally, if not hotter, Zac Efron jacking off next to him. Nick looked at both of them.

"Fuck me... hard."

Joe and Zac looked at each other for a second and Joe ripped at Nick's shorts getting them off as fast as he could. He pushed his younger brother's knees up to his muscular chest and parted his virgin ass. He spit on his brother's tight pink hole and began lapping at it like a dog. Nick was in ecstasy. Zac climbed up to Nick and sat on his face. Nick knew what he wanted and took Zac's ass cheeks and spread them apart. He could smell the sweat from the basketball game and that musky smell from Zac's ass. Nick dug his tongue as deep as he could into Zac's tight hole. Out of nowhere, Joe slid two fingers deep inside of Nick's hole and Nick let out a little tear and moan of pain and enjoyment. His brother was finger fucking him and he loved it. He pushed Zac's body up off of his face and looked at his brother.

"Joe! Fuck me now!"

Joe grabbed his 9-inch dick and shoved it into his baby brother. He could feel Nick's ass clench around his fat mushroom head but pushed through it. Nick could feel something inside of him tear and he let out a huge moan.

"You broke him." Zac looked up smiling at Joe.

Joe smiled back, but concentrating on the tight hole that was wrapped around his huge dick. He was pounding his baby brother and had just popped his cherry. He was already close to cumming and slowed his pace a little. Nick sat up and dug his fingers into Joe's ass forcing him deeper inside of him. Joe's mouth flew open and his started moaning.

"I'M.... GOING... TO CUUU--"

Just then rope after thick rope of Joe's cum shot into Nick's tight hole. Joe kept fucking his brother, his ass milking every drop of cum left in his dick. Joe finally pulled out and collapsed onto his brother. Nick grabbed Joe's head and forced his tongue into his throat. The brother's made at for what seemed like hours then Zac got up and held Joe down on Nick. Joe looked back and saw Zac's giant 10-inch dick hard and being lubed up with spit as Zac parted Joe's ass.

"Dude I'm still sore from last time!" Joe pleaded with Zac

"Too bad." Zac smiled and pushed Joe's head back down into Nick's.

Zac slid his giant monster cock into Joe, simultaneously Joe's head flew back and he moaned the loudest he had ever moaned. Zac gripped under Nick's shoulders forcing Joe into a sandwich position as he pounded the tight Jonas ass. Joe's tears from pain fell into his brother's eyes and Nick just stared in pleasure watching his crush penetrate his brother so deeply.

"FUCK YEAH! YOU'RE SO FUCKING TIGHT JOE." Zac screamed as he plunged deeper and deeper into Joe. Nick wrapped his arms around Zac's muscular back forcing his brother into even a tighter grip. The feel of his brother's naked body on top of him, and Zac's muscular back was too much for him. Nick and Zac were both about to cum. They warned Joe.

"FUCKING CUM!" Joe shouted louder than the two of them.

First Nick came and shot about eight loads in-between his, and his brother's abs. The rocking motion from Zac's deep fucking glued the two brothers together with cum. Zac's dick swelled inside Joe's tight ass.

"I'M GONNA SHOOT!" Zac screamed into Joe's ear as Joe clenched his ass together pulling Zac's monster deeper inside of him until he cried from he joy. Zac moaned and shot load after warm salty load into Joe's ass. Zac collapsed on Nick's left side and Joe onto his right. The three boys lay there staring at the ceiling panting covered in cum and sweat.