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I've never really imagined myself to be in this situation that I'm in right now. Sitting by myself at the airport in London. I couldn't even hear myself think, especially with the noise and the immense rain outside. That didn't help either. Not only did I feel physically lost but my emotions were about to drive me into making a life changing decision. I saw the clock strike 8PM. I couldn't help but think that 5 hours ago everything was close to perfect. If only my coming out hadn't been so exposed. Let's just say that my parent's reaction wasn't well rehearsed and, well.. But that's not the main reason I'm leaving tonight. I've done something today that leaves me only one option. To escape. This is and will be most probably the biggest mistake of my life. It's a hit or miss situation, but I don't have the patience to wait. I hate waiting for answers.

I clutched my Passport in both hands, this was my getaway ticket and I held it as I continued to convince myself to do this. My daydream was cut short when I heard the PA call for the next flight to Los Angeles. I panicked. As if I had run out of time. As if the clock had beaten me. My time was up, it was my time to leave now. I grabbed my holdall and nervously strided towards the direction of the Gate.

"20:15PM flight to Los Angeles, departing in 10 minutes. May I see your boarding ticket and passport please?" asked the stewardess. I handed her both items as she smiled and gave me a nod to continue down through the tunnel.

I must've slept through it all. I was woken up by a flight attendant informing me of our arrival to Los Angeles. It must've been around midnight here, I was feeling jetlagged already. Once I hobbled off the plane, it took me half an hour to find that damn holdall. I stepped outside into the humid darkness lit up by clusters of lights shining from miles around. The sight was pretty, but I was in no mood to step back and admire it. Thanks to my summer job I had a reasonable amount of money to support me which I had converted to dollars back at the Exchange inside. Feeling clueless and half asleep, I waited at the kerb looking for a taxi I could hop into. But where would I go?

"I told you arriving here at midnight would mean less of them are here," I heard a voice whisper. "Don't worry, it'll take 10 minutes for the pickup and we'll head back to the hotel." He re-assured.

I turned my head slightly to glance back at this hush hush conversation and noticed two men dressed in hoods, sunglasses and one in a cap.. I then realized one of them them looked kinda like Zac Efron. It was Zac Efron.

"What the hell is taking them so long." whispered back Zac.

"I have no reception here I'm gonna go around the corner and give them a call. Don't blow your cover!" said the other man as he charged off.

I think Zac had noticed I had my head turned towards them for the past 5 minutes so he gave a nervous smile and a 'Hey?' with a small wave. I turned around, fairly embarrassed, and fidgeted with the zipper of my coat looking to the floor. I'd often do this when I was placed in a very awkward position and didn't know what to do.

"Not even an autograph?" I heard him joke from behind me. I turned around and he let out another nervous laugh.

"No, it's okay, I won't be bothering you. Atleast not today." I responded.

"Oh, hey, you're from England?" He questioned after he heard me speak in my 'British' accent.

"Uhh, yeah. I just arrived here today." I answered. There was another awkward 5 minute silence before I decided I had to stop being so stuck up. This was freakin' Zac Efron. His messy brown hair, those piercing blue eyes and those hot boy lips. Standing in front of me!

"I'm Adam." I said as I stuck out my hand to greet him.

"I'm Zac, obviously." He responded with a snigger as he shook my hand. It felt surreal touching him. Or having him touching me. I noticed how he hesitantly let go of my hand and smiled at me again.

Just when I thought nothing could go wrong, back came his 'manager' angry off the phone charging towards Zac.

"I don't believe it, they've totally forgotten your arrival. They haven't even sent out a car yet. I don't believe this incompetence! We're gonna be stuck here for hours or will have to get into one of these dirty taxis. I'm so sorry Zac, you know what? Why don't I go down a few blocks and hire out something. It's so late, it's so late I hope I can fix this," rambled the guy. "Wait, whose this? Go away boy atleast wait for a press conference or signing. Here you want an autograph? Let me get you one!" He continued, angrier, as he finally noticed me standing inches away from Zac. I looked at Zac with a confused look and back at the manager.

"It's okay Larry! This is a, er... friend of mine! Yeah, we met at that premiere party last week. Don't worry about it. And eh, about the car. Why don't you head off home. Like you said, it's quiet and nobody has noticed me yet. I think the paparazzi finally took a hike. Seriously, call up the guys and tell them I'll be there for tomorrow or something. I know a er, another friend.... who lives a few blocks away. I just remembered. I'll go crash there." Zac rambled back, nervously, I could tell he tried his best to make that up. I think it worked.

"You know what, you're right. I really need to get some rest before I fall asleep on the kurb. I've been running a marathon all day! Call me FIRST thing tomorrow though?" Larry hurriedly ushered himself away carrying the bags and disappeared back around the corner.

"Where were we?" Zac laughed. I laughed back and then we smiled at each other. He looked so much sexier in person. Standing next to him, in the state I was in, I felt as if I looked a mess. I definitely felt like one. But his smile told me otherwise.

"Do you have a place to crash?" He asked.

"Ehh, no. I haven't even found a taxi yet."

"Hah, yeah you're never gonna find one now."

"Oh, damn."

"But I can't let just let you wonder around here at night."

"Uh.... I guess. But... nevermind." Questions running through my head.

"Well you look really tired, I'm getting sleepy myself. There's a hotel a few blocks down the right. Don't worry I got this one, we'll just sort everything out in the morning."

He had offered to check into a suite for us. I knew exactly where he was going with this, but I wasn't going to make any assumptions so fast. I liked it. I couldn't wait for morning to come. I'd have a chance to explain myself, get things off my chest. And hopefully get some answers of my own. I was prepared to wait patiently for these ones though.

When we arrived to the hotel it seemed quiet, guessing because it was past midnight now. We found the elevator to go up to our suite but it was packed with luggage so I had to squeeze in next to Zac and spend the next few minutes pressed against his chest. It felt awkward, I felt so very close to him, the sexual tension was high as I tried my best not to look up at him to avoid embarrassment. I liked this, but then we reached the floor and had to get off. I walked down the hallway looking for our room with Zac walking behind me. I had so many thoughts running through my mind that I accidently walked right past the suite not even noticing it and I suddenly noticed Zac grab my hand and pull me back. We looked into each others eyes for a few seconds.

"I, er.. here. Our room is right here." He stuttered as he left go of my hand.

When we got in he headed to the bathroom but I was too tired and wanted to get some sleep. Too tired to undress or unpack, I slipped into the comfortable bed and rapidly drifted off into a deep sleep. Hoping that bad thoughts and nightmares from back home would be blanketed by the fact that Zac Efron was taking particular interest in me.


I woke up the next morning feeling slightly better. I felt satisfied with the long sleep which helped me overcome the jet-lag. Almost forgetting where I was, I looked around the hotel room. It was very well made, with light drapes at the patio, cute ornaments and a huge pane window behind the couch where I leaned up to see the beautiful view outside. The sky looked great. Then it hit me, everything from yesterday. It all became surreal again. Zac Efron? Am I really in Los Angeles? I'd often dream about things like this but was eventually woken up into reality. No. This was real, it was definitely happening. The first thought that jumped to my head was Zac. I noticed only one bed in the suite which I was sleeping in and unfortunately, he wasn't sharing the same one. I turned over to my right and finally saw him sleeping on the chair besides the bed. He looked very uncomfortable, still wearing his shirt and trousers from yesterday, only removing his shoes and socks. His hair was messy, he looked knocked out into a deep sleep, it was cute. What was I to do now?

'I can't wake him' I thought to myself. I pulled the sheets away from me and noticed I was only wearing my boxers. Immediately I realized that he had undressed me while I drifted off to sleep last night so I'd sleep comfortably. And he didn't even bother with himself. I smiled faintly as I continued to get off the bed and walk towards the bathroom.

After I freshened up I headed back to the bed and I suddenly noticed Zac was awake, sitting on the bed.

"Good morning." He smiled.

"Hey, I, er thought you were a sleep. So I just went to the bathroom." I replied nervously, not knowing what to say.

"Come here, let's talk." I went and sat in the bed on the opposite side.

"So are you feeling any better? You seemed really tired last night. I hope you don't mind, I stripped you down cause you looked uncomfortable. You didn't say goodnight!" He said, finishing off with a laugh.

"I'm sorry! I was extremely tired. Oh, no that was very sweet of you. I just feel bad, you didn't have to sleep over in that chair," I responded. "You looked uncomfortable."

"Hah, don't worry about me, I just wanted to make sure you had a good night sleep. So, you haven't told me about yourself, or why you're here in the US, and what you're planning on doing?" He was taking interest and I honestly had alot to get off my chest. So I spent the next 20 minutes explaining what had happened and what position I'm in now. But I didn't tell him everything that had happened. He could never know what really happened.

"That's awful. Seriously. I hate the way some people act towards homosexuality. It's a natural thing, right? It can't be stopped, or helped. It's not a defect, it's natural. It's a course of nature. It just isn't that easy." He said, each word getting quieter by the end. He looked down, as if he was hiding something.

"I agree. Hey, I don't want to sound rude but.. er, are you? You know? Not that you look it, or act, because I never would've guessed but after last night, you left me kinda confused. I mean, it still feels surreal that I'm sitting on this bed with the amazing Zac Efron. You can trust me, although we've only known each other for 10 hours." I finished off laughing.

"I do trust you. And to answer your question, yes I am. But I don't want it to hurt my career, you know? My life would become even harder if these tabloids found out. You understand, right? See my recent years have been so controlled. My career has brought people into my life, who kinda, script everything, you know? Nothing is spontaneous and everything must go according to plan to keep up my image. When I met you last night, it was such an impulse. I realized I was just like you, standing in the night waiting for my next ride. I knew where I would've been heading, but you didn't. I like that. I want my life to be real again. And it feels really strange telling this all to a stranger, hah. But we're getting to know each other by every minute we spend. And besides, I think you are incredibly cute." He said.

I think enough had been said right there. We understood each other. The next 30 seconds were spent smiling at each other, he shuffled over next to me and pushed me back to lay down. We layed side by side for another 10 minutes. After the time was up he turned his head towards mine and smiled again. It was such a natural smile, it looked raw and so real. None of that plastic posed stuff on High School Musical. I couldn't help but think about how gorgeous he was, even fully clothed! I was debating whether to tell him, seeing as he had complimented me just minutes before. He had a some stubble on his face, probably hadn't shaved for a few days.. but it looked incredibly sexy on him.

"You're so..." I began to say. He kissed me.

We locked lips again, forcing himself upon me. Had he spent 10 minutes planning this? Because it was going perfectly. His lips were soft and his mouth was warm and his tongue active. He gave me a few slow kisses before we broke into a French, his tongue wrestling mine. He moved on top of me, mouths still locked as he started to unbutton his shirt. He was such a damn hot kisser, he took his time with every kiss and his tongue work was amazing. I can't say I wasn't enjoying this, it felt amazing. I fought back with my tongue and then bit his bottom lip. He smiled, grabbed my arms and pulled me up. He was now kneeling on the bed with me straddling him, as we broke into another passionate kiss. It felt at if we were really letting each other go. He grabbed my hair and pulled me in further into a deep kiss as he rubbed my butt.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked me, as he pulled away.

"I think so." I responded.

I unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and pulled it off to reveal all of his body. His stomach was finely toned and his arms big and strong. I was amazed at how hot his body was and moved down from his face and started to slowly kiss him all over. He held one of my hands and closed his eyes, I could tell he was enjoying this. I looked back up at him and we stared into each others eyes, he looked incredibly aroused and the tension was high. To continue, or not to continue.

I stopped touching him. I felt as if I continued any longer we'd end up having sex here and I wasn't ready. So I got on top of him and rested my head on his chest, one hand on his arm feeling his muscles. He smelt of yesterday's cologne and I felt so safe here with him no matter how far away from home I was.

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. You're not ready I understand," He said as he slowly rubbed my back. "I'm sorry for making you do this so soon."

"No Zac, it's not your fault. I just need a little more time before we can go further."

He quickly rolled over so he was now on top of me and gave me one hard kiss.

"But we can still make out, right?" He smiled.

"Yes." I answered.

We both smiled to my answer and just as we were getting into another kiss his Blackberry started ringing.

"Fuck!" He exclaimed. He quickly rolled off me and got off the bed.

I heard some loud mumbling on the phone.

"Oh, man I am so sorry, I totally forgot. I'll be there. No, I promise I'm coming now okay?" He ended the call.

"Adam, that was my manager, from last night? I totally forgot I was supposed to call him and meet up today for lunch. I am SO sorry but I had to leave right now. BUT I'll be back for dinner, promise. We need to check out of here by tonight anyway. We'll head back to my apartment across town," He sat up and held my hands. "I'm so sorry Adam, we were having a great time, I'm so pissed that we can't finish this right now but I really have to take care of this."

I did feel kind of disappointed but he sounded really sorry so I gave him the OK and he buttoned his shirt back up, put on his shoes and grabbed his sunglasses. I was still sitting at the edge of the bed, not knowing what to say. As he was about to leave I stood up and thought I'd get something to eat. He came over to me, held me from behind and whispered in my ear.

"You'll wait for me, right?" He asked. It felt so amazing feeling him whisper into my ear like that.

I turned around and looked at him, "I'll be here." I smiled. He kissed me one last time and headed for the door.

What just happened with Zac was such a blur. I couldn't believe that within 12 hours we had gotten this far, almost having sex at a hotel suite. Where we moving too fast? Or should I get used to this hurricane lifestyle he lives with?


After calling room service for some breakfast, I dumped the plates in the kitchen and hovered to the huge window behind the couch. I didn't notice this before, but the view was amazing. I could see buildings, roads, pretty Palms and fast cars on the left, and to the right I could make out the coast where people were cluttered enjoying the heatwave. As overwhelming as it looked, I had some thinking to do. I looked up into the sky, it was cloudless and a shade of blue which I had never seen before. It was truly beautiful.

I couldn't help but keep thinking back to my life in England. I wanted to forget what happened. I hadn't heard my phone ring at all, did they even try? What confused me more was Zac Efron. Although he had explained himself, and we were getting to know each other. I still couldn't believe this was happening, to me. If I hadn't taken the flight to Los Angeles, I wouldn't be in this position. All these questions running through my head, I needed to take my mind off them and teach myself to live in the moment. I had a new future now, I had new intentions also. I can't ruin this by dwelling in the past. I was lucky.

I had 5 hours to spare before Zac would be home so I picked up my clothes from beside my bed and got dressed. I looked at the crumpled sheets and couldn't help but smile at the memory of him laying there just an hour ago.

I put on my pair of shoes and discreetly snuck out of the hotel to avoid any distraction. I wasn't looking my best and did't want anyone to notice I was leaving Zac's suite. Once I left the entrance of the hotel I walked across to the park on the opposite side. The roads were so much busier than London and I had to get used to cars driving on the opposite side before I got myself run over. When I reached the park on the other side of the road I spotted an ice-cream truck so I walked to it and bought myself one. I walked around the park for an hour, the circumference was huge but it was so boring on my own. When I got to the end I spotted a mall so I walked through the skate park hoping to spend another 2 hours browsing through some stores. It seemed quiet for a sunny day but then I was suddently hit from the right and fell to the ground. Not knowing what happened I quickly got up and saw a skater had ran right into me.

"Oh shit, I am so sorry man." Said the skater as he got up. He helped me up, when I noticed how cute he was. Typical blonde hair, blue eyes and the cute smile.

"It's, er.. okay." I muttered as I lifted my trouser leg to reveal a huge bleeding cut and a graze on my knee.

"Wow, that looks kinda bad. I'm really sorry dude." He said starting to look embarrassed.

"Honestly, don't worry about it. I can't feel thing." I lied.

"I'm Tommy."

"The name's Adam."

"I take it you're not from around here?" Tommy said in a failed British accent impersonation.

I laughed, "No I'm on a, er.. vacation."

"Cool. So, you skateboard?" He asked.

"Nah, never tried."

"Well I could teach you sometime." He offered. "Only if you want to, that is." He smiled that cute smile again.

"That would be so cool. I'll be moving to another hotel tonight, downtown. But I'll come up anytime for a ride." I told him.

"A ride on what?" He said unexpectedly.

"Uh.. haha." I laughed at him.

"Sorry I'm stupid." He blushed.

"You didn't break that skateboard did you?" I asked him.

"Nope it's good, are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine, honestly." I smiled at him.

"Hey I gotta head back home it's almost 5. Can I get your number. For, uh. You know. If you need to contact me or if I need to call you or, er.. something."

I gave him my number and he gave me his, along with a smile. I then realized he said it was almost 5. Shit! I thought. I have an hour to get back to the hotel for when Zac comes back. I ran out of the skate park and went to the mall, it was bigger than any other I've been to in my entire life. Such big designers and brands brought to one place. I'd definitely have to come back to this place sometime. I noticed the time, I was running late. But I thought 15 minutes wouldn't hurt.

When I finally arrived back at the hotel I got back to the suite on the top floor and entered. Funny, it was 6:30PM and it didn't look like he was back yet. I wasn't worried, I just relaxed and put some ice on my injury from the skaterboy from before. He was cute, I thought to myself. Real sweet too. I wasn't hungry at all, it was already 8PM and no sign of Zac. I wish I would've been smart enough to atleast take his number. I walked over to the window. It was getting dark as I stared onto the scenery. He could be anywhere right now, I hoped he was okay. He promised me he'd be back on time for dinner. Was something wrong? At the back of my head was a cloud of what possibly could have happened to him but I didn't want to think about it at all.

Waiting and waiting, to avoid disappointment I thought it would be best to put my mind to rest. When the clock struck 11PM, I stripped down and got into the bed, falling straight to sleep.

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