A New Start

By Max Hewitt  Lilperv76@yahoo.com

Chapter 2

This story involves sex between men.  If you shouldn't be reading such things, move on.

The characters in this fantasy may not always practice safe sex.  In the world we live in everyone should practice safe sex.

It's okay to print this story out or save it to disc, but it remains my property.  Don't transfer it to another website or archive without my permission.

I'm lucky to have two great friends/editors, one in NJ and the other in the UK.  Thanks, guys!

*          *          *

I was recruited by several universities, but I told them all I'd decided not to play football.  That disappointed my dad, but it made my mom happy.  She admitted she'd always worried that I'd be hurt.  I did at least make Dad happy when I chose to go to Northern State, where he'd gone.  I made him even happier when I pledged to his old fraternity, the Alphas.

I'd decided that at the university I'd have to spend a lot more time on my studies if I wanted to keep my grades up, and also that the fraternity would take a lot of time.  Somehow I just felt I'd outgrown the football scene.  I'd applied early to Northern State, and with my good grades was accepted almost instantly.  Because of my early admission, I was able to land one of the few single rooms in the freshman dorms.  (Frosh couldn't live in the frat house.)

Freshman year at NSU was a great time for me.  I got through the fairly mild hazing and initiation into the Alphas.  Some of it was gross and some of it humiliating, but it wasn't nearly as bad as you read about on some of those stories.  I played on the fraternity basketball, volleyball, and softball teams.  I tutored some of the brothers in math, even some of the upperclassmen.  And the Alphas were glad to have me as a brother because I helped keep the fraternity's group GPA up.

My experiences the previous year had shown me how much I loved having a nice cock up my ass, but it hadn't totally destroyed my interest in women, so I did some dating.  I wasn't bad looking, I was an Alpha, after all, so getting dates wasn't a problem.  I continued to work out, and I grew another inch during my freshman year.  I also grew a `stache which I kept trimmed neatly and a jawline beard.  Mom wasn't happy with the face hair, and I still had to shave every day, but I liked it.  I thought it made me look more mature.  And the girls I was dating seemed to like it.

I was worried what might happen at home during our brief Thanksgiving break, so I went home on Wednesday, spent Thursday with my family and a bunch of relatives.  I told my folks I had to go back to campus on Saturday to work on a term paper.  They weren't happy, but they relaxed when I told them I'd be able to spend more time with them at Christmas, figuring I'd cross that bridge when I came to it.

Well, of course I came to that bridge in about three weeks.  I looked forward to seeing my folks.  I was even half hoping to see Matt and having him fuck me.  

(I'd gotten a couple of dildoes from an online source, and since I was in a single, I spent many an evening working a toy in and out with one hand while whacking off with the other.  Even though I'd gotten it on with Karyn, a Phi Mu I'd been dating, I'd come to realize that ass play was fantastic, too.  I even thought about asking her to use a dildo on me, but I was afraid she'd freak out or tell her friends, or both.)

What I wasn't looking forward to about the Christmas break was seeing Leo or Josh and becoming their butt boy again.  I assumed they'd both be back in town.  Leo had gone to Purdue, where his brother Kevin was a junior.  Josh was at Bowling Green.  Both of them had been recruited to play football at their respective schools.  I was pretty sure I'd be "on call" again if either of them was around.  That prospect gave the song "There's no place like home for the holidays" a whole new meaning.  

My university experience had so far been a kind of a new life, one I was enjoying, but spending the holidays at home threatened to be a reversion to the life of being a sex slave for my former friends.

Matt had decided to go to the University of Virginia, where his parents had gone, and I hadn't heard from him since we'd both left our home town.  When I got home I found a Christmas card from him.  He'd put a note in it saying that he, too, had pledged to the Alphas (small world) and that he was spending the holidays in Florida with his roommate.  He said they were lovers and he was very happy.  He said they had to be very discreet because they were both on the Cavalier's football team, but that it was worth it.  He went on to tell me how sorry he was about what he and the other two guys had done to me and that he'd destroyed his copy of the video of me and had tried to persuade Leo and Josh to do the same, but that they'd refused.  He also said he felt guilty that he'd thrown away our longstanding friendship and hoped that some day I'd forgive him.

So Matt was gay and had a lover!  I found myself wishing things could have been different.  Matt had until the previous fall been my best friend, and I couldn't help thinking what it would have been like if he and I were lovers.  Then I realized how different I was from the guy who a little over a year previously was sure he was straight.  I knew I had always loved Matt in a best-friends kind of way, but the idea of having him for a lover somehow seemed very desirable.  But not to be.  I sincerely but regretfully wished him well.

I was doing some last-minute shopping at the mall in my home town a day or so after I got home when I bumped into Josh.  He'd bulked up since I'd seen him at commencement, and he looked great.  I'd been dreading running into him, but the idea of him fucking me fired up that need deep inside of me.

I wasn't surprised when he seemed glad to see me, but I was surprised when he invited me to go to the food court and have a cup of coffee with him.  Knowing I couldn't refuse him anything (because of the video, not because of my hungry ass), I went along.  He insisted in paying for our coffees.  We found a table and sat.  He asked how I liked NSU, and I told him.  Then he talked about his being a freshman on the BGSU football team and pledging his fraternity and the dates he had had.  It was almost as if things were perfectly normal.  Then he stopped and looked at me.  He seemed embarrassed.

"Ya know, Thom, I don't know how to say this."  

Not feeling much like helping him out, I just waited.

"Matt and I email a lot.  Some time back he told me he was sorry about what we'd done to you last year and told me he'd destroyed his copy of the video we'd made of you.  He asked me if I would get rid of mine.  I told him no at the time, but the more I thought about it, the guiltier I felt, too.  I don't know what made us do that.  A combination of jealousy, teen age hormones, and the opportunity, I think.  Anyway, it was wrong.  You've always been a great friend, and I'm really sorry.  I literally tore up that video, and then I emailed Leo suggesting that he should do the same thing.  He wrote back no way would he do that."  

Josh looked sad.  "I don't suppose you can ever forgive me for what we did.  But I wanted you to know that you don't have anything to worry about from me.  Or from Matt, either, I guess.  But you'd better steer clear of Leo, `cause I think he wants to pick up where we left off last summer."

He finished his coffee and stood up.  "You're a good guy, Thom.  You never deserved what we did.  Have a good Christmas."

He walked toward the mall entrance.

"Uh, Josh, wait."

He turned around.

"Thanks for telling me, man.  Merry Christmas."

He smiled, waved, and left.

I couldn't say I'd forgiven him.  But we'd been friends for a long time, and I felt a lot better after what he'd said.

Leo was another matter.  It was the Saturday before Christmas, and the mall was a zoo.  I was glad to get home.  Glad, that is, until Mom told me Leo had called.  He wanted me to call him back.  Mom seemed happy that my old friend and football buddy was home from college and wanted to get together.  I pretended to be happy, too.  

When I called, he said he was coming over.  I tried to discourage him, but he insisted.  When he got there, he was charm personified to my mother and father.  He even wound up eating a piece of pie just out of the oven that Mom had baked for supper.  She offered me a piece, but I declined.  I didn't have any appetite.

Leo looked great.  I'd always thought he was a good looking guy with his red hair and green eyes.  Of course he was in great shape.  The program he'd been on at Purdue had put him in perfect condition.  And, I confess, there was this gnawing, tingling feeling inside me as soon as I saw him, knowing he was going to fuck me and being eager for that to happen.  

He took his plate, fork, and the glass from which he'd been drinking milk to the sink, rinsed them, put them in the dishwasher, thanked Mom with a smile that would melt any mother, and suggested we go to my room and get caught up.  

The first thing he said when we got to my room was, "Okay, fag, you know the drill.  Strip!"  So much for all the charm downstairs.  I seriously resented the way Leo was treating me, especially since both Matt and Josh had had second thoughts.  But by the time I was naked, my cock was hard, a fact which Leo could hardly miss.  He grinned and said, "See, you're a fag.  Always have been.  And you want this, don't ya?"

I didn't say anything.

"You're lookin' good, Benson, staying in shape even if you wimped out of playing football at Northern.  Ya findin' guys there that'll fuck your pussy, satisfy your needs?"

"Leo, why do you hate me so much?  What did I ever do to you? When are you gonna give up on this shit?"

"That's a lot of questions, fag boy.  You know, I don't really hate you.  It's just such a hoot being able to get my rocks off whenever I want with Mr. Hotshot Quarterback, Mr. Most Popular, Mr. Most Likely to Succeed.  You didn't exactly do anything to me, fag.  You just were everything the rest of us wanted to be.  Except being fags, of course.  Now, let's get on with it.  Get on the bed on all fours and wag that slutty ass of yours at me, just to show me how much you want my cock in it."

I noticed he didn't say anything about when he might quit making me his fuck slave.  I sighed.  `Let's just get it over with,' I thought, though I couldn't help staring at his long, hard cock sticking out of his big red bush. He took me doggie fashion on the bed.  I was determined not to give him the satisfaction of knowing how much I enjoyed having his cock in me.  But it felt so fantastic that I couldn't help groaning with pleasure as soon as the first discomfort wore off, and before it was over I was urging him to fuck me faster and harder.  He laughed at that and called me all sorts of names.  Instead of coming inside me, he pulled out, made me sit in front of him, while he spurted his cum all over my hair and face.  He made me clean up his cock, after which he pulled up his shorts and jeans.

"The next time I see you, whore, I don't want to see any hair on your body below your head.  Got that?  Pits, chest, pubes, asscrack, cock, balls, even your arms and legs. Get rid of that shit on your face, too.  Matt's not here to talk me out of it this time, and I think fagboys like you don't deserve to have hair like a man.  After you get back to Northern you can let it grow out again, but until we both go back to school, I want you to be as bare as a baby.  And no underwear!"  

"Aw, come on man.  Don't make me shave myself.  I'll go commando if you want, but not the shaving thing, please."

"You'll do whatever I say, Benson, unless you want that video to get around.  Josh and Matt may have wussed out, but not me.  Ya know, I wonder if your boyfriend Matt isn't as gay as you are."  Apparently he didn't know about Matt,  and I sure as hell wasn't going to tell him.

He started out the door of my room and then turned.  "Be ready to turn up your fag ass anytime I call during the holidays, pussyboy, or you know what'll happen."

I heard him being charming with my mother downstairs while I was cleaning his cum off my face and hair.  I didn't go downstairs until Mom called me for supper.  At the table she said, "Leo is certainly a nice boy.  I'm glad you two are still friends.  Are any of your fraternity brothers that nice?"

Mom was pleased when I shaved off the beard and mustache.  I didn't tell her what else I'd shaved.

I'm sure lots of other things happened during that two weeks at home for the Christmas break, but the only events I remember have to do with Leo.

His family and my family went to the same church.  Wouldn't you know we all showed up at the late Christmas Eve service?  We all bumped into each other in the narthex, and my folks suggested we all sit together.  Great!

Things were okay during the service.  Our moms sat together, then our dads, and then Leo and me.  He didn't act strange at all.  As we were kneeling together at the communion rail, I wondered how he could take the Eucharist, given what an evil bastard he was, but take it he did, as if he had the clearest conscience in the world.

On the way out, there was quite a backup in the main aisle of the church as people were lined up to shake hands with the rector at the door.  Leo positioned himself behind me.  In the crush of people waiting, no one noticed what he was doing.  But as we waited he'd put his hand on my ass and rub, sticking his finger as far into my crack as my not-very-tight khakis would allow.  Then he'd lunge into me, pressing his cock against my butt.  When he did that, he'd say he was sorry, that he'd been pushed by someone behind us.  Since the people behind us were his folks and mine, I knew that wasn't true.  He was just goosing me with his package.  He wasn't hard, but his big dick was straight over his balls, and I could feel it every time he pressed it against me.  By the time it was my turn to shake hands with the rector, I had a whopping big hardon, though I don't think he noticed.  We said Merry Christmas to Leo's family and went to the car.  Dad and I hadn't worn topcoats over our blazers, and as we walked toward the parking lot, he looked down and saw my stiffie.  He just smiled and said, "I remember what it was like when I was your age, but what in the world turned you on in church?"

I just sighed and said, "It doesn't need a reason, Dad."  He grinned.

Leo fucked me three times the week between Christmas and New Year's, twice at his house and once at mine.  I'd shaved myself as he ordered, and he loved the way I looked.  He got a bowl of ice water and made me soak my cock and balls in it until they'd shriveled up to practically nothing.  Then while they were so little he made me suck on a pacifier while he took my picture.  He said if I was a smooth as a baby, I might as well have a baby's package.  And the pacifier completed the look.  I pleaded with him not to show that to anyone.  I didn't mention my fraternity brothers in particular because I didn't want to put ideas in his head.  He laughed and said, "A bargain's a bargain, pussyboy.  You do what you're told, and no one will know you're a cunt except Matt, Josh, and me.  Now, assume the position!"

What I remember most about that "holiday" was New Year's Eve.  

I was invited to a party at the home of one of our high school friends, a girl named Carol whom both Leo and I had dated briefly.  I politely declined, and Carol seemed to accept that.  Then I got a phone call from Leo saying that I had to come to the party.  He said he'd already told Carol that I'd be there.

I waited as late as I possibly could before I went, and things were pretty well under way when I arrived.  There was loud music, of course.  Carols parents were at a different party, and since we were all college students (well, mostly), there were no adults around to keep an eye on things.  They'd cleared a space for dancing, and a lot of people were out there shaking their booties.  I got myself a drink and chatted a while with some football buddies.  We talked about the universities we were attending, our fraternities, the pussy we'd been getting, stuff like that.  Then Carol came over and pulled me onto the dance floor, so I danced with her for a while.  When, after a couple of numbers, we parted, I was grabbed by another girl, and away we went.  There was time, of course, for another drink.  That's what New Year's Eve parties are for, right?  

I was having a good time.  Leo was there but was ignoring me.  I saw lots of friends.  The music was great.  I enjoyed the dancing.  And I was keeping myself adequately lubricated  We all paused to count down the New Year and hug the person we were closest to and gulp down some more of whatever it was we were drinking.  And then the party went on.

At about 1:00, I think, Leo came over to me.  He told me to wait five minutes and meet him in the upstairs bathroom.  I started to say something, but he gave me a look, so I merely nodded.  He left and went upstairs.

When I got there five minutes later, he locked the door.

"We don't have much time before somebody wonders where we are, so put your hands on the sink."

"Come on, Leo, we can't do that here!"

"Hey, faggot, I'm doing this for you.  I'm gonna lay Carol after a while, but I don't want your pussy to itch all night without getting scratched.  Besides, if I cum now, I can go longer inside Carol."

Resigned to the inevitable, I reached for my belt.

"No, don't touch your pants or belt.  Just put your hands on the sink like I said and stick your butt out."

Wondering what he was going to do, I complied with his order.  The next thing I knew, he was holding my khakis in one hand, and I heard a ripping noise.  He was cutting the seam in the seat of my pants with a knife!

"Good," he said.  "I'm glad to see you're freeballing like I told you to.  Otherwise I'd have had to cut a hole in your shorts, too.  And you'd have been punished."

"Punished?  You just ruined my best pair of khakis."

"Shut the fuck up, pussy, before I strip you naked and leave you here."

He reached over my head and opened the medicine cabinet above the sink.  He took out a bottle of lube (I wondered how he knew it was there) and slicked up his cock.

"I'm doing this for me, queerboy, not for you.  You're still so tight it hurts my cock to do you dry.  You need to get somebody to keep you opened up."  He chuckled at his cleverness.  Then he rammed his cock into me all at once.  I could feel his pubes on my butt.  This was a quick, hard fuck.  It was no pleasure for me.  Just as I was getting into it, he came, slapped my ass, and pulled out.  He pushed me down on the toilet while he cleaned himself up, zipped his fly, said "I'll be in touch," and left.  

Even after such a short fuck, I had a hardon.  My pants were tented out in front, and that pulled them open in the back where Leo had slit the seam.  The question was, how was I going to get out of there since my bare ass was now peeking out of the seat of my pants?  I tucked my hard dick down one pants leg so it wouldn't tent them out so much in the front.

I'd worn a button up shirt with a pullover sweater over it.  I thought maybe the tail of the shirt would at least preserve my modesty, if not my dignity.  Just then, Leo came back in.  

"Take off your shirt and give it to me," he said, grinning.  I pulled off the sweater, took off the shirt, and gave it to him.

"You can put the sweater back on, but it's only to come to your waist.  Don't even think about trying to pull it down far enough to cover your faggy butt."

I was lucky there was no one in the upstairs hall or on the stairs.  When I got to the main floor I sort of sidled along with my back to the wall, trying to avoid conversation, less worried about people seeing the rod running down my leg than about my bare ass, making my way through the great room to the entrance hallway.  I thought I'd made it safely to the front door, but when I was a couple of feet away, Leo called out, "Hey, Thom, take care buddy!  It's been great seeing you!"  That, of course, made everyone look in my direction.  I whirled around, faced the people standing nearby, waved, reached behind me, and opened the door.  I backed out of the house.  Both my hard cock and my bare ass had been seen, and I could hear people laughing as I ran down the walk and up the street to where I'd left my car. I realized that I'd left my leather jacket at Carol's house but I wasn't about to go back and ask for it just then.

Speaking of leather.  Mom and Dad had given me a new car for graduation, and it had leather seats.  It was really cold against my bare butt.  And, when I got home, there was a puddle of Leo's cum that had oozed its way out of me.  I grabbed a paper towel in the garage and wiped it up.  Fortunately, it didn't leave a permanent spot on the seat.

When I got to my room, I stripped and grabbed my still-hard tool.  I knew I was aroused partly because of the stimulation to my prostate during the fuck, but I flushed with shame to think that something about being seen as I was leaving had turned me on.

I folded the pants and put them in my suitcase.  They'd have to be thrown away and replaced, but I'd do that when I got back to NSU.  Couldn't have Mom finding them and asking questions.  

I didn't hear from Leo the next day.  Perhaps he was tired from having fucked Carol's brains out, assuming she had any, or maybe his family had a lot going on New Year's Day.

Anyway, the day after New Year's I said goodbye to my folks, put my clean laundry in the car, and drove back to campus.

As the miles rolled by, I had lots of time to think.  I was eager to get back to Northern State where I could lead my own life without being fucked over by Leo.  I'd begun to wish I could find myself a boyfriend.  I suppose that was a sure sign that I'd come to terms with being gay.  I wondered what it would be like to fuck a guy.  I knew I'd like to try.  Matt, Josh, and Leo certainly seemed to enjoy porking me.  I knew how much I got turned on by having a nice cock up my ass.  If only the cock belonged to somebody who liked me and wasn't just using me.  That sounded pretty fine.

And then I wondered when I'd ever be able to get away from Leo and his nastiness.  I decided before I got back to campus that I'd definitely not be going home on spring break.  I didn't know what I'd tell my folks, but that was just out of the question.  Surely some of the other Alphas would be going somewhere and I could tag along.

Because of the unique configuration of our dorm, there was a single across the hall from mine.  Brad Seacrist, who'd had that room first semester, flunked out, or that was the word.  At least he didn't come back for second term.  Instead, a guy in our class who'd been on the waiting list for a single moved in.  I'd seen him around, but I didn't really know who he was.  So the evening of the first day of second semester, seeing him going into Brad's old room, I introduced myself.  

"Oh, hi, Thom.  I knew who you were.  I'm Hank James."

"How'd you know who I am?"

He looked embarrassed.  "Well, I've seen you around, and I asked someone."

Something happened as we shook hands.  I don't mean I looked at the guy and said "this is the love of my life," but as I looked at him and shook his hand, I liked him.  And somehow I knew he was gay.  Don't misunderstand. He didn't look gay.  It turned out he was on the university swim team.  He had that kind of build.  I wanted him for a friend from that evening, and I made a point of being friendly.

He asked me what had happened to my `stache and beard.  I told him I'd shaved them off to placate my mom.

"Too bad, man.  It looked great."

I decided there and then to grow them back.

A few days later I invited him to go out with me to have something to eat, and he accepted.  We got to talking, and, well, we became buddies.  I don't even remember exactly how we came out to each other.  It seems like he knew I was gay and I knew he was gay and we never even had to talk much about it.  Instead, we talked about our families, our high school experiences (except for my being enslaved senior year), our majors.  He was going to be a swimming coach, and I was majoring in accounting.

To make a long story short, we became fuck buddies.  I don't think the idea of love ever crossed his mind or mine.  But he spent many a night in my bed, and I spent an equal number in his.  

It was a wonderful time for me.  I loved the university life.  And Hank showed me so many glorious things about sex that I'd never even suspected.  When he fucked me, he obviously wanted it to be good for me.  He liked me to fuck him, and I learned how special that can be.  It was nothing like fucking a girl.  It was worlds better.  I learned about foreplay, about snuggling, about stroking, frottage, rimming, edging.  Hank taught me how wonderful it is to be a gay man with a caring partner.  I even learned to enjoy sucking his dick, which had never appealed to me before.  He found out quickly how much I enjoyed anything up my ass, so he'd finger fuck me until I was mashing my face into the pillow so the guys in the next room wouldn't hear my moans of pleasure.  Then when I'd plead with him to put his cock into me, he'd fuck me slowly to prolong our mutual pleasure.  We never kissed, but we'd snuggle after we were both spent, and that was maybe the best part of all.

As I said, it was a great semester.  I enjoyed my classes, the activities of the Alphas, my frequent nights and many talks, arguments, dinners, and strolls with Hank.  The problem of what to do during Spring Break was solved when Hank invited me to go with him to his folks' condo on Sanibel Island.  It wasn't the usual drunken revel of university guys in Florida.  There were just the two of us.  We took long walks on the magnificent beaches, swam in the warm waters of the Gulf, ate at a different fabulous restaurant each day, drove through the Nature Preserve several times, and spent our nights having great sex.

I should repeat that Hank and I were great friends.  Both of us knew this wasn't a lifetime thing, but we were genuinely fond of each other, and we both loved the great sex we were having.  I'll always be grateful to him for all of that.

The only ripple in the idyllic pool of my freshman spring happened after Spring Break.  

One day as I was going up the walk to the front door of the Alpha House, I had to step aside.  Dave, the chapter president, and Jacob, the vice president, came out onto the stoop with a third person.  They shook his hand and clapped him on the back.  Then he turned from them and came down the steps.  As he did so, I recognized him.  It was Leo's older brother, Kevin.  I knew he was a junior at Purdue.  I couldn't imagine what he was doing at Northern State.

As he came down the walk toward me, he grinned, nodded, said, "Benson," and kept on going.

I stammered something, and, after waiting for the fraternity officers to go first, went inside.