A New Start

By Max Hewitt  Lilperv76@yahoo.com

Chapter 3

This story involves sex between men.  If you shouldn't be reading such things, move on.

The characters in this fantasy may not always practice safe sex.  In the world we live in everyone should practice safe sex.

It's okay to print this story out or save it to disc, but it remains my property.  Don't transfer it to another website or archive without my permission.

I'm lucky to have two great friends/editors, one in NJ and the other in the UK.  Thanks, guys.

*          *          *

Inside the Alpha house, I asked Dave and Jake what Kevin was doing there.  Dave just grinned and said it was a "courtesy call."  As a frosh, I didn't think I should question the two most important chapter officers, so I kept quiet.

For the few remaining weeks of the semester, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it never did, and in the pressure of getting ready for finals, I managed to forget about Kevin's mysterious visit to my fraternity.  

Hank and I celebrated our last night together with a lot of hot sex.  He was going to be in a different dorm in the fall, and I was moving into the fraternity house.  We knew we'd remain friends, but the chances of our remaining almost nightly sex partners were slim.

I was dreading the summer because I was going to be living at home and working for my dad.  Oh, I wasn't dreading working for dad.  He was a partner in a big law firm, and I was supposedly going to shadow the person who was in charge of billing and generally keeping the books.  Actually, I was a glorified gopher.  I did whatever needed to be done, and being the son of one of the bosses got me no favors, nada, zilch.  But that's okay.  It was interesting work, and by the end of the summer, I had a lot more knowledge about what went on in a law firm, though I didn't see my dad much.

What I was dreading about being home was, as you might guess, Leo or Kevin.  I braced myself expecting to be summoned by one or the other of them, or both.  

After a week or so of not hearing from either of them, I relaxed and went about my job.  Evenings I watched tv, played video games, occasionally hung out with some high school friends who were, like me, home for the summer and working.  I heard that Leo was working for his dad's construction company.  I could envision him getting even more buff if he was doing a labor job outside.  Then I worried momentarily about him getting sunburned.  As a typical redhead, he had very light skin that would burn easily.  Then I asked myself why I should care if he turned bright red.  He wouldn't look nearly so sexy if his skin were peeling off his face and body.  I learned later that I needn't have worried.  He had some sort of job where he was driving a company truck, delivering supplies to various building sites.  I also learned that he had a new girlfriend and that they were together just about every evening.  I figured that was good news because if he was with her all the time, he wouldn't be harassing me.  

Leo wasn't the only one who got a girlfriend, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

The Friday evening at the end of my first week of summer work, Mom told me that Matt had phoned and asked me to call him back.  She seemed excited that he'd called, since she knew we were once best friends.  For all she knew, we'd continued to be best friends throughout senior year since Matt often dropped by and I went to his house just as frequently.  What she didn't know, of course, was that those visits were solely for the purpose of his fucking me.  

I wondered whether he wanted to resume all that and almost didn't return his call, but then I remembered the Christmas card he'd sent telling me that he was sorry and that he had a lover.  I had a momentary pang at the idea of Matt with some other guy.  And then I asked myself how I could give a fuck about what Matt was doing after the way he'd treated me.  On the other hand, he'd apologized, and he'd tried to persuade Josh and Leo to let me alone.  It had worked with Josh, if not with Leo.

`What the hell,' I asked myself.  `What harm would there be in returning his call?'

Matt seemed pleased that I'd called him back.  He said he and Barry, his roommate, were in town for a few days before returning to Charlottesville for the summer session.  He asked if I'd meet them somewhere for dinner.  Then, he said, if we wanted to, we could go back to his place and swim or just sit by the pool and get caught up.  He sounded as if all the nastiness the previous year had never happened.  I was a little reluctant, but this guy and I had been best buds for years, and I couldn't just walk away when he seemed so eager to make up with me.  We agreed to meet at our favorite BK in half an hour.  I told Mom what we planned and that I didn't know when I'd be home.  She was so happy I was seeing Matt again she just said to say hi to him for her and she'd see me in the morning.

The BK was so crowded we ended up using the drive-through and then taking the stuff back to Matt's house.  He brought us beers to have with our cheeseburgers and fries.  We sat at a table out back by the pool.

Barry was a cute guy, about 5'6' and Asian.  He told me he was a third-generation American, but that he was Japanese by extraction.  He was a gymnast and had the body to prove it, lots of muscles, a perfect vee shape.  He had shiny, straight, black hair that was parted in the middle and hung down over his forehead.  More about him later.

Matt had put on about 15 pounds of extra muscle, and he had probably grown an inch taller since I'd seen him.  He was sporting a `stache and goatee.  I thought he looked really great.  

Matt and I wanted to catch up with each other's doings, and we tried to make sure Barry didn't feel left out of the conversation.  But the little gymnast must have felt threatened by my presence, because he was very clingy.  Matt's parents were out somewhere, and Barry constantly had his hand on Matt's, or on the back of his neck, or on his thigh.  I wanted to cuff him and tell him to behave, but Matt just looked at me and rolled his eyes when Barry got into his possessive act.

Both guys were wearing matching small diamond studs in their left ears.  I asked if Matt was planning to wear his during football season.  He said he would take it out for practices and games.

Barry sort of smirked and said he wore his all the time.  "And, after all," he added, "they're in our left ears!"

`Yeah,' I thought.  `As if anybody wouldn't know you're gay!'

With Barry there Matt and I couldn't talk about the shit that had happened the year before, but I could tell by the way he looked at me with puppydog eyes that he was sorry and wanted us to be friends again.  We'd been friends so long we didn't always have to speak what was on our minds.

Matt did tell me he was going to major in anthropology or archaeology at UVA.  He loved campus life and though he was a jock he also had been introduced to the pleasures, he said, of scholarship by a fantastic prof.  He wanted to be a professor.  He told me that his dad wasn't too happy, complaining that professors don't make as much money as other professionals.  He'd wanted Matt to be an architect like him, but Matt just wasn't interested.  

Barry said he was going to be a gymnastics coach.  I wondered if he would try putting the make on all his students.  He seemed like the type.  

Yeah, yeah, I wasn't predisposed to like Barry.  I just thought Matt could do a lot better.  If a guy or girl was that clinging and possessive and occasionally petulant with me, I'd have dumped them in a heartbeat.

About 9:00 it began to get dark and the mosquitoes came out.  I'd had about as much of Barry as I could take and, not wanting to hurt Matt's feelings, excused myself.  Since they were starting back to Charlottesville soon, this would be the last time Matt and I would see each other until, who knew, Christmas maybe?  I shook hands with Barry and winced.  The little fucker was strong, and he seemed to want to prove it when our hands clasped.  When Matt and I were about to shake hands, he grabbed me into a strong hug instead and ground his crotch into mine. I almost gasped.  Then I saw Barry glaring at me.  I grinned and ground my crotch back against Matt's.  Promising to stay in touch, we parted.

The next morning I bumped into Mel at the mall.  I had to wear a jacket, dress shirt, and tie to work, and I didn't have enough shirts or ties, so I'd gone to shop for more.  Her name was Melody, but she hated that.  I'd dated her a couple of times in high school.  She was smart and had a great personality, but she always managed to look sort of, well, plain.  Some of my friends teased me about going out with her, but I'd enjoyed her company, and she'd been willing to make out, though we'd never gone "all the way."

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw her.  After a year at Mt. Holyoke she'd really changed.  No more plain Jane.  She was wearing her hair differently, and she was made up tastefully.  She had on a sleeveless print top, jeans, and sandals.  As I said, she looked great.

She seemed happy to see me, so I suggested we go to the food court, grab a cup of coffee and catch up.  We caught up for an hour.  Then she asked me what I was doing at the mall.  I explained my shopping errand, and she offered to tag along.  

When I'd shot a week's pay on shirts and ties, she said she had to go.  I asked if she was busy that evening, and she said she wasn't.  The upshot was that we went to dinner and a movie.  And we continued to date for the rest of the summer.

She was majoring in information systems or something like that.  Computers anyway.  When I asked her about her plans after college, she just smiled and said she'd see what was on offer at the time.  

Her parents were away for most of the summer and she was house sitting their place.  Which meant that we had the house to ourselves whenever we wanted.  They had a great pool with a big, shady patio next to it.  I spent a lot of weekend afternoons with Mel beside the pool.

We had sex that first weekend.  I was surprised that she came on to me, but I wasn't about to say no.  She didn't have the biggest breasts in the world, but she had a fine bod.  And I found something very appealing about one that was round and soft, as compared with Hank's, which was square and hard.  

Mel and I took long walks in the park, went to see the local baseball team play, and even went to a 98 Degrees concert.  I hated boy bands, but she liked that group, which was really popular at the time.  I must admit, though I didn't like the music, I enjoyed watching the boys cavort on the stage.  I couldn't help wondering what it would be like to be fucked by any of them.

Needless to say, I was still trying to figure out who or what I was.  I loved the sex with Mel.  She was a good friend, we had fun together, and our coupling was gentle and caring rather than fast and furious.  She never offered to blow me, and I never asked.  I never offered to eat out her pussy, and she never asked.  I did, however, have lots of fun with her tits.  She was a great kisser.  And there wasn't anything wrong with the fucking either.  

It turned out to be a nice summer. I enjoyed working at my dad's office, and Mel and I became great friends.  I think we both knew our "affair" would end when we went back to school in the fall, but we enjoyed having each other for companionship and sex while it lasted.  And I didn't hear a word from Leo.  Well, except for the one day we bumped into each other.  As Mel and I were coming out of the movies one evening, a female voice behind us said her name.  We turned, and it was Leo and his new girlfriend, Lynne, who'd been in our graduating class.  So, of course, the girls pretended to be glad to see each other.  Leo smirked at me and then put his hand to his face and rubbed his chin.  I was puzzled for a minute, and then realized he was suggesting that Mel was my beard.  I blushed at that and frowned at him.  The girls insisted we had to go somewhere, so we agreed to meet at Applebee's.  The girls had dessert.  Leo had a burger.  I had a cola.  And everybody chatted as if we were all old friends.  Which, I suppose, if you could ignore what transpired between Leo and me after the championship game and for a year afterward, we were.  

The only awkward thing about hanging out with Mel was that, though she was alone at her home, I couldn't very well stay out all night while living at mine.  Mom had said something at the beginning of the summer about a curfew, but dad insisted that since I didn't have a curfew at the university, I should be trusted at home, too.  Well, long story short, I sometimes didn't get in on Friday or Saturday nights until pretty late (or early, actually), but I never stayed out all night.  And my folks, knowing I was with Mel, whom they liked even more than I did, never complained about my hours.

One night when summer break was almost over and we were both thinking of returning to campus, we were lying in bed after a typically gentle but equally typically long bout of sex, she said something that shook me up.

"Well, so much for the rumors."

"What rumors?"

"The ones that said you were gay."

"Uh, there are rumors that I'm gay?"

"Well, yeah."

With more confidence than I felt, I said, "But you know better, right?"

"Thom, we've been screwing two or three times a week all summer.  No way could you be faking that."  She paused.  "I suppose you could like guys, too, of course.  So I'd have to say if you aren't purely straight, you're bisexual."

I kissed her, she grabbed me, and we snogged for another half hour before I had to dress and go home.

As I drove back, though, I felt that urge deep inside, the craving for a hard cock in me.  I was afraid to have my toys at home, thus there wasn't even a dildo around to fill the void, so to speak.  

Leo called at suppertime one day during the last week of my summer job.

His words were familiar, but he sounded rather tentative.  "Benson, I want you here at 1:00 Saturday."

What I said to him was, "Oh, fuck, Leo.  Are we back to that shit again?"  What I thought was, `Oh, great.  I'm finally going to get fucked."

With apparent reluctance I told him I'd be there.  Then I called Mel and told her something had come up and asked if we could get together Saturday night.  She said that was good because she'd planned to play tennis with some friends that afternoon anyway and was going to call me.  She said we could just lounge by the pool or whatever.  I thought after my visit with Leo, I might be too tired for the "whatever," but I agreed to come over after dinner.  She said to stop somewhere and get pizza, and I agreed.

I cut the grass on Saturday morning and was whistling when I came inside to shower.  

"What makes you so happy this morning?" Mom asked, smiling at me.

I took her in my arms, picked her up, whirled her around, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  "It's just that I've got a pretty good life."

"My, Melody has certainly made a change in your mood, dear.  I'm so happy for you."

I couldn't tell her that the cause of my happiness was the idea that in an hour or so I was going to get fucked.  Then as I showered, I thought about all that.  I really hated Leo for what he and the others had done.  My hate tended to focus on him because I thought he was the instigator of the whole thing, and he was the only one who hadn't backed off and apologized.  It was humiliating to be summoned whenever he decided he wanted me and to have him call me all sorts of derogatory names.  But I couldn't deny that he had something I needed.  His big cock.

At lunch it crossed my mind to wonder why Leo wanted me now after ignoring me all summer.  I thought maybe Lynne had cut him off or something.

When I got there, it was Kevin, not Leo, who met me at the door.  

"Hey, Twerp, come in."  (Kevin had always called me Twerp.)  He shook hands with me and gave me a funny grin.

"Leo's out back.  We'll go out there in a minute, but before we do, come in the family room and grab a seat.  We need to talk."

Puzzled, I followed him and sat.

"I know what Leo and the other guys did to you last year.  I've seen all the pictures, too.  So here's the deal.  You do what I tell you to this afternoon, and you have my word that neither Leo nor I will ever ask you to do anything else sexual for us."

That sounded good, at first.  "Wait a minute.  Leo's word doesn't mean much if you know about all that.  Those guys promised they wouldn't tell anybody."

"You'll have to trust me on that, Twerp.  But I'll tell you enough that you'll understand what's happening.  One day this spring I walked in on ole Leo in his dorm room.  It was the middle of a weekday afternoon.  I don't know where his roomie was, but Leo was there whacking off and watching tv.  I took a good look at what he was watching, and it was two guys going at it.  `Holy shit,' I thought to myself, my baby brother's a fag!'  Then I saw he was one of the guys on the video.  His face didn't show, but I recognized him.  He's my bro, after all.  And he was fucking the star of the football team, namely, you.  `Holy shit,' I thought to myself, Thom Benson's another fag."

I started to protest that I wasn't gay, but decided it wouldn't do any good.  So I decided to be quiet and wait for the bad news I knew had to be coming.

"Dude, I don't care who or what you screw or let screw you.  But you're gonna help me out here.  Ya see, little bro didn't do very well at Purdue this year.  He partied a lot after football season was over, and his GPA took a dive.  I have promised the coach that Leo will be a good boy this fall, keep his grades up, and focus on football.  I need something to help me control him."

I grinned at the idea of Leo being kept on a short leash by his bigger brother.  Kevin was a basketball player, a good four inches taller than Leo.  He had the same red hair and pale skin, the same good looks.  But he wasn't as bulky as Leo.  Leo had always looked up to him, literally as well as figuratively. I'd always been afraid of Kevin.  He wasn't a man to be messed with.  Though most of the time he treated me like another little brother, sometimes he simply scared the shit out of me, so I'd always been careful not to cross him.

"So," he continued, "we have the video and the still shots.  I particularly like the one of you with the pacifier."  He grinned.  "You play along with us today, and I promise we won't ever ask you to do shit like this again."

"What do you have in mind?"

"Little brother swears he's not a fag.  Says he's never had any kind of sexual encounter with anybody but you.  And that he's never done anything with you but fuck you.  Is that right?"

I cleared my throat.  "Well, Kevin, I can't say what he's done when wasn't with me, but he's right that we've never done anything except him fucking me."

"It's time for a lesson for Leo.  You're going to show him what gay sex is all about.  And that will include what you might think of as payback."

My first thought was, `Oh shit, does this mean I won't get fucked?'  Then I thought about it some more and decided this could be fun.  Then I wondered what made him think I'd know all about gay sex.

"Kevin, I really don't like the idea of forcing anyone to have sex against their wishes, even Leo."

He grinned.  "You don't have much choice, dude.  Besides, that's what those guys did to you.  Just do like I say, and I'll take care of my shithead little brother.  And then we won't bother you any more."

"Okay, man.  I'm trusting your word here.  I'll do what you say.'

And Kevin kept his word.  Sort of.

"Great.  I've told little bro some of what I've got in mind.  I think he's out back stewing about it.  Who knows, he may even have a life-altering experience."  He chuckled.  "Oh, by the way, I'm gonna take pics of all of this.  Just to sort of keep Leo in line, know what I mean?"  He winked at me.

Leo was sitting on a chaise in the shade by the pool.  He wore a tank top and cargo shorts.  I notice how big his feet were.  He didn't have much of a tan, but his face, arms and legs were red.  He'd obviously been doing his summer job in a short-sleeve shirt and shorts.  His shoulders were like white marble as, I knew, was the rest of his body.

"Now, guys," Kevin said, "we're gonna make a little movie.  If Leo behaves himself, he doesn't have to worry about any trouble from it.  By the way, little bro, I've promised Thom you won't be calling him for his services any more.  Got that?"

"Yeah, yeah. I know."  Leo didn't even say hello to me.  He just sat there looking sullen.  Actually, I knew how he felt.  But I wasn't feeling sullen just then.  I was a bit nervous about the cameras, but I was looking forward to having some fun with Leo.

Kevin began checking his cameras.  He had a video camera and a digital still camera.  I just stood there, not knowing what to do.  Leo hadn't gotten out of the chaise and wouldn't look me in the eye.

"Okay, cast," Kevin said, "for starters, Leo get your lazy ass off that chaise and stand up."  

Leo did.

"Now, for the first shot, I want you two to kiss each other."

Leo closed his eyes and swallowed.  I knew how he felt.  Hank never wanted to kiss me, though he'd licked my ass.  I'd never really kissed another guy.  So this would be a first for both of us.

"Oh, for God's sake, guys, you've both kissed enough girls. Start by tickling the tips of each other's tongue with yours, and smile, dammit."

We approached each other awkwardly.  I put my hands on his hips, and he just stood there, scowling at me, as if I were the cause of his problems.

"Look, bro, if you don't want to cooperate, I can show those pix and that vid all over campus when we get back.  What's it gonna be?  You and your fuck buddy have some fun now, or everyone at school knows about you a week after fall term starts."

Leo shut his eyes and stuck his tongue out.  I tickled the tip of his tongue with the end of mine.  He tickled back.

"Okay, guys.  Thom's got the right idea, but Leo you're impossible.  Open your eyes and look into Thom's.  Try to look like you're not going to die.  Pretend he's Lynne."

Leo took a deep breath and let it out.  Then he put his arms around my upper arms and chest, pulled me to him, and stuck his tongue out.  When I stuck mine out, we tickled the tips.

"Good," Leo said, swapping one camera with another, "now I want to see a real French kiss.  Lots of tongues in mouths and eventually down throats."

Leo was maybe the last person I'd have chosen to do this with.  Well, except for my grandparents.  I'd been kissing Mel with some passion all summer.  It was a very different sensation kissing a guy.  I could feel the stubble on Leo's mouth and chin as our lips met.  At first, he just opened his mouth and left it up to me.  But when Kevin cleared his throat, Leo began to get into it.  After all, a tongue in your mouth is a tongue in your mouth.  Feeling my cock hardening, I put my hands on his ass and pulled our groins together as our tongues explored each other.  Lo and behold, I felt a hard cock pressing back against mine!  When Leo realized what I'd done and what I'd felt, he tensed up.  I pulled my head back long enough to say, "Might as well relax and go with the flow, dude."  That did it.  Immediately he was kissing me as passionately as Mel ever had, and he was grinding his hard cock into mine.

"Bravo, gentlemen.  That's what I want.  Two fags in heat enjoying each other.  You can quit now.  I've got the pix I want."

Leo and I stepped back from each other.  I looked at his face.  He looked shell shocked, as if he didn't know how to process what had just happened.  I knew what had happened.  We'd both had our first kiss with another man, and we'd both liked it.

"Now," Kevin said.  "I want Thom to slowly take off Leo's clothes.  And when he's done, little fag brother, I want you to take off his."  Then he grinned at us again and picked up a camera.  "Action!"  Kevin, bless his nasty, twisted heart, was enjoying this.

Leo looked panic stricken again as I grabbed his tank top.  I used my head to motion for him to put his hands up, which he did.  He was looking past me somewhere, not at me.

"Dammit, Leo.  You'll never win an Oscar, or even whatever they call the award for porn videos, if you look like a zombie.  Look at Thom and act like you want him to take your clothes off."

"Fuck, Kevin.  I don't want him to take off my clothes.  I don't want to be here.  I don't want to be doing this.  I didn't know you could be so sadistic.  Just forget about all this, please!"

"Thom, do those words sound familiar?"

"Yeah," I said, looking briefly at Kevin and then back at Leo.  "It sounds like what I said to Leo and the other two last year when they were making me into their fuck slave."

Kevin chuckled.  "So, dickwad, payback's a bitch.  Now, you know the penalty for refusal to cooperate here.  Get with the program."

Leo lifted up his arms and looked at me without scowling while I pulled his tank top over his head.  Then I knelt and unfastened his cargo shorts, which I pulled down.  He was wearing boxers, which were pretty much mandatory in those days because of the popularity of skater boys.  I pulled them down, too.  His big cock sprang up and flopped against his belly before coming to rest an inch away from said abdominal spot.  So there I was, kneeling, facing his big, hard cock.  I'd never been much into having a cock in my mouth, but for some reason just then, I hoped sucking it was a part of Kevin's program.

After Leo had stepped out of his boxers and shorts, I lifted my arms.  He got the idea and pulled my shirt over my head.  Then I stood.  Kevin fumbled with the button on my cargos briefly, and they fell to the floor.  I think he realized at that point that he was going to have to kneel in front of me.  He dropped down, pulled my boxers down, and found himself staring at my one-eyed monster.  Before he could become too upset, I stepped out of my shorts and boxers.  I then stood with my own hard cock in front of his face.

"Cut!" Kevin said quietly.  "That was great, Thom.  Leo, you're getting better.  Now, put them back on again so I can get still shots of all of that."

"You've got to be kidding!" Leo said.

Kevin looked at Leo and narrowed his eyes.  "No kidding, bro.  Just do it."

So we put on our clothes and did it again.

After that he decided it wasn't worth doing things over.  He'd just use the video camera and get still captures from that.  

When he was ready, Kevin said, "Okay, Twerp.  [At six-one, I wasn't a twerp by anybody's standards except probably Kevin's.]  Now I want you to ad lib here.  The goal is to get your lover really hot.  Do whatever you need to to get him leaking and needy, okay?"

"I'll try."

Kevin grinned.  "Start when you're ready."

I pulled the naked Leo to me, put my arms around his waist, and began licking his neck.  I worked slowly down his body, stopping to linger over each of his nipples.  Round and soft was nice, but flat and hard was better.  I had a feast on those tits.  And to his embarrassment, I think, Leo responded.  I used the tip of my tongue at first to tickle each nipple.  Then I'd use the flat of the tongue to lap across them.  I wondered whether poor "straight" Leo had ever played with his tits.  He gasped as I worked on them.  When I had both of them thoroughly wet and hard, I lapped my way down to his bellybutton, which I also gave the treatment.  Good old Hank had taught me how great this could feel.

I stole a glance at Kevin, wondering whether he was getting off on this.  There was no sign of a tent in his pants.  He was working with the video camera, intent on what we were doing, but not apparently turned on by it.

When I got to Leo's thick red bush, I used my hands for the first time to grab his dick, which had gotten hard while we were kissing and had stayed hard.  I looked to Kevin for a cue, and he nodded.  I took the marble white cock in my mouth and began to lick it like a lollipop.  Leo groaned.  Kevin chuckled.

"Yeah, little brother, you like that, don't ya?  Does it make you a fag if you like to have a guy suck your dick?  Or is any mouth a mouth?  Guess you'll have to think about that.  When you're capable of thinking, that is."  He chuckled again and went back to working the camera.

I put the Leocock in my mouth and began to work on it.  Its owner was obviously enjoying what I was doing, because he groaned some more and began to pump his hips gently, as if he'd like to fuck my face.  

"No, dufus.  Let Thom do the work.  And if you're so straight, you can just ignore what he's doing."

I put a hand on each of Leo's ass cheeks and steadied him while I licked and sucked on his dick.  He stopped trying to fuck my face, but he couldn't stop groaning.  I hoped Kevin was using the video camera with its sound capability.

It was pretty obvious when he was getting near cumming.  Leo told him not to cum in my mouth.  "Pull it out and spray your jizz all over Benson's face."

He did, and he did.  My face was coated with Leo's load.  And Kevin was filming the whole thing using his zoom to get up close and personal.  If he and Leo were not going to use me any longer, I didn't see how he needed that shot.  His next command explained his thinking.  Or so I thought.

"Now, my straight brother, I want you to lick your shit off Thom's face."

"Aw, fuck, Kev, do I have to?" Leo whined, looking a bit green.

"Yeah, you gotta, so just do it."

I wasn't too happy about having cum all over my face, but my dick, which had been hard already, got even harder and began to leak when Leo started lapping his stuff off of me.  That was sooo sexy.  And I thought I knew what was coming, so to speak, next.  Leo had shot his wad and I hadn't.  I guessed that me fucking him was next on Kevin's agenda, and I was right.

"But remember, Twerp, this is not a punishment fuck.  I want you to see if you can make your old buddy here enjoy it.  Take your time.  The goal is to have him begging for more.  If you can do it, that is.  If he's straight [Kevin chuckled when he said that], of course, he'll hate it.  Now, how do you want him?"

I started pulling cushions off the three chaises and made a kind of mat out of them.

"Okay, Leo, for starters, get down on all fours."  Then I turned to Kevin.  "It would help if we had some real lube, not just spit."  I'd thought momentarily of rimming him, but I didn't know how long it had been since he'd had a shower and decided against that.

Kevin tossed me a bottle of WET.  I poured some on Leo's crack and began to rub.  He tensed up as soon as he felt my hand there.

"Relax," I said.  "This is going to happen, so you might as well accept the idea.  Besides, I think you might be surprised how much you like it."

"No fuckin' way!"

I fingered his pucker gently and then began to smear some of the lube on it and in circles around it.  Leo was muttering under his breath, but I couldn't understand what he was saying.  It's perhaps just as well, since I'd been warned this wasn't a grudge fuck.

I went on with the process of opening and loosening him up, coating my fingers liberally with lube.  I inserted the first very gently into his hole, which I knew was cherry.  It may not have been very charitable of me, but I was taking a lot of satisfaction in thinking that I was going to be the guy to take my tormentor's anal virginity.  

And I was determined that he was going to like it.  I really played him, moving slowly in and out, not trying for his nut at first, just letting him get used to the feel of my finger.  Then I pulled out my index finger and substituted my middle finger, reaching for and finding his prostate.  When I gently stroked it, Leo jumped.  

"Fuck!" he muttered.  It was through clenched teeth.  He was trying not to let his brother and me know that what I had done felt good.  But he hadn't fooled either of us.  Kevin chortled.

"Oh, baby brother, I think you're learning the truth about yourself.  Keep at it, Thom.  Let's see what he does next."

What Leo did next depended of course on what I did next, which was to insert a second finger and gradually stretch the anal muscles, making sure to hit the joy spot occasionally.  Whenever I did that, Leo twitched.  He didn't want to, but he couldn't help it.  And he was beginning to breathe heavily.

I was in no hurry.  Neither, apparently, was Kevin.  So by the time I had four fingers in Leo he was practically frantic, pushing his ass back to force them deeper.  And he'd begun to whimper, too, not from pain but, I suspected, because he couldn't help loving what I was doing.  

Kevin was laughing at him.  "Damn, man, I never thought my football jock little brother was a fag, but look at you, dude.  You're red in the face and squirming, wiggling that ass around like some whore.  ["Ho" wasn't as popular then as it's become.]

I could see that Leo was having quite a battle with himself.  He was obviously in the throes of sexual desire, but he still didn't want to admit it to himself or, worse, Kevin and me.  I was ready to put him out of his misery, but Kevin wanted him to ask to be fucked, and Kevin was calling the shots, I waited, continuing to finger fuck Leo, whose once very white cock was now dark red, throbbing, and dripping.

"Okay," you bastards, "let's get this over."

"Oh, no, Leo, that's not the way it works.  You have to tell your lifelong buddy what you want him to do.  Better still, ask him to do it.  Nicely."

Leo took a deep breath, sighed, and I could feel his sphincter tighten on the two fingers I still had inside him.

"Thom, would you please fuck me?"

I chuckled.  "Well, if you really want me to.  You sure?  I'd be taking your cherry, you know."

That was mean, but I couldn't help it.

"Yeah, yeah, just do it.  Please!"  He actually wiggled his butt a little.  I stroked his nut and his cock spurted some precum.  

I looked at Kevin.  "Can we have him lie on his back?"

"Sure, whatever you want."

I pulled my fingers out of Leo's butt and slapped one of his cheeks.  "Roll over."

He seemed glad to get off his hands and knees and rest a minute while I lubed up my cock, which was in about the same shape his was.

I teased him by running my slippery pecker up and down his crack.  There were a few red hairs between his buns, and now they were matted down and darkened by the lube.  I knew I was basically a bottom, but Hank had taught me the pleasures of topping, and of course, I'd fucked my share of females, so I knew what to do.  I entered Leo very slowly and carefully.  His eyes were squeezed shut as I entered, but then they flew open and he looked surprised.

Kevin, who was filming over my shoulder, chuckled.  "What's wrong?  Does it hurt, bro?"

"No, not like I thought.  I just feel real full, like I needed to take a dump.  Come on, Thom, do it."

I began moving slowly in and out.  Damn!  This tight ass was fantastic.  Mel seemed sort of loose and sloppy by comparison.

"Come on, bastard, fuck me!"

"The words I've been waiting to hear!" I said, speeding up my thrusts.

Moving around, Kevin was getting us from different angles.  I noticed that he still didn't have a hardon.  I took that to mean that he was the straight brother.  The straight and nasty brother.  I wished he was the one I was turning out.

Leo was jacking himself as I fucked him.  But he'd cum recently and I hadn't, so I was ready before he was.  Kevin could tell I was near.

"Thom, pull out and cum all over li'l bro's face."

I took my cock out and knee walked, straddling Leo's body until I was in position.  It didn't take much stroking until I was able to do what Kevin had ordered.  If it had been Hank I'd have collapsed on top of him and licked my cum from his face, then fed some of it to him in a kiss.  Instead I rolled over and lay beside Leo, panting.  I looked to Kevin to see what he wanted next.

"Okay, thanks, Twerp.  You're excused.  You can get your clothes on and go.  And, like I said, you don't have to worry about asswipe here or me ever calling you for sex again.  Although I think if he ever called you again, you two might have to arm wrestle to see who was going to be the bottom."  He chuckled.

As I dressed, Leo was lying there jacking himself off.  I heard a yell, and he came all over himself.  

"Bye, guys," I said.  Neither of them responded, so I just left.

I had time to get home, shower, and change clothes before picking up pizza to take to Mel's.