A New Start

By Max H.   Lilperv76@yahoo.com

Chapter 4

This story involves sex between men.  If you shouldn't be reading such things, move on.

The characters in this fantasy may not always practice safe sex.  In the world we live in everyone should practice safe sex.

It's okay to print this story out or save it to disc, but it remains my property.  Don't transfer it to another website or archive without my permission.

I'm lucky to have two great friends/editors, one in NJ and the other in the UK.  Thanks, guys!

*          *          *

I didn't see either Kevin or Leo again for the few remaining weeks of the summer.  I worried, though, about why Kevin had come to Northern State and visited my fraternity in the spring. That day at their house when he made Leo and me do stuff together, he'd promised they'd not use me for sex any more.  At the time, I chose to hope for the best and began to look forward to getting back to campus and starting my sophomore year.

I was supposed to share a double room at the Alpha house that year with Bailey Smith, who, like me, would be a sophomore.  We had gone through all the initiation stuff together, but I didn't know him well.  He seemed like a nice guy, though, someone it would be easy to get along with.

About a week before fall term began, I got a phone call from Jake, the guy who'd moved up from vice president to succeed Dave, who'd graduated that spring.  He said there'd been a switch in room assignments, and for that reason along with some  other "chapter business," he wanted me to come back a couple of days earlier than I'd planned instead of waiting for the weekend, as most of the upperclassmen would do.  I was puzzled by Jake's vagueness, but since there was no real reason not to, I loaded up my car and took off that Thursday morning.

It was a beautiful day.  A line of storms had passed through the night before, leaving clear skies, low humidity, and an expected high of 78 degrees.  I'd said goodbye to the folks, promising to call them that evening so they'd know I got there safely.  As I drove,
I was happy to be returning to school.  I hadn't heard from Leo or Kevin.  Mel and I had said goodbye with a hot final bout of sex.  We'd promised to keep in touch via email, but we both knew we wouldn't be doing that often.

I'd gotten several of the freshman intro courses out of the way the previous year and was looking forward to taking some courses that were more related to my accounting major.  And, though I was happy not to have the added pressures of playing football, I was looking forward to football season.  Northern State had had a good team the previous year, and this year promised to be even better.

In retrospect, I can see that I was pretty much a typical college guy in many ways, looking forward to the same things other guys that age did.

I was certainly not typical, however, in my ambivalence about sex.  I was still confused about what I wanted or needed.  I'd really enjoyed screwing Mel all summer.  But I continued to use a dildo a couple of times a week and as I masturbated I often fantasized about Hank James or Matt or, after that session Kevin forced us to have together, even Leo.

When I got to the Alpha House, there didn't seem to be anyone around, so I began to wander through the ground floor rooms.  It was cool and dark and apparently deserted.   Finding no one, I returned to the foyer.  I jumped when a voice behind me said, "Oh, Thom, you made it."  I turned to see who it was and recognized Todd, our new vice president, coming down the staircase.  After we had shaken hands, he said, "Jake's out somewhere.  He wants to see you this afternoon.  Have you had any lunch?"

I told him I'd stopped along the way and had a burger.

"You're going to be rooming with me.  Let's get you moved in."

That was a real surprise.  I was going to be sharing the second-best quarters in the house with Todd Blake?  How and why did that happen?  When I asked, he just said he and Jake would explain that to me later.  I wondered if something had happened to Bailey, but I was even more puzzled about why I, a soph, would be living with Todd, a junior and the chapter V.P.

Todd was a very popular guy, even tempered, with a great smile.  He was also smart, or so I'd heard, maintaining a GPA about as good as mine.  He was majoring in information systems.  And he was a real hottie.  About 5'9" with pale skin, curly black hair, and baby blue eyes, he'd been a wrestler in high school.  Although he wasn't wrestling at Northern, he kept himself in great shape.

With Todd's help, getting all my stuff unloaded didn't take too long.  He was wearing a black tee, khaki shorts, and Birks.  I found myself carrying stuff up the stairs behind him.  What a great view of his ass!  It was about then that I realized I might have trouble rooming with Todd.  He was so great looking I'd have to be careful about boners.  Bailey wouldn't have been so much of a problem.  He wasn't a bad looking guy by any means, but he wasn't nearly as sexy as Todd.

The room was huge.  Two rooms and a bath, actually.  We had one room for sleeping and one for our desks, computers, etc, with a couch along one wall.  I wasn't sure what I was doing there, but I certainly couldn't complain about all the space.  Or, I thought, about my roomie.

After we got everything in from the car, Todd showed me which dresser and closet were mine.  Then he left for a while.  I took the opportunity to put my things away.  I was glad he'd left so I could hide my little box of toys under a bunch of sweatshirts and sweaters in the bottom drawer of my dresser.  I wondered if I'd ever get to use them.  And also what I'd do if I couldn't.

I was on my hands and knees under the computer table hooking up my pc when I heard Todd and someone else come into the room.  There I was, showing the chapter officers my khaki-covered butt.  I carefully backed out from under the desk and got up.  Todd had Jake, the chapter president, with him.  

"Hi, Thom.  Welcome back.  I think this is going to be an interesting year." He gave me a shit-eating grin.  "Let's go over to my room.  We've got something we want to show you."

Jake was about my height but a little beefier.  He didn't play any varsity sports, but he was one of the best athletes in the fraternity, judging by his performance in inter-fraternity sports the previous year.  He looked like a big Midwest farm boy with his sandy hair, green eyes, and freckles.  He wasn't a real redhead like Kevin and Leo, but his blond hair had a slightly reddish cast to it.  He, too, was popular in the fraternity.  Of course, If he weren't popular, he wouldn't be president of the chapter.  And he was a lot smarter than he looked.  A guy who smiled a lot, he seemed like the perfect specimen of a university Greek.  Yet when I was around the house the previous year, I'd always sensed that Jake was a guy you wouldn't want to mess with.

The president's room was next to Todd's and my room.  It was as big as ours, but he lived in it alone in what was by fraternity standards palatial splendor.  

Jake pointed to a chair and told me to sit.  Then, with no preamble, he handed me a stack of photos.  They were stills from both the video the guys took after the championship game my senior year and the pictures Kevin had taken just a few weeks ago.  

"We've also got copies of both videos," Jake said.

"Thanks to Kevin Briggs," I said bitterly.

Todd was sitting off to one side, his expression unreadable.

It was Jake who had become my nemesis, my enemy, the person who was clearly going to make my life miserable for the next year.

"Yes, thanks to Kevin.  It was pure coincidence that you happened to be coming into the house the day he dropped in on us.  He'd come here to visit the local chapter of his fraternity, and he dropped by to give us some information -- and some of the pictures.  He promised more, and, true to his word, he sent the rest of these to me last week.  Great guy, Kevin."  

Although Jake hadn't spelled out what he wanted from me, it was clear he planned to use the pictures to make me do things I wouldn't want to do.  That violated all the principles of brotherhood we'd all subscribed to when we joined the fraternity.

I stood up.  

"You bastards!  Don't you know blackmail is illegal?  I don't know what the fuck you want, but I'm not going to play your sick game.  I'll quit the fraternity.  I don't need this shit!"  I turned to Todd.  "Todd, I don't know how you fit into this, but Jake here has been in on it since last spring.  That's really sick to blackmail a brother.  I'm gonna get my shit together and put it back in the car.  I'll find somewhere else to live, and you guys can just go fuck yourselves!"

I don't know whether they were playing "good cop, bad cop" or not, but Todd said, "Thom, just chill a minute.  You haven't even heard what Jake wants you to do."

"What Jake wants? You aren't in this?"

He looked embarrassed.  "Well, yes, I'm in it, too.  But listen to Jake.  You might not be too unhappy with what he wants."

"Whatever it is he wants, it's blackmail."

"Before you gather up your stuff and go, `Brother' Thom, just listen a minute," Jake said.  "Sit back down.  Let me tell you what will happen if you leave."

I didn't want to hear that because I had a good idea what he was going to say.  I was right.

"For starters, we'll send all of this to your parents.  Do they know you're gay?"  He said gay as if it had quotation marks around it.  "I won't call you a fag because that isn't politically correct.  But whatever it is you are is pretty obvious from these pictures.  Then, of course, assuming you stay on campus, every Greek organization will get copies of these.  Your social life would be finished, wouldn't it?"

Well, since the Greeks were a minority of the student body, I might be able to find some friends.  But if the Greeks knew about me, soon everybody else would know.  And I would be outed.  Not only outed, but people would talk about those pictures of me.  Pictures of me sucking dick.  Getting fucked.  With cum all over my face.  

"Now, Brother Benson, what if your major professors in the School of Business got copies of these?  I hear you're planning grad school.  What if copies of these went to all the schools you applied to about as soon as they'd received your application??

I'd always thought of myself as being pretty strong.  You don't get to be an all-state quarterback by being a wimp.  But tears were streaming down my face as I said, "What do you guys have against me?  Why can't you just let me alone?  I'm not bothering anybody."

Jake smirked.  "We don't have anything against you, Benson.  We just want to use your, uh, special talents."

"Special talents?"

"Yeah.  Let's talk about this."

In view of the threats Jake had just made, I figured I'd better listen to him.  I was also puzzled about Todd's role in all of this.  

"Benson, it doesn't matter to me that you're gay.  I know of a couple of other brothers who are, uh, of your persuasion.  But you are obviously a slut.  That's not quite the same thing."

I was about to object, but Jake held up his hand.  "Let me finish.  Vice President Blake and I are straight, no question about it.  But that doesn't mean it wouldn't be handy to have someone around to help relieve our tensions when there wasn't any other way to do that.  If you get my drift."

I was pretty sure I did, but I didn't say anything, waiting for Jake to spell it out.

"So here's what you're gonna do.  You'll live with Todd and next door to me.  We've got an explanation for the brothers about why you are there.  We'll not out you to the campus, and if we're all careful, maybe you won't even be outed to the brothers.  But you will be available to Todd and me 24/7 when we need relief.  I'm sure you understand what I mean."

"Yeah, I understand what you mean.  You want a full-time fuck toy."

"That's your term.  I never put it that way.  But, look, it's obvious you like that kind of thing.  And even straight guys like Todd and me need a hole to stick our cocks in once in a while, like when our chicks aren't putting out or we're between chicks.  Since you obviously suck dick and, according to Kevin Briggs, love to take it up the ass, what's the problem?  You get to share a great room with Brother Blake here.  You'll have a very special and secret relationship with me.  Seems to me that sure as fuck beats the alternative."

"Okay.  Say I might like to have anal intercourse with the right guy.  But it should be my choice.  Mine and the other guy's, that is.  What you want is to make me a slave.  And, like I said, that's blackmail.  If you can't see that difference, then you're a lot more stupid than I thought."

"Whoa, Benson.  You'd better think who's holding the cards here.  I'm not bluffing.  I'll see that everybody I mentioned and maybe some I haven't even thought of yet get copies of those pictures if you don't go along.  On the other hand, what's so terrible about the occasional blowjob or getting cornholed once in a while?  That's what you guys do, isn't it?"

Jake went to the mini-fridge in his room.  He took out three beers.  He gave one to me and one to Todd.  Popping the top on the third, he said, "Brother Todd, let's let Brother Benson think about his options for a few minutes."

I was so upset I practically chugged the beer.  I sat there trying to think of a way out.  I sure as hell didn't want to become their sex slave, but even worse was the idea of having my family, everyone on campus, and my future grad school seeing those pictures.  It didn't look like I had any real choice.

Todd stood up.  "Jake, why don't Thom and I go have some supper?  We'll talk about all this.  I think maybe he'll come around.  We'll see you about 9:00, okay?"

Jake grinned.  "Sure, Todd.  I'll see you guys in a while.  You know, Thom, Todd's a nice guy.  I think you might really enjoy having him for a roomie."

The strange thing is that I had the same suspicion.

Gesturing for me to come along, Todd left the room.

We went to TGI Friday's at his suggestion because as he said, they had good steaks, and that's what we were in the mood for.  At least he was.  I didn't think I was hungry.  By the time we got there, though, my 19 year old body craved food.  It had been 6 hours since I'd had my burger on the highway.

Todd was totally cool as we ate.  He was fun to talk with (not to mention great to look at).  I realized that I could really enjoy living with him.  If only he weren't in on Jake's plan to use me for sex whenever they felt the urge.  I have to admit I enjoyed getting to know him better.  As if by tacit agreement, we didn't talk about the ultimatum he and Jake had given me.

When we got back to the room, he had me grab a chair, and he took one facing me.

"Look, Thom.  I'm a little embarrassed by this.  I've always assumed I was as straight as they come.  I lost my virginity at fifteen, and I've had sex more or less regularly ever since.  I mean, sure, we all check out guys in the locker room.  And I Jacked off with a buddy of mine pretty regularly back in 9th grade.  So why would I go along with Jake?  Because like every other guy our age, I get blue balls from time to time.  And, like Jake said, a hole is a hole. I'd add a blow job is a blow job.  I hear guys do it better than chicks, too.  Besides, if I may say so, you're not exactly hideous.  So when Jake suggested we move you into my room so he and I could have you around when we needed somebody, it seemed like a good idea.  I remember you from last year.  You're a great guy.  I think if this problem weren't there, you and I could enjoy being roomies."  

He took a deep breath.  

"Hey, I'm not used to making speeches.  But I wish you'd agree to this.  Jake is 100% serious when he threatens to use those pix to ruin you on campus and after graduation.  I never knew what a nasty guy he could be until this summer when he brought up all this.  I just think you'd be better off to go along.  I promise I'll do everything I can to keep him from going off the deep end.  You may be in for some humiliation.  But obviously you do enjoy having a dick up your ass."

He looked at me.  

You do, don't you?"

I looked down at my fingernails.  "Yeah, with the right guy."

"Jake has promised me he'll try to keep your reputation in the house and on campus clean.  He says if you get outed it will be your fault."

"So long as I do everything you guys say, I'm safe, is that it?"

It was Todd's turn to look embarrassed.  "Uh huh."

Suddenly, the idea of being fucked by Todd didn't seem unpleasant at all.  Jake was another matter.  I didn't like the idea that they decided when and how I'd service them.  On the other hand, maybe I'd not have to use my toys hidden in that bottom drawer.  Todd seemed like a really nice guy, and Jake was a hunk, even if he was a nasty one.  Besides, what choice did I have?  The thought of my parents seeing those pictures was enough to make me puke, let alone all the other things Jake threatened to do with them.

Back in our room, Todd said, "Look, Thom.  If you go along, I'll promise to stand between you and Jake as much as I can.  He's going to use you sometimes.  But I'll try to tone down his nastier impulses.  And, though I can't promise I'll never avail myself of your services, you know I'm straight.  I have a pretty good social life on campus.  If I come to you for a blow job, which is all I can ever see myself wanting from you, I'll hope to do it with your agreement.  How does that sound?"

"Todd, I think I trust you.  And what choice do I really have.  I guess I have to go along."

We saw Jake at 9:00, when I told him I agreed to his terms.

He stood up and put his arm around my shoulder.  "Brother Thom, I'm glad you've seen the light of reason.  You're free tomorrow to do whatever you need to do to get ready for fall term.  We're having a party Saturday night to welcome all the brothers back.  There's just one thing."


"Uh huh.  That angry outburst this afternoon was not in the spirit of our brotherhood.  You will have to be punished for that.  I want to see you here Saturday morning at 11:00.  Brother Todd will have a special outfit for you to wear.  Welcome back for fall term, Brother Thom."

Friday night Todd and I went to a movie.  Then we went back to the room and popped some beers.  We were just like any two roommates getting to know each other better.  We talked about high school, girls we had dated there and the previous year, about courses we'd taken, profs we'd had, about the upcoming football season.  I was able to forget for the whole evening that this guy could and probably would control me.

As we got ready for bed, I finally saw his bod.  He slept in his boxers.  He had a really fine body.  At 20 he had a nice swirl of black hair on his chest and a treasure trail that ran temptingly down into those boxers, which hung low on his hips.

When he had turned off the light and we were both settling into our beds, he said, "You know, Thom, if I hadn't seen those pictures, I'd never have dreamed you were capable of all that shit.  You don't seem gay."

"Maybe you're guilty of stereotyping.  Who a guy sleeps with, or wants to sleep with, is only one aspect of his total personality.  And, for what it's worth, I was happily fucking a girl all summer."

"Really?  Interesting.  You'll have to tell me about her soon."

Saturday morning we both slept late and then went for breakfast together.  When we got back, he handed me a black cut-off tank top and a pair of very short yellow nylon shorts.

"Here, put these on.  Don't wear any underwear.  You can wear your Birks.  And sunglasses if you want to."

This, obviously, had something to do with the punishment Jake had mentioned on Thursday night.  When I was dressed, Todd laughed and said, "Man, now you really do look like a slut!"

And he was right.  I looked exactly like a boy whore.

When we got to Jake's room, he laughed when he saw me.  "Oh, man, this is even better than I'd thought.  There's just one more thing to complete your outfit."

He produced a butt plug.  Not the biggest I'd ever seen, but as big as any I'd ever used.

He handed me the plug and a bottle of lube.  "Put this in."

I knew there was no point in arguing, so I did what he said.  I know I blushed bright red all over when they watched me lubing up the butt plug and working it into my ass.  It was long enough that as soon as I straightened up, I could feel it rubbing my prostate.

We went down to the parking lot and got into Jake's car.  It was a BMW convertible.  He put the top down and told me to get into the back seat.  He and Todd sat up front.

As we drove, every time the car hit a bump or went around a corner, the butt plug hit my prostate, and I had a hardon right away.  

"Now, Thom, I promised you we wouldn't out you on campus if you behaved.  An outburst like the one Thursday afternoon won't do.  What we're doing this morning is to remind you of that.  But since we promised not to out you, we're going to an upscale mall clear across the city, where not very many university students shop.  Your chances of running into anyone you know are pretty slim."

I was beginning to really dread what was coming up.  We were going to a mall with me dressed like that?  My midsection was bare.  The shorts were so tiny and so tight that you could almost see my pubes in front and my ass crack in the back.  And I already had a whopping stiffie that could be plainly seen through the flimsy nylon of the shorts.  What else did they have in mind?

The Crestview Mall was a covered mall in a slight crescent shape, probably a quarter to a third of a mile long.  Jake stopped at one end, and Todd got out.

"See ya in a while, bud," Jake said. Todd nodded, and we drove off.

Jake went to the opposite end of the mall and parked.

"Now, Thom, here's what you're gonna do.  You'll go in that entrance.  It goes directly into the food court.  You will walk across the food court, turn right, and walk the length of the mall."

He handed me a cell phone, the kind that folds up.

"This is set on vibrate.  Since there aren't any pockets in your outfit, you'll have to carry it.  Todd or I will be calling you to give you further instructions."

"Man," I whined, "I can't get out of the car in this get-up.  And that damned butt plug has given me a humongous hardon."

"Are you bragging or complaining, Brother Benson?"  Jake laughed.

"Come on, please.  I'll get arrested or something if I walk around in there like this."

"Look, if you find this unpleasant or embarrassing, remember how you sounded off to me in my room the other day.  You'll do what Todd and I tell you to, or you know what will happen.  Believe me, Benson, your life will be a lot happier if you just go along."

"But what if I run across someone that knows me?"

"Well, like I said, not too many people from campus come to this mall.  Classes haven't begun yet.  And we're letting you wear the sunglasses.  So suck it up and get in there.  Todd or I will have you in sight at all times.  Of course we don't want to be seen with a slut like you, but we'll be able to see you."  He chuckled at that last comment.  He reached under his seat and pulled out a battered baseball cap.  "Here.  You can pull this down over your face if you want.  Now, never say I'm not an understanding guy."  He chuckled again.

Extremely reluctantly I stepped out of Jake's car.  I had three choices with my hard cock.  It could point down, in which case the head showed below my shorts.  It could point up, in which case it stuck up beyond the waist band.  And the cutoff tank top left my abs bare.  So I pulled on the front of the flimsy shorts and let it make a tent.  For the first time in my life I wished I hadn't been quite so well endowed.

My cock was only part of the problem.  With the big butt plug in my ass, it was hard not to walk funny.  I had to concentrate on walking normally.  And, of course, walking with the plug stimulated me further.  

I'm sure my face was blood red.  I was so humiliated I thought the top of my head would come off.  I walked quickly through the food court.  It was nearly noon on a Saturday, and a lot of people were sitting at the tables, eating and talking.  Many of them were moms with kids.  I didn't look right or left, striding quickly to get this over with.

When I reached the main promenade of the mall, I felt the phone in my hand vibrating. I could feel my dick beginning to leak.  If the phone had been vibrating in a pocket, I'd probably have cum right then and there.


"You're walking too fast.  Stop and look in some store windows.  Mosey a little.  Take your time."

"Yeah, yeah."  I folded up the phone.

Take my time?  I wanted to run as fast as I could out of that place.  Then I wondered what it would feel like if I tried to run.  Probably not a good idea.

So I looked in the window of a shoe store.  What I saw, to my horror, was my reflection.  It was even worse than I thought.  You could see the head of my dick, and a small wet spot had appeared in the yellow nylon of the shorts.  I moved on a little and stopped at a bookstore.  I wasn't really interested in the books in the window, and I couldn't stand to look at myself, so I closed my eyes.

"Mommy, look at that man!  What's wrong with him?"  I opened my eyes to see Mommy yanking on the child's arm. She gave me a hate-filled glare and rushed away.

I looked around to see if I could spot Jake.  He was nowhere in sight, so I began to walk, purposefully once more, toward the far end of the mall.  I was about half way there where presumably Todd was waiting for me, when the phone vibrated again.  This time Jake told me to sit on one of the benches that were scattered around the concourse.

"Just find a bench and sit.  Don't hang up."

When I sat, the plug goosed my prostate, and my dick burped some more pre.  I crossed my legs to try to hide my hardon and the spot in my shorts.  The phone tickled my palm once more.  This time it was Todd saying to uncross my legs.  I did.  Then he said, "Now, wiggle around a little."  I thought of arguing with him, but knew it wouldn't do any good.  So I wiggled.  Three high school aged guys looked at me and burst out laughing.  

Keeping the phone to my ear, I continued to wiggle my butt around on the bench.  Actually, it felt wonderful, or it did until I realized how low I had sunk.

"Man, Thom, you do get off on that shit, don't you?" Todd said.  Okay, you can get up and come  -- slowly to the end of the mall."

The precum stain on my shorts had gotten bigger.  `Fuck it!' I thought.  `Let's just get this over with.'  I walked, but not too fast, toward my goal, the far end of the mall.  Older people looked at me with shock.  Teens, both male and female, laughed at me.  And mothers covered their children's eyes.  I walked on, trying not to waddle, toward my goal.  

There were no more phone calls, but another problem developed.  All that walking and sitting and wiggling and more walking had stimulated my prostate to the point where I was pretty sure I was going to cum.  I couldn't really do anything to prevent it.  I wanted to run, but that would have pissed off Jake and Todd.  Besides, that would have called even more attention to me.  And maybe it would have made matters worse.

So I kept walking.  

I knew I was going to cum.  The immediate problem was not to gasp or moan or twitch or do anything to let people know what was happening.  Try that some time.  Try to cum silently, without changing your facial expression or your breathing pattern.  Try doing it when there are people only feet away, looking at you because of your slutty outfit and obscenely erect dong.  

I tried.  I really did.  Involuntarily I shut my eyes and gasped before blasting cum into the front of my shorts.  I think I must have staggered, for I felt my knees go weak for a moment.  I don't know whether that was from the force of the orgasm or the humiliation. Maybe both.  When I opened my eyes, there were Todd and Jake laughing their asses off.  They turned and Jake motioned for me to follow them.  I knew to keep my distance behind them as we walked out into the beautiful fall sunshine.  Jake had brought his car around to that end of the mall, but he'd parked about 50 yards from the mall entrance.  There weren't as many people in the parking lot, but I did get some more shocked and/or amused looks as I made the long journey to the relative privacy of Jake's car.

As I walked, the cool breeze hit the huge wet spot on the front of my shorts.  My cock hadn't deflated, thanks to the butt plug.  When I got to the car, Jake tole me to look back at the mall entrance.  There stood two security guards gesturing at us.  

"This morning's experience is just a hint of what could happen if you get pissy with us again."

"I get the picture," I sighed.

That night was a party at the chapter house.  No guests.  Just a chance for all the guys to get together and renew acquaintances after the summer and to blow off a little steam before classes began on Monday.  Attendance was mandatory.  I didn't feel much like going, but I knew I had to.

I was glad I went.  There were a lot of great guys in the fraternity, and I enjoyed hanging and catching up.  I've never been much of a drinker, but I lost track of the beers I put away that night.  About midnight Todd came to me and told me I'd had enough and to go up to the room.  I started to complain, calling him a party poop, but he looked at me seriously and said, "No, Thom.  You need to go upstairs now.  I'll be right up."

He'd made a point of telling me that when no one was close.  Looking back on it the next morning, I appreciated his discretion.  

I went up to the room, peed, kicked off my shoes, and flopped on my bed.  It had been quite a day.  And, I realized, Todd was right.  I'd had more than enough to drink.  I wasn't falling down drunk, but my speech was slurred and my balance wasn't too good.  I was no worse off than most of the guys who were still down in the basement partying, but about as tipsy as I'd ever been.

When Todd came in, he told me to take a shower.  A cold shower.

"Aw, fuck, Todd. I showered when we got back from the mall.  I'm okay.  Just let me get some sleep."

"No, Thom.  Go take a cold shower.  When you get finished, dry off, put on some shorts and a tee shirt and go next door.  Jake wants you."