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A Quick Fall


"I am doing the best that I can!" Justin shouted back.

"Yeah?!" Brad replied, utterly angry. "S'that so?! Then why are you still working at Coach?!"

"I am trying as hard as I can, Bradley!" Justin nearly screamed as tears formed in his blue eyes that held hurt.

But Brad carried on as if Justin hadn't said anything, "Why the fuck are we struggling to provide for our daughter?!"

"I've applied everywhere!" Justin shouted. "Literally everywhere! We both knew that it would be difficult for me to start my career as an artist!"

"Daddy?" a little girl's small voice asked softly. "Papa?"

Both men turned toward the hall. Little Abby stood there, rubbing the sleep from her pretty green eyes.

Justin quickly wiped his eyes dry and said, "Good morning, my pretty girl."

Bradley sighed heavily before he kissed the toddler's cheek and said to her, "Daddy has to go to work, baby. I love you."

With that, Brad left the apartment. Justin spent the morning with Abby. He tried his best to keep his emotions at bay as he diced pineapples, cantaloupe, strawberries, and made toast.

"Why you and daddy was yelling?" Abby asked innocently.

Justin sat a plate of fruit and toast in front of the little girl and answered, "Sometimes grown-ups just argue."

"What you was arguing about?"

"Well, sweetie, we were arguing about money. Your dad and I don't make a lot of money, and it frustrates us both."

"Oh," Abby said smally. "I have money in my piggy bank! Lots and lots!"

Tears of both sadness and appreciation formed as Justin replied, "No, that's your money, pumpkin. Me and your dad will figure things out. Now finish up so we can go to the playground before I go to work."

After bathing Abby, Justin sat her on his and Brad's bed with the iPad. He sat at the vanity, applying his usual makeup.

"Papa?" Abby asked as Justin applied foundation over the contouring marks. "Can I use makeup, too?"

"No," Justin answered with a giggle. "Makeup is not for babies."

"Papa, I'm three!"

"I know you are, tumbleweed. I will only allow you to use makeup when you are fourteen."

"I think I'm gonna be fourteen tomorrow, right, papa?"

Stifling laughter, Justin responded, "When is your birthday again?"

"August six!"

"That's right. On August six, you are going to be four. And then on the next August six, you are going to be five. Your fourteenth birthday is a long ways away, Abby babe."

After French-braiding Abby's long brown hair to a bun, Justin drove the pair of them to Ramsey Park. Justin pointed out Jimmy Dulson, one of Abby's friends who was playing tag with others on the playground. Abby excitedly ran over to the playground to join as Justin sat on the bench beside his own friends.

Caitlin, Jimmy's mom, gently stated, "You don't look so good, Justin. Another fight?"

"Our second one this week," Justin replied flatly. "D-do you think that means something?"

"Not a breakup, hun," Kim Ryerson said sympathetically. "We've all had fights with our men. Some small, some big. There was one time, I swear, Duncan and I really got into it I thought about putting his baseball cards through the shredder."

"Fights happen," Caitlin said sympathetically again. "It doesn't mean you guys are gonna break up. You two love each other too much."

Kim placed her hand on Justin's forearm when she said, "Just try to always talk it out. Let each other cool down, but always reconcile, sweetie."

"Yeah," Justin nodded before a sniffle. "Do you think I should call Brad? Or- or maybe text him?"

"No," Kim said immediately.

Caitlin nodded, "Yeah, don't. It's too early. He needs to cool off. Just see how he is tonight when he gets off work."

Just then Justin's cell phone rang. He took he device out of his back pocket, but didn't recognize the number. The screen told him that the call came from Glendale, California. He didn't know anybody from there, so he excused himself to take it.

"Hello," a woman's voice greeted back. "Am I speaking to Justin Camden?"

"Yeah, this is he."

"Well good morning! My name is Bonnie Arnold. I am--"

"Of DreamWorks Animation?" Justin asked with a tinge of excitement.

The woman, Bonnie, laughed softly before she replied, "I'm not even surprised you know my name. How are ya, Mr. Camden?"

"I- I- I," Justin laughed in disbelief. "I'm sorry, Ms. Arnold. I just- I can't believe I'm talking to you! I- I'm great! Thank you. Thank you. H-how are you?"

Bonnie laughed again before she answered, "I like your enthusiasm, Justin. May I call you that?"

"I- yes! Yes. Of course."

"Well, Justin, to answer your question, I'm doing real well. Do you have a few minutes to talk?"

"Sure! Sure! Of course, Ms. Arnold."

"You can call me Bonnie, young man. Especially since I could be your new boss."

"I- what? Are you- are you calling about a job offer?"

"That I am, Justin. I've been searching for a couple of new artists to work in animation for near a month now. One of my assistants came across your website, Justin. You can certainly colour me impressed. I kid you not, I watched all six of your little cartoons. I laughed, I teared, and I rooted for more. How long did it take you to create each cartoon?"

"Umm, well, anywhere between two days to a week. Depending on how long the cartoon was."

"Wow. I'm even more impressed, which I didn't think was possible. The shortest cartoon you have on your website lasted five minutes, and it took you just two days to animate and sync dialogue?"

"Yeahhh," Justin said shyly. "Call me obsessive. But I love animation. My stepdaughter loves the little snippets that I create for her. She even voices sometimes."

"Stepdaughter? Sounds cute. We have a company daycare onsite that is top of the line. May I ask what her mother does for a living?"

Justin giggled awkwardly before he replied, "Her father just got his law degree. I'm gay."

"O-oh. I am so sorry, Justin. I didn't mean to presume."

"It's fine. Don't worry about it."

"So I imagine you'll have to be talking with your partner about the job to try to convince him to relocate to Glendale. Here are the details. I am prepared to pay for any and all expenses for the relocation because I can't imagine that you're making much money as an MPM at Coach and your partner just got his law degree. No offense, of course."

"Yeah, none taken."

"Full and immediate health benefits for you and your family if and when you sign the contract. Full dental biannually, annual vision, doctors visits, impatient and outpatient hospital care, prescription drug coverage, mental healthcare, rehabilitatives, labs, and paediatrics."

"That's... That's extensive."

"I really want you to join our team, Justin. The job I'm offering you is mostly animation of our digital films with a little of effects animation in live actions. Because you would be doing more than a regular animator, crossing over to effects every now and then, your salary would be one hundred nineteen grand with an annual bonus of twenty grand."

"Holy shit," Justin breathed. "Sorry. Excuse my language."

Bonnie laughed again before she carried on, "You would get four full weeks vacation time. Twenty-eight days per year. Also, each month you would get four sick days, of which you can use for mental health days or compassionate care days when your partner or stepdaughter are not feeling well. You can keep racking up the sick days when they haven't been used."

"All that sound agreeable."

"I'll give you two days to think it over with your partner, Justin."

"Just two days?" Justin asked, slightly alarmed.

"Yes. I'm sorry it's such a short time, but I need another animator by June tenth because we have an influx of films being released next year. If you and your partner accept, I would arrange for flights for you and your family for June first, and for movers to pick up your belongings and vehicles on either May thirtieth or thirty-first."

"This is-" Justin sighed, conflicted. "This is all so fast."

"I know that it is. And I apologize sincerely for it. But like I said, I need two animators by June tenth."

"So if I accept, I would start animating on June tenth? That's six weeks away."

"Yes and no. The animators that accept would start work on June tenth, but animation on the four films is scheduled to begin on June twentieth. So on June tenth, the new animators would be familiarizing themselves with our software, practicing with it, and showing us that you can animate adequately. I know that I've seen your cartoons and effects videos, but we have to see that you can do that to our precise standards."

"Ahh. Got it. So I'll call you back with an answer by five o'clock Pacific time on April twenty-eighth?"

"The twenty-eighth, yes. But let's go with three o'clock. Gives us time to email and sign the contract if you accept. If you don't accept, it gives me time to call the other animators on my list."

"Yeah. Yeah, that works."

"One more thing. What strain of law does your partner practice?"

"Umm, he's working at public defense, but his degree is in business law. He hopes to practice in employment law."

"This is perfect! You tell your partner that I know Martin Kalbrich at Bradley & Gmelich, one of the biggest business law firms in Glendale. I could easily get him an interview. If you sign the employment contract, you can tell your partner to expect a call from Martin."

"That's-" Justin laughed, relieved and excited. "That's amazing!"

"It was wonderful speaking with you, Justin. Thank you for your time."

"Well thank you for the opportunity, Bonnie. Talk with you soon."

Upon returning to the bench, Kim asked, "Everything alright?"

"Yeah," Justin replied, a smile tentatively grew. "Yeah. That was DreamWorks. They wanna hire me."

"DreamWorks?" Caitlin was surprised. "The film company?"

"Yeah," Justin laughed. "Them. They wanna hire me!"

"Ohmygod!" Caitlin screamed as she hugged the blonde.

"Justin!" Kim said animatedly. "Congratulations!"

"I- thanks! Shit. I'm gonna be late for work. Abby has a PB&J and juice boxes in here. I'll pick her up at six. Thanks, Cait!"

"Any time, hun!" Justin heard the woman call as he rushed off.

That evening, as Justin was doing the dishes, the front door opened and closed. Brad, looking utterly fatigued, made eye contact with Justin for a moment as he sat the two empty Tupperware containers on the counter. But it was not a look of kindness that he gave Justin. It was blank, with a tinge of frustration. He then walked into the living room, without a word.

'Just stay calm,' Justin thought to himself as he sighed. 'He just finished a thirteen hour day. Stay calm. Stay calm.'

After the dishes were done, Justin stopped at the threshold of the living room. There on the sofa laid Brad, unconscious and still wearing his heather grey suit.

Justin turned off all the lights as a tear slid down his cheek. He laid in bed crying silently for hours.

Justin woke at five o'clock, having slept three, maybe four hours. He turned into his back, listening to the whir of the Keurig brewing a carafe of coffee. Heavy-hearted, Justin remained in bed for five minutes or so.

When Justin walked out of the bedroom into the kitchen, Brad, wearing his white wife beater and grey boxer-briefs, looked at him for a moment. The brunette then turned back around, his hands gripping the edge of the counter. Justin sighed as he sat down on one of the stools of the island.

Surprisingly, a few moments later, Brad stood at Justin's side. He sat a mug of creamed and sugared coffee in front of the blonde, to which Justin looked up at him.

"I-" Brad swallowed thickly. "I'm a jackass. Now, can you hold me?"

"I want a real apology," Justin said sternly.

"I really am sorry, babe," Brad responded with his voice cracking. "I- I hate my job. I had dreams of having a career in employment law. But instead I'm working defending people who can't afford lawyers. I know that's no excuse for how I've been, and taking my frustrations out on you was very, very wrong and stupid of me. You have been nothing but amazing to me and Abby. You are there for us when we're sick, and when we're sad, no matter what. If you decide to keep us around, I will do everything I can to make it up you."

Smiling tearily, Justin replied, "C'mere."

Justin had swivelled the stool to face Brad. Brad sat on Justin's lap, resting the side of his head on top of Justin's.

"It really hurt, you know," Justin stated. "The way you spoke of my job."

Brad kissed the top of Justin's head before he replied, "I know. I didn't mean it. I was just tired as fuck. In fact, I think you make more at Coach than I make at the OPD."

"So, what's the plan, then?" Justin asked.

"About what?"

"Your job."

"I... I don't know...? I've applied at firms all over Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. Nobody is hiring a business lawyer. Especially not a fresh grad."

"Would you consider moving to California?"

"Umm... Do you want to move to California? You've never brought that up before."

"I did," Justin replied softly. "Like, two years ago or something. We were discussing my possible future career in animation."

Uncertainly, Brad responded, "Yeahhh. If you scored a job in animation we would've moved wherever and I'd apply for law jobs there. Wait, did you get a job in animation?"

"I got a call from Bonnie Arnold," Justin answered, looking up at Brad. "She's the president of DreamWorks Animation."

Shocked, happily surprised, Brad asked, "Were you- you were! You were offered a job! Oh, my god. Justin... I- we can't afford for all of us to move. Not yet, anyway. You- you have to move until Abby and I can- wait. You- you want us to move with you, right?"

"Yeah," Justin breathed with a soft smile. "I can't live without you both. But DreamWorks is, if I sign the contract, paying for our flights and movers."


"That's how badly Bonnie Arnold wants me to work for her. And the health benefits for all of us would kick in immediately. So after my first day of work you can take Abby to the paediatrician for a checkup. It's been seven months since she's been seen, so you probably should get her checked anyway."

"Yeah. Yeah, I'll do that."

"The pay is ridiculous, too! A hundred nineteen grand plus an annual bonus of twenty grand."

"Oh, my god. You can't say 'no' to that, Just."

"Well, I told Bonnie that I'd have to talk it over with you first."

"What do you think? Do you want to take the job?"

Justin gazed deeply into Brad's bright green eyes as he answered, "I want to. I really want to take this job."

"Then, you will. When do we move?"

"Bonnie said she'd arrange the movers for May thirtieth or thirty-first. And flights for June first."

"Okay," Brad nodded. "I'll write the letter of premises vacation to Clara later. What about our cars?"

"Bonnie said she'd get them moved with our belongings. So I think we should have our things and cars picked up on May thirty-first and take the airport shuttle."

"Tonight we should start looking at apartments in Glendale."

"I don't work til one o'clock so I can start doing that after breakfast."

"And I'll have to apply at law Glendale law firms."

"Yeah, about that... Heard of Bradley & Gmelich?"

With his brows furrowed in thought, Brad replied, "I think they have a firm in San Jose. Isn't San Jose, like, a four hour drive from Glendale?"

"I dunno," Justin quickly replied. "But they have an office in Glendale. Bonnie knows somebody who works there, Martin something, and she can set up an interview for you there."

Holding back tears, Brad said, "We're doing this. We're finally doing this. You're starting your dream career and I could be, too."

"Are you ready, Mr. Samuels?"

"With you by my side, Mr. Camden, always."

Smirking, Justin asked slyly, "Do you know how long it's been since I've had you inside me?"

"I-" Brad stopped upon feeling Justin's hand caress his inner thigh. "I- think it's been... a while. I- I- I guess."

"And Abby should be awake in about ninety minutes..." Justin said sultrily as he massaged his palm over Brad's bulge. "So that leaves us eighty-seven minutes to cuddle after you've finished."

Brad threw his head back in a bout of boisterous laughter.

Justin, with his pretty and pink lips attached to Brad's, led him into their bedroom. The blonde made quick work of peeling the wife beater off of Brad's body and tugging his boxer briefs down. After stripping his black tee off, Justin sat between Brad's widespread legs and spit a huge wad of saliva onto Brad's rigid, hot cock.

"You are so sexy," Justin told his partner as he stroked the thick, cut cock.

Brad responded by moaning a little too loud for Justin's liking because the blonde had suddenly slid his sinful lips over the pink cockhead. Smiling around the engorged phallus, Justin quickly placed his other hand over Brad's mouth.

Brad combed his fingers through Justin's blonde hair, gripping a few locks. He used the grip to pushed Justin's head down slowly, making him take his cock all the way to the hilt.

Justin tried to smile again as he made swallowing motions with his throat. His motioning throat caused more muffled moans to come out of Brad's covered mouth.

"Jesus, I missed this mouth of yours, babe," Brad groaned as he pulled Justin's head up. "Play with my balls."

As Brad pushed Justin's head back down so he was balls deep in the throat again, Justin grabbed the heavy sac under his chin. He tugged Brad's big balls down, gripping them a little tight. Just like Brad liked, as indicated by his moans and mewls.

Brad pulled Justin away from his cock a little quickly, but pushed his face down to his balls. Justin lapped at Brad's egg-sized balls for a seconds as he gingerly stroked Brad's throbbing dick. He then sucked one into his mouth, suckling on it and massaging it with his tongue.

"I fucking love you, babe," Brad moaned.

Justin then dropped the ball... from his mouth and suckled on the other one. As he did, he tightened his grip around Brad's thick prick and stroked yet even slower.

Smiling in ecstasy, Brad reached under and grabbed Justin's chin, pulling the blonde away from his fun bits. He pushed Justin back until he laid on his back. Brad stripped Justin of his boxer-briefs in a fast motion and dove right in. He licked from the base of Justin's cock, all the way up the seven rigid inches. Brad then mercilessly sucked on Justin's phallus in quick bobbing.

"Ahhh yeah," Justin whispered happily.

Brad then loosened his throat, relaxing it, and sunk his face fully into Justin's groin.

"Fucking Christ," Justin groaned quietly. "Warn a guy."

Brad bobbed his head in minute yet fast motions, enjoying the look of pleasure on Justin's face at being deep-throated.

"So-slow down, handsome," Justin groaned.

But Brad did not. He pulled back until just the tip of Justin's prick remained in his mouth, and sucked fast and hard.

After a few moments of moaning, Justin pushed Bead away from him.

"I don't wanna cum yet," Justin chastised as he straddled Brad.

Eagerly, Brad reached into the nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube. He squeezed a generous amount into his hand, smearing the liquid all over his turgid member and onto Justin's puckered pink hole.

Just took over, grabbing Brad's prick and leaning back onto it. Brad placed a kiss to Justin's chest as the blonde rode him.

Abruptly, Justin bounced his ass very rapidly. He looked deep into Brad's bright green eyes, listening to the sounds of brad grunting quietly, and his slick ass sliding along Brad's thick cock.

Suddenly, Brad pushed down on Justin's thighs and whispered, "Let's go slow."

"I- yeah," Justin responded with a smile. "I can do slow. I can tottaly do slow. I can slow all day."

Brad found Justin's sex-haze one part adorable and three parts hot as hell. He suckled on Justin's chest as the blonde rode him sensuously, moments later satisfied with the hickey he'd just created. He rubbed his hands all over Justin's long, muscular, warm back, caressing and holding him securely.

After a few minutes, close to cumming, Brad leaned forward and made Justin lean back until they laid in missionary. Justin moaned and mewled more, loving the feeling of Brad's beard stubble as the man kissed his neck.

Justin cupped Brad's face and pulled the man's face up. They looked deep into each other's eyes, searching souls almost, as Brad continued to make slow, sweet love.

"I'm gonna cum," Justin whispered.

Justin stroked his dick a couple of more times. The first two volleys of cum shot well over Justin's shoulders. He groaned gutturally as spurt after spurt of hot cum painted his pecs and abs.

"Where-" Bead grunted. "Where-"

"In my- in my mouth."

Brad pulled out and quickly kneel over Justin's head. He stroked his prick, aiming it at Justin's waiting mouth. The first spurt of hot, gooey cum shot so hard it flew past Justin and splattered on the headboard. Brad better aimed his steely phallus, and the eight volleys of cum that followed found a home in Justin's mouth.

After swallowing the huge load, Justin took the angry red head into his mouth and sucked the last few drops out. Brad gasped and shuddered, arching his back and neck.

Brad, unable to take it any longer, tore his over-sensitive member from Justin's mouth and laid down beside him. He laid his head on Justin's chest, twirling his finger through the blonde happy trail on Justin's muscular tummy.

After a minute of cuddling, Justin whispered, "I can't believe I'm gonna be working at DreamWorks."

"Mm. I'm proud of you, Just. I love you."

"Thanks for willing to move with me."

"Don't thank me for that, babe. One, I don't wanna leave you or do long distance. Two, Abby needs you in her life, too. Three, we will be so close to Disneyland, and I'm sure Abby will love that almost as much as me. Four, I could be getting my big break, too. I'm happy to be going on this adventure with you."

"Bath?" Justin asked. "We've got about forty-five minutes before the girl wakes up."