The usual disclaimers, folks! My work, but you are free to enjoy it to your, shall we say, fullest potential! Provided you do not edit or take credit of my little story, or if you are not a consenting adult --- if you aren't, it's a bitch but if I had to wait, so do y'all!

Well, a first attempt ... in every sense of the words....


I guess I should explain where I stand... I'm 19 going on 20, and I, like most people my age, am in college. My difference is that I'm comfortably off. Nothing I really want to get into, but I have a house and a car and enough money to see me through school and likely set up a business, sadly all these things have been procured by the passing of my most cherished family members...

Anyway, as someone said it's better to be comfortable in misery than uncomfortable in the same environs. However, this is a story where things change. The moneys I hold have allowed me to matriculate at a very posh school here in the city, where I've met some fairly interesting people. I do declare I certainly manage to make acquaintances with the most eccentric and extreme people existing. One of my closest friends is the daughter of a "gentleman" who owns a car parts manufacturing factory in Mexico. She has been with a very wide assortment of guys we meet at clubs and stuff, to a very shocking number in the last two terms --- and yes I'm sure you all are thinking PRUDE! However, if I disclosed the actual number you'd be fairly stunned that a lady bred for "mundane luxury" could actually exert so much effort!

Now, she had a boyfriend who turned into a total creep, stalking and deep breathing phone messages and shit like that. She of course dumped him and on holidays she went home. While there she met a jock named Aaron. He was some high school basketball boy with a list of athletic accomplishments as long as my clothing receipts. Aaron was discarded to my memory as completely not my type. He was younger, wasn't in school, he had no money --- not that it matters, but it does help --- and he was seeing my best girl friend. So I forgot the information until she mentioned that she'd invited him to come live with her here in the city. No big deal except the boy was on a thirty-two hour bus trip across country to stay with a girl who has perhaps THE most fickle and short-lived relationships I've ever seen. So my relationship started with a pity for this guy I knew nothing really of. Well, he showed up on a Thursday, and just prior to his arrival I received my friend's confidence that she was beginning to have a pining for her old psycho boyfriend. I just looked kind of vacantly at her and said in my rich boy, sneer-ish act, "well, it's good you have your holiday fling coming to live with you, isn't it?" Yes I know sarcasm is the lowest form of intelligence or humor or whatever, but its just one of the many services I provide.

I agreed to walk back to her place (we live a half block away, she in a wonderful tower and I in an old brownstone studio that I rent for peanuts --- keeping the house up at home costs a fortune) to relieve some of the tension and anxiety she had. I stapled my capped pearly white smile on my face as we entered the apartment. Politeness is always crucial for first impressions.  People who think you're nice and approachable tend to be much more interesting.

She went ahead into the apartment as I shrugged out of my coat in the vestibule.  I checked my hair in the mirror and followed the voices into the living room.  Aaron was a fox!  He was 6'6", had one of those enviable natural tans.  His blonde hair was cut "too short" as I heard him say to Dee and gestured with an embarrassed blush. But the spiky do only added to that cute boyish look his countenance still retained.  Trust me though, there was nothing boyish in this guys physique.  His shoulders were wide and heavy with muscle and were not easily camouflaged in the navy polo he wore.  His legs were long and he wore a pair of jeans that were slightly too short, but they contoured his cute little bubbly ass just perfectly and alluded to a nice basket upfront.

While the couple got reacquainted I leaned up against the wall checking Aaron out.  I should describe myself.  I'm 6'3"  wavy black hair that I find impossible to deal with so I spend a lot of time and money weekly to get it chemically 'zine perfect.  I'm quite pale, but don't get the goth image ... it's more of a vampish thing.  I was wearing a fine fitted black Merino turtle neck and a very tailored pair of gray pants with a nice buckle up pair of Cole Haans.  Physically, I'm thin and long.  I have wide shoulders and a cinched waist, no hips.  I've been compared to Tuxedo Mask in that old cartoon series Sailor Moon.  Not really to my amusement.  I've a nice ass though, and a manageable 7" between my legs.  And I'm young, the best asset to good looks.

I snap out of my vacant stare as She attempts to grab my attention the second time.  "Hey!  Wake up!  Say hi."  She smiled and left the room.  I shook my head and turned my clear green-eyed gaze on Aaron and held out my hand.  He eagerly grasped it tightly.

"Hey.  It's great to meet a guy. I was afraid I'd be stuck with Dee all the time."

"Oh shut up, Aaron!"  She yelled from the kitchen.

I smiled and nodded letting him know I understood without offending my friend.  He grinned and OH!  That smile haunts me!  I'll try and describe it, but it won't turn out.  Everyone has a distinct smile.  There's those  who smile with Teeth and without.  Now those who smile with teeth are broken into two sets.  The basic bottom lip arching down towards the chin and the upper lip straight across the upper row of teeth.  Then my kind of smile.  It pulls angularly in one direction or the other, and can look fairly like a sneer, but it's sexy!  Aaron though, when he smiled his upper lip contoured upwards in a wonderful way!  I can't describe it!  Suffice to say, it's perfect.  His smile lit up his whole face.  I smile and years of practice scarcely moves a muscle.

Anyway, of course, I spent as much time as possible being amusing to get him to keep smiling.  Everyone wondered what was getting into me I wasn't usually this accommodating, no one connected it to Aaron.

That first night we went out, we all got trashed and Dee kind of described "little Aaron" to me.  I sloshed about the fridge in the guise of trying to find something to use as a chaser, of course completely involved in what she was saying.  Apparently Aaron was huuuuunnnng!  I actually think that's how you'd spell her exaggeration of the word.

We took the cranberry juice, dark rum, and shot glasses out to the living room --- I know, I know, keep in mind we're college brats.  Liquors liquor and the chaser's only for necessity after a couple of rounds.  Dee took the last chair, and I was forced to take the seat next to Aaron on the love seat and ottoman.  I reclined into the seat.  Shortly after another friend showed up and instead of letting her take the space between us he sidled over pinning his body against mine.  His entire body language leaned towards me.  It SO wasn't just my take.  He leaned his arm against the back of the sofa.  His chest pressed tightly against my shoulder blades.  The intimacy was so close.  He'd changed when we'd gotten back into an old wife -beater and baggy skater shorts.  Again, not the kind of guy I'd be into, but I was getting so turned on.  I could feel his heart beating against my back.  As the shots and the night progressed he leaned even closer into me.  Eventually the love seat was ours alone, but he didn't move away.

It was driving me berserk!  Finally, I'd had enough and said I was going.

"Are you all right to drive?"  Aaron asked, most of the others had left.  Dee'd gone to bed already.  It was just us.

I laughed softly.  "No, I'll leave the car here, and just walk back to my place," I slurred slightly.

" I think I'd be able to drive you," he said confidently.

"You're no better off then I am," I grinned.  "I'll walk, I can't afford an accident this time of the month."

He smiled, "Okay."

I turned and went towards the door yanking my coat on haphazardly, he followed me to the elevator. "Ummm, I was thinking, well...," he sighed awkwardly.  He stopped, I waited and pressed the elevator button.  I leaned against the Venetian Terrazzo that framed the elevator, and looked up at him.  "I...," He laughed nervously, then just blurted, "Wanna go to a basket ball game tomorrow?"

I raised an eyebrow.  If it was anyone else I would have SO laughed in their face, instead I realized I nodded yes.  I groaned inwardly.  "Ummm.... But you get the tickets and we'll drive out to it.  Leave a message with my service and I'll get back to you."

He beamed that wonderful smile.  "Super! I'll phone you."

The elevator pinged, I spun and walked into it.  Before the door closed he pinned it open and stepped one foot in, leaned into me and whispered good night in my right ear.  As he pulled away, stepping from the elevator and releasing the doors he trailed his lips across my cheek.  As I drew my hand up to the sensitive area he'd just grazed, the doors shut and Aaron disappeared for that night.

*   *   *

The following day I was such a bundle of nerves!  I struggled through class, and virtually ran home.  I don't really run though, just rush.  I can still here my grandmothers long matrician drawl saying that it was indecent for people to run.  She was right, people running look ridiculous, she was wrong though to tell an eight year old that.  Anyway, I got back and raced to the phone.  That little red button flashing was the best thing I'd ever seen.  The message gave me all the details, but nothing else and I was wondering if what happened last night was just imagined, or perhaps a mistake.

I phoned anyway, Dee picked up, "Hello?"

"Afternoon, it's me," I drawled, "can I steal Aaron for a minute."

"I declare, everyone likes Aaron more then me!" She pouted.  "Just a second, I'll get him."

I waited for a few seconds.  He came on quickly, "I'm glad you phoned."  He sounded relieved, and I knew I'd not imagined the entire thing.  "I'm really looking forward to tonight."

I snapped back into reality. "I am too," I smiled into the receiver.  "Do you want to meet me here?"

"I'd love too, should I bring anything?"

"No, I've got everything we'll need," I grimaced, how desperate does that sound.  "I mean we'll probably just go from here ASAP."

"Great.  See you in a bit!"

I raced out to the car and downtown.  Got my hair done, then raced through Holt's grabbing something to wear tonight, ignoring the cost for a change.  I got back to the apartment and managed to get arranged just as the call from the concierge came through.  I buzzed Aaron up.  I checked myself in the mirror, quickly gargled some Scope, and splashed on some Platinum.  The knock on the door.  I immediately felt anxious.  I grabbed the car keys, and opened the door.

Aaron stood there, but before I could take him fully in he'd turned me back into the apartment.  He shut the door behind me and he pinned my against the partition by the door.  He again ran his soft squarish lips across my cheek, when getting no resistance he trailed his tongue across my pale skin, down my neck.  I placed either of my hands above his waist.  Comfortably resting them on the firm flesh of his abdomen and sides.

He pulled back for a moment and I opened my eyes.  I met his blue gaze.  "Can I kiss you?"

I wet my lips and sighed, closing my eyes again.  He took the initiative and flicked his tongue over my lips ever so slightly.  His face immediately before mine.  I parted my lips slightly and exhaled quietly.

"Open you eyes," he muttered.

I opened them lustily.  I'd never really even kissed before, and I was positively trembling with anticipation.  For all my worldly facade I was for all intents and purposes a virgin.  He moved closer, I was drawn into that blue gaze.  He slipped just the tip of his tongue into my pliable lips, I parted my mouth slightly more and he pushed his lips more firmly against mine.  I hesitantly ran the tip of my tongue softly along our bottom lips.  He pressed firmer against my lips, urging my exploration further.  As I slipped my tongue further his tongue flicked across mine playfully.  In seconds he slowly began massaging my tongue as we both took in the sensory moment.

He smelt of shampoo and Gillette shaving cream.  Simple clean smells.  I'd wrapped my arms about his taut waist, his fingers had carefully slipped through my waves and were now resting at the sides of my head, his palms following the line of my jaw.  He finished our first kiss, pulling his hands away one hand remaining, lightly holding my chin.  As he pulled his lips away I instinctively pulled my lips closed on his bottom lip.  Nibbling for more.  As we drew apart I was aware of a strand of saliva snapping between our lips and falling.  I pulled one hand away from it's resting place at the small of his back to brush against the nakedness of my lips.  I breathed heavily, as did he.  Our upper bodies were distant, but our hips were inches apart.

His left leg was nestled between my legs, and it was then I became aware of our hardons pressed against each others leg.

He leaned back in, and rested his head on my shoulder.  I embraced him about the neck.  I sighed contentedly.

"Do you still want to go out?"  I felt the race of his heart against my own ribcage.

"Not especially," I smiled, running my fingertips nimbly along the fine hairs on the back of his neck, feeling the tiny goose pimples spring up at my touch.  I put my palm against them to relieve him of the chill.

He pulled back, completely.  "Are you going to show me your apartment, or are we just going to stand in the front door?"

I smiled, brushing the excess moisture from my lips.  "Of course," I gestured for him to enter around the corner.

He stepped in.  As I said before, the apartment is one large studio.  It's very minimally decorated, with the exception of one thing.  I took only one piece of furniture from my home, and it loomed up in front of us.  It was my grandparents bed.  Custom made in the twenties somewhere in Germany, it lay eight feet wide and seven feet long.  It was canopied and from floor to valance was just a little under twelve feet.

"Wow.  That's a real bed."

I nodded, regarding it really for the first time.  It loomed above us adding to the tension of the moment.  I felt I should say something but I couldn't think of the words.  Instead I took his hand, and pulling the palm to my lips I kissed his fingertips, then slowly ran the tip of my tongue across his palm, lapping at his clean, slightly salty flesh.  I looked up at him, he stroked the back of his hand across my cheek.  He leaned in and kissed me again on the lips this time running his tongue along the face of my teeth.  He pulled back and looked into my drowsy gaze.

"I've wanted to run my teeth along those pearls since I first saw you."

I smiled, more naturally.  He grinned, that wonderful upper lip arcing upwards ever so slightly.  I traced that curve lightly several times with the tips of my fingers.  His breathing increased, and I nibbled on that upper lip, creating more smiles for us both.

He took both my hands and backed towards the bed.  He misjudged the distance and bumped against the tall edge and fell backwards onto the down mattress, pulling me on top of him.  Our gazes meeting as we both laughed.  I was now very aware of his jock prick, hard and pressed against my right thigh, and my own semi-hardon, trailing down the leg of my pants, pressed against his own member.

I smiled again at him.  He took the initiative and pulled my head back towards his lips, briefly he parted my own lips and caressed me.  He then trailed down side of my neck licking and kissing until he came to the collar of my sweater.  I pushed myself off of him.

I stood a foot or two back from the bed, still straddling one of his jean clad, well developed legs.  I pulled the pale blue, tailored cashmere over my hair, tousling it ever so slightly.  I next removed the black leather belt cinched about my narrow waist.  Aaron sat at the edge of the bed and, taking my hands,  pulled me closer.  His hands were big, sinewy, fine white lines from old childhood scars scrubbed across his knuckles and a dusting of his blonde hair across the back of his hands.

He moved his hands across my shoulders rubbing my pale almost translucent skin.  He slipped his hands down around my collarbone  across my natural pecs, lightly toying with with my pink, nickel sized nipples.  My nubs hardened at his touch.  I leaned my head back and exhaled.  His hands traced across my chest hair, across my ribs and to my abdomen, just faintly implying a six pack.

His touch broke away.  He stood in front of me, paused, then kissed me.  He spun us around and sat me on the bed.  He smiled again, trying to be suave, but only managing to look completely innocent.  He crossed his arms and grabbed the front of the hem of his shirt and in one smooth move pulled the shirt over his head, tossing it inside out on the floor behind him.

He was perfect!  He had perfectly developed pecs that had a very sexy cut to them that left a shadow across the upper part of his torso only accentuating his development.  I sighed.  My eyes trailed down to his definitely chiseled abs.  He'd mentioned he was avid at sit ups and push ups.  His upper arms weren't flexed but the clear line of soft ball sized lumps were very evident nonetheless.  He was beautiful.  He then dropped his pants.  I grinned.  He wore small tighty whiteys.  Even though they were beyond his age, there was nothing childish here.  His mushroom shaped cock head poked out of the top of the low rising band, leaking slightly down the front of his shorts.

Quickly his hands shot around and the shorts were yanked down and kicked aside.  He was gorgeous.  He had turned slightly and I caught a glimpse of his well exercised glutes.  His  eight inch erection bobbed in front of him.  He wasn't smiling anymore, he was looking fairly hesitant.  I stood and stepped the few feet towards his naked body.  I caressed his beautiful hairless tanned chest.  I looked as deep into his eyes, I nibbled his earlobe.  I leaned my head back taking in his face, and still found anticipation.  I kissed him on the lips, just shortly.  Several times, until he started smiling again.

He reached to the buttons of my wool pants and in one sweep undid the buttons. He slipped his hands around to the small of my back and slipped his hands between my pants and Calvin's  He kneaded my bubble butt with his big palms as I sucked on the flesh of his neck.  He pushed my pants over my ass and down to  the floor.  I disattached myself from his neck and stepped out of the legs of my pants.  As I sat on the bed I dropped my boxer briefs to my ankles.  He stood above me, looking at my now very swollen knob leaking long stringy pre cum onto the parquet.

His lean body knelt in front of me, and he put a hand on each side of my hairy thighs.  He looked up through his eyelashes, then down at my slobbering dick head.

"Aaron," I muttered as he massaged my legs gently, "I've never dome anything like this before..."

"That's okay,"  he leaned down and nudged at the side of my low ball sack.

I exhaled and took each side of his beautiful smooth face.  "No, you don't understand ... Aaron.  I'm a virgin.  I've never been with a guy ... or a girl ... before..."

He looked lustily up at me and grinned, "I don't believe it."

"No, It's true."

He took a more serious look, "Honestly?"

I nodded.

"Would you let me be your first?"

I bit my bottom lip and nodded.  He smiled again then in a clean sweep licked the sensitive bottom of my cock from the root to the tip.  I shuddered at the wet touch of his red tongue.  He then slowly put the first three inches of my cock into his hot wet mouth, but quickly pulled off.  "Let's do this right."

I struggled to bite back my confusion.  He smiled. "This arches up," he said stroking my hardon.  "I want to get as much of it as possible.  Lie back on the bed."

I slid back onto the Damask duvet and rested my head on the sham.  Aaron sidled up beside me and stroked my chest, kissing me firmly on the lips sucking on my tongue as I slid it into his hot mouth.  He leaned forward, bent at the waist, knees bent beside my shoulders, his ass bobbing cutely beside my head.  He took turned his head to the side and again put his hot mouth on my cock.  He sealed so tightly  around the base of my head, tighter than anything I'd ever felt.  Pushing his tongue against the front of his mouth he lapped at the bottom of my mushroom head, pre cum and saliva all mixing together behind that perfect smile.  I was in sheer ecstasy.

Then he really pressed his tongue against the base of my cock and started to pull up and down the first three inches.  This continued, stroke after wet stroke with his tight lips.  He tightly pulled off  the tip of my cock, a strand of pre-jizz following his lips.  "I want you to put your palm on my neck."

I panted, "What?"

He reached back and very lightly pulled my hand from it's tight grasp on the duvet.  He then place my palm on his neck.  The center of my hand just over his hard adams apple.

"Just let it rest there."  That said, he aligned his jaws and mouth with his neck.  He again sealed at the base of my head than he fairly quickly, in three jerks pressed my entire length into his throat.  His lips had curled about his teeth to accommodate the girth of the base of my prick and his nose was buried in the bush on my balls.  What was best  I could feel under the skin of his tanned neck and the trace of his pulse, my member throbbing in his esophagus.  I gasped.  He held the pose for about thirty seconds, pulled back half way breathing through his nose not to break his seal, then dived up and down my cock.  I could feel my dick tearing down his throat as he deep throated me, I could feel the sensation in my cock, in my fingertips beneath his stretched skin.

"Aaron, I'm ...  I'm gonna cum...,"  I panted and gasped like a bitch in heat.

As soon as we both felt my balls start to churn there juice and fill my pisser, he pulled up to the cock head.  I shot in his mouth.  Seven or Eight times.  The best orgasm I'd ever had to that point.  As I came back to I was aware of Aaron milking the last drops from my slowly softening meat.  Also he had two fingers up my ass pressing against my prostate, pushing those last few drops.

When I could really breathe, I said, "Oh! Aaron...."  (I know pretty cliché, but hey, a fella can't be all wit 24/7)

He turned and in earnest  kissed me fully on the lips, pumping my own cum mixed with his saliva into my parched mouth.  I was so surprised, but his tongue eventually numbed the shock, and in minutes we were wrestling again on the bed.  He'd straddled my stomach and hips.  When he finally pulled off my lips.  He rolled off and lay beside me.  I recovered my breathing completely, then whispered into the dusk, "Aaron, I want to take you up the ass."

I felt him smiling, then his body moved swiftly down to the end of the bed.  "Do you have any kind of lubricant?" He asked doubtfully.

I licked the front of my teeth, motioning for a natural lube.  He grinned, And walked round the side of the bed where I turned and sat.  I very quickly pulled as much of his still dripping hardon into my mouth, using as much spit to wet his shaft.  He groaned slightly.  "That's enough," he said as I attempted to pull more into my mouth, increasing the suction.

I pulled off.  "How do we..."

"Lie back and put your legs up on my shoulders."  He smoothly maneuvered this, and pressed his hot tip at my ass crack.  "This'll hurt the first time...,"  he looked a little worried, "... I know."

I smiled, "Aaron, I want you in me."

He leaned over and as he kissed me, applied the pressure of his shoulders into my legs, guided his thick well-lubed cock head into my asshole.  It hurt.  I opened my eyes wide.  He pulled off my lips momentarily.  "I'll just let it rest there for a minute until you get used to it."  When he began kissing me again he slid inch by inch, pausing momentarily, until I felt his fuzzy nuts slap against my backside. "Oh, you're so tight," he groaned.  "And warm, and perfect."  He pulled out almost to his head and then pushed back down into my ass.

"I feel so," I breathed, "...so full."

He kissed me hard on the lips.  He pulled his lips off mine as his hips began to thrust quickly into my pucker.  He nibbled on my earlobe, biting and chewing, his breathing filling my ears.  His words almost incoherent from lust, "So tight ... Pumping ... hot ... Oh, my ... my ... You're my chico."

He came.  I felt his dick swell even more and warm fluid pulse through his cock and push into my guts.  He leaned down into me until he softened enough to pull his slick cock out of my leaking ass.  He rolled over beside me.  I turned and pulled myself closely against his frame.  He wrapped his arm around me pulling me even closer and kissed me hard, his panting slowing.  I nuzzled against his chest and listened to his slowing heartbeat and the calming of his breath.

I fell asleep...


I enjoyed writing this, a good release of so many things.  If you'd like to offer comments or if you think I should write more, Hey!  Send me an e-mail! : ) boykitten@mailcity.com