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I loathe the phone!  It's SO intrusive.  I must have been raised very oddly indeed!  I was always taught that just because the phone rings, it doesn't mean you have to dash to answer it.  So I only answer it when the whim takes me.  There is an an exception I found.

.... I awoke.  I was aware that I wasn't covered in the duvets but was completely cozy next to Aaron.  His body heat permeating into my chest and face.  My legs wound around his legs. His sparse light leg hair grating against my coarser dark furry calves.  I inhaled his scent, slightly sweaty with the mix of Gillette deodorant, the smell of sex lingering under the canopy of the bed.  I caught the glint of the sun on his blonde bush, his cock lying limply across his right thigh.  Then the ringing.

The phone.  That's what woke me up.  I swiftly and deftly extracted myself and grabbed the portable up off it's stand on the kitchen counter.  I pressed the on button and slipped through the dressing room into the bathroom shutting both doors behind me.  Ensuring Aaron's sleep.

I Cleared my throat and raised the phone to my ear.  "Good morning," I said, catching my breath as I sat my naked frame on the cold porcelain edge of the tub.

"Hi. It's me," Dee said softly.  "Is Aaron there?"

I paused, then, simply, "Yes." I waited.

Then, relief. "Thank God! Mill is here!"

Mill is the aforementioned psycho boyfriend.  Nicknamed Mill for his annual allowance.  I failed to catch the significance of her statement.  She continued.

"Can you keep Aaron at your place for awhile?"

I bit back a smile, "Sure. I'll talk to you later."  I rang off.

I was up, and my poor little mind was racing.  I decided not to disturb Aaron, I loved to see him sleeping, so I instead decided to shower, and go through my usual morning bathing ritual.  I turned the shower on, hot, letting the steam envelop the room until my reflection was grotesquely distorted in the condensation covering the looking glass above the sink.  I then turned to the commode, raised the seat and relieved my aching, semi hard dick of it's morning piss. I sighed, dropped the  lid of the toilet and turned back to the sink.  I brushed my teeth fiercely until the gums bled.  The blood as I spat into the sink made me think of my ass.  I finished up, then took one leg on top of the back of the toilet and with a tissue checked my asshole.  It hurt a bit, but there was no bleeding.  I smiled, tossed the tissue into the rubbish and edged in under the hot spray of water.

I love taking showers.  I take up to an hour on a regular basis.  People are so amazed at this:  "What do you do that takes so long?"  Truth told, I've absolutely no idea.  I shampoo my hair, then condition, lather up my body, wash my face, shave then scrub my cuticles with a nail brush and I'm done.

This morning as I ran the soapy, terry wash cloth across my neck and chest Aaron slipped into the shower beside me, unbeknownst to me.  An arm wrapped around my waist, jerking me from my thoughts and occupation.

I screamed.  I spun around and came face to face with Aaron.  I hate being startled.  He was beaming and looking all adorable.  Like the cat that ate the cream ... literally.  I slapped the side of his beefy upper arm, the water spray making a stinging thwap.

"Hey!"  He laughed.  "I'm not into the rough stuff."

I pushed at him playfully, his arm still wrapped about my waist.  "Don't scare me, like that!  I hate it!"  I slapped him again on the arm.  He just laughed.

"Can I have a kiss, Chico?"

I shook my head in amusement.  He tilted his chin down, his light stubble scratching against my own freshly sheared jaw line.  His lips parted into my wry grin, pushing my lips apart with his tongue.  He locked onto my tongue, sucking it slightly.  Finally pulling away, and I inhaled deeply.

"Mmmm.  Crest goodness," he teased.

"What's with the Chico, thing?"  I asked nonchalantly, turning my back to him to rinse the soap off my chest.

He rested his chin on my shoulder and I tilted my head back upon his own.  His hands assisted in rinsing the suds from my  chest and stomach.  "I don't know,"  his adams apple purred against my back.  "Just because.  You need a nick name."

I nodded.  His hands skimmed down to my groin.  Down my treasure trail to my dark bush.  He stroked one finger along the base of my hardening dick than very carefully played with my ball sack.

"Aaron,  wait,"  I turned and took both his hands in mine.  He grinned.  "No."  I took my index and pulled his arched lips into something a little more serious.  "Dee phoned."

"Oh," he tensed up.

"Do you want to talk right now?"

"I ..."  He stopped.  "I think I'll just get cleaned up, then we'll talk,"  he took my face in his hands and kissed me quickly.  "Alright?"

I smiled and nodded.  I sidled past him and slipped between the wall and the shower curtain.  I grabbed one of my big towels and patted my skin dry in the dressing room.  I pulled on my checked cotton dressing gown and prodded my hair into its basic wavy coiffure.  I sprayed my wrists with some Dune and swiped my wrist across my neck.  I sashayed barefoot into the apartment, grabbed the remote and flipped it to some old movie playing.  All About Eve, I think.

I regarded the kitchen and followed the urge to make breakfast for Aaron.  Pancakes. I tucked a dish towel into the tie on my robe.  I dug up the ingredients and as I poured the first buttermilk disk onto the hot griddle I heard the shower shut off.  I flipped the pan cake when bubbles started to pop through the sides of the thing.  Aaron peered around the door, then followed the scent of the pancakes.

"Mmmm.  Smells good June,"  He laughed looking at my dressing gown.

I smiled, "I rather preferred Chico.  I'm making you breakfast," I turned and looked at him clad only in a towel wrapped loosely about his hips.  "Besides, I'm more covered than you, Ward," I laughed.

"Hey, I thought clothes were optional..."

I grinned again and turned back to my occupation.  "There's Maple Syrup in the door of the fridge and some butter and table things in the cupboard there," I gestured vaguely.

"Yes, sir!"  He jokingly saluted and clipped his bare heals together and only managed to lose his towel.  I shook my head and laughed.  He rearranged the tuck in his covering and set the table.  I finished up, and served up the food, grabbing some orange juice before sitting down.


"Looks good,"  he hastily dived into the stack of pancakes.

"Well, don't get used to it.  I'm hardly a homemaker." I smiled.

"I'd like to get used to whatever you can share with me..."

I leaned back into my chair.  "Go on."

He looked up as he poured the sweet brown syrup over his breakfast.  He momentarily changed the subject, "What did Dee say?"

"Do you know about a guy named Mill?"


"Do you know he spent the night there?"

He stopped and set his fork down, "Ouch.  That kind of hurts."

"Yes, but what did you do last night?"

He looked up at me, "Is that what you think?"

"It's rude to answer a question with a question," I chastised.

"Fine.  I made love with someone very special to me last night."  I smiled and he repeated his question.

"I don't know.  One, I'm hardly adept to judging Dee's relationships.  I've never been in anything meaningful ... err ... before."  I carried on not moving my gaze from the vase of peacock feathers on the side of the table.  "And two, I just really want to know where we stand."

He took my hand, leaned down and kissed it repeatedly.  On the palm and across the back.  "I'm with Dee only because I leave for School in March, and didn't particularly want to be stuck at home with my parents in the meantime.  I care for you."  He forced me to look into his eyes.  "I do."

I bit back tears.  Opened my mouth, then shut it.  I simply leaned forward and kissed him fully, enjoying the sweet taste on his lips and tongue.  "So?  What do we do now."

"Well, I really want to be with you."

"How, Aaron?  I'm closeted to Dee,"  I scoffed.  "To everyone except you.  My parents can't catch wind of this.  They're dreadfully close-minded people.  And I depend on them to pay my Property Taxes and make the difference on my living expenses up here."  I sighed, "I'm too dependent on them. On everyone.  And with Dee, I don't want to steal her boyfriend, even if she is cheating on you, she'd still be terribly upset."  I stood and retreated to the frame of the great bed.  Leaning my defeated countenance against the high posts, burying my face in the curtains.  I sobbed silently.  My shoulders shaking against my grief.

I heard Aaron's chair scrape away from the table.  He stood behind me pulling me tightly into his chest.  He crushed me into him and pressed his chin down on the top of my head.  "Listen, I'll think of something," he reassured.  "I will.  Don't think about it, Chico."  He turned me around I covered my face with the dish cloth.

"Mngthf tjyrdf," I mumbled.

"What?" He laughed.

I dipped my head and spoke at our feet.  "Don't look at me."

"Ahh!  Come on."

He pulled the cloth from my grip and tipped my head up.  I know what he must have seen.  I'm pale, I get splotchy when I cry, it's dreadful.  He just smiled and in one swoop he picked me up, bracing my legs with one arm and my back and shoulders with the other.  I said before he was strong.  I'm 6'3", and I've got to be 180 toned pounds if I'm an ounce.  He swept me up and sat me on his lap as he sat with his back against the headboard of the big bed.

"Shhh."  He cooed.  With his thumbs he brushed away the tears, and licked the salty remains.  He began to kiss me and eventually started chewing and sucking on the side of my neck.  It was so hot.  He licked and teased until all I could feel was his tongue and teeth on my neck.  Finally he pulled off.  "I think you've just gotten your first hickey."

I grinned.  I grabbed the little mirror off of the bedside table.  A red elliptical welt that was already starting to bruise marked the side of my neck.  "I love it," I smiled.  I mocked a haughty voice, "It's just SO personal.  It really shows you care." We both laughed.  He pulled me by the shoulders and kissed my forehead fiercely.

"Know what I'd like?"

"What, foxy?"  I admired my neck in the mirror.

"Hey!" He laughed, and took the mirror from me, "Can the Narcissism for a bit!  I want you to fuck me."

I looked at him.  "I'm up for that," I stood up on the bed and tore off my disheveled dressing gown. Tossing it behind me and dropped to my hands knees.  "C'mon, lets roll," I purred.

He laughed, "You're practically Bipolar!"  I smiled and undid did his towel.  He raised his hips and I swiped the towel off the bed and onto the floor.  We kissed.  I decided I loved kissing.  He fucked my mouth with his tongue, biting on my bottom lip, running his teeth along my teeth.  When I got the chance I toyed with that wonderful upper lip of his.  Following the contour with my tongue and my own lips.  Running my hands over his expressive face.

"How do I go about this?"

"I'll direct you, let me get you wet first."

"Alright, just go easy."

He turned so that we were in a 69.  He hovered above me, licking my dick from root to tip.  His balls dangled above me like two clementines bouncing in the wind.  I sucked first one of his nuts into my mouth, then managed to pack the other in.  I just managed to roll and slurp slightly on them like a totally transfixed chipmunk.  When he finally pulled off, I followed his lead, reveling how his wet baby makers, touched by the chill of the room drew up to the base of his cock.

He knelt over me, face to face.  I groped at his big dripping dick and ran my fingertips over his wet balls, "Chilly?"

He grinned and kissed me.  "Okay, Let's start doggy style. Kneel behind me."

I crawled out from beneath him, and kneeled between his spread legs as he crouched on his hands sand knees.  My spit slicked cock head quivering near his ass cheeks.

"Now, spread my ass apart, and press your cock head through my pucker and hold it 'til I get used to it.  It's been awhile.  Then just plunge into me.  I like it hard.  Don't stop and keep your strokes long and hard.  And don't touch me, when I'm getting fucked it never takes more than a couple of strokes to get me off."

I followed his directions.  I tapped at his pucker a few times with my pole, watching in awe as his hairless pink rosebud blinked in anticipation.

"Please, Chico...," he growled.

I took the initiative and pushed my cock head into his pucker until I felt a slight plop as I pushed my mushroom head in.  It was so tight.  I felt Aaron wiggle beneath me and clench and release against my head.  My piss slit burped a heavy load of pre cum at the stimulation.  I sighed.

"Okay," he panted, "Drive it in."

I grabbed his hips, pulling back my chest to give myself full view as I impaled this studs ass with my hot stiff rod.  I pushed my nails slightly into his flesh than, with one stroke jabbed my cock, sinking into his warm tight gut.  He groaned and dropped his face into the pillows, I just managed to hear him mumble not to stop.  I remembered him saying to take long strokes.  I pulled out 'til my head bumped against his rim, and I thrust violently back into him, again and again.  My hips took control and as I drove repeatedly into his chute I scraped across his prostate, driving him wild.  When I felt my balls start to churn I pulled out.

"Don't stop," he gasped, "shoot in me, Chico.  Fill me."

"I will. I just want to see your face when I do."

He rolled over, and grabbed his ankles.  I noticed the thick, deep puddle of pre cum where his cock had been leaking.  I swept some on my fingers and sucked on it.  Repeating the swipe and inserting the cum coated fingers into his mouth.  As he tasted his own cum his face scrunched up in ecstasy and his eyes rolled back in his head and he shot load after load of cum onto his flat stomach and pert pecs and nipples.

It was too hot I jammed my prick into his ass hard.  Jamming against his prostate.  I came hard, coating his guts.  The single painful thrust shot more cum out of his dick, hitting him straight in the face.  I spasmed in his ass. He clutched the sheets and screamed in passion as he shot.  I shuddered at the animalism of the moment, totally turned on.  When we started to crash, I pulled my softening member out of his ass and he dropped his stiff legs and I lay on top of him.  Our cum gluing us together.

"You're a fucking hot top."

I smiled and traced my finger across a strand of his own cum on his cheek, setting it on my bottom lip.  He quickly licked it up and I stole a long kiss.

We stayed like this until I started drowsing and fell off to sleep.  As my breathing quieted he stroked my hair and back and pulled the duvets from the far side of the immense bed over our stacked frames.

"Don't worry, I've got a plan...."


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