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I must admit, he did have a plan.  A slightly messy one.

Eventually, I woke up.  I don't know what it is. I'm so content and warm and exhausted and safe that after sex I totally fall asleep.  When I awoke Aaron was in the shower, I could here the water.  I yawned and stretched under the duvet.  Aaron must have covered me up.

Soon the water stopped and Aaron shortly thereafter appeared dressed and buckling his belt.  I frowned slightly.

"You should get dressed," he suggested.

"Why?"  I leaned back into the pillows regarding the inscription embroidered by my grandmother's hand in the top of the canopy:

Inscription for the Ceiling of a Bedroom

Daily dawns another day;
I must up, to make my way.
Though I dress and drink and eat,
Move my fingers and my feet,
Learn a little, here and there,
Weep and laugh and sweat and swear,
Here a song or watch a stage,
Leave some words upon a page,
Claim a foe, or hail a friend ---
Bed awaits me at the end.

Though I go in pride and strength,
I'll come back to bed at length.
Though I walk in blinded woe,
Back to bed I'm bound to go.
High my heart, or bowed my head,
All my days but lead to bed.
Up and out, and on; and then
Ever back to bed again,
Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall ---
I'm a fool to rise at all!

Dorothy Parker
April 8, 1926.
New York Life
"I'd rather stay here."

"C'mon!  We need to go over to Dee's," he searched for his missing sock.

"Oh no!"  I pulled the covers over my head and slunk into the middle of the bed.  "Not me," I mumbled beneath the down.  "I couldn't, Aaron.  I couldn't look her in the eyes, not with you there ... too much...."

"You're coming all right, it won't work if you don't."

"Why, Aaron?  What've you planned?" I peeked between the covers and the mattress.

"No, no.  I'm counting on your surprise to win the war."


"Never mind."  He swept the covers out of my grasp and pulled me to my feet kissing me hard.  "Go get dressed," he enunciated carefully.

"Fine," I smiled.  ( Hey! I like being kissed! )  "Give me a minute."  Well, we've been through this before a minute for me is about an hour.  When I emerged I was wearing a beige pair of pants and a bright blue sweater.

He sat at the table with a coffee and just shook his head.  I did a little spin.

"How do I look?"  I stopped and beamed at him.

"Your tags sticking out."

"Oh,"  I turned to the mirror to remedy this ailment.

In a quick stride he grabbed my hands away and tucked the tag down then ran his fingers along my back and neck.  He pressed his thumb against my hickey, "What about this?"

I smiled, "No one will be paying attention to me."

My attempt to unearth his plan was too obvious.  He laughed and licked his way down my jaw line to my lips.  Kissed me too quickly.  I sighed.  "Let's go."

"Will we drive?"

"It's half a block!"

"What if we have to make a quick get away?"

"I'm not shooting anyone.  What coat are you wearing?"

"My black stroller."

He stared blankly.

"The black cashmere one."

He stepped into the closet and quickly reappeared.

"Not that one. That's an overcoat!  The short one!"  I laughed.  "I only wear that to funerals."

He laughed and reappeared with my coat.

"Thank you," I exchanged when he helped me into it.

"No prob.  Ready to go?"

"Ready as ever."


Well, the best I can say is that at least it went as he had it schemed in his pretty head.  He basically went in, with me following like some vacant idiot, and confronted her on the spot.

"So?  You're cheating on me, hunh?  Don't deny it!  I was already told."

Of course both their eyes fell on me.  I think my lower jaw dropped somewhere around my knees from shock.

He proceed to yell over her words, finally announcing that he was staying with me until he left.

This is where he wanted my expression.  I was stunned that he'd said that.  I hadn't offered, in all honesty, the idea never crossed my mind.  I liked the idea but I think I looked more surprised then any other emotion.  Which is what he wanted.  My little look of amazed ignorance is what saved my friendship with her.  There'd never be any reason for her to suspect anything now, in fact she'd pity me for having endure Aaron for the next week or so.


So, we went back to the apartment.  We stood looking at each other.

"I think this place is too small for the both of us...," I began.

"I know, I'm sorry I put you on the spot like that.  I've got an Uncle somewhere here, I could try and find him...."

I laughed.  "Hold up!"  I stepped up to him and pressed my body against him, and he encircled my waist.  "What I was saying, is that ... Well, how would you like to take a trip?"

He looked confused.  "I leave soon, Chico."

"Not a long trip.  How would you like to come home with me?"

He looked a little more in the light.  "But your parents..."

"...Live on the other side of the county," I interrupted.  "In their own house and need not know I'm back for a week."

"Well," he grinned, that delicious upper lip contouring up.  I could visualize that arch sealing around my dick. "Sure."

I smiled, "For payment, how about a blow job?"

He licked his lips and carefully reached the zip of my pants and slowly lowered them to my ankles.  My Calvin's quickly followed.  I tossed off my sweater and watched as this blonde god engulfed my hardening rod in his perfect lips.  His tongue deftly circled the head of my cock.  He toyed briefly with the slit on my cock head and my dick spurted a nice glob of precum which he forcefully sucked past his practiced tongue and down his throat.  He pulled off and very quickly tossed me about six feet on to the bed, where I landed softly, the mattress, bouncing me. I laughed, as I caught my balance, he came into view, naked and lunging again at my dick.

I watched his tanned neck and the back of his head bob endlessly up and down the length of my dick.  I groaned with pleasure, and, unable to resist my stroking his neck and hair quickly became more enthused as I took his head and pushed my member further into his mouth.  His lips curled about his teeth and he took the initiative and as I felt my dick go deep into his silk throat I shot.  Jetting five or six hot spurts of seed down his throat.  As I released his head, he took a deep breath and collapsed on me.

"Aaron, fuck me, please," I panted wearily.

He grabbed my waist and flipped me on my stomach.  With out arranging me to better take his long thick cock he penetrated me from tip to root.  I gasped.  The sudden hot filling organ was in me.  He bit at my ear.  "Chico,"  he sounded alarmed.  "Did I hurt you?"

"N-n-n-no,"  I stammered.

"Shhhh,"  He cooed.  He pulled out to his cock head and followed suit.  His long scrapes tearing across my prostate quickly had me aroused, but my erection was pointing painfully down between my legs, as I was flat on my stomach.

"Aaron, my dick..."  I mumbled from the pillows.  His warm hands left my rib cage and quickly replaced my hardon pointing upwards.  He continued his rhythmic sinking and retreating pattern in my ass.  Only now, as each stroke into me took, my own member pressed between my stomach and the mattress.  I was fucking the mattress as he was making love to me. He soon relinquished his long strokes and proceed to press himself deeper into me, not moving more then and inch or so out.  The throbbing of his erection against my prostate and the heat of his body on top of me, it was as if he was surrounding and filling me and I felt so entirely safe.  Every minimal thrust into a deeper part of my cavity sent my own member a stroke further through my wet pre-jizz puddle on the mattress.

When his breath caught, I felt the streams of his syrupy cum fill the very depths of me.  I shot as well.  Covering my stomach and the sheets.  Aaron's breathing slowed, but he made no move to climb off.  My ass ring in this position was so tight that his jock cock didn't soften, only continue to throb against my prostate and allow me the feeling of a man deep inside of me.  I was so warm, covered by something so male and so wonderful and felt so safe that I sighed very contentedly and fell asleep.


We actually started off later that night.  Quite late, around eight in the evening.  Aaron brought my car around, a little awestruck by it for the first time.  The car is a long sleek Vanden Plas Jaguar.  Not at all appropriate for a person of my station and age of life, however, it was my late great uncles.  A sad old bachelor who spent most of his life in silence because he had a terrible stutter, and a black sheep flaw of alcoholism.  His cars were the only thing I could find that interested him, so, when the poor man's death fell the small kindness I attempted to show by speaking with him of his one passion resulted in me inheriting his final prize.  And so, that car will likely never be sold, it may be new now, but as it ages I'll maintain it as a tribute to him.  Just like I maintain my home and all the items on that property, to say nothing of the world that had been built by my elders and so charitably bestowed upon my weary shoulders.

Well, I hate driving, so Aaron took the wheel hesitatingly, when we were out of the city lights he settled more comfortably onto the black leather.  I like this car I decided.  It's fashionably gloomy leather and tinted interior was quite comfortable and I sidled myself closer to the edge of my seat, edging myself closer to Aaron's frame.  Finally resting my head against his muscled shoulder, he put his arm around my shoulder and I inhaled the scent wafting off his neck.  He wore a pair of khakis and one of my sweaters, which, much to my chagrin, he filled better than I ever could.  I didn't know what cologne he wore, but it permeated my nose and I very soon nestled into that deep scent and dozed, not asleep but not quite awake.  A limbo of consciousness.

At around ten Aaron shook my shoulders and I roused myself out of my daze.  I sat up and leaned across his stomach and lowered his window, letting his scent breathe out the window, refreshing my lungs.

I smiled, "Hi."

He grinned, and blew a kiss.  I leaned over and kissed his lips fully.  The car weaved across the white line.  "Hey," he growled, "Don't block my sight.  You'll kill us all."

I whispered my apology on his ear, my hot breath on his ear.  I ran my long fingers across his sweatered chest, moving it lower across his stomach, his breath catching, afraid of being tickled.  I moved my fingers across his covered abs.

He gasped slightly, "Stop, Chico."

I licked the side of his neck and nibbled on his earlobe.  His grin spread across his face.  Meanwhile my hand inched across his hip to his knee.  From there I inched up his pants.  Trailing and caressing up his inner thigh.  Slowly I reached his crotch and reached the base of his hard cock. my fingertips pushed up his hard length.  Beneath the cotton khakis I could feel his eight inches push and throb against my fingers.  His tool pointed up his midriff.  Five inches up, his dick had crawled out of the waist band of his briefs and the remaining length and head pulsed beneath his trousers.  The material had already became slightly sticky.

"A little anxious?"  I breathed haltingly in his ear.

His breathing quickened and I added pressure to my palm against his fat cock. His driving continued unhindered.

"If you want to cum," I continued in his ear.  "If you want to cum, babe, you're going to have to hump my hand 'til you ...," I trailed off to a throaty chuckle.

He clicked the vehicle into cruise and anchored his big jock feet into the wool carpet.  His cute little butt slipped nicely back and forth across the black leather seat.  He quickly arranged his hips and got into a rhythm and started to really go to town.  His panting increased and the window began to steam, finally he yelled out and he had pressed his erection so hard against my palm that I could feel his jizz come up through his dick and spill out of dick lips.  He slid back in the seat and recovered.  Pulling the car back into a single lane.

Now, I know it was kinda dangerous pulling this little scene off in a car, but, well, there's three rules set for the privileged class.  Often we don't realize we do it. One, Spend freely, the truly wealthy have no concept of money, if you run out, you go to the bank to get more; two, there's no such thing as justice, everyone has their price; and three, drive recklessly, for the wealthy are immortal and not subject to silly things like accidents.

"Wow, that was intense, Chico."  He broke his rule and leaned over and kissed me, breaking his own rule.

I smiled and wiped my slightly sticky hand through his spiky hair.  He grinned.

"I think I love you, Chico."

I think I looked stunned.  "Oh, Aaron, you're so perfect.  I love you to."  We kissed again.

I pulled back to my side of the car to bask in my well being.

"Chico, I'm going to stop and get some gas and some coffee up here at the rest stop."

I nodded and turned on the radio, looking for a decent station.  We pulled in and he asked the attendant to fill it up.  He unbuckled himself and jogged up to the store.  I sat in the darkness and hummed along to the music.  Quickly, Aaron ran back towards the car, coffee in each hand.  He very deftly slipped into the car and paid the driver and jetted off, scarcely giving time for the gas pump jockey to step out of the way.

"Why the hurry?" I drawled, in confused humour.

He turned and grinned and shook his head, "I got into the store, grabbed the coffee, went up to the counter and wondered why the people in there were gawking ... I have a huge stain of cum all over the front of my khakis, and the damn things are so beige you could see everything..."

I laughed and laughed as we cruised down the highway.


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