This is my first story on Nifty, so I hope you like it. This story is partially fact and partially fiction. Names and people have been altered, so any resemblance to actual people is mere coincidence. Also, if it is illegal to view this where you live then leave.Okay, now that all of that is out of the way...

I guess I better tell you about myself before I begin. I'm 6'0”, average build, short brown hair, and piercing blue eyes. I guess I'm what you call a preppy: polo shirt, kahki shorts or pants along with a nice pair of sandals.

During my senior year of high school I frenquently heard my teachers, friends, and family comment that high school years are often the best years of one's life and to live it up. I think, after going to college for four years I can safetly say that the years spent there had to be the best years of my life. Four years of unsupervised fun and mayhem: no curfew, no rules, just doing whatever the hell I wanted.

Although I smoked weed and drank beer occasionally during my high school years, I didn't really start to smoke and drink much until I got to college. Now don't get my wrong, I wasn't an addict who got drunk and high every day. However, I liked to celebrate the weekends with some sort of alcoholic beverage and the occasional joint or a few bong rips.

Early on in my first semester of college I became good friends with Matt. Although Matt wasn't knock dead gorgeous, he was hot. He was slightly shorter than myself, maybe by an inch or two. Matt had a shaved head and was always clean shaven. His eyes were the type of eyes that kind of mesmorized you if you stared to long. Matt had an average build but he worked out a little bit more than me so he was a little more toned. Matt is what I would call a Boston bad ass. He was from somewhere around Boston, though the accent wasn't very strong. The way Matt would lean against the brick wall as he smoked his cigarettes reminded me of the classic bad ass rebel.

Matt and I got to know each other because we smoked pot. I guess it was a thing with everyone who smoked pot on our hall since we all went to the same spot. Since our rooms were next door to one another, Matt and I began hanging out together often during the first few weeks of school. Since my roommate was rarely in the room, we would get high and go in my room to watch tv for a while at night after we finished studying.

There was one problem with this: when I get high, I usually get horny. Now as most guys know, straight guys will sometimes act gay around one another; this characteristic is especially prevelant in college. When Matt and I got high he would sometimes act gay. For example, if there was a scene in a movie or on a tv show where people were making love and yelling each others names he might grab my shoulder and say,

“Oh Aaron, I want you,” in a feminine voice.

Although Matt was joking (or so I thought), this would usually turn me on if I was high. Some times I would “play along” and reach back over and grab him or reciprocate whatever he had done.

Over Christmas break I had a chance to think everything over. During break I came to realize that I had a thing for Matt. I guess you don't always realize how much you like someone until you've been separated from that person for a while. So before I went back to school for the second semester of my freshman year, I decided I would see how far I could play the “acting gay” thing with Matt. I was real nervous since I didn't know how he might react if I took it too far or something. However, I knew it was something I had to do. I knew I wanted Matt and I knew that I would have to take a risk by making a move, but I also knew that I had to know if there was something there.

I knew Matt was going back to school a day early, so I decided that I would return a day early as well. Before I left I bought some weed so we could get high that night. Since I only lived a few hours from school I wasn't in that much of a rush. By the time I got there it was supper time. Since Matt hadn't eaten, we decided to run to McDonalds to pick up some burgers and fries to take back to school. We took the food in my room and sat on the futon. We then picked out a horror movie (my movie collection was mainly comprised of B-rate horror movies). I then pulled out my weed and got the bowl from my desk. After smoking a bowl we had our Mackie D's and sat back to watch the movie.

About halfway through the movie there was this scene where the killer took a chainsaw to about five people. This prompted Matt to put his hand on my knee and say jokingly,

“Oh, protect me from the chainsaw killer Aaron.”

This was my chance and I had to take it. I was high as hell, horny as hell, and nothing was going to stand in my way. As Matt moved his hand away I placed my hand on his upper thigh and replied,

“Don't worry, I'll take care of you.”

As I smiled, Matt turned his head to look at me. When he didn't say anything about my hand, I moved it further up his thigh. Still no objection as I reached the nice bulge in his pants. I lightly squeezed. A moan then escaped his lips. We gazed into each other's eyes for a brief second before we moved closer together and locked lips. Our lips finally met. It was as if a jolt of electricity went through my body. I know it sounds kind of corny, but there's no better way to describe it. Our lips were locked and our tongues were wrestling. I put my left hand on the back of his head so I could pull him into me as much as possible. My right hand made its way up his shirt to his back.

Matt broke our hot and passionate kiss. He quickly stood up and began pulling his shirt over his head. I followed in close persuit, pulling my shirt off as well. We then stripped off our shoes, socks, pants and boxers. We stood there for a second across from each other with nothing on but ourr birthday suites. We stood there, neither of us doing anything except admiring the other's body. Matt's small light pink nipples were standing erect (as mine were too I suspect). I then moved my gaze down. It was obvious Matt shaved his pubic hair, something I never did; it wasn't completely shaved, but you could tell he took time trimming it up.

I was then drawn to Matt's cock. His cock appeared to be about 4 inches soft (mine was about 3 inches soft). I then noticed that his manhood was coming to life, as was mine. Matt gave his cock a few tugs and I mirrored this. Finally, we were both standing at full staff. Matt was about 8 inches when hard and I was about 7 inches. I finally broke my stare at his crotch.

I then walked over to the futon and began moving it out. When Matt realized what I was doing, he grabbed the other side. I walked over to my bed to grab my two pillows and the comforter. I then threw the pillows and blanket on the futon. I quickly walked over to the door and locked it before climbing onto the futon. Matt was in quick pursuit. We laid down and began kissing again. As we locked our lips , we moved so that Matt was on top of me. As we kissed we started humping our cocks against each other. What a great sensation, especially when you're high. Our two bodies were closely entwined, rubbing against each other as our cocks humped each other's bodies. I could have kept on for hours.

After about five minutes of this, Matt broke the kiss. He then got me to lay on my side. Matt moved to the other end of the futon and layed on his side. His head was hovering in front of my cock and his cock was right in front of my face. It almost put me over the edge when his tongue touched the head of my cock. I looked down at Matt as he took my cock into his mouth and began to lick and suck.

My attention was then drawn back to Matt's waiting member. I reached my hand over and wrapped my fingers around his cock. God, he was thick, or at least thicker than myself. After jacking him off for a few seconds, I moved my head towards his cock and wrapped my lips around his cock. Once the head of his cock was in my mouth, I began to lick it with my tongues, paying close attention to the slit at the very top. I heard a couple of moans escape his lip.

I then began to suck on his cock head. I then moved further down his cock, attempting to take in as much as possible of this big fat cock. Although I couldn't make it all the way to the base, I was pretty damn close. I then began to move my moth up and down on his cock. As I continued slurping and sucking, I felt Matt place a strong grip on my ass cheeks. After a minute or so, I felt a finger enter my tight asshole. This took me closer to the edge. I then moved my mouth back up so that it was only covering the head of Matt's cock. I then began to jack off his wide shaft. I felt a second finger enter my ass. I knew I was going to cum soon. I stopped what I was doing for a second.

“I'm going to cum soon Matt.”

Matt didn't even aknowledge me, he just kept sucking.

“I'm warning you Matt, I'm getting ready to cum.”

God, this was so incredible, I was about to explode.Since I was close I began lightly thrusting my cock into Matt's mouth as I let out a few moans.

“Here it comes Matt!”

With one last thrust, I shot my cum into Matt's mouth and down his throat, shot after shot after shot. After a second, I turned back to Matt's cock. Following my example, Matt began to thrust his cock into my mouth.

“Yeah Aaron, take my dick. I'm real close.”

Although I usually don't swallow, due to my dislike of the taste of cum, I decided that I would return the favor and suck Matt dry. Matt began to increase his speed: in and out, in and out, faster and faster. With one last thrust, Matt's body tensed up as his cock released it's contents into my mouth. I continued to suck until it was all out. I then swallowed Matt's seed.

As Matt's shrinking cock slipped from my mouth, we both rolled onto our backs and just layed there for a minute as we stared at the ceiling.

“Wow,” I said.

“That was great,” said Matt as he sat up.

“That was more than great,” I replied as I sat up across the futon from Matt.

“Do you know how long I've been waiting for this?”

“Probably as long as I have,” I said laghing.

“Well, I was just scared you weren't gay and you would get pissed if I said anything or tried anything.”

“Same here dude.”

We stayed on the futon and just talked for about an hour. We then watched some tv before falling asleep in each other's arms.

The End

Like I said, this is was my first attempt at a story on here, so I would appreciate as much feedback as possible. I have a few other stories in the work, mainly continuations in this series, so feedback and recommendations would be very helpful. I can be reached at