This is the second part of a series I hope to continue. Just to remind you, this is part fact and part fiction. I've changed names and descriptions for the most part. If it is illegal to read this where you live then leave. Okay, now on with the story...

The college I went to is an ultra-conservative southern college. It's not as bad as Falwell...I mean Liberty University, but it is pretty bad; for example, a large majority of students were of the opinion that Ronald Reagan was Christ on Earth. I went there because they gave me the most money, and Matt went there because his dad had gone there. Since the school is so conservative, we both knew it would be better to keep whatever we had in the closet. We knew a couple of people who were openly gay, and we just didn't want to deal with all of the shit that they had to deal with.

Since we knew it would be hard to maintain a real relationship at school we decided we would just remain friends (real close friends) with a few extra benefits. We figured that since this was our first year of college and since he hadn't come out of the closet (I had only told a few of my closest friends), staying close friends would be the best move.

I must note, that this status did not prevent us from hooking up whenever we had a chance. However, those chances didn't come too often at first. It was a little risky to do anything in our rooms during the day since we didn't know who might drop by. At night our roommates were usually there. After a while, Matt decided to take the initiative and do something about the whole situation One night I was sitting at my desk and Matt walked in.

“Aaron, you ready to go to the library,” Matt said as he winked.

I was a little confused, but decided to follow along.

“Yeah, just let me grab my books,” I had to play along since my roommate was at his desk studying at this time.

I picked up my book bag since Matt had his. I then followed Matt outside.

“The Library?”

“Yeah, we're going to go fuck in the library,” Matt said with a strong tone of sarcasm in his voice.

“Just follow me Aaron.”

“Sure why not,” I replied under my breath.

I followed Aaron around to the back of our dorm. When we were safely behind the dorm Matt pulled up the joint he had concealed in his hand. Matt pulled the joint up to his full red lips. He lit the joint up. Matt slowly sucked on the joint and I was hoping he would soon be sucking on something else. We passed the joint back and forth until it was done. Matt then got me to follow him. Since I figured this was going to lead to something else, I followed him without question.

Before I continue I must note that the college I went to was in a rural location. The nearby city was about 5 to 10 minutes away. There is a forest directly behind the dorms we lived in. It's pretty big and owned completely by our college. There were also plenty of hiking trails in the woods. Okay, back to the story...

We walked to the start of a trail that started directly behind our dorm. Matt then pulled out a flashlight and turned it on. Now, it can be pretty trippy walking through the woods at night while you're fucked up. However, most of my attention was drawn to Matt's ass. If I didn't know any better I could've sworn that he wore those tight fitting jeans just to make me horny. We followed the trail for about a minute until we came across an area with few trees and a lot of moonlight.

Matt instructed me to put my book bag on the ground and strip. I quickly followed his orders. I didn't know what was going to happen, but it was starting to turn me on, and the weed only added to the effect. As I was taking my clothes off, Matt unzipped his book bag and pulled out a blanket. As I pulled my boxers off, Matt spread the blanket out on the ground. I then stood back and watched Matt as he took off all of his clothes. He decided that he would tease me as he stripped off his clothes. First, he slowly pulled his black t-shirt over his head, slowly revealing his body. His stomach was flat and completely hairless, with his abs somewhat defined. As he pulled his shirt up further it was obvious that he focused on his pecks when he worked out. As he unbuttoned and slowly slid his pants down his legs, I could also tell he worked out his legs, especially his thighs. I also noticed that most of Matt's body hair was below the waste. I mean his legs weren't covered with hair, but there was definitely more than was on his arms, and his chest which had next to no hair. One thing that really turns me on is if a guy has strong, and muscular legs like Matt did. Matt then stepped out of his jeans and threw them to the side. Matt then pulled his boxers down, revealing his hardening cock. At this point I noticed that my own cock was hardening.

Matt then sat down, completely naked, on the twin size blanket he had thrown down on the trail. I then sat down on the blanket beside him. Matt didn't say a word as he leaned in to kiss me. Within seconds we were verticle; Our lips were locked, our legs entangled, our bodies grinding hard against one another as our hands explored each other bodies. I broke the kiss after a few minutes. Matt was lying on his back as I began moving down his body. On my way down I stopped at his chest. I moved my mouth over to his right nipple. As I stuck out my tongue I grabbed the other side of his chest in my left hand, squeezing his well defined chest. I moved my tongue in a circular motion around his nipple. I heard Matt moan. I took the moan as a sign to suck on his now erect nipple. A couple of times I bit his nipple very lightly, causing some more moans to escape his lips. After sucking and nibbling on his nipple for a while, I then moved over to his other nipple and repeated my action. More moans from Matt's mouth. I continued this for only a minute.

Enough of that, it was time to move on, I had something else in mind. I repositioned myself so that I was on my knees between Matt's legs. I stared into Matt's mesmerizing green eyes for a second. As I brook the stare, I moved my head down towards my prize. I then stuck out my tongue to lick up the precum that had already escaped his rock hard cock. Another moan from Matt filled the night air. I opened my lips. I began to take his cock into to my mouth. I slowly moved down his cock as far as I could.

“Oh yeah, that's great babe,” said Matt.

I then began to move up and down on his cock, sucking and slurping, lubing it up. I reached up and pinched his nipples as I continued to take care of his cock with my mouth. More moans from Matt. I made sure to lick over every inch of his cock. Once his cock was lubed up enough with my saliva I sat up.


“Yeah babe”

“I want you to fuck me.”

I want to note, that although this wasn't my first time being fucked, I had only been fucked a few times before this and that was back when I was in high school, so Matt's cock was going to be the biggest cock I had ever taken up my ass.

“You sure babe?”

“Yeah Matt, I want you to fuck me.”

“Dude, I didn't bring any condoms or lube. I thought we were just gonna 69 it.”

“Don't worry. Besides, I just lubed up your cock, I just need you to take care of my ass.”

With that Matt and I traded places: I was laying on my back and he was kneeling between my legs. Matt then lowered his mouth to my awaiting ass. It was like a shock went through me as Matt's tongue entered my ass. He pressed his tongue in as far as it would go and began to move it around within my asshole. I then lifted my upper body up, supporting myself on my elbows. His tongue continued to dart in and out of my ass, preparing me for what was to come. This was the first time I had gotten a rim job, and I couldn't get enough of it. Matt eventually stopped tongue-fucking my ass and got back up on his knees.

“You ready babe?”

“Yeah Matt, I want your cock in my ass. Just go slow, it's been a while and your is the biggest I've ever had.”

He smiled then spat in his hand so as to add some extra lube to his cock. Matt moved himself closer to me, closer to my ass. His cock was hovering right over my ass. I then felt pressure on my asshole as he began to push his cock head into my ass. I let out a mix between a moan and a scream. Matt stopped with just his cock head in so I could get adjusted to its size.

“You okay babe?”

“Yeah just wait a few seconds so I can adjust to the size of your cock.”

“Just let me know when you're ready.”

“Okay, go ahead, just take it slow,” I said after a few seconds.

Matt then began to press forward, pushing his dick in my ass until about three inches were in my ass.

“Damn man, you are tight, this feels so great Aaron.”

He just smiled back at me as he slowly pulled his cock out until only the head of his dick was left in my ass. Matt then began to push his cock back in, this time going about an inch further. Another brief pause as my tight ass adjusted to his large cock. Although Matt was going slow and being careful, it was still a little painful having his large cock in my ass. Then, as he had done before, Matt pulled out until just the head was left. Then he slowly pushed forward, going a little bit further and waiting a few seconds before repeating this pattern. Matt continued this until my ass had completely engulfed his cock. I was still supporting myself with my elbows so I could watch as his thick cock slowly invaded my tight ass.

“You okay babe?”

“Yeah Matt. God, this feels great,” I replied.

Matt then bent forward unexpectedly and locked lips with me. The kiss didn't last long, but it was so incredible, especially since it was coupled with the sensation of his dick buried deep inside me.

As Matt broke the kiss, he began to pull his 8 inch cock out of my ass. This time he didn't pull out as far, maybe a little over halfway out. He then waited a second before slowly driving his dick all the way back in. Matt continued doing this as his pace grew slightly faster. I continued to moan, trying not to be too loud. A couple of times I reached down and jacked-off my dick for a few seconds. Matt then reached his hands down and grabbed my chest, lightly squeezing. This caused even more moans from me. His fingers then squeezed my nipples. At first lightly then a little bit harder. More squeezes of my pecks More moans from my mouth.

“Oh yeah Matt, you're so good. I want you to fuck me harder.”

“You sure?”

“I'm sure, fuck me harder.”

Matt removed his fingers from my nipples and placed them on either side of my body, just above my hips, so he could brace himself. He pulled out so that only the head of his dick remained.

“Here it comes.”

I laid my head back down on the blanket to brace myself. Matt plunged his cock all the way in. I screamed one of those screams which is a mix between pleasure and pain. Matt began repeating this action, over and over, pounding away at my ass. More screams came from my mouth. In and out, in and out, faster and faster. With each pounding, I heard a slap as his balls made contact with my ass. I moved my hand back down to my cock and started jacking myself off as Matt continued to ram his dick deep into my ass. My other hand moved up and grabbed his chest, giving it a few hard squeezes. By now we were both moaning and screaming with disregard of who might hear us. In and out, faster and faster.

With each of Matt's thrusts we both were moving closer to the point of no return. Matt continued his anal assault burying his cock as far as he could in my hungry ass. The sound of his balls slapping my ass turned me on even more (if that was even possible at the moment). My hand continued to go up and down on my own cock during Matt's anal assault. It didn't take long for me to go over the edge. I grabbed the blanket on either side of me, clenching it tight as I reached my climax. Splat, the first shot landed on my neck, just below my chin. Splat, the next shot landed a little bit lower, right on my chest. The rest ended up on my stomach and at the base of my now softening cock.

It took me a few seconds to recover; but it wasn't over since Matt was still pounding his cock into my ass. Matt continued to fuck me as hard as he could for a few more minutes before he pulled out. He then started jacking himself furiously. Finally, Matt reached his climax, spewing his cum all over my chest and stomach.

“Oh God,” was the only thing that Matt could say.

“That was awesome Matt. Thanks.”

Matt then bent down and kissed me. It was a quick kiss since Matt had something else in mind. Matt moved his lips down to my neck. Slurp, he inhaled the cum that had landed right below my chin. He moved down further and began to clean up the cum that both he and I had left on my body. After he swallowed the last drop, Matt moved over and laid down next to me on the blanket. We just laid there in silence for a moment as we replayed and memorized, in our minds, what had just happened. Matt then sat up and glanced down at my cock.

“Looks like someone wants some more.”

I guess I had grown hard again while I was laying there memorizing what had just happened. And being high probably didn't help the situation.

“Well shit,” I replied, “I guess I do want some more.”

“I can see I'm going to have to take care of this,” Matt said as he winked at me.

I smiled at this comment. Matt was climbed back to his original position between my legs. Matt wasted no time in taking my cock in his mouth. This was such a great night. Matt took his time as he moved his tongue along every inch of my cock, paying close attention to my cock head. Matt then enclosed his mouth around my cock head and began to lightly suck. I moaned at this wonderful sensation. His other hand then moved to my cock and began jacking me off.

“Oh yeah Matt, that's great,” I said in between moans.

Matt then removed his hand and began moving his lips up and down the shaft of my cock. As he was doing this I could feel his tongue licking my cock head This was an amazing blow job I was going wild with ecstasy. I then started pinching my own nipples, rolling my erect nipples between my fingers.

“Suck it hard Matt!”

I looked back down at Matt who was going to town on my cock. I couldn't resist, I don't know if it was the weed or just my lust, but I just reached my hands down and placed them on the back of Matt's head. He stopped for a second, not realizing what just happened. Once he stopped, I started. I began thrusting upwards, driving my cock into his mouth. Since Matt didn't object to my actions, I continued to do to his mouth what he had done to my ass. Matt began to moan as I continued face-fucking him. I lifted my head to get a better view of my cock thrusting in and out of his hungry mouth. I began to fuck faster and harder.

“Take my cock, take all of it,” I yelled out.

“God Matt, your mouth is so amazing.”

Faster and faster, harder and harder. I was getting close.

“I'm gonna cum soon!”

I was now going wild on his mouth. With each thrust deep into Matt's mouth I was moving closer to my climax.

“Oh, here it comes.”

I tensed up and released my cum into his awaiting mouth. Shot after shot of warm cum filled his mouth. Matt's mouth remained on my cock until he drained every drop of cum from my shrinking cock. Matt sat up, swallowing every drop of cum that remained in hi mouth.

“Thanks Matt,” I said.

“Yeah, thanks for letting me fuck you Aaron, it was so incredible.”

After a few minutes, we put our clothes back on, grabbed our bags and returned to the dorm.

For the rest of the semester if we wanted to fool around we usually went out to that spot. Although Matt was a great guy, he didn't do a lot of work. This didn't prepare me for the shock when he told me he was failing out and wasn't going to be back to that college; instead, he was going to transfer to another school. I eventually found out that Matt really didn't want to be there. Even though he liked me, he wanted to be at a college where he was more comfortable and was able to be himself.

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