This is the third installment to series I hope to continue. Again it's a mix between fact and fiction. If it's illegal to be reading this where you live then leave. Now, on to the story...

As I noted in my last chapter, whatever relationship Matt and I had ended when he failed out of school. This caused a predicament since I had intended on rooming with Matt the following year and had not made any sort of back up plans for a roommate. Luckily, another guy that lived on our hall, John, was in search of a roommate as well. Since we were the only two on our hall that had not paired up, we figured me might as well.

I guess I should go ahead and describe John. John was about 5'5”, with an athletic build. He had dark brown eyes and black hair which was always short. John was originally from the Midwest and was part Mexican which was somewhat obvious with his black hair and natural tan.

I had met John freshman year since we lived on the same hall, and I got to know him better since he was a part of the group that smoked pot. We got to know each other better through the various conversations we would have when high, usually about politics or something of that nature. So, we felt comfortable enough with one another to room together.

The summer passed and school started again in the fall. I found out quickly that me and John were a perfect pair for roommates. We had similar schedules so we both usually woke up and went to bed around the same time every day. And since we shared a lot of the same interests, we could have some intense conversations. Most of the time those conversations occurred late at night while we were high or during the weekend when we were drunk.

One night Saturday night we were in our room after going to a frat party with some other friends. Since the party was pretty dead and nothing else was going on that weekend, we went back to the room. John went over to his desk and pulled out his bowl and a bag of weed. We sat side by side on the couch as John packed the bowl. I reached over and turned on the tv. We sat there and passed the bowl back and forth until it was finished.

At some point we started talking about politics. I don't know how the conversation started or what most of it was about. However, at some point John asked me an important question.

“What do you think about gays and gay marriage?”

I wanted to be careful in my response. I had been thinking about telling John that I am gay, but I didn't have a good feel on how he felt about gays. So I chose my response carefully.

“Well, who someone wants to be with is their choice and I don't think that we should punish a group of people for just being who they are.”

“Yeah, I agree,” he replied.

The tone of John's voice then changed to a more serious one.

“If I tell you something, you promise not to tell anyone?”

“Yeah man, you can tell me anything.”

“Well...I'm gay.”

I couldn't help the stunned look that he saw on my face. And from having been in the same situation myself, I could only imagine what must have been running through his head. He looked a little worried and opened his mouth to say something. Before he could get out what he was going to say, I moved closer to him on the couch and moved my head towards his. I don't know if I would've just moved right in and kissed him if I wasn't fucked up, but at the moment it seemed like the right thing to do. After the initial shock was over, John joined the action. Our tongues began to wrestle. As we continued this tongue war, my hands made there way under his shirt and began running along his smooth, well-defined skin.

He moved his head away from mine. He smiled at me before lifting his black polo shirt up over his head. You could tell he worked out. He had nice six pack abs, well-defined pecks. He was thin though, his body type was perfect for a swimmer. I love guys with natural tans. Although he wasn't so tan you automatically assumed he was part Mexican, he still had a good tan. My attention was quickly drawn to his medium brown nipples. I couldn't resist, I leaned over and took his left nipple into my mouth. As I began to suck and nibble on his nipple, my right hand moved down to feel the bulge in his jeans. He was hard. From what I could tell, his cock was a pretty decent size.

I moved my mouth over to his other nipple as my right hand unzipped his jeans. I reached my hand into his jeans. I firmly gripped John's cock which was still bound by his boxers. I almost fell over when he stood up. When I realized that he was removing the rest of his clothing, I decided to do the same. I wasted no time in jerking my polo shirt over my head. By this time, John's jeans were around his ankles. I noticed that John's legs were thin yet muscular, like the rest of him, with a light layer of hair over them. He waited a minute for me to pull my own pants shorts, which was a difficult feat given my high state of mind. Once my cargo shorts were off, I looked over to John who was smiling at me. John stopped after hooking his thumbs under the elastic band of his boxers.

“Same time?”

So I followed his lead and hooked my thumb under my own boxer shorts. We then both pulled down our boxers at roughly the same time. After removing mine from my ankles, I quickly looked over at John's cock. It was much bigger than I expected it to be for his size. His cock was roughly the same size as mine, a little bit more than seven inches; however, his cock was much thicker than mine.

John then walked over to me. He reached his hands to either shoulder and pushed me backwards. I landed on my bed which was directly behind me. John then joined me on my bed as I was repositioning myself. John then started kissing me. My hands quickly moved to his well-defined back, rubbing along every inch of his back. At the same time, John's right hand grabbed the back of my neck, pulling me closer into the kiss. His other hand was now firmly squeezing my right ass cheek. I could already tell that John preferred being the dominant one, which I didn't mind.

John got up from the bed and stood beside it.

“Go sit on the couch.”

I did as he said, quickly moving over to the couch. Once I sat down, John knelt down on the floor between my legs. I knew what was coming next. His mouth engulfed my cock. He slowly worked his way down my cock. Eventually, his nose was buried in my pubes. Wow, he was definitely an experienced cock sucker. My fingers ran through his jet black hair as he bobbed up and down on my stiff cock.

“Take my cock. Oh yeah, suck it hard.”

I think that comment got him even more worked up. He was going to town on my cock. He removed his mouth from my aching cock. Within a second his mouth had engulfed my balls. He was gently sucking on both of my balls. As his mouth was nurturing my balls, his right hand had moved up and was now jacking me off. I tried to keep my moans down so no one would hear if they happened to be roaming the halls at that late hour. He released my balls from his mouth and got me to move my ass closer to the edge of the seat. I followed his commands obediently. As his hand continued to jack-off my cock, his mouth moved even further down. He stuck out his tongue, thrusting it into my ass as far as it would go. The sensation was so great as he continued to force his tongue into my ass. My hands continued to run through his hair. His hand continued to jack me off.

John moved his attention back to my balls, this time slowly licking every inch of my nut sack He then released my cock with his hand and began to slowly insert two of his fingers into my ass. One knuckle, then another, finally, both fingers were buried deep in my ass. He slowly removed his fingers, only to push them back in. It wasn't long before he added a third finger to the mix and started to increase his speed. His mouth moved from my balls to the base of my cock. His tongue slowly traced the underside of my cock from the base right up to the opening at the top. He then engulfed my cock once more. Working the entire length into his mouth and throat. He then released about half of my cock.

Our eyes met for a brief second and I could see him make a smirk. I took this as a signal. With no objections from John, I grabbed his head in my hands and began to face fuck him. I drove the entire length of my cock into his mouth before pulling it out about halfway. I quickly increased speed since I was close to cumming. With each downward thrust, his fingers drove deeper into my ass and with every upward thrust, my cock drove deeper into his mouth.

“I'm close John!”

I was now thrusting my cock into his mouth as fast as I could.

“Here it come!”

I thrust my cock deep into his mouth one last time before releasing my seed. I felt John sucking furiously. He made sure to drain every last drop of cum out of my cock. John released my softening cock from his mouth and removed his fingers from my ass. He took a minute to recover from the face-fucking he had just received. He then stood up in front of me. I was surprised when he stepped up on the couch, placing one foot on either side of my legs. There it was, his hard dick was staring right at me. I noticed that the head of his cock was covered completely in precum.

I knew what was expected of me. I bent forward and stuck out my tongue. I slowly licked his cock head, attempting to lick up every single drop of precum that had already made its way out. My hands reached behind John, grabbing his firm ass. I pulled him closer to my face. I then opened my mouth as wide as I could so I could fit his cock into my mouth. I worled my way down his thick cock, trying to get as much of it as possible. I could only get about three inches in. I started to go back and forth on his cock, each time taking as much in as possible. I didn't do this for much longer before John pulled his cock out of my mouth. John jumped off the couch.

“Get up,” he said as he walked over to his closet.

His hand fumbled around on the top shelf for a moment. When his hand retracted from the closet I noticed he had a white bottle in his hand. As he walked back over to me I knew what it was, a bottle of lotion.

“Turn around.”

I did what he said and turned around to face the couch. The thought of what he was about to do caused my recently drained cock to grow hard again.

“Get on your knees on the couch and lean over the back.”

Again, I did as he asked. I stepped forward and climbed onto my knees on the couch facing the rear of the couch. I then bent myself over, using the back of the couch to hold myself up. I turned my head to see what John was doing By now he had already opened the bottle and was pouring some of the contents into his left hand. He then rubbed that onto the fingers on his right hand. He walked closer to me. I let out a moan as two of his fingers entered my ass. His fingers were darting in and out of my ass pretty quickly. His other hand moved under my body, rubbing my abs and chest. He then added a third finger to the mix. He continued to pick up the pace. It wasn't long until the fourth finger was added.

After a few seconds, John removed his fingers. I knew what was next. John applied some lotion to his thick cock. He then placed one hand on each ass cheek and pulled them apart. Next was the pressure. I couldn't help but scream as the head popped in. Hopefully no one heard. Once the head was in, John didn't stop. John continued to very slowly press forward. Even though his cock was moving very slowly, the girth of his cock caused pain as it slowly entered my ass. I kept trying to remind myself not to be too loud as I moaned.

I wanted to tell him to stop, but I also wanted to feel the entire length in my ass. I dealt with the pain until his cock was completely buried deep in my ass. He slowly pulled out almost all the way before slowly pushing back in. He was being careful, but not too careful. His hand slapped my ass. That caught me by surprise and it caught me as being a little kinky. I almost said something, but by this time I was finally feeling the pleasure from this fuck and decided to let it go. His pace began to pick up. He was moving in and out a little faster.

I suddenly felt his hand grip my dick. His fist moving up and down on my cock as his cock moved in and out of my ass. I was still concentrating on not being to loud, but it was getting harder as his pace increased. His other hand was rubbing along my abs and chest. After jacking off my cock for a while, John moved both hands to my hips as his speed was constantly increasing. I started jacking off my own dick. John's dick was now going in and out of my ass pretty fast. He had tried to be careful earlier, but by now he had thrown caution to the wind. I didn't notice that I was enjoying this fucking so much that I had subconsciously started thrusting my ass backwards to meet his cock. However, once I realized what I was doing I continued to drive my ass backwards. He was going faster and harder with each second that passed.

He pulled out. I turned around with a questioning look on my face.

“Sit down on the couch,” he said.

I followed his command. Once I sat down he sat down to my left. His right hand then reached over and grasped my cock. He started to furiously jack me off. I followed his example and reached my left hand over to jack him off. We were both moaning, trying not to be to loud. I knew I wouldn't last long and cold tell John wouldn't either. There we were, naked on the couch exchanging hand jobs. It wasn't long before I felt his cock tense up. I continued to jerk as shot after shot after shot of his thick cum landed on his chest and abs. Just as he released his last drop I knew I was getting ready to explode. Shot after shot of my own cum landed on my own chest and abs. We just sat there for a second as our dicks softened and our cum lay splattered on our bodies.

“Sweet,” said John.

Yeah,” was the only word I could produce.

After a minute or so we cleaned up. We stayed up for a while talking and smoking before going to bed.

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