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The relationship between John and I was merely one of roommates who fooled around a lot. Although we were both physically attracted to one another and we were really close friends, we never experienced an emotional or romantic relationship. We found out early on in the semester that this was the best relationship for us since both of us had difficult schedules. The only time we really had to fool around was during the weekend. This is the story of one of those weekends.

“Hurry up Aaron, everyone else is gonna be by here soon.”

It was Saturday morning and John and myself were getting ready for the football game. Our college is the type that students will dress up in the khaki pants, button down shirt, tie and navy blue blazer to see the football game. I already had on my khaki shorts which were unbuttoned so I could tuck my shirt in. At John's insistence I tried to move faster, quickly buttoning up my Nautica royal blue dress shirt. I then grabbed my yellow and blue tie, trying to get it tied right and as quick as I could. There was a knock at the door.

“Hold on a minute,” John shouted.

I tucked in my shirt, buttoned my shorts, put on a belt, then grabbed my navy blue blazer. I then walked over to my desk to grab my sun glasses. Before I put my shades on, I glanced over at John. I wondered why John had opted for pants since his legs were sexy. He had on a white button down shirt with a red and navy blue stripped tie. As I put my shades on, he was grabbed his blazer and put it on. We then left for the game.

The first quarter of the game was pretty dull, our team was kicking the other team's ass. After the first quarter John said he had to go to the bathroom; he then winked at me. I got up and followed John. We went over to the gym where the nearest bathrooms were. I followed John right past the bathrooms, trying to figure out where we were going. We took the stairs downstairs. We passed the weight room and came up to a door that said: janitor's Closet.

“They always leave this door unlocked.”

I didn't bother asking how he knew that, I just followed him into the closet. John flipped on the light and locked the door. Before I even realized what was going on, John was down on his knees in front of me. He quickly unbuckled and unzipped my shorts which remained around my waister due to the belt. He then opened the flap on my boxers to pull out my cock which was already getting hard. His mouth engulfed my semi-hard dick.

John began to suck my dick to life. Once my cock was hard I looked down to see John who still had my entire cock in his mouth. He began to bob his head back and forth on the entire length of my cock. I became even hornier when I realized where we were. I had always been turned on by the idea of sex in a public place. I think it's the possibility of getting caught. And even though the door was locked, we were in a public building and there was a possibility of getting caught.

I turned my attention back to yet another one of John's amazing blow jobs. I then felt John's hand moving up the back of my leg. His hand went under the leg of my shorts and then my boxers. Finally, I felt him grasp my right ass cheek. This drove me over the edge. I reached down and grabbed John by the either side of his head. I then began to fuck his mouth. I was thrusting the entire length of my cock into his mouth. I felt his free hand grab my nuts. I knew I wouldn't last too much longer. I began fucking his wet mouth harder. I felt my body tense as I finally came deep into his mouth. John stayed on his knees as he sucked my dick of every last remaining drop of cum. As John stood up, I tucked my dick back into my boxers and pants. I then zipped up and buttoned my pants.

When we got back to the game we noticed some of our friends had left. We then noticed that our team had been continuing the slaughter of the other team.

“Where did everyone else go,” I asked Ben who was sitting where our group had been.

“Look at the score, I don't think too many people want to stay to watch us continually murder the other team.”

“True,” I responded.

“You wanna head back to,” John asked me.

“Yeah, we might as well.”

We then said goodbye to Ben and went back to our dorm. It was about a ten minute walk to get back to our room.

“I don't know about you,” John said with a smirk on his face, “but I'm still horny as hell.”

“Yeah, me...” John cut me off when he walked up to me and locked lips with me.

John then broke the kiss and made a mischievous smirk. He then placed his hands inside of the opening of my shirt in the front. Then, to my shock, he tore my shirt open. I heard several buttons fly across the room and hit the wall.

“But this is a new...”

He shut me up once more by locking lips with me. He used his hands to pull my shirt down and off my arms. His hands reached up and grabbed either of my breasts. Our tongues were dancing back and forth as he continued to squeeze my chest. I just relaxed and let him use me as he wanted. He then stepped back. He placed his hands on either of my shoulders and pushed me back onto his bed. Unbuckled my belt and quickly took my pants and boxers off in one quick move. I noticed John had taken off his tie and was now unbuttoned his top button.

“Payback time,” I said as I stood up.

I reached my hands out to stop his hand from unbuttoning any more buttons. I then firmly gripped his shirt and ripped it open. More buttons hit the wall before joining mine on the floor. I could tell that this turned John on even more as he began to hurriedly remove the rest of his clothing. I was then pushed back down onto his bed; this time he climbed on top of me. He leaned down to kiss me. We began to grind our cocks together, humping each other's body. Moans were filling the air. John moved his head down and lightly sucked on my left nipple. I moaned even louder. My own hands were running through John's hair and along his back.

John then stopped and got up. When I saw him open his closet door, I knew what he was going to pull out. He brought the lube over to the bed. He opened the bottle and squeezed some into his hand. He proceeded to lather up his cock, slowly stroking it. He then remounted the bed, this time on his knees between my legs.

“You ready to get fucked?”

I knew this was a rhetorical question so I didn't bother responding except for the moan I let out when the tip of his cock touched my entrance. He moved forward, I could feel pressure on my asshole. The pressure quickly intensified as his cock head slowly entered my awaiting ass. It took everything I had to prevent myself from letting out a scream. Although I had gotten more used to his cock being in my ass, it was still painful when he entered my ass. He continued to slowly press forward until he was finally all the way in. He didn't wait long before pulling almost all the way out. He then pushed back in. His continual back and forth rhythm was pretty steady: he wasn't going too slow and he wasn't going too fast, at least not yet.

He leaned forward so we could kiss. I reached up to draw his head closer to mined. Our tongues explored one another's mouths as his cock continued to pump in and out of my ass. I then felt his hand on my cock. I was in heaven since John was fucking me, kissing me, and jerking me off.

“Fuck me harder,” I whispered into his ear.

He kissed me one last time before lifting himself back up to his original position. I could feel his cock change it's pace. He began to increase the speed of his fucking. My ass was more than willing to take on this big cock by now. I reached down to replace John's hand with my own hand on my cock. I reached my other hand up to pinch his nipple and squeeze his well defined chest. He continued to drive his cock deep into my ass.

John's hands then began exploring my body, running his hands over my abs and chest. I reached up with my left hand and grabbed him by the back of the neck. I pulled his head down to mine. The three things that John did well were suck, fuck, and kiss. And now I was getting another amazing kiss from my Latin lover.

The speed at which he was fucking me never slowed down. I could tell he was close when he sat back up. He made every last thrust count. He would pull almost all the way out and then drive it all the way back in. My screams and moans became more intense.

I released my own cock as it began to release its contents onto my abs and chest. John reached down with his finger and scooped up a drop of my cum and then took his finger back to his mouth. He then did this one or two more times as he was drilling his dick into my ass.

He then removed his own cock from my ass. He began to furiously jack himself off as he remained between my legs. It only took a few seconds for his cock to erupt, spewing his cum over my body, our cum mixing together. John was spent, he just collapsed on top of me, squishing our cum between our to bodies. After a few minutes, we had recovered enough to get up and grab a towel so we could clean up.

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