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It was one of those weeks; you know, one of those weeks when you have a paper due or an exam to take in every class. It was early in the week and I had already taken two exams. As soon as I finished with class I went back to my room to grab my laptop before heading to an empty class room to work on a paper I had due the next day. I finally got back to the room at about midnight. John had just finished whatever he was working on.

“What are you up to,” John asked me.

“Not much, I think I'm gonna take a bong rip and go grab a quick shower.”

“Cool, I might hit that bong too.”

I walked over to my closet and reached behind my laundry basket. I pulled out my bong. It was a small bong, but it did the job. I sat down on the couch beside John and got the bong ready. I hit the bong then passed it over to John. After he hit it he passed it back to me.

“Why the hell not,” I said, “I finished that paper and I don't have anything else due until Friday.”

John and I both took a second bong rip. I then walked back to my closet to put the bong back. I then grabbed a towel off of my top shelf. John was talking with someone on AIM as I stripped all of my clothes off and threw them in the laundry basket. I then wrapped the towel around my waste and, grabbed my shampoo and soap, then went to the showers.

The showers on our floor were what I like to call “gang bang” showers. One big space with shower heads along the wall. However, at some point in our school's history, someone felt the need to modernize the shower. Over the showers was a system of metal bars on which shower curtains were hung. Shower curtains were the only thing separating each area around the shower heads. Since no one else was taking a shower this late, I had my choice of showers. I chose the one at the very end. I hung up my towel and stepped into the shower. I just stood there under the warm water for a while.

I then felt my cock start to grow. Well this should have been expected, I was high and naked. I reached down with my left hand and began to stroke my cock to full hardness. I stopped when I heard the shower curtain open to the shower head next to mine. I waited a few seconds before I started stroking my cock again. I was just standing there in the warm water, high as hell, stroking my hard dick. I closed my eyes and imagined the previous encounter John and I had shared.

Suddenly, a strange hand grasped my cock. I quickly opened my eyes and looked over.

“You son of a bitch! You scared me.”

“What's the matter Aaron, not happy to see me?”

The truth was I was more than happy to see John standing there.

“I figured I could use a shower as well,” he said.

John then let go of my cock. He reached over and grabbed the bottle of body wash he had brought with him. I watched as John began to slowly rub the soap over his arms, chest, and abs. He then stopped and looked over at me.

“Mind giving me a helping hand?”

Without waiting for a reply, John handed me the bottle and turned around so that his back was facing me. I squeezed some of the soap into my hand and walked towards John. I put my hands on his back and began to slowly rub the soap over every inch of his shoulders and back. I then moved my hands down to his ass. John bent forward to give me better access. As he bent forward he came in contact with the water which began to wash the soap off of his well defined and naturally tanned body.

I turned my attention back to his firm butt. I began to rub soap over his ass and thighs. finally, I reached my destination. There it was staring back at me. I placed two of my fingers at the entrance of his ass and pushed them in. John moaned. I started to slowly finger fuck my Latino roommate. I didn't wait long before adding a third finger. I was still moving very slowly, making every thrust count. I could tell this was working by the continuation of moans from John's mouth.

John then repositioned himself so that he was directly under the shower head facing the wall. He reached both hands up and leaned forward bracing himself against the wall.

“I want you to fuck me Aaron.”

“You sure?”

The night of our first sexual encounter John told me that he had only been fucked once and he was used to being a top. This was going to be my first time fucking his gorgeous ass.

“Yeah,” he replied.

I grabbed the bottle of body wash which was sitting on the small shelf under the shower head. I squeezed some into my hand. I put the body wash back and quickly lathered up my dick. I stepped forward, bringing myself closer to John's ass. I reached down with my hands and grabbed either ass cheek. As I spread his cheeks I saw what I was soon going to be fucking. I stepped a little closer so that the very tip of my dick was barely touching his asshole. John's body shuddered.

“Put it in.”

I slowly pressed forward, pushing the head of my cock into John's ass. Watching my own cock push into his ass turned me on so much. Once the head of my cock was in, I released his ass checks and grabbed his hips. I then continued to press forward, driving my cock deep into John's ass. John's ass was very tight, he obviously didn't get fucked too often. I tried not to go to fast since it had been a while since anyone had fucked him. I was finally almost all the way in.

“Hold on,” John said.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, just give me a minute to adjust.”

I waited there as John tried to adjust to my cock. While I was waiting I reached around and grabbed John's rock hard dick. I started to slowly jack him off.

“Okay,” John said after a minute.

I released his cock and placed my hands back on his hips. I then continued to thrust forward. It didn't take too much longer before I was finally buried completely in his ass. I didn't wait long before I started to pull my cock back almost all the way out. Forward all the way again.

“You can go faster than that, I'm not a little kid.”

I took this as a cue to pick up my pace. I started going a little faster. I was going at a nice steady pace. My hands then began to explore John's body: his back, his arms, his pecs, his abs, his cock, his thighs, anywhere my hands would reached. This, coupled with my fucking, drew moans from John's mouth. I then reached down and grabbed John around his chest. I pulled his body back so that his back met my chest. I continued to thrust my cock deep into his ass as I moved my head forward to kiss him at the base of his neck.

The next kiss was a little bit higher, and the one after that was even higher on his neck. I continued this until I reached his ear. I opened my mouth and lightly nibbled on his ear lobe. At the same time, my right hand was running along his chest. I would squeeze his dark nipples every time I came in contact with them. My left hand was currently on John's cock. Every time I would thrust my cock into his ass he would push backwards onto my dick. And every time I pulled back, he would thrust forward into my hand.

He then turned his head so our lips would meet. I then moved my arms up and pulled John closer to my body. With each thrust, I was moving closer and closer to the edge. I was now moving in and out of his ass as fast as I could go. Suddenly, my body got tense and I came deep into John's ass. We stayed there for a moment kissing and me holding his body close to mine.

I finally released John from my arms. He then turned around to face me.

“Now it's your turn,” I said.

I then jumped into John's arms. Good thing he caught me or I would've landed on my ass on the tiled floor. I wrapped my legs tightly around John's waist. He reached his hands down and grabbed my ass so he could hold me up. I moved my lips to his and began to kiss him. I then felt one of his hands move from my ass. He grabbed his own cock which still had some soap on it. He then moved it so that it was directly under my asshole.

I then moved my own body downwards, working his dick into my own ass. My lust helped to override the pain that I felt as his cock slowly slipped into my ass. I was doing all of the work, I just wanted John to enjoy the ride. My arms were wrapped around John, one was on his neck and the other was on his back, pulling him closer to my body so that our chests were squeezed together.

I was going up and down on his cock, trying to work as much of his cock into my ass as possible. His hands continued to support my ass as it thrust onto his cock. John then stepped closer to the wall so that I could have the support of him and the wall. However, all I needed at that point was John. We were pretty loud by that time. If anyone were to walk into the bathroom at that point it would have been unmistakable as to what was going on in the bathroom. Our kissing helped to smother out our moans, but they were still pretty audible.

I kept bouncing up and down on his huge cock and pulling his body in to mine. He started to hump upwards every time I came down with my ass so he could get every last inch of his cock into my ass. My hands began exploring every inch of his back, rubbing every well defined back muscle. I then made my way down to his ass, squeezing each cheek as he was doing to me. More moans from John as his dick moved like a jack hammer in and out of my body. This fucking had now become a joint effort on both of our parts, me bouncing up and down as hard and fast as I could and him fucking his cock in and out of my ass as fast and hard as he could.

I knew John was close when he clenched my ass cheeks with his hands. I then drove my ass down one last time and used my muscles to clench his cock as it remained deep in my ass. I could feel his dick spasm as it released its contents deep into my body. We stayed that way as his cock softened. I then released my legs from around John's waist.

We quickly cleaned up in the showers before going back to our room. We were both pretty spent by this point, the weed, being up late, and especially the sex had taken its toll on our bodies. We both jumped in our beds naked, falling fast asleep.

The next day wasn't too busy since neither of us didn't have anything else big until the end of the week. I got back to the room from studying at about 8. John was sitting there watching v and drinking a soda.

“What's up,” I said as I tossed my book bag into the corner.

“Aaron, I'm glad you're back. Listen, there's something I need to talk to you about.”

I then walked over to the couch and sat on the opposite side of the couch.

“Okay,” I said.

“You remember my friend Brad?”

Brad was John's best friend from home. Brad was also a year younger than John. Brad had come to visit John for the weekend freshman year.

“Yeah, I remember him,” I replied

How could I not remember him? Brad was HOT. Brad was around 6 feet tall. Although I never saw him with his shirt off, I knew that he was really fit. I remember the day he had arrived freshman year. He was wearing only a white t-shirt and some jean shorts. His well defined abs and pecs were quite visible through the thin white shirt. I could even make out a pair of dark brown nipples. I remember trying not to stare too long in case anyone spotted my admiration of this sexy teen. In addition to being tall and having a sexy body, Brad also had long dirty blond hair. He reminded me of the typical California surfer dude, even though he was from the mid-west.

I remember the first time John introduced us to one another. His hand shake was so firm and his hands were so big. I had to cut myself off before I stared into his dark blue eyes to long. And the smile on his face when we first met, those big, luscious lips. Well, I think you get the picture.

“Well,” John said, “he's going to visit next weekend.”


“Yeah, also, he's going to apply here for spring semester.”

You see, Brad graduated from high school a year behind John. However, Brad had decided that he wanted a semester off before going to college.

“Sweet,” I said, “I'm sure he'll like it.”

“Yeah, when we were in high school, we made a pact to go to the same college. And, since I came here, he decided he'd follow.”

“Wow,” I said, “that's a true friend.”

“Which brings me to something else. You see, Brad and I are more than just best friends.”

I didn't pick up on what he was saying at first. I was just sitting there with a questioning look on my face. Then it clicked.

“You mean that you and Brad...”

“We have a relationship. He's my boyfriend.”

“But what about what we have been doing?”

“Well, it's kind of an open ended relationship when I'm away at school. Since we knew we would only see each other during the summer and winter until he graduated, we decided we would be able to see other people while we remain boyfriends.”

“Wow,” was all that I could muster up.

“Why haven't you told me this before?”

“I didn't know how you would react, if it would freak you out or anything. Honestly, he doesn't mind that we fuck around.”

“You've told him.”

“Yeah, I told him we fuck around and he was fine with it. In fact, he wanted to know if all three of us could fool around when he visits this weekend.”

In addition to processing everything I was just told, I was now being asked if I wanted to be part of my first threesome.

“Hell yeah,” I replied.

“Sweet, I'll get on AIM and tell him now.”

I knew, without a doubt, this was going to be a great weekend.

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