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“Okay, take the forth right once you get on campus and that should take you right to our parking lot. And remember, our room is 106.”

It was late Friday night and Johns friend Brad had just arrived on campus to spend a couple of days and to visit the campus since he would be going there the following semester. After about five minutes the door knob turned and Brad opened the door.

Even though I had seen Brad before, I was speechless when he entered the room. He had grown since freshman year and was definitely hotter. Brad was now about 6'2”. He had changed his hair since freshman year. It was now short and “flipped” up in the front. He was wearing a tight white t-shirt, just like the first time I saw him, which show cased his muscles, which he had obviously worked hard to tone. I broke my trance as he reached his hand out to shake mine.

“Hey Aaron, how's it been going?”

“It's been going good. You?”

“Well I'd probably be doing better if I didn't have to make such a long ass drive to get here.”

Brad then tossed his bag on the floor beside John's bed.

“Well, I guess we should celebrate your arrival,” John said while looking at Brad.

John then walked over to his desk, opened the top drawer, and pulled out a nicely rolled joint.

“Good idea” said Brad.

Upon John's suggestion I turned on the tv and the black lights and turned off the room light. I then opened the window, and joined Brad and John on the couch. It didn't take long for the effects of the joint to kick in. We were all sitting on the couch and watching some movie on tv.

I then felt something touch my crotch. I quickly looked down to see that John's hand was fondling for my zipper.

“Let me help you with that,” I said as I stood up and took off my shorts and boxers.

I guess John and Brad figured that I had a good idea since they were soon standing and stripping their clothes off. We all then sat back down on the couch with John between Brad and myself. John then moved his right hand back to my crotch. I gasped as his hand gripped my rock hard cock. I then watched as his other hand took hold of Brad's cock. I couldn't help but to admire Brad's cock. He had a bout 6 ½ inches of uncut cock. I was turned on as I watched the foreskin cover up the cock head with every jerk of John's hand.

I was so focused in on Brad's cock that I didn't noticed John's head moving towards me. I felt John's luscious lips lock with mine. I then took my concentration off of Brad's cock and focused on the kiss I was getting from my Latino roommate. However, the kiss was short lived. Before I knew it, John had broken our kiss and was lip-locked with Brad.

While John was lip-locked with Brad I removed his hand from my cock and got up off of the couch. I quickly moved onto the ground, kneeling between John's legs. I heard John moaned as my mouth made its way down his cock's thick shaft. I noticed that John's left hand was still going up and down the shaft of Brad's cock. I continued my oral assault on John's cock, licking and sucking on every inch of his cock and sucking down the generous amount of pre-cum that his cock was producing. To prevent John from reaching his orgasm too quickly, I soon removed my mouth from his cock.

I then repositioned myself between Brad's muscular legs. While John was still jacking-off Brad, I opened my mouth and took in Brad's balls. After gently sucking on Brad's nut sack, I moved my head back, dropping his balls from my mouth. I then stuck out my tongue and began to lick every single inch of Brad's nuts. Brad's moans let me know that he was enjoying this experience.

I then moved my tongue up to the base of Brad's uncut cock. John removed his hand as I slowly moved my tongue up the underside of Brad's dick. Once I reached the head of Brad's cock, I lifted up my hand and drew back the foreskin away from the head of the cock head. I then lowered my head and stuck out my tongue. I heard John moan as the tip of my tongue touched the slit at the very tip of Brad's cock. I moved my tongue in a circular motion around the slit which led to more moans from Brad. I then expanded my circle, licking every inch of his cock's head. I lifted my head up when I felt motion on the couch.

John stood up and then climbed up onto the couch in front of Brad and directly above me. I stared on in lust as John directed his cock towards Brad's full red lips. Brad parted his lips to allow John's cock to enter. John began to slowly push his cock deep into Brad's mouth. This obviously wasn't Brad's first time sucking John's huge cock since it wasn't that hard for Brad to take all of it into his mouth. John began rocking back and forth, moving his cock into and out of Brad's mouth. I then noticed John's hands reach down and grab Brad's head as he began to quicken his pace. John like to be the dominant one in most sexual encounters and this one was no different.

I then turned back towards Brad's waiting cock which I had almost forgotten. I moved the foreskin back down and opened my mouth. I then took just the head of Brad's cock into my mouth and closed my lips. I began to lightly suck and massage the head with my tongue. I could just barely hear Brad's muffled moans. As I sucked and licked on the head of his cock, I moved my right hand up and began to slowly stroke the shaft of Brad's cock. I moved my other hand up and began to rub Brad's well-defined body. I made sure to touch every inch of his hairless chest and abs. I then pinched his left nipple and began to lightly tug on it. I then took his left breast into my hand and squeezed his large peck which obviously saw the gym quite often.

I then removed my right hand from Brad's cock and my left hand from his chest. I used both hands to grab either of Brad's ass cheeks. I began to move my mouth down Brad's cock. Since his cock was an average size, it didn't take me too long to engulf his entire cock. I began moving my mouth up and down the shaft of Brad's teen cock. At first I moved very slowly; however, I quickly quickened the pace. As I was moving up and down the shaft of Brad's dick I removed my right hand from his ass cheek. I placed it at his balls and began to lightly squeeze Brad's nut sack. I felt one of Brad's hands on the back of my head as I continually moved my mouth up and down every single inch of his cock. With each downward motion I would bury my nose in his trimmed pubic hair. I then removed my mouth and jacked Brad off as I looked up to watch the action that was occurring directly above me. John was still pounding away at Brad's mouth.

I only watched that action for a few seconds before I moved back to Brad's cock. I continued jacking him off as I lowered my mouth onto the head of his cock. I was furiously moving my hand up and down the entire length of Brad's cock as I sucked and licked furiously on his cock's head. When Brad began to hump upwards I figured he must have been close to his climax. When he tensed up I moved my head back and watched as his cock spewed cum all over his own body, landing all over his chest and abs.

I then looked up to see the fucking that Brad's mouth was still receiving. However, my attention was drawn away from the mouth-fucking to something else I saw. I moved back a little and stood up. I was now standing directly behind John who was standing up and leaning forward on the couch. John turned his head when he felt my hands grab his ass cheeks. He then turned back around to focus on fucking Brad's mouth. I bent forward and stuck out my tongue as I closed in on John's asshole. I moved my tongue in circles around the outside of his pucker. I then pushed my tongue forward on the center of his asshole. I continued to thrust my tongue forward, getting it as far into John's ass as I could. I began moving my tongue in and out of John's tight asshole. This tongue fucking must have sent John over the edge. John thrust forward one last time as his muscles tensed up. John released his sperm deep into Brad's throat.

After a few seconds John withdrew his softening cock from Brad's mouth. John then got down on the couch, straddled on Brad's legs. John moved in and kissed Brad. The two began making out while swapping John's cum between there two lips. I could only stand there and watch in lust. John then moved his mouth down to Brad's chest and stomach and proceeded to lick up every drop of Brad's cum. Once this job was complete, John stood up and faced me.

“Looks like you're the only one who hasn't been taken care of yet.”

John then reached over and gave my hard cock a few jerks.

“You want to take care of this problem,” John asked Brad. Brad nodded in acknowledgment.

John told me to lay down on my bed. I walked over and climbed up an my bed and lied down on my back. I spread my legs as Brad climbed onto the bed. He was now on all fours between my legs. I watched as Brad lowered his head to my cock. Brad looked up and gazed into my eyes for a brief second before taking my entire cock into his mouth.

I was so turned on by watching my cock disappear into his mouth. As Brad began to suck on my cock, John stood at the foot of the bed with a bottle of ky jelly he had gotten from his closet. I watched on as he put some of the lube onto his index and middle fingers. He lowered his hand towards Brad's ass. I decided to sit up a little so I could get a somewhat decent view of John's fingers entering Brad's ass. Brad moaned as John's fingers penetrated his ass. I couldn't see much from my angle except the motion of John's hand back and forth as he lubed up Brad's asshole. I decided to lay back down all the way with my head propped up by my pillows so I could watch Brad's lips move up and down n the shaft of my cock.

“Okay, you're all lubed up,” John said to Brad.

At that point Brad lifted up, leaving my cock standing straight up. Brad moved forward on the bed so that he was straddling my waist with his knees on either side of my hips. Brad then looked over at John who moved around to the side of the bed. John grabbed my cock with the hand which had been lubed. John then jerked my cock, spreading the lube on my cock. After a few jerks, Brad lifted himself up a little and moved back so that his asshole was hovering right over my pecker. John held my cock in place so Brad could take it into his own ass easier.

Brad then began to move his ass back and down until the head of my cock was brushing across his pucker. I then felt my own cock move past Brad's sphincter into his asshole. Brad adjusted for a few brief seconds before continuing to lower himself down the shaft of my cock. I was almost in a trance, watching my cock disappear into the asshole of this angel. It didn't take long for Brad to take the entire length of my cock into his asshole. Compared to John's thick cock, mine must have been a breeze. Brad just sat there for a second with my cock buried deep in his ass.

Brad then began to lift up. I continued in my trance-like state staring at my cock which was now emerging from Brad's ass. Once my cock was almost all of the way out of his ass, Brad steadily pressed his ass downwards, taking the entire length once more. I then broke my gaze with my cock to look up at Brad's face. Brad had a big grin on his beautiful face as he looked backed down at me.

“You likin' this?”

“Hell yeah, I'm likin' this.”

With that, Brad continued to fuck up and down on my pole at a steady pace. I then reached up and grabbed Brad's nipples with my fingers, pinching and squeezing those small dark brown nipples. After some nipple play I reached up with my right hand and pulled Brad's head towards my own. Our lips met as my cock continued to go in and out of this hot teen's ass. The kiss didn't last long since Brad wanted to concentrate solely on fucking his own ass with my dick.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that John was walking towards me. I looked over and noticed that his cock was now fully erect once more. As he came closer to my I knew where he wanted to put that raging hardon. John moved in so that his cock was right beside my face. I turned my head so that I was now face-to-face with his thick fuck-pole. I stuck out my tongue and licked up the precum which had gathered on the head of John's cock.

I then parted my lips to allow John full access to my mouth. John then stepped forward a little bit more and began to feed his cock into my hungry mouth. I opened my mouth as far as I could to accommodate John's thick cock. John slowly slid his cock as far into my mouth as he could. I could feel the thick veins in his cock as the passed by my lips into my waiting mouth. When his cock was in as far as it would go, or at least as far as I could take, I signaled for John to stop. He understood and began to slowly pull back out. He stopped when just the head of his cock was in my mouth. I took this opportunity to lick and suck on the head of his cock.

At the same time, Brad was going up and down on my hard cock as fast as he could. A slapping sound could be heard every time his ass cheeks came in contact with my body on each downward thrust. John had started sliding his cock back into my mouth, this time going a little bit faster. At this point I was just lying there on my bed and not having to do any work whatsoever. Brad was doing all the work with regard to my fucking his fine ass and John was doing all of the work with regards to fucking my face.

My hands were continuously exploring the teenage body that was riding my dick. At the same time John was steadily increasing his pace, driving his cock in and out of my mouth. I couldn't help but run my hands over every inch of Brad's almost hairless body that I could reach, his back, his chest, his abs, his thighs, his ass. I guess John had a similar idea; I felt John's right hand reach across my body and grab my left nipple. My moans became more intense as he began to squeeze. One of Brad's hands then reached down and pinched my other nipple. This drove me further to the point of no return. I had one guy fucking his ass with my cock, another guy using my mouth as his fuck-hole, each guy was pinching one of my nipples.

I felt a tingling sensation in my balls. I knew what that meant: I was on the verge of spewing my load deep into Brad's ass. I would have yelled out that I was getting ready to cum if my mouth wasn't stuffed full with John's large cock. I started thrusting my hips upward, meeting Brad's downward thrusts. I was so close, I knew I was about to cum. Up and down, up and down, I continued my thrusts. I reached the point of know return and thrust myself upwards one last time as Brad drove himself down on my cock. It was one of my most intense orgasms as I released all of my cum, shot after shot, deep in Brad's ass. Once the last drop left my cock, I collapsed. However, I was not done.

Brad slowly climbed off of me as John continued to fuck my face. As fast as John was going, he had to be close to cumming. Brad was now standing beside John, Jacking himself off as fast as he could. When John's lustful eyes saw Brad standing there, he pulled his dick out of my mouth. John then motioned Brad over to the bed. Once Brad was beside the bed, he bent over, resting his hands on the bed right beside me. I couldn't see much from the angle I was at; however, I knew John was entering Brad's ass when I saw a look of pain on Brad's face. This pain quickly subsided as Brad turned his head and locked-lips with John.

Not wanting to be left out, I reached over with my right hand and began to jack Brad's cock. However, I quickly realized that all I needed to do was to hold my hand there. With every thrust John made, Brad's body was also thrust forward. Brad's body would then move back a little when John pulled his cock back. This motion allowed me to hold my hand still while Brad's cock fucked it. I then saw John's left hand slap Brad's left ass cheek. This called a small yelp to come from Brad's mouth.

From the squishing sounds that John's cock made as it drove into Brad's cum-filled ass, I could tell that John was fucking Brad pretty fast and pretty hard. After a few minutes I heard a slapping sound as John's balls must have been slapping against Brad's ass. I couldn't believe that Brad was taking John's cock so easily.

John didn't last to much longer before he thrust himself into Brad one last time. I continued to jack off Brad as John came into his ass. That sensation must have taken Brad over t he edge because he came soon after, shooting his cum onto my chest and onto my bed.

We all just stayed there for a minute, resting and taking in what had just happened among the three of us. We then cleaned up, smoked a little more weed, and sat back down on the couch to watch a movie. All I could think about was what a great start to the weekend this was.

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