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I have always been an early riser: I usually wake up before everyone else. That day was no different. When I woke up I just layed there in my bed with my eyes closed, thinking about everything that had happened the night before. Once I had gone over all of the events in my head, I got up and went to the showers.

When I got back in the room, I saw that Brad had gotten up and was getting his stuff together to take his shower. By the time I had gotten completely dressed, Brad was on his way back from the shower.

“I'm getting ready to run into town to get some breakfast from McDonald's. You want anything?”

“Yeah, I might as well, I'm sure John will sleep in.”

“Yeah, he likes to sleep in. One of the things I've learned this year is to let him sleep in on the weekend.”

Once Brad got dressed, we went out to my car and drove into town. I decided to take the back roads into town so I could show Brad the scenery. Also, the back road was rarely traveled by the police or any other travelers.

I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit with an orange juice. Brad got the same. We decided we would eat there so we could get to know each other a little better. We talked about school, home, and everything else under the sun. Before I knew it, 30 minutes had passed. We finished up and got into the car. I then drove down the road and turned onto the back road.

“Aaron,” said Brad.


“Can you pull over for a second.”

Not knowing why Brad would want me to pull over, I fulfilled his request. Once I pulled over on the side of the road, I turned to him.

“Is something wrong?”

“No nothing at all,” he said with a mischievous grin on his face.

I jumped when Brad's hand reached over to my crotch. I relaxed when I realized what Brad was doing. Good thing I had only worn a pair of sweat shorts and some boxers. I lifted myself up as Brad slid my boxers and sweat shorts down below my balls. Once I had done everything I needed to do, I started the car back up and pulled back onto the road.

I must admit that getting road head had always been one of my top fantasies. My other top fantasy was to be in a threesome which I had fulfilled the night before. I was praying that this weekend would be filled with a lot more firsts.

It was so hard to concentrate on the road when Brad's hand reached out and grabbed my cock which was starting to get hard by this point. Brad began to slowly jerk his hand up and down the shaft of my cock until it was standing at a fully erect state.

I 'm pretty sure I was going below the speed limit. However, no one else was on the road and it was hard for me to focus on the road while this gorgeous teen hunk was about to give me road head. I watched out of the corner of my eye as Brad moved towards me and bent down to bring his head closer to my rock hard cock.

I accidentally pushed down on the accelerator when I felt his mouth engulf the head of my cock. I tried to refocus my attention to the road as Brad's lips made their way down the shaft of my dick. John then began to bob his head up and down on my cock which was now leaking a large amount of pre-cum. I reduced my speed some more.

I then had an idea. I accelerated a little bit and set the cruise control on my car. I probably would have thought of that sooner if I wasn't getting head from this blond haired hunk. I glanced down quickly to see that Brad's head was still bobbing up and down.

As tempted as I was to continue looking down at Brad, I quickly looked back up to keep my eyes on the road. Whenever I would hit an area where the road was straight, I would glance down and watch Brad suck my dick for a while.

I was more horny than I normally am because I was getting head where anyone who drove by or drove behind me could possibly see. The idea of possibly being caught drove me wild. I quickly tried to calm myself down so I could continue to focus on the road.

As we were getting closer to campus, I was getting closer to my orgasm. Brad could probably tell I was close so he removed my cock from his mouth and grabbed it with his hand. He began jacking my cock off with his hand. His head lowered onto my cock and he took in just the head of my cock. Brad was now bobbing up and down on the head of my cock while his hand jerked the shaft of my cock.

I glanced down once more to watch this hot action. It turned me on so much, I knew I was about to cum. Brad quickly removed his hand when my hips began to slightly move upwards, fucking my cock into hot wet mouth. It only took a few fucks for me to cum into Brad's mouth. I quickly turned my attention to the road to take the next turn.

Brad lapped up the last drop of my cum as we pulled onto campus. Brad then stuffed my softening cock back into my boxers as we pulled into the parking lot.

When we got back to the room, Brad and myself ate our food and watched some tv. John was still fast asleep on his bed. Around 1:00pm, Brad decided it was a good time to wake up John. Brad then stood up and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He then pulled his hardening dick through the flap in his boxers. I looked at Brad with a quizzical look. Brad motioned for me to get up and follow him.

I got up off the couch and stood beside Brad who was standing beside John's bed. I was still trying to figure out what Brad was doing until I saw that he was jacking his cock off and aiming his prick at John's face. I put my hands over my mouth to prevent my laughter from waking up John.

I watched intensely as Brad's fist stroked the entire length of his rock hard dick. I quickly decided that I wanted to help Brad with his plan. I got Brad to step back so that I could kneel down between Brad and the bed.

It didn't take long for Brad's cock to make it's way into my mouth. Since Brad seemed to want to do all of the work, I just stayed there and let Brad fuck my mouth. Brad was thrusting pretty fast in and out of my mouth. My right hand quickly made its way up Brad's right jean-covered leg. It didn't take long for my hand to reach his ass. I began squeezing and pulling him towards me as much as possible.

I then moved my left hand up to his waist I quickly fumbled around for a moment before my hand made it's way in between John's shirt and jean. I reached up further and felt his bare skin with my hand. I slowly made my way upwards, rubbing his abs. When I reached his chest, I reached over and grabbed his nipple. My pinching his nipple caused a few low moans from Brad. After a minute of nipple play, I removed my hand from Brad's shirt.

I quickly moved my hand around to the front of Brad's jeans. I reached into the flap in Brad boxers and grabbed his balls in my hand. I began to gently juggle his balls between my fingers as I continued to use my mouth as his fuck-toy.

While all of this was going on, I had been using my right hand to pull Brad's jeans down to his knees. I then used my right hand to reach up into the legs of Brad's boxers. I made my way across Brad's ass cheek until I found his pucker. Brad quickly tensed up as my finger circled the entrance of his tight teen asshole. Brad began thrusting harder when my index finger made it's way into his asshole.

This action must have driven Brad over the edge since he quickly removed his cock from my mouth and got me to move out of the way. He then moved over directly beside John's bed and directly in front of his face.

Splat, the first shot hit him directly on the forehead. Splat, the second shot hit his nose. Splat, the third shot landed on his lips. By now John started waking up as the last few drops landed around his mouth.

“What the fuck!”

John opened his eyes to see Brad's softening cock which had just shot cum over his face.

“I thought you needed a wake up call...I mean facial,” replied John laughingly.

I was now on the floor on my back laughing my ass off.

“Oh, you were in on it to asshole?”

I was cracking up so much, I couldn't reply.

“Well you know what they say,” said John.

“Yeah, what's that,” asked Brad.

“Pay back's a bitch!”

With that, John jumped out of bed and grabbed Brad. John threw Brad down on his bed. John, still standing, quickly stripped off the only thing he was wearing: his boxers. John's big thick cock popped out and started to come to life. John bent over and grabbed Brad's jeans which were around his ankles. While John quickly struggled to take off Brad's jeans, Brad took off his own shirt.

“You ready to learn your lesson,” John asked Brad.

“Oh yeah baby, teach me my lesson.”

John then walked over to his closet to get some lube. On his way back to the bed, John turned to me.

“You better strip down Aaron, you're gonna help me teach Brad his lesson.”

I was more than happy to join in on whatever action was about to take place.

“Oh,” said Brad, “I'm so lucky, I get two teachers to help me learn my lesson.”

John then ordered Brad to roll over on his stomach. John applied some of the lube to the fingers on his right hand. I finished taking my clothes off as John's index and middle fingers made their way into Brad far-from-virgin asshole. I gave my dick a few tugs as John started finger-fucking Brad's asshole. It didn't take long for Brad to add a third finger. Soon after that, a forth finger was added. Brad was letting out some muffled moans at this point.

Once John thought Brad's asshole was ready, he applied some lube to his own thick cock. John moved so that he was on his knees directly behind Brad's asshole. I looked on in a trance as John took his big juicy cock and led it into Brad's hungry asshole. Once John's cock was in he began to slowly press forward, driving his cock deep into Brad's ass. Inch by inch, John's cock disappeared into that beautiful bubble butt.

“You ready to learn your lesson,” John asked Brad.

The only response was a muffled “Oh yeah.”

John rested for a second to let Brad adjust to the cock which had been up his ass countless times. John then began to slowly fuck Brad's ass. John would pull almost all the way out and then slowly push the entire length of his large cock all the way in. This action was so hot that I was now furiously jerking my own cock. However, I kept wondering how John was going to include me in teaching Brad a lesson.

It wasn't long before my question was answered. John thrust his cock all the way into Brad's ass then stopped for a second. John then lied flat on Brad's back and reached his arms around to embrace Brad's body. John then rolled towards his side and eventually onto his back. John was now on his back on his bed. Brad was laying on his back on John's chest and abs. Most importantly, John's cock was still deep inside Brad's ass. I could see that John was squeezing Brad's tits and squeezing his nipples. As this was going on, John looked over at me.

“Aaron, get some of that lube and put a shit load of it on your cock.”

I followed his orders without question. Once I had a good amount of lube on my cock I awaited further instructions from John.

“Aaron, the lesson Brad is going to learn today is that it is a bad idea to mess with me. And to teach Brad that lesson, he's going to experience his first double fuck.”

“Whoa,” said John in a scared and confused voice.

“Come on baby, you know you want to see how it feels. Think about it, two cocks up your sexy ass at the same time. Two cocks fucking your ass and emptying their contents deep into your bowels. Besides, you owe me after my wake up call.”

“Okay, I'll try it, but if it gets too bad I'm gonna tell you to stop.”

“Sure, okay,” John said as he winked at me.

I took that as my cue. I quickly climbed onto the bed so that I was kneeling between John's and Brad's legs. My cock was pointing towards Brad's cock which was already stuffed with John's thick cock. I then moved forward so that my cock's head was only centimeters away from John's cock and Brad's waiting asshole. Brad shuddered as the tip of my prick came into contact with the entrance to his ass.

“Oh God,” was the only thing that Brad said as the tip of my cock began to make its way into Brad's asshole. It was so tight I didn't know if I could make it all the way in, there was so much pressure between the upper wall of Brad's ass and John's thick cock. John held Brad close to his body as I began to push forward very slowly. I could see the pain in Brad's face as I continued pushing into his ass.

This look of pain turned me on, especially the fact that mine and John's double fuck was the reason for the pain. The pleasure I was feeling almost made me miss it when John placed his hand over Brad's mouth to keep him from screaming. I looked down to watch my cock as it slowly disappeared into the depths of Brad's hungry ass. I wish I could have taken a picture of the view I had, looking down to see to cocks being stuffed into the same teenage ass.

“Feels good doesn't it,” asked John.

“Yeah, this makes it so tight having another cock with more pressure.”

“Oh yeah it feels great. The problem is, I'm worried that Brad is going to like this, and then he wouldn't have learned to not fuck with me. In fact, this may end up teaching him to fuck with me.”

I laughed a little at John's remarks. My cock was almost all the way into Brad's ass. I could feel my balls brush up against John's balls. This sensation caused us both to moan. I then continued pushing forward until my cock was buried in Brad's ass. I then stopped so I could soak in the feeling and so Brad's ass could adjust as much as possible. I could only imagine the pain of two cocks stuffed in my ass. Shit, I was turned on even more...if that was even possible.

“Oh fuck,” said Brad through John's fingers which were still covering his mouth.

John then looked up towards me and smiled.

“Alright, he's had enough time to adjust.”

With that, John and myself began pulling our cocks out. Once our cocks were almost all the way out, we thrust them back into John's ass. I wish I could begin to describe the pleasure I was receiving from fucking John's tight ass with John's huge cock squeezing against mine. I looked at John's face and saw the same pleasure. The fucking which was giving John and myself so much pleasure, was giving Brad plenty of pain, at least at the moment.

At that point John and I were fucking fairly slowly into Brad's ass. Although John wanted to teach Brad a lesson, he didn't want to hurt him...too much. John's hands were running along John's chest and abs . I noticed that Brad had not let out any loud screams in a while. I decided to bend down and start making out with Brad.

It wasn't long before I broke off the kiss with Brad and moved to John's face. By now John and I were thrusting pretty long and hard into Brad's ass. Brad had begun moaning with pleasure by this point. Brad was squeezed tightly between John and myself and our cocks squeezed tightly into Brad's ass. Brad's arms wrapped around my back and his hand moved down to my ass. Each of his hands squeezed an ass cheek. Brad then pulled my ass so that my cock drove as deep into his ass as possible.

I then noticed that Brad had started humping his cock between our bodies. Obviously he was now receiving as much pleasure from this double fuck as either John or me. I began thrusting as hard as I could against John's dick and into Brad's tight ass. It wasn't long before I felt my balls tighten. I then thrust deep into Brad one last time before exploding deep into his ass. I stopped thrusting and just layed there on top of Brad as he caressed my back.

I felt John's cock continue to thrust against mine and into Brad. I could feel John's pace quicken as he was thrusting deep into Brad's bowels. A few more thrusts and John stopped. I could feel his cock erupt since our dicks were still being squeezed together. Only a few seconds later Brad sprayed his cum between his and my bodies. We all just layed there after the most intense sexual experience any of us had had up to that point.

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