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"Hey A, how are you and Kass doing?"

It had been two weeks since I had asked Kass out for lunch on a date after my performance at El Vaso. We had been texting back and forth for a few days and met up for lunch whenever we could. I guess we were unofficially going out by this point.

I sat up and leaned on the backboard of my bed and pressed reply to Sebastian's text. I wrote, "It's been pretty nice, it's been a few weeks so I guess we're going out now. Why?"

His response came a minute later.

"Carol and I wanted to go get dinner and drinks tonight at 7ish, you guys want to join?"

I looked at the clock, it was 1pm on Saturday. "Sure, I'll text her now."

I went to my recent text messages and looked up Kass' messages.

"Hey, Kass, Seb and Carol wanted to go get dinner at around 7, want me to pick you up?"

She replied three minutes later, "Sure would be fun :)"

I texted Sebastian a reply saying we were good for tonight.

"Awesome, see you guys there then, A."


I spent a few hours cleaning my apartment. I had opened up a Pandora playlist and it helped me kill the time until I had to pick Kass up. I always liked typing in Kacey Musgraves under artist and listening to that playlist. Read: Sad country songs about love.

Once 5PM rolled around, I grabbed what I was going to wear and hopped into the shower.

I used a coconut scented soap to wash my hair because Kass said it made my hair smell nice and began to soap up my body.

I absentmindedly lingered on my dick and balls and didn't notice it until I felt myself working up a chub.

Great, I thought, now I'm going to have to jack off.

In the two weeks Kass and I had been hanging out we hadn't had sex yet. Not for her lack of trying, though- I just wasn't interested in her that way. Whenever we would make out in my car she would reach for my crotch which signaled that she wanted to go further.

At this point I would lie and tell her I wasn't looking to mess up what we had with sex. I wanted our first time together to be special and not in the driver seat of my car because we were both hot. This, of course, was a lie. I had no interest in sleeping with her - I just really liked her company and having someone to talk to throughout the day. The make-out sessions were a plus.

Now, in the confines of my shower, I had worked up a full boner thinking about our make-out sessions. She was very good with her mouth, really. I just always pictured someone else while making out with her.

I continued to rub my dick using the soap as lubricant. I though back to the time I hooked up with a 30 some year old guy I met on Craigslist at my apartment. I didn't really know too much about him other than his name. I just knew I wanted someone to fuck with and he was at the right place at the right time.

Thinking back to our hook up, I began to stroke my dick faster. I thought of the way he took control away from me and used his tongue to lick around all the sensitive areas of my body to drive me crazy.

I remember his taking my nipples in his mouth one at a time, and licking them around and around in slow circles. I got goosebumps in my arms thinking about the way he would begin to lightly nibble on them as he played with my balls. I pinched my nipples and rolled my balls with the other hand to remember the feeling better.

I could feel my breath getting faster and my dick getting harder.

I remember the way he bent me down on my couch and plunged his dick inside me as I grabbed on to the couch for support.

I placed my left hand under and behind my balls and began to apply pressure to my taint while my right hand continued to stroke my dick. I was breathing heavier and heavier as I got closer to cumming. The feeling was so great I stood on my tip toes and clenched my ass as I kept rubbing my dick.

I thought back to when I had Sebastian sit on my shoulders and lean forward, his soft dick resting on my head. I wanted so bad to see what he was packing- to have his hard dick in my mouth.

Before I realized the change my mind just took, I started to cum along my shower wall. I could feel my abs and balls contract in an effort to push out my cum. I leaned my head on the wall and began to mutter something as I continued to cum.

As I came down from my high, I realized I wasn't just saying a random word. I was saying a name. I was saying Sebastian.


I left my apartment at 6:20 wearing a denim button up shirt I liked, some green chinos, and my favorite pair of sand colored Aldo boots and took the 15 minute drive to Kass' house.

Kass lived on the nice side of our town- The Country Club. The Country Club was a cluster of around 250 high-end houses. Kass told me they moved into her house when she was 3 when her father got a job at our local welding facility. She also told me she was living at home while she got her degree and then planned to move up-state to study nursing at the University of Texas at Austin.

I parked in her drive-way, walked towards her front door, and rang her doorbell. Kass answered the door.

"Hey Alex," she kissed me on the cheek, "come in, my parents aren't home." She held my hand and led me into her home. "You look really nice. I just need to put on my shoes and we can go."

I decided to wait for her downstairs in the kitchen and help myself to a glass of water. I took out my phone and texted Sebastian.

"Hey dude, picking Kass up. Be there in a few mins."

His response came a minute later.

"Ok man just hurry. Carol just got here and I know she's going to eat all the fucking food if you guys don't get here in time."

I smiled at his text. I still wasn't sure what it was, but his asshole-ish commentary always cracked me up.

"Hey Alex, I'm ready to - damn. What's with the smile? You have the same look I get when I see a cute puppy on Facebook."

I looked up to see Kass wearing a pretty white top and yellow skirt. She also added a brown leather belt to her outfit to accent her waist. She looked very pretty.

"No, it was something stupid Sebastian texted me. Wow. You look really pretty, though."

"Thanks," she smiled, "We should get going, though. We don't want to be late."