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"I want you to meet them, Lex." Jay played with my hair as I laid my head on his lap.

"Okay," I said. "When did they want to get together?"

"Well, our project is due Friday morning. We wanted to record it Thursday around 6 or 7 PM."

"And are you sure they want me to be there?"

"Yes!" Jay laughed. "Lizzie's heard you sing before and wants to meet you. Sam and Kurt, too."

Sam and Kurt where two of Jay's music friends. They had been taking classes together since sophomore year. Lizzie was added to their group because they needed a fourth person.

"I mean, yeah I'll help you guys record your project. It actually sounds really cool. I can't believe you haven't let me see you guys practice."

Jay's laugh filled his dorm. I could feel his thighs vibrate under my head as he laughed. "I told you, I wanted you to be surprised. Besides, we weren't ready." Jay's hand moved down to my chin and he rubbed against the grain of my facial hair.

"You should shave," he said.

I laughed at him and moved my face away from his hand. "I told you already. If I shave all of it off, I look like a baby."

"Okay," Jay's hands returned to my face. "It's not too bad anyways. I like you looking all gruff." The "gruff" Jay was referring to was the perpetual 5 O'clock shadow I had on my face.

I looked up at the blonde guy trying to watch his basketball game. "Hey, Jay."

"What's up?"

I smiled as he looked away from his game and down at me. "Love you," I said.

Jay laughed. "Love you, too, Lex."

Jay leaned down and kissed my forehead. I snuggled my head into his thighs and watched the basketball game with him. Even if I wasn't interested in it, it mattered to him so it mattered to me.


Meeting Sam and Kurt was interesting. I didn't want to sound like a dick but music majors were ... different.

Other than Jay, I hadn't hung out much with music majors - Sam and Kurt being the only other ones. Not to say they weren't great guys, they were just different to the Biology students I was used to hanging out with. Science students could be so uptight most of the time myself included. Music majors were another story.

As we set up some chairs and audio equipment in the park, I got to know a little more about Sam, Kurt and Lizzie. The more I spoke to them, the more I realized how much work being a music major was. For so long, I thought my science degree was hard. I never realized how much more work and time went into being a music major. Between tests and projects and practice hours, I had no idea how Jay had any free time to spend with me.

I sent him a smile as I saw him set the microphones on.

"Ok," Sam said. "Alex, here." He handed me a video camera and I secured it to my hand. "We'll let you know when to start but, when you do, just make sure all four of us come out in the video."

"Got it, boss," I said.

"Ok, guys," Sam sat on one of the chairs. "Let's get ready."

Lizzie sat in front of Jay while Sam sat in front of Kurt. When they got comfortable, they took some breaths and got ready to do whatever the hell they were going to do. Waiting for the signal, I stood a few feet away from them with the camera on its tripod ready to record.

Sam turned his head to look at me and gave me a nod. With that signal, I pressed record. What I saw next surprised the fuck out of me.

As one, they all began to play patty cake with Jay and Sam humming. Kurt joined them later with a low "da-dum" pattern. Out of nowhere Lizzie began to sing.

"This was all you none of it me.

You put your hands on my body and told me you told me you were ready.

For the big one for the big jump, everlasting you and me.

That was what you told me."

I raised my eyebrows in surprise. The way their patty cake and singing matched up perfectly was crazy to watch. Each one of them was so talented I couldn't look away.

As Lizzie finished singing her part, Sam and Kurt took on the next verse of the song.

"I was too strong you were trembling.

You couldn't handle the hot heat rising baby, I'm still rising.

I was running, you were walking you couldn't keep up.

You were falling down.

There's only one way down."

Sam and Kurts voices blended so well together it was fascinating to hear them complement each other's so well.

"If you're ready, if you're ready, if you're ready I'm ready.

If you're ready, if you're ready we both know we ain't kids no more.

No, we ain't kids no more."

As the song was getting to its close, I kept waiting for Jay to sing his part. He had told me earlier that he had picked a special part for me. I realized his part was coming up when he locked eyes with me and winked.

I felt a small flutter inside my stomach when he did that.

"I'm giving you up I've forgiven it all.

You set me free.

Send my love to your new lover treat her better.

We got to let go of all of our ghosts.

We both know we ain't kids no more."

"Guys! That was amazing," I said as they lowered their hands and relaxed.

"Thanks, Alex," Lizzie smiled. "We're really happy you think so."

"Yeah," Sam took a sip of his water bottle lying next to him. "Let's try it one more time. From the top."

I locked eyes with Jay one more time as he blew me a quick kiss when no one was looking. I smiled and winked back at him.


Send my love to your new lover treat her better.

We got to let go of all of our ghosts.

We both know we ain't kids no more.



I know I messed up I knew it every time he looked at me. I was just so scared he was going to leave me that I did and said anything to keep him.

If he knew the truth, he'd leave me anyways, though.

God, I'm in deep shit.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and texted Diana.

-          D, need to talk to you. Can we meet at your place?

Her reply came a few minutes later.

-          Of course. Meet me here in 15.

As I drove to my best friends place, I prayed for a way that this could still turn alright.