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"When the sun slowly chases the moon from the sky

And touches your face as you open your eyes.

What are you thinking do you like what you see?

Is it all that you dream of?

Or do you wish it was me?"

"Leave it there! Leave it there!"

I turned to look at the backseat and smiled at Lily. "You want me to leave it there? Since when have you liked country, baby?"

I turned back to face the road but saw her shrug through the rear-view mirror. "This boy at school really likes it. He's always listening to it during lunch."

I raise an eyebrow. "A boy?"

Lily's cheeks flushed. "Not like that, dad! I just think I like it, too!"

I smiled but decided not to push it leaving the radio station where it was.

"I know that you did what you thought you should do.

It was safe and secure so completely thought through.

But you sacrificed passion and abandoned your dreams.

Baby, was it all worth it?

Or do you wish it was me?"

As I continued driving towards Lily's mom's house, the song's lyrics made me think about my past flames. There had been ups, there had been downs, but still, only one heartbreak came to mind.

I smiled, remembering it.

"Does each kiss seem closer to the first or the last?

Is the fire still raging or has it burn down to ash?

Do the memories haunt you do they beg and they bleed?

Are you satisfied, baby?

Or do you wish it was me?"

Here I was 8 years later. My little girl had grown up so much - I wanted to tell her to stop. It felt like just yesterday that I could hold her in my arms all 15 pounds of her.

I had seen her begin to walk, talk, loose her first teeth and now I was witnessing her first crush. As much as I wanted to tell her to be careful to not let herself get hurt I knew it was something she'd have to learn herself. It's something everyone has to learn themselves. I'd be there for her through it all, though.

"Is the life that you've chosen free from regret?

Or is what might have been just too hard to forget?

Has the glitter all faded do you get what you need?

Are you satisfied, baby?

Or do you wish it was me?"

I parked outside Emma's place. "Ok baby, we're here." I stepped out and opened the door for her. Lily stepped out of my car and threw her backpack on her shoulder.

"Thanks, daddy." She kissed me on the cheek and gave me a hug. I caught the scent of her strawberry shampoo on her hair. I smiled and pulled away.

"Tell your mom and Stella I said hello. Okay?"

Lily nodded and began to walk towards the front door. "I'll see you Sunday," I called after her. I stayed standing next to my car as Emma opened the front door and Lily ran inside to play with Stella. Emma waved at me and I nodded back.

Getting into my car, I drove to Carino's one of the better Italian restaurants in town. I parked near the back and walked inside. Led to my table, I waited for Kristina my date to arrive.

I didn't have to wait long. Kristina smiled at me as she walked towards me. "Hey, Seb." I stood up, kissed her cheek and waited for her to sit down.

Kristina and I had been talking for a week and this was our first date. She was funny, sweet, and seemed to have a good head on her shoulder.

As we sat waiting for our food, we small talked. We went from talking about our jobs, to our goals, and finally to our family.

"Well," she smiled, "I'm the eldest of two kids. My little brother 24 moved up to Austin after he graduated university. I wanted to stay near my parents and this town." She shrugged, "I like it here." Kristina raised her wine glass to her mouth and drank. "What about you?"

"Oh," I put my silverware down and looked at her. "I'm also the eldest of two kids. My sister, Michele, moved from Houston to Austin a few years back. She loves the city but I prefer smaller towns. It's easier for Lily and me."

Kristina raised her eyebrows. "Lily?" she asked.

"Yeah," I took my phone out and showed Kristina a picture of Lily. "That's her. My little girl."

I couldn't read the look on Kristina's face. "I haven't mentioned her?" I asked.

"What's that?" Kristina glanced from her plate up at me. "No, I don't I don't think so."

"Oh, sorry. I thought I had."

Immediately, the atmosphere felt different. "Listen," I leaned forward, "Is are you okay with that?"

Kristina was silent for a minute before looking up at me. "Sebastian, I like you I do."

Here we go.


"But I should let you know that I don't think I'm ready for that type of commitment."

"What do you mean?"

She tried to keep her smile but I could see right through that. "I mean, I don't want Lily to get attached to me in case we don't work out. I don't want either of us to go through that."

"But "

"I'm sorry," she interrupted. "I should I should probably go."

Kristina began to stand. "I had a really good time with you, Sebastian." She straightened her dress with her hands and offered me a sad smile. "I'm sorry."

Just like that, Kristina had left me sitting alone at our table.


After I found out Emma had lied to me about my baby, I had retreated into myself. Lily was the only thing that had kept me sane for the first few days alone. Later, I was surprised when both Lea and Ralf had showed up at my place with care packages. Since then, we had grown closer together with both of them becoming my best friends.

Out of the both of them, Ralf and I had become closer than I expected. He was there for me through the ups and downs for the past ten years. I was glad to have a friend like him.

Today, Lea had sent me a text to meet at her place because she had some news she wanted to share. Having met with someone a few weeks ago, I already knew what the surprise was. Nevertheless, I had to pretend this was the first I'd hear of it. When I finally got to her place, I saw a few cars parked outside including Ralf's and Brandon's Lea's boyfriend.

Walking to her door, I knocked and waited for her to answer it. When she did, she hugged me and invited me inside. "Everyone's in the living room. We were just waiting for you, Seb." I followed her into her living room and sat next to Ralf.

Lea stood next to Brandon and hugged his arm. "Ok guys," she said. "The reason we called you here is because I wanted to share something with y'all." Lea looked up at Brandon. A smile grew on both of their faces and Lea turned back to face us. "We're getting married!" Lea raised her left hand to show us her engagement ring.

Immediately, Lea's two other girlfriend's shrieked and ran up to her to gawk at her ring. Ralf and I stood up to congratulate Brandon. "That's not all, though." Lea shared a look with Brandon before she continued. "Brandon and I have been together for a while now so we don't want a long engagement. We were aiming for a winter wedding. It won't be a big thing just something small with close friends and family." Lea walked towards Brandon and hugged his chest. "But we're really doing it!"

After the initial announcement, Lea brought some drinks out and we all enjoyed them together. When it got late, Lea's other friends excused themselves and left. This left only Ralf, Lea, Brandon and me.

As we sat on the couch, Lea shared with us how it all happened. She told us her excitement at Brandon's proposal and how everything unfolded. After a while, I grew thirsty and excused myself to get a glass of water. As I was drinking, I felt someone stand behind me and I turned to face them.

"Hey Lea, congratulations," I repeated.

"Thanks, Seb." I stared at Lea as she walked closer to me. "Listen. I need to tell you something."

I place my glass down and looked at her. "What's that?"

Her eyes never left mine. "They're coming down next week. I thought you should know."


I didn't need to ask her to specify. I knew damn well who she was referring to. "How long will they be staying for?" I asked.

Lea looked away then back at me. "He got transferred to the university here higher position and pay. I think they're both planning on staying until after the wedding. Afterwards, I don't know."

I was silent as I digested this information. I looked back at Lea and nodded as she turned to leave.

After eight years, Alex was moving back home.