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I woke at 7AM on Sunday morning- three hours before I usually wake up. I opened my eyes and saw the popcorn ceiling of my room directly above me. I could feel layers of clothing still on me despite my being in bed. A few minutes went by and I remembered what had happened last night. One word escaped my lips - Sebastian.

I groaned and tried to fall back asleep but last night kept replaying in my head. Kass, Carol, Sebastian and me at Roadhouse. The waitress flirting with Sebastian. Sebastian not reciprocating the waitress' advances. Sebastian's eyes shining talking about his baby girl. Driving home alone and breaking down. Throwing myself onto my bed fully dressed. Lily.

I groaned once more and placed my pillow over my head. No matter how much I tried to forget what happened and fall back to sleep, I couldn't. I continued to lay on top of my bed, holding the pillow over my face and listened to my breathing. A vibration on the floor broke my concentration.

I reached for my phone where I threw it last night and saw that I had two missed calls and a few unread messages.

The first call was from Kass. No voicemail. I groaned deleting her call.

The second call was from Sebastian. One new voicemail. I sighed and resigned myself to play it.

"Hey A, were leaving Roadhouse right now. Hope you got home safe and that you're feeling better. Kass is having a good time with Carol so you don't have to worry about her. It did feel kind of empty without you though, Alex. I think the only person that was ok with your leaving was the waitress, ha-ha. I'm going to head out- leave the girls to have a nice night. Well, uh, let me know if there's anything I could do for you, A. Maybe tomorrow I'll just take some beers to your apartment and we can just watch a game or something since this turned out to be a girl's night. Night, Alex."

I smiled hearing the concern in his voice to my leaving early but forced myself to shake it off when I remembered the point of my leaving last night. I wasn't able to delete his voicemail, though. I planned on texting him later on today and telling him tonight was a no-go .

I went to my text messages and saw that I had two from Carol:

"Hey, text me when you read this, Alex."

"Alex, let me know if you're doing ok, just dropped Kass off at her house."

One was from Kass:

"Hey hun, just got home. Had a good time with Carol and Seb, hope you feel better, call me in the morning."

The last one was from Sebastian, a few minutes after I left Roadhouse:

"Hey man, you ok? You looked pretty bad leaving RH. If you need a ride home, let me know."

Yeah, that would have helped, I thought sarcastically.

I replied back to them letting them know I was ok and had gotten home safe. I decided to hop off of my bed, shower, and go to the gym early since I wasn't going to fall asleep anytime soon. I stepped out of the shower, put my gym clothes on, and headed drove to the gym. I arrived there by 8:30AM.

Sundays are usually my skip days, but being unable to fall back to sleep, going to the gym sounded like a good way to clear my head. I did an hour of cardio both jogging and riding a bike. Having done that I decided I could do some arm work as well. Before I knew it, I was drenched in sweat and my watch read 10:30AM.

As I worked with some dumbbells, I could see a guy from the corner of my eye looking my direction. I discretely turned my head and saw a fit 20 some year old guy doing some squats with a metal bar on his shoulders. I smiled at him as he squatted some more and he smiled back. He had a nice smile and his short dark hair was styled to the right. As he turned around to continue his squats away from me, I saw that he had a pretty nice ass. I decided to save that image for later.

At that time, I felt my phone vibrate. It was Kass:

"Hey Alex, glad to hear you're ok. I'm at church right now, maybe we can grab lunch, let me know. :)"

I didn't feel up for it, but didn't want to give off the sense that what happened yesterday was anything more than a stomach ache:

"Sure, Kass sounds good, I'll meet you at Denny's by 12:15."

I continued to make eye contact and smiling with Squat Guy as I finished my reps and headed to the gym showers. I placed my gym bag with my clean clothes and toiletries on a hook next to the shower, stripped of my sweaty clothes and placed them in a plastic bag and turned the hot water on. I let the water run down my body and rinse of the sweat. I finished washing my hair and lathered my body.

"Hey man, can I move your stuff over? I need to place my gym bag on here too."

It took me a few seconds to realize that was directed at me.

"Oh, shit sorry man, hold on."

I opened my shower curtain a bit and noticed Squat Guy standing in only a white towel in front of me. His muscled ass was pushing the back of the towel away from his body.

"I mean, I could probably walk out naked since there is no one here this early on a Sunday anyways, but don't want to upset you or anything." He flashed me a smile. Nice ass and cute smile, too, I thought.

"Nah, man. Doesn't matter what you decide to do," I smiled, "we're both guys here, right? Not like we have something the other doesn't."

"Yeah," he seemed to think about something for a second, "you're right, we don't." He faced away from me and took off his towel as I made sure the shower curtain covered the lower half of my naked body while I moved my bags over to a closer hook. Fuck, I thought, focusing on the movement of my bag from one hook to the other. This cheeky bastard was obviously flirting with me and now he was standing in the showers butt-naked in front of me. I could only look away and hold my tongue for so long.

"Well that's . . . something." I couldn't think of anything else to say. I looked at his sculpted body, making out all the different muscle groups he clearly worked out: big arms, nice pecs, and washboard abs. He wasn't a body builder, but I could tell he took care of his body. His ass, though- his ass was his best feature. His genes, accompanied by his hard work, made his ass a sight to see- round and firm.

"Thanks. Your body is not bad either, man." I looked down at myself and realized that, in the heat of the moment, I had let go of the shower curtain that covered my lower half. I was now facing him naked with one hand holding on to my gym bag.

"Oh, shit. Sorry," I said as I put my bag back on a hook and began to pull the shower curtain over me.

"Nah, man. Don't sweat it. Like you said, nothing we hadn't seen before." He turned to fully face me and showed me his front side. His limp dick hung 5 inches down and past his balls- except it wasn't very limp, actually it was a getting a little plump.

"Well that's," I couldn't stop myself from looking at his dick, "That's a nice tool, too."

I looked up and saw him making eye contact with me. Well, fuck, I thought again. I continue to look into his brown eyes and understood that neither of us had a shower in mind anymore. Maybe I was doing it to get last night out of my head, or maybe I was just horny but I decided to throw caution to the wind and reached over for the guy's dick. He let out a surprised gasp.

"Hey buddy," he started as I pulled him towards me using his dick, "I don't think you should be doing that here in the shower."

"Shut the fuck up, buddy."

I pulled him completely into my shower stall and began to kiss his neck as the water ran down both of our bodies. I did not let go of his now hardening dick. Fuck it, I thought, if I can't have Sebastian this stranger would do. I could feel his breath getting faster as I licked his neck and nibbled on his earlobe.

"Name's Ralph by the way."

I grabbed him by the balls as I backed my head away to face him. "Shut up, Ralph."

I moved down his chest until I had his nipples in my mouth. I nibbled on them and used my right hand to feel up his chest. My left hand played with his balls and hardening dick. I kept licking down until I was on my knees in front of his hard 7 inch dick. I looked up at him and made eye contact, pretending -for one second- that the eyes I was looking into weren't a stranger's, but Sebastian's. I kept looking into his brown eyes as I placed the head of his dick into my mouth.

He gasped, "Oh, shit dude. You have a hot mouth."

I looked up at him as I continued to lick the head of his dick and rolled his balls with my right hand. I reached my left hand up and teased and pinched both of his nipples as the water continued to run down both of our bodies. Whenever I hook up with a guy, I like taking my time and making sure to make our hook up feel less like a ... hook up. This time was different, all I wanted was to use this guy -Ralph- to get myself off. There was nothing slow or meaningful about this- this was just me being a slut in the gym showers.

I continued to play with his balls but moved my left hand behind him and grabbed his round ass. I could feel the work he had put in it by how firm it was. I used both hands to grab on to his ass as I looked up at him, moving my head to the side to get the water out of my face. He looked down at me and his half-closed eyes told me how much he was enjoying this. I decided to go all in. I pushed his ass closer to me and began to swallow his dick. When his dick hit the back of my throat, I hesitated, took a deep breath and kept pushing.

"Fuck, dude, are you- ah shit!"

His cock kept sliding down my throat until his trimmed pubes were on my nose and I could feel his balls on my chin. I let my throat muscles milk his dick and his dick spasm in my mouth. I began to move my head slowly left and right as I let his dick slowly slide out of my throat.

"Goddamn dude, that's really nice let me try-"

Whatever he wanted to try was lost to me as I plunged balls deep down on his cock again.

"Ahhh, fuck, that's nice."

I repeated my swallowing of his dick two more times as I stroked myself with my right hand.

"Ok, dude slow down, I'm getting close."

Fuck slowing down, I thought, I need this as much as you do. I increased my sucking and bobbed my head faster on his dick.

"Wait, fuck. I don't want to cum yet. Dude, wait, fuck. Ah.."

I could feel myself getting closer to cumming, too, so I increased the speed on my stroking as well as my sucking. I could see his knees trembling as I fucked his dick with my mouth.

"Ah, fuck. I'm- I'm- fuuuck."

He started to cum at the same time I did. I could feel his cum travel down my throat at the same time my own cum hit his feet and slid down onto the shower floor. I let go of my dick as I continued to cum and cupped the back of the guy's balls and gently and repeatedly tapped them.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck. Duude.."

I moved my head back and licked circles around the head of his dick as his orgasm subsided. I pulled away from his dick, stood up and let the shower wash off any residual cum that I might have around my mouth or in my hand.

"You should wash your feet, Ralph," I said as I pushed him towards the shower wall, walked out of the shower and grabbed my gym bag naked, "I think I got them a bit dirty."

"Wait, I don't even know your name, dude."

"It's Alex," I called out as I walked out of the shower area and into the locker rooms to change.

I hung my bag filled with my dirty gym clothes over my shoulders and walked out of the gym. I decided to drive to Denny's and wait for Kass there.


"Hey Alex," she smiled as she walked up to me and kissed me on the cheek, "How are you feeling today?"

"I'm fine, a lot better," I smiled, "I guess, a good night's sleep helped me out."

She sat down and we continued our small talk as a waiter came over, took our orders and brought a water for me and a strawberry lemonade for her.

"Listen, Alex," Kass spun the straw of her drink with her index finger, "Last night, was it really your stomach that hurt or where you upset at something?"

There it was, shit.

"No, it was just my stomach, Kass." I could see that she was still not convinced. I held her hand across the table, "I promise." This seemed to convince her as she smiled and squeezed my hand back.

"Ok, that's good. I just didn't want it to be that I embarrassed you by doing or saying something in front of Seb and Carol."

I reassured her that it wasn't anything she did but part of me was bothered that she nicknamed Sebastian. We continued talking about school and work as our food got to us. I had ordered pancakes and she had ordered a small burger.

"You like eating breakfast foods for lunch?" She smiled as she saw my chocolate chip pancakes, "that's so weird, Alex!"

"Yeah, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, actually."

We continued talking about how her job as a barista of El Vaso was going, how my job working as a high school college advisor was, and when I was going to go back and perform at El Vaso as we finished our brunch date.

"This was great," Kass began as she used a napkin to clean her face, "but unfortunately I have to go, A. We should totally do this again, though."

I smiled at her. "Sure thing Kass."

We left our tip on the table and I offered to pay for our food at the front.


The rest of my day was spent around my apartment cleaning, washing dishes and folding my clothes. I spent a few hours looking over the material I had for my high school college advising job. Kass was spending the rest of her Sunday with her family and she had another church service in the afternoon.

It was around 7PM when my phone vibrated and I got a text message. It was Sebastian:

"Hey dude you home?"

I deliberated whether or not to ignore his text but in the end, I decided to reply:

"Yeah, what's up?"

"Good, I'm coming up."

Coming up? What's he talking about. A knock on the door a minute later cleared everything up.

"Oh, shit. He's coming up. He's coming up here. No. Crap, I forgot to text him I couldn't have him over!"

I hesitantly walked towards the door and resigned myself to open it.