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The following day, Sebastian had texted me and asked if we were still on for practice, I had told him that I should actually be good by 5PM. I attended an ecology lecture I had in the morning, and headed to the gym by 3PM. I noticed that there weren't many people in the gym today, just a few students who might not have had class at this time. I headed to the second floor and began jogging a few laps. I was in my second lap when someone came up and began to jog next to me.

"Hey, Alex. Fancy seeing you here."

I turned my head and saw that it was Ralph who had joined me.

"Damn, Ralph." I gave him a crooked smile, "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were stalking me."

He laughed, "Ha-ha, you wish, Alex. We both just care about our bodies. It's a good thing, too."

I cocked my head, interested. "And why's that?"

"Well," he looked at me as we jogged another lap in the track, "Well, when we inevitably fuck, it'll be hot as hell."

I could feel my face go red at his words and I looked away. "And why do you think our fucking is inevitable, Ralph?"

"Well Alex," He turned his head slightly to face me, and I could see that sly, little smile begin to form. "The way I see it, you already sucked me off in the showers but we continue to run into each other. I don't know, but the only logical step here seems for us to fuck."

I couldn't help myself from cracking a smile, "Right, logically."

"Right! Ha-ha. I already gave you my number, so the ball is in your court, Alex."

"Well, I guess I'll let you know then huh, Ralph?

"Guess so."

We continued our jog with some casual talk about school and our weekend plans. Ralph told me how he and some friends were going to Texas Roadhouse this Friday.

"Maybe you'd want to join, Alex?"

I used the sweat towel I was carrying to wipe the sweat from my face. "That sounds great Ralph, only I have a date at El Vaso Friday night."

He raised his eyebrows, "Oh, a date? That Sebastian fellow finally gave you the time of day, huh?"

"No, dumbass," I rolled my eyes at him, "with my girlfriend."

"A girlfriend?" He stopped jogging and motioned for me to wait. "Wait you're telling me the guy who so aggressively blew me in the showers ... has a girlfriend?"

My eyes nearly popped out of my head as I looked around wildly, trying to make sure no one heard him. "Ralph quiet down! Yeah, I have a girlfriend -that's why I told you it had to be down low, remember?"

Ralph started jogging again and I followed suit.

"Right, it's just- you give really good head to have a girlfriend, Alex."

"Ha-ha-ha shut the fuck up, Ralph. Yes, I have a girlfriend and she's leaving out of town Saturday morning for a week so we're having dinner tomorrow night."

"Ok fine, what about Saturday afternoon? You free then?"

"No man- sorry. Sebastian's girlfriend's birthday is tomorrow but he is throwing her a birthday party Saturday and wanted me to help him sing for her."

"Wow, let me get this clear. You are singing for the girlfriend of the guy you so obviously have a crush on? Like- on purpose?"

I gave him a punch on the shoulder. "I don't have a crush on Sebastian, Ralph. He's just a friend and that's why I'm doing this for him. That's all."

Ralph rubbed his shoulder where I punched him. "Yeah, ok. I believe you."


Ralph and I spend the following hour and a half working out together. He stopped teasing me about my romantic life and I stopped punching him in the shoulder. We finished our workout at 4:30 and headed downstairs.

Ralph cocked his head in the direction of the locker rooms, "So, showers now, Alex?" I'd have to be blind to not see that shit-eating grin on his face.

I smiled at him, "Sure. My shower is at my apartment, though. I need to get ready before Sebastian shows up for guitar practice."

"Wow, Alex. You're leaving me with serious blue balls here."

"Ha-ha that sounds a lot like a you-problem, Ralph."

He rolled his eyes. "Whatever man. See you around here then, Alex."

I winked at him, "And because I can't stop you from stalking me, I'm sure I will." I could still hear his laugh in my head as I got to my car and drove home.


I got home at 4:40 and rushed inside, not bothering to double check if I locked my door and took a quick shower. It was 4:50 when I wrapped a towel around my waist, tied a knot in my midriff, and walked out of my restroom. I heard a weird shuffle in the kitchen and curiosity made me walk towards it.

A man was standing in front of me, his upper body covered by my open cabinet door. My eyes widened in shock and I grabbed the knot of my towel tighter. I could feel my heart beating fast against my chest. "What the hell?"

The man closed the cabinet door and faced me- eyes wide in shock as well.

"Shit! Sebastian, what the fuck dude. You almost gave me a heart attack!" I touched my hand to my chest and could feel my heart beating like crazy.

"Sorry, A! Your door was open- I just assumed you left it like that for me so I just walked in. I- I heard you in the shower so I decided to just wait and grab something from the pantry." He outstretched his hand and offered me something. "I found your cookies?" The way he phrased his statement like a question brought me back to reality and I was able to calm myself.

I sighed, "Yeah, no it's fine man. I just thought someone was robbing me."

"Robbing ... your pantry?" Sebastian looked at me with his hazel eyes again and I felt a chill run down my body.

"No, fool- robbing my house." I felt another chill run down my body as I said that.

Sebastian looked me up and down and raised his eyebrows. "And you were going to stop them in that towel how exactly?"

Wait, I looked down, I'm naked. I could feel my face begin to get red at the realization that I was standing in front of Sebastian in nothing more than a towel. "I'll be right back." I did a quick spin that no doubt showed Sebastian my upper thighs and headed to my room. Eight minutes later I was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans.

"Ok, sorry about that. I didn't realize I was naked while I was talking to you, Seb."

"Don't worry about it. I didn't see anything I wasn't supposed to." He laughed as he said that and I could feel my face heat up again.

I got a chair and sat in front of Sebastian as we reviewed the chords to his song again. I was surprised at how good he was at remembering them. This time, I was going to teach him the strum pattern to the song.

"It's easy man," I stood up from my chair and strapped the guitar to my neck. "You just need to listen to the song and feel the rhythm in your hands." I played the strum pattern one more time, only slower.

"Yeah, A. I'm trying, but it's hard to get it right." I could see the frustration on his face. "And then I'm going to have to sing and move my fucking fingers at the same time, I don't think I can do this, A."

"Well you have to Seb. Emma's party is this Saturday and you still need more practice."

"Look, A. What if- what if you just do it? I'll- I'll pay you but I just won't be able to get this down on time."

"Sebastian," I began.

"No man, for reals. I appreciate that you were trying to help but I won't be able to get it down on time. Could you just do this for me, A?"

I looked into his pleading, hazel eyes and I didn't have it in my heart to tell him no. I sighed, "Fine, Sebastian. I'll do this for you. You owe me, though."

Sebastian stood up from his couch and hugged me. My eyes widened in surprised before I relaxed and let Sebastian's hug happen. I could feel the heat of his chest on mine and his warm breath on my neck. A faint scent of a cologne I hadn't smelled on anyone before registered in my nose- I breathed him in.

"Thank you, A! This is great- it'll be great." He pulled back from the hug and looked me in the eyes. "Thank you, man- for reals. I really do owe you one, Alex."

"Hey, no- no problem, Sebastian. I'm here for anything."

"This is great, though. Emma will really love this! Well," he looked around, "since I'm not going to be practicing any more, I'm going to go, A."

"Oh," I was disappointed, I guess I thought Sebastian was going to stay and we could hang out again. "You sure?"

"Yeah, man." He looked at his watch, "I need to get home right now then go get some stuff for Emma's birthday tomorrow. I want to surprise her tonight at midnight- balloons and everything."

"Oh, yeah," I gave him the best fake smile I could give, "That sounds great."

"So I better go now before it gets darker," Sebastian stood up and headed for the door. "Thanks again, A."

I followed Sebastian to my door and said goodbye to him. He left, and just like that I was left to an empty apartment again. It dawned on me that I hadn't actually planned on him leaving so early. I thought we were going to be here for a few more hours and maybe drink a beer or two. Now I looked at my watch and saw that it was barely 6:30PM.

Fuck it, I thought. I turned my Pandora playlist on and decided I might as well be high for the rest of the day. I went to my room and headed for my closet. I took out a shoebox I hid in the back and placed it on my bed.

I opened the shoebox and took out the weed I hid in an empty, airtight jar of jelly and a small, black pipe. I hoped this would help me forget all about what Sebastian was doing for his girlfriend. I was right, an hour in and I was high enough that I forgot all about Sebastian and his girlfriend. That was, at least, until Pandora began to play Breakeven by The Script. I closed my eyes and listened to the words of the song as I exhaled smoke.

"Her best days will be some of my worst.

She finally met a man that's going to put her first.

While I'm wide awake she's no trouble sleeping.

'Cause when a heart breaks no it don't break even... even... no."

Fuck, for months I had known Sebastian and I was still head-over-heels-stupid for him. I couldn't even enjoy getting high without him creeping into my head like a fucking weed. I took another hit of my pipe and exhaled.

"What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?

And what am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up and you're OK?

I'm falling to pieces.

Yeah, I'm falling to pieces."

It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair to me to be so broken over a boy I knew I couldn't be with. He was happy with Emma- that was it. I just need to act like a fucking man, grow a pair, and get over him. I grabbed my phone, went to my contacts, scrolled all the way to the S section and stopped at Sebastian's name. My finger hoovered over his name and the call button popped up. I had two options: either I could call and tell him to come over or I could delete his number and completely cut him out of my life. Like a fucking Band-Aid. Minutes went by with me just staring at his name but I couldn't do it.

I couldn't do it.

Instead, I went to my texts and typed a short message.

"1154 Garden Apts. 2nd floor. Apt 12. Come over."


20 minutes later I heard a knock on my door and I opened it.

"Hey, A." I could see his sly little smile on his face despite how dark it had gotten outside. "You wanted me to come over?"

"Ralph, come in." I moved aside and motioned for him to walk inside.

"Thanks, Alex." Ralph stepped into my apartment and looked around. "Nice place you got."

I closed the door behind him, grabbed his left shoulder and spun him around. "Thanks. But I didn't ask you over to compliment my apartment."

"Then what did you ask m-"

I leaned in halfway through his sentence and kissed him. I could feel his surprise as I placed my hand behind his head and brought his mouth closer to mine. I wasted no time in shoving him against my wall and pushing my tongue into his mouth. To his credit, Ralph stopped trying to talk and began to feel me up.

I grabbed both of his hands and pulled them over his head against the wall. I stopped kissing him and moved sideways to his neck- his breathing getting heavier in my ear. Ralph looked up to give me better access to his neck.

"Told you this was inevitable," He breathed out.

"Yeah, whatever buddy," I teased back.

I let go of his hand, reached down for the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up to expose his flat stomach. I moved away from his neck and began to lick down his stomach, kissed his chest, and worked my way back up to his mouth. As our tongues wrestled each other, I moved my hands down and began to unbutton his jeans.

"You stink of weed, A," Ralph gasped out as I unbuckled his belt.

"Yeah," I agreed and pulled back from his face, "Why? You want some?"

"Nah," he looked me in the eye, "I'm trying to stay pure and all."

"Ha-ha ok, how's that working out?"

He smiled and gave a little groan as I squeezed his hardening dick through his jeans, "about as good as it could, I guess."

"Right," I smiled at him and grabbed his shirt, "let's go to my couch now." I pulled Ralph across my living room and onto my couch. "Get comfortable," I said as I pushed him on his back and onto the couch. I reached for my phone, put Pandora on and turned my speakers up as I dropped to my knees in front of him and leaned toward his unbuttoned jeans. I pulled off my shirt, finished pulling his zipper down and looked him in the eyes as I pulled his jeans off, too. I reached one hand up his body, pinched one of his nipples, and licked his dick through his boxer briefs.

"Damn, Alex." His breathing was getting heavier. "What got into you?"

"I don't want to talk," I breathed out and unbuttoned my jeans, "just fuck."

"OK, Alex but-"

I shoved my fingers into his mouth to shut him up as I pulled off his boxer shorts and freed his hardening dick. Without touching it, I licked it from the base up to the head and produced a shiver from Ralph. I could feel Ralph licking my index and middle finger inside his mouth and for some reason this really turned me on. I took his dick with my free hand and put the head of it inside my mouth.

"Mmmhh," I could feel Ralph groaning as he continued to roll his tongue through my fingers. I heard something vibrate in the background but I paid no attention to it as I continued to roll my tongue around Ralph's dick. I decided that it was enough teasing on my part so, without warning, I shoved the entire length of Ralph's hard dick down my throat.

"Ohhh, man, I love it when you do that, A." I couldn't see it, but I felt Ralph push his head back as I swallowed his dick one more time. His hands moved to the sides of my couch and he gripped the edges as I moved down on his dick and swallowed him whole for a third time. "Ahhh, fuuck!" Ralph let go of my couch and grabbed the back of my head. He began to thrust up into my mouth and face fucked me. We kept this up for a few minutes before I got tired of oral and pulled my head away from his dick.

"Turn around, Ralph." I didn't give him a second to protest before I turned him around myself and had his ass facing me. I took hold of his hips and pulled them towards me.

"Fuck, Alex. Just fuck me already." I smiled as Ralph said even though his face was buried in my couch. I spat on my index finger and teased his hole. "Oh, fuck, Alex." I felt Ralph's body quiver again as I inserted my finger inside him. "Ahhh.." I continued to finger fuck him with my index finger- before I knew it, I had three fingers inside Ralph and he was loose enough for me to move on. I put my hands inside my pocket, pulled out the condom I had gotten from my dresser earlier on, and put the condom on my dick.

"Ralph, move over," I got on top of my couch behind Ralph and put my hands on his hips again as I aligned my dick to his hole.  I began to gently push my dick inside him as he held on tightly to my couch. As I was getting closer to being fully inside of him, I pulled his hips hard against me and the last few inches slid in.

"Oh, fuck!" He gasped. I let Ralph get accustomed to me being inside him before I started to slowly fuck him. Before long, he was asking me to go faster. My strokes became harder and faster as his ass continued to swallow my dick.

"Damn, Ralph. Your ass is fucking great." He was about to reply when I slammed hard into him and elicited a whimper from him instead. I slid my dick out as far as I could without exiting him and slammed back hard. I got another whimper out of him. My living room was filled with the sounds of both our panting and I was sure anyone outside my apartment could hear what we were doing. I leaned forward and hugged his body as I fucked him with short, fast thrusts.

My weed induced high accompanied by my sex high were making me feel all kinds of crazy. I began to whimper onto Ralph's back as I continued to fuck him. It was like every nerve in my dick was being stimulated by Ralph's ass. I felt Ralph's ass clamp around my dick and that was it. I gave one more long thrust inside him and began to cum.

"Ohh.. Oh..." I could feel my entire body quiver as my orgasm continued to have me shoot my cum inside Ralph's ass. One shot, two shots, four- I lost count. The feelings were so intense I whimpered something into Ralph's back- I realized I had actually hugged his back tighter throughout my orgasm, too.

After I felt like every single drop of cum I had had been deposited inside Ralph's ass, I stopped hugging him and fell back onto my couch's arm. Although it might have only been a few seconds, it felt like an hour before my brain was able to process anything. The first thing I realized was that my eyes were closed. The second thing was that Carrie Underwood's Last Name was playing on Pandora.

With my eyes still close I began to laugh, "Ralph, what even is your last name?"

"Did you- did you whimper Sebastian's name as you came, A?"

My eyes popped open and I looked at Ralph. "What- what do you mean?" My lights were dim but I could still make out Ralph's facial expression. He looked sad, but he wasn't sad for himself- he was sad for me. Fucking pity- fucking hate it. It took a while, but my drugged brain thought back to my orgasm and tried to remember what I really had whimpered. I remembered, it wasn't Sebastian's entire name- my high ass wouldn't have been able to do so mid-orgasm- but I did whimper out something- "tian."

Oh, shit, I thought, I did whimper Sebastian's name. Or at least as much of his name as I could.


"No- what?" I feigned surprise.

"Yeah you did, A." Ralph began to smile at me as he turned around and put his arms behind his head. I noticed that he had his cum all over his stomach and some even got on my couch. "You hugged me and whimpered out `tian' as you came."

"Don't be stupid, Ralph." I took off the cum-filled condom, tied a knot to it and let it fall to the floor. It was my apartment, I could clean it up later. "I whimpered out `damn'."

"Yeah, Ok, Alex." He wasn't convinced.

"Well, think what you want, Ralph." I stood up, "I need to go shower though, feel free to wait for me for round two or you can see yourself out." I threw Ralph a wink as I left my clothes on the floor and headed to the restroom.


Damn. The guy just left me cum-covered here on his couch.

Ralph could hear Alex close the door and turn on the shower in the restroom. Why the fuck would you close the door? I already saw you naked. He couldn't help but smile and wonder at how Alex had two completely different sides to him: the sex crazed maniac and the shy guy who closes the restroom door behind him so the guy he just fucked won't walk in on him.

He debated on whether or not he would accept Alex's invitation and stay for round two but decided that he probably shouldn't. The guy was obviously just having sex with him because he couldn't have that Sebastian fellow. Ralph didn't care though- Alex was a good fuck. He smiled as he used Alex's shirt to clean up his cum and put his jeans and shirt back on. It would be best to leave before Alex got out of the shower. Who knows what mood he might come out in.

Ralph put his shoes back on when a vibration on the tiled floor distracted him. He looked back towards the restroom to see if the door was still closed. When he saw that it was, he leaned down and grabbed Alex's phone off the floor. Ralph noticed that Alex didn't have a password on his phone and unlocked it to see that he had missed calls from Sebastian and some unread texts. He felt bad about invading his privacy but his curiosity helped him get over it pretty quickly.

"Hey, Alex. Realized I left my wallet at your apartment. Can I pick it up in a bit?"

"Hey, A, wake the fuck up. I really need my wallet to buy the things for Emma tonight. I'll head to your place in a few minutes to get it."

"It's been an hour, A. What the fuck are you doing- blowing yourself? I'm coming up. Just hand me the wallet and you can go back to it."

Ralph smiled at the last text. If only Sebastian knew what- or who- Alex was doing. His train of thought was broken as a tap on the door started.

"Hey, A! Quit sucking dick for a second- I need my wallet back."

Shit. I can't let this guy see Alex's clothes on the floor. He'll know what we just did.


Ralph grabbed all the clothes Alex had left on the floor and hid them under the sofa. He went towards the door and cracked it open.

"About time, Ale- hey it's you." Sebastian looked confused to see Ralph instead of Alex opening the door. "Uh, is Alex around? I was texting him that I forgot my wallet here earlier today."

"Oh, yeah. He's just in the shower right now." Ralph looked back towards the restroom in hopes that Alex would come out and deal with this.

"Oh, uh, no problem. I can just step in, get my wallet and leave. I really need it."

Damn. This guy's eyes are nice as fuck.


"Huh? Oh! Right, yeah come in then." Ralph moved aside and let Sebastian into Alex's apartment. The less suspicious he seemed, the faster Sebastian would leave and the more likely he would be to not ask questions. Ralph didn't know Alex very much, but he understood enough to know that Alex cared about this guy and didn't want to fuck it up for him.

"It should be in the kitchen," Sebastian stopped in the middle of the living room and nonchalantly inhaled. He looked back at Ralph like he was trying to figure something out.

Oh, fuck. It must smell like sex here.


"I'll just, uh, look for it in the kitchen, then." Sebastian walked further into the apartment and headed for the kitchen. After looking around for a while, he opened the pantry and seemed to have found his wallet there.

"Here it is. Um," Sebastian looked from Ralph to something behind the sofa. "I'll just... go then. When Alex gets out of the shower tell him I said thanks and that I'm sorry I ditched him this morning."

"Yeah, no problem. I'll tell him that." Ralph had sat down on the side of the couch which was stained with his cum in an attempt to hide it from Sebastian.

"Ok, well, I'll head out now." Sebastian began to walk towards the door, this time going around the back of the couch and avoiding the living room. "Listen," he turned around as he reached the door. "Is Alex teaching you how to play the guitar, too?"

"Hm?" Ralph was stunned for a second before he remembered that that was what Alex was helping Sebastian out with. "Oh, no. He's uh- tutoring me. Algebra. I suck at it but he's nice enough to help me out."

"Yeah, he is." Something seemed to catch Sebastian's eye as he opened the door, stopping halfway. "Well," Sebastian looked back and him and made eye contact, "hope he's able to help you out then. Ralph, right?"

"Yeah. Ralph."

"Later then, Ralph."

"Later then, Sebastian."

Sebastian opened the door and walked out. Ralph looked back at the direction that Sebastian was looking in and his eyes widened in shock. The condom they had used was thrown under the coffee table in the living room. He was 80% sure this was what had caught Sebastian's eye as he ran to it and threw it away in the kitchen's trashcan. Five minutes later, Alex got out of the shower wrapped in only a green towel.

"Hey, you're still here. Does that mean round two is happening or what?" Alex flashed Ralph a white smile as he approached him.

"Oh, I don't know. I'm pretty tired, A." Truth was, Ralph was a little tired, but seeing Alex wrapped in only that green towel began to turn him on again. He decided not to tell Alex that Sebastian had come over in case he freaked out. After all, he wasn't 100% sure Sebastian had guessed anything.

"Come on, Ralph." Alex held on to the collar of his shirt. "We can try my bed this time. I just don't want to be alone tonight. Please, I'll owe you one."

It was decided. Ralph flashed Alex a smile as he was pulled towards Alex's room by his shirt.