Found Out and Brought Out

I had arrived at college two weeks early, a 25 years old, young man, 5' 8" slim build with a reasonably well toned body, and my long shoulder length thick brown hair, which was my pride and joy. I had spent the last seven years since leaving school just bumming around the world all paid for by my father. The tour was now over as my father had informed me, NO COLLEGE NO MORE MONEY. So reluctantly I was going to have to attend his old college and suffer my punishment of studies for the next three years.

I had arrived early on my fathers instructions to get settled in and find my way around prior to enrolment in Journalism and Media Studies. I was also going to have to participate in three sports as this was a requirement of this college. So not liking team sports that much I would sign up for the Fencing, Golf and Cycling.

I had been given a room on the sixth floor (top) of Alpha Hall of residence, thanks to my father and his money. It was not just a room but three, with a small sitting room/study room, bedroom and private shower and toilet room. I even had a computer in the study room connected to the internet and after getting settled in had E Mailed a few of my girlfriends around the world. I had also decided to contact Alan whom I had known since school and we had over the past seven years formed a loving and caring relationship with. Whenever I was back in my home town the relationship would fire up and we spent many a night together at Alan's flat he now had. Was it only two nights ago since our parting, a night of great pleasure and emotion for myself and I hope Alan. At least I would get to see him in the next holidays. As usual I signed off YOUR BOTTOM FOREVER `NICK'.

Having finished my E Mails I was bored and decided to surf the net for a bit, looking at some of the gay sites, and whilst browsing dreamt of Alan and that last night. After a while a came too from my day dreaming, the bulge in my Levi's 501's outlined my rock hard cock. I decided it best to take a shower before going out for something to eat and a few beers. With the pressure on my cock released, and showered I quickly got dressed and left for something to eat. I met up with three lads in the reception area of Alpha Hall and we got chatting, The other lads where in their second year but all where just 19 - 20 years old, having come straight from school. They where also all members of the College Basketball Squad and where easy enough to get on with despite this. The leader of the lads was a guy named Steve, tall, well built athletic type with bleach blond thick wiry hair, and the deepest blue eye's I have ever seen. We all joined up and went for something to eat before hitting the town for the night.

Later that night we where all fairly well tanked, and playing pool at a local bar, I had joined in with the knock out pool completion with the other lads. It was now down to the final between myself and Steve. One of the lads said we should make it more interesting and have a best of 3 games between the two of us. The winner would have to buy the last round for tonight, the looser would have to pick a forfeit to do from the pack. I was told the pack was always carried should any competitions suddenly start, like this one tonight with the pool. As they say drink in wits out I agreed, not even knowing what type of forfeit they where. I did not need to know as I knew I could blow Steve away, anytime I wanted.

Well I was wrong we played three games and everyone was won by Steve, complete white wash, he had blown me away well and truly. The lads produced a small pack of envelopes, whilst Steve went and got the last round of drinks in. On his return I was presented with the pack and selected an envelope, and opened it to find out my forfeit.


What the hell was this, no way was I going to do this I thought, the lads however made it quite clear that if I welshed on the bet they would let the entire college know I welshed. It was late and what the hell it was Steve and those deep blue eye's stuck in my thoughts every time I looked at him. The other lads departed to go back to Alpha Hall, and I got led by Steve to the Public Park in town. At a bench in the middle of the park under one of the path lights, Steve told me to get started looser, I looked round and was pleased to see nobody else around. I stripped naked and placed my cloths on the bench beside Steve. If any one did come I could always grab my cloths and dive into a bed of bushes about six feet away. I dropped to my knees and Steve sat on the bench with his cock and balls hanging out of his jeans. I started to lick his cock and balls and finally encased it in my mouth bobbing my head up and down, with my lips working away at his huge now erect 8" cock. My own cock of less than 5" had been rigid even whilst we walked through the park and now stood to attention bouncing in the cool evening air. I felt so hot and horned up I didn't even bother to keep a look out any more. Soon Steve started to cum and he fired four huge loads of his spunk into my mouth and down my throat. I finished by licking his cock clean and kissing his piss slit goodnight. I had also not realised that as well as sucking Steve's cock I had got so hot and horny that I had automatically been playing with my own cock which had cum just before Steve's and my own spunk had fired all over my own chest and abdomen and was mattered in my body hair.

Steve handed me my boxer shorts to clean myself up with and suggested that I leave them in the rubbish bin by the bench he was sat on. I then finished getting dressed and we both returned to Alpha Hall without a word being said. Back at the Hall Steve told me it was time to meet my new BOSS, which I didn't understand at first but was soon to learn about. I had enjoyed the night and Steve's company along with the other lads and although I had put on a show for the lads about the forfeit had been quite willing to do it, I in fact really had needed it and those blue eye's would live with me for ever. The one thing I wasn't going to do was admit to wanting it and would never mention the event to anyone, not even Alan, especially as it could adversely effect our relationship.

As I got to my room Steve with Steve to find my room outer room door open, inside where some of the lads from the evening. I then met Dave for the first time, a very tall well built athletic type, the all he man.

Dave : "Well Steve me boy do we or don't we have ourselves one of them FAGOT GAY BOYS now joining our College or not. ?"

I stood looking horrified whilst Steve looked at me with his deep blue eye's and nodded his head.

Steve : "Afraid so Dave you will see he even enjoyed himself so much whilst sucking my cock of he was wanking himself off, and to cap it all off he even licked my cock clean and kissed it goodnight the pathetic FAGOT he is."

One of the lads produced a video and played it through my TV, showing the entire scene in the Park, no sound and it must have been shot from the bushes six feet away, the path light clearly showed everything. Because of the angle you could not see Steve's face only his lower body and cock, but I was in total view. This was followed by one of the lads going through my computer and there for all to see was a sent E-Mail to Alan and my surfing of the Gay sites from the afternoon. As Dave and the others agreed irrefutable proof. I could not bring myself to say anything and just stood open mouthed like a fish out of water going very red in the face.

Dave : "Well that leaves a problem then, doesn't it FAG BOY" (he shouts at me) "What can we do with you now, YOU HAVE TWO CHOICES FAG BOY"

1. You pack up and get out of this college and Alpha Hall, which I could not really do as my father would cut of my money supply, and I would have some problem answering Alan as to why I left.

2. You stay on and do what we tell you to do and accept Jason as your new BOSS. I did not know who Jason was, but options where thin and after all It could only be for three years.

So I agreed to option two what ever that would bring.

Dave : "Right get your kit of FAG BOY lets all have a good look at what we are going to have to put up with"

I stripped naked again for the second time that night, and knelt in the middle of my own sitting room surrounded by young men. It was made more humiliating by the fact that I was still throwing a 5" bonner and my erection just would not go away. The was a number of derisory remarks made about my size of cock for my age, pathetic, and the fact that I looked to much like a man with my hairy body but a little boys cock. I was led by two of the lads down to the first floor shower and toilet room, as the lower floor rooms had no private shower toilet facilities. Here in total humiliation I was made to remove all my body hair from the neck down, using some hair removal cream the lads gave me. They then set about giving me a hair cut, which was cut really short at the sides leaving a thicker spiked look to the top with a small moheican peak in the middle. I was then made to dye it bleach white and they added some pink tips to the moheican. Once finished and dried, I was given a small but heavy and thick silver metal cock ring to put on and told to lay on my back and put my legs in the air whilst a silver metal butt plug was stuffed up my arse. Then with my hands fingers interlocking and held to the back of my head I was paraded along the first floor down to the ground floor and locked in an empty broom cupboard just of the reception area, with a single rubber mattress on the floor for me to sleep on. The light switch was out side the door and the door had a full length window built into it. That night I slept as told laid on the mat in the room, naked with my hands held behind my head. The light was left on and this meant that I was now on public display to all the students resident in Alpha Hall, as they all had to pass the broom cupboard to get to the reception area and front doors out of Alpha Hall. I eventually got to sleep very humiliated and embarrassed at my public display.

Early next morning the lads came and let me out, giving me my jeans, trucker jacket and boots to wear, which I was very pleased about and thanked them for their kindness. Because it was early nobody else had been up and therefore my naked captivity was not going to get around. I was also given my wallet and told that we where going shopping and to get my final preparation carried out for my Party the Basket ball team was holding for me. I didn't really like the sound of this but had made my choice.

The first port of call was the café for a couple of cups of coffee and some eggs, before setting out. Shortly after leaving I don't recall much until I woke up in my room, which was obviously now the broom cupboard off the main reception. At least the light was off and I could see the clock on the wall outside the room in the corridor. It was nearly six o'clock and the day had gone. The lads came and let me out at seven and I was allowed to go to the showers and toilet on the first floor. At least I still had my jeans jacket and boots on which was a great relief as more students had started to arrive in Alpha Hall. The showers where empty and I was allowed to remove my butt plug and take a shit, though they did make me plead and beg them to allow this. I stripped off ready to shower, butt plug back in my arse having taken my shit in the toilet. And I stood transfixed, mouth a gape looking at my stomach. What the hell had they done, there in large bold black letters was a tattoo around my naval.





The lads could not stop laughing at me and the look on my face, and pointed out that it had been my choice and I had made it. Which when I thought about it I had to agree with and I felt slightly excited by the thought of being the property of somebody. I could eventually get it removed by laser treatment so what the hell I would go with the flow. So I told the lads how much I liked it and thanked them for getting the tattoo for me. It was then they mentioned the one on my back I might like to see. It was my advert as they put it. There in the middle of my back was the advert bold and totally humiliating, it was one thing about the property sign but this was going to take some living with for the next three years.








I would just have to make sure I wore T shirts and jackets until I left college and it was true I did wan it, but I did not want to advertise it. Once I was dry the lads gave me new cloths for the party which I thanked them for and put on. The jeans where ladies fashion jeans, hipster cut, size ten, really tight fitting and a lace up front, with a boot cut flared leg. The T-shirt was white but made of nylon mesh and was very see through and short. This meant that my advert on my back was clear and my Property sign around my naval was below the top and above the hipster jeans. I was given a set of handcuffs to wear as a bracelet on my right wrist, and a large silver metal chain choker placed around my neck and padlocked at the front with a medium size silver heavy padlock. The outfit was finished off with a pair of black leather winkle picker boots, with a two inch Cuban heel. I then noticed I had a silver earring pierced in my right lobe. I now looked and had been dressed as the GAY BOY I was and having been found out was now being BROUGHT OUT. I went to pick my trucker jacket up but was informed that it was not required, this I realised was so that my advert could be seen by everyone I passed that night.

I was going to return my jeans and jacket to my cupboard when the lads told me to leave them, I would not need them anymore. They where part of my past and somebody would pick them up and be able to make good use of them by leaving them in the shower room. I walked out of the shower room rather red in the face and just a little bit humiliated at how I must look, by the time I left the reception area heading down town to met with the Basketball Team and the party they where throwing for me I was getting a little more used to my dress and the way I looked and was holding my head up more and more as I got braver and braver. Some people had already seen me by now so what the hell yes I am GAY and yes I have had my Arse and face fucked by Alan and sucked Steve's cock off. It was time to come out and let all see me for the GAY BOY I really was, that is except for my father as I still needed his money to live on.

To be continued.