Chapter 3.


After returning from the tattoo studio with Jason, I was led to my old set of rooms, now occupied by Jason my BOSS and trainer. Once inside BOSS ordered me to strip naked and kneel at the present position in the middle of the sitting room. I knelt with my fingers interlaced and hands holding the back of my head, knees spread and my arse cheeks pushed back onto my heels, for what seemed like hours as my BOSS worked away on what had been my computer. My BOSS eventually finished on the computer and returned to the easy chair by the coffee table with a large bundle of papers he sorted through and stapled some together, finishing with a neat pile off papers he had been working on.

Jason : "Now listen up SPUNK BIN, I have a very important guest arriving shortly, you do not however need to know who he is. When he arrives I want you to open the door and show him in, then you can return to the present kneeling position in front of this coffee table facing me. He will ask you if you have read all these papers, but as there is not enough time you will forgo that privilege, however you will tell him that you have read them all over night and that you fully agree and understand what they are and willing to accept them. He will then ask you to sign them, they are all in triplicate the first set you do you will sign in your real name and then you will be told to sign the others in your new name SPUNK BIN. Do you understand.

There was a knock at the door and I only had time to say yes to my BOSS Jason, before going to the door. Once at the door I did not know who was expected and with some trepidation opened the door slowly, keeping the door between my naked self, wearing only the cock and ball device and the visitor. He was a middle aged man in an expensive looking suit and very steel grey distinctive hair, neatly trimmed.

Jason : "Well invite the gentleman in SPUNK BIN"

I waved the man in and he entered, as he entered he saw my naked and hairless body, with my name, property mark, and advert wearing a cage around my cock and balls. His eye's seemed to flicker slightly and then return to a cold business like manner. He came in and sat down in the other easy chair next to Jason. I closed the door and returned to the centre of the room and assumed my present kneeling position facing Jason over the coffee table, even though there was still one vacant easy chair in the room. The guest looked at this, looking at me and the empty chair and Jason clarified the matter saying that I preferred the floor to chairs. I knelt there and nodded my consent to this. Jason had been right about the visitor asking me if I had read the documents and fully understand them. I told him exactly what I had been told to say by my BOSS, and didn't really care anyway, I was enjoying my new found GAY BOY SLAVEDOM to some very good looking studs on the Basketball Team and hopefully Alpha Hall when I attend their Start of year bash tonight.

It took some time to complete the pile of documents, first me signing then Jason followed by the visitor. On some of the documents I had to sign my real name and on the last few of them I signed them as SPUNK BIN. The documents where sorted and a full copy left with Jason, the visitor took the rest and told Jason that he should be able to get it fully concluded by the end of today, and would ring him, most of the changed items he should receive by tomorrow lunch time. What changed items they where on about I don't really know and with my legs and arms now in serious pain from holding the present position for so long I only wish the visitor would go so I can get up to let him out giving me a chance to move.

The visitor finally left and I jumped up and got the door open as quick as I good, feeling good to be moving again. I thanked the visitor for his services, basically being polite even if I didn't know what was going on. I didn't really care either as I was really enjoying my new found status as a GAY BOY SLAVE and SPUNK BIN. Once he had gone Jason said he had some work to do, so I should go back to my room and he would call me later. I went to pick my cloths up and received a remote control zap through my cock and balls from the cock and ball device, causing me to fall to my knees with a yell of pain.

Jason : "Did I tell you to pick your cloths up SPUNK BIN, Will you never learn, leave them there and go to your room I will send for you later."

Spunk Bin : "Sorry BOSS, and thank you for reminding me I really must try harder BOSS."

I leave the Jason's rooms and run naked down the full length of the sixth floor corridor down the stairs and half way along the first floor corridor to my room. Being the middle of the day there where only a few other lads about who where moving in and for them they probably saw me as suffering some kind of student prank, as most of them just wolf whistled and laughed at this sight.

I stayed in my room all afternoon, not particularly because I wanted to but because my BOSS had told me to and also the fact that all the cloths I possessed at the moment was lying on the sitting room floor of Jason's rooms. I lay on the bare rubber covered mattress listening and watching hard core porn on the portable TV. This again was not particularly because I wanted to but because I could not turn the TV off and the video was playing constantly on a loop. I couldn't even change a channel or volume as the TV controls where locked or broken. After watching the video for the second run the dreaded thing happened as I for the first time that day got an erection.

Spunk Bin : " Aaaaarrghhh..."

The whole of my cock and balls receiving a blistering zap from the cock and ball device, which instantaneously reduced them to their very small very soft condition before I was even able to stand up. I was founding however that even the pain I was beginning to enjoy and get pleasure from in a very strange sense, I don't know why but I was.

At about 4.30 pm I received to short zaps in my cock and balls, and I had not had any further erections. I recovered as quickly as I could realising that it was my summons to get back to Jason's rooms. So naked, as I had no option I ran back the same route I had followed earlier, only their where by now more students around and the humiliation twice as bad, and twice as exciting. Just as I got to Jason's door and knocked once the device zapped me again and I fell to the floor on my knees stiffening a yelp in my throat. To all the students in the corridor all they saw was a naked young 25 year old man, hairless, with a tattoo now readable on my back advertising the fact I was gay and needed fucking in my arse and face, dropping to his knees outside Jason's rooms door. This was followed by a shout from inside which they could all hear.

Jason : "If that's you SPUNK BIN you can come in the doors not locked, and in future don't leave your cloths in my room when you've been messing around with other guys."

Spunk Bin : "Yes BOSS it's SPUNK BIN, I will try and remember about my cloths in future, Sorry BOSS."

I enter his room very red faced and get dressed in my cloths which are now just inside the doorway. Jason indicates that I should leave the door open, so I am forced to dress in the doorway with everybody if not before now looking out of their rooms at this hilarious situation and obvious student prank of some kind. One or two I hear say how pathetic I was fancy calling a lad which looks nearly ten years younger BOSS.

Once dressed Jason made me kneel in the centre of the sitting room, at least I was clothed, and suck his cock off, till he came in my mouth, filling it with his spunk, which he told me to hold in my mouth whilst he explained about today. The door to the corridor was still open and for those that had hung around they saw the entire crock sucking show. What they did not hear was what Jason told me whilst having finished giving him a blow job, with my mouth full of his spunk which dribbled down my chin, I remained kneeling before him.

Jason : "I am pleased to tell you it is now formal, you have had your name changed by deed poll and it is registered you are now officially known as SPUNK BIN. You must never however shorten it to S. BIN, do you understand. Or call yourself Mr, In the next few days all the new documents will be through, new Passport, Driving Licence, deed poll document, bank cheque card and credit card, every thing will be in your new name."


What the hell had Jason done, or in fact what had I done because I had signed all the forms. I gulped and down went Jason's Spunk, which I had temporarily forgotten about. What the hell at the end of the three years here in college I can change it back by deed poll.

SPUNK BIN : "Thank you BOSS for that great news, I hope I am pleasing you BOSS"

I was sent back to my room, at least clothed this time, to get ready for the Alpha Hall Party that night. On the way back one lad stopped me and asked what my name was.

Spunk Boy : " It's Ni. Sorry I mean to say its SPUNK BIN young Sir."

I then ran the rest of the way to my room on the first floor as quick as I could. His shouted reply ringing in my ears as I ran off, "STRANGE NAME BUT QUITE APPTE FOR A GAY FAG SLAVE BOY LIKE YOURSELF. SEE YOU AROUND SPUNK BIN !"

To Be Continued...