Chapter 4.


I had been told by Jason my BOSS to strip naked in my room and make my way downstairs to the Alpha Hall Club Room in readiness for the party. As ordered I was making my way along the first floor from my room now stark naked, even the cock and ball cage device had been removed by the BOSS. I got to the lift area on the first floor and went to walk past to use the stairs. The lift door opened as I passed and six girls from what I later found out to be Omega Hall piled out. I quickly grabbed my cock and balls in both hands, covering my manhood, embarrassed at being caught naked like I was by these girls. They quickly surrounded me, and before I knew it I had a thick heavy duty canvass bag thrust over my head and down to my waist. As the bag was pushed down my hands went up to stop it. The six girls where strong and very quick and before I knew it my hands where inside the bag and the bag tied tight around my waist. I then felt a cold chain being placed tight around my cock and balls and the click of a padlock as it was locked into place. The chain was attached to a lead, which the girls used to pull me by into the lift, through the front hall and out the front doors of Alpha Hall. Some kind of strap or cord was tied around the bag where my mouth was and I was effectively now gagged and completely theirs as my hands and arms where held inside the bag. With the lead attached to my cock and balls I was going with them wherever that was, even if I had other ideas.

They took me like this back to Omega Hall, where I was paraded round the entire hall before finishing up in their club room. The gag, bag and cock lead was removed and I stood in the middle of the stage in Omega Hall, hands now clasping my family jewels and blinking to get my sight back in the bright spot lights, of the stage. I had been effectively kidnapped by the girls of Omega Hall being one of the two female halls of residence on the college campus. The club room was packed, as they too where having their first hall bash of the year just as Alpha was. Before me stood a tall good looking blond girl, about twenty I would guess, dressed in a black leather all in one cat suit, with six inch high heeled stiletto boots on. Who informed me that I was to address her as Mistress Jane and all females tonight as Mistress. If I did not comply fully with their instructions then I would be seriously punished and my BOSS who had agreed to this would also punish me.

Spunk Bin : "Yes Mistress Jane" I said rather meekly, what options did I have, stood here naked and the fact that Jason my BOSS had agreed to this.

A thick black leather collar was placed around my neck and padlocked into place, and then my wrists where handcuffed to a metal ring at the back of the collar. So my cock and balls where now fully on display, but because of the cock and ball cage device I had worn for the last couple of days, my cock and balls remained very small and very soft.

Mistress Jane : "How old are you SPUNK BIN ?"

Spunk Bin : "25 Mistress Jane"

Mistress Jane : "Well SPUNK BIN you may be 25 but by the look of your cock and balls you look more like a little baby boy."

Spunk Bin : "Yes Mistress Jane"

Mistress Jane : " Well I think you need to be dressed like one then, don't you agree SPUNK BIN ?"

Spunk Bin : "Yes Mistress Jane, please dress me as a baby boy"

This was completely humiliating and degrading but I also felt excited by the whole thing, getting kidnapped, walked naked on a cock lead across campus and now made to feel pathetic before all these girls. My cock and balls however did not respond which was basically due to the cock and ball cage device I had been forced to wear for the past 48 hours. Mistress Jane then had me lay backside down on a table in the centre of the stage, whilst two of the other girls wiped my arse crack, balls and cock with a face cloth, which I was soon to discover had been soaked in deep heat. I was then put into a towelling nappy and a large safety pin used to hold them in place, followed by a large pair of thick, tinted pink, rubber over pants, with elasticised waist and legs where pulled up over the nappy. I was then allowed to get up of the table, with by now my arse, cock and balls burning from the deep heat cream that had been applied to them, making my cock and balls even smaller.

Mistress Jane then attached the cock lead used earlier to bring me here, and attached it to the front ring on the dog collar locked around my neck and lead me off the stage to the bar through the room. The whole audience was going berserk, and as I was marched dressed in my nappy to the bar a number fondled and rubbed my cock, balls and arse through the rubber over pants and nappy I was wearing, causing more discomfort from the deep heat cream that had been applied to that area of my body. At the bar Mistress Jane gave me a pint which was placed on the counter and a straw provided so I could bend down and drink it. I was completely ignored for the next hour as Mistress Jane and the rest of the girls just carried on with their party. However every 10 mins the pint was refilled and I was told I had to finish each drink off before it was replaced. After the hour was up a large dummy or pacifier was placed in my mouth and with leather straps padlocked around the back of my head. The pacifier completely filled my mouth and acted like a gag. The side away from my face however was not a handle but a large red solid rubber dildo. I was then lead back to the stage and my lead attached to a pole just to the left side of the stage running from floor to ceiling.

Mistress Jane then explained that Baby Boy SPUNK BIN as she referred to me, was going to act as a pole dancer. I was at this stage not really concentrating having drunk six pints in a very short time and suddenly feeling the need to go to the toilet rather badly. I not only needed to piss but I realised I needed to have a shit as well. Mistress Jane came over to me and quietly whispered into my ear.

Mistress Jane : "What's the matter BABY, SPUNK BIN, is all that liquid and laxative having an effect then ?"

I could not answer as I had a gag locked in place over my mouth, and nodded furiously back, with large wide shocked eyes, LAXATIVE I thought SHIT, and at that I released my bowels and bladder. I could feel the liquidised shit filling the nappy, and my warm piss streaming out of my cock and warming my entire groin. I hung my head in complete shame as all the girls in the room could see what had happened. Made even more so by Mistress Jane announcing that BABY SPUNK BOY has had a big accident in his nappy. Even despite this she made me start pole dancing and I could feel the shit and piss in my nappy slopping around as I rubbed myself up and down the pole and gyrated to the music. This was totally humiliating and I wondered how I was going to look these girls of Omega Hall in the face again for the next three years. I carried on dancing for the next hour and even continued as more shit and piss poured into my nappy. That damned laxative and all that liquid was working it's way through my body so fucking quickly I just could not stop myself. I had shit and pissed myself so much that even the tight elastic of the rubber over pants could not keep all in the nappy and brown liquid trickled down my legs.

After an hour I was allowed to stop dancing and still chained to the pole had to lay on the stage. Then for the rest of the night I was open to the girls to come and relieve their frustrations, if they could stand the smell as Mistress Jane put it. There was a steady stream of girls, which came up on stage removed their panties if worn and sitting astride my face they lowered themselves onto the dildo on the gag in my mouth and fucked themselves. By the end of the night my face and chest was covered in their cum and piss as some on getting back up had just let go and pissed over my face. I was a completely humiliated and degraded fuck face being used as not only a pleasure toy for these girls but as a toilet as well once they had pleasured themselves.

Eventually the party finished and I was left to sleep naked on the stage except for my shit and piss filled nappy, chained to the pole, with my hands cuffed to the locked collar around my neck, lying in a pool of the girls piss and cum. I was awakened by Mistress Jane at about 11 o'clock the next morning and released from my chains and cuffs. I saw Jason behind her and he dropped my jeans and vest tip into the puddle of piss beside me.

Jason : "Get dressed quickly, you need to get enrolled for your classes, it's the last day and they close at noon."

I did not even have time to take the nappy off, as if I did I would take more time to get cleaned up. As I followed Jason across campus to the registrars office, I realised I should have taken the time to remove the nappy and get cleaned up. The smell was pungent all around me of my own shit and piss, made even worse by the dried piss and girls cum over my face and body. The look of horror and disgust from the woman in the enrolment office was plain for all to see, and from the students around. As Jason handed me the enrolment form I passed it across to the woman. She quickly looked at it and asked me to sign it, but I had signed it days ago, I was just about to say, when Jason slapped my backside, and everyone around must have heard the squelch of my piss and shit filled nappy, all I wanted to do was get out of there quick. So red faced I grabbed the form and signed. It was a new form filled out by Jason I presume, as I was now going to study Art and Design including photography and fashion studies and my sports where now BASKETBALL, SWIMMING and CROSS COUNTRY RUNNING.

I was just about to turn and leave, when the woman asked me as I was doing Art and Design including photography, if I was willing to place my name on the list as a model. They normally needed 40 or so but this year they only had two takers so far and they where restricted in what they could do and at what times they could do it. I had to understand that some of it would require me to do nude modelling but it was entirely up to me. I looked at Jason and he just smirked back and gave a quick nod of his head.

Spunk Bin : "Sure only to pleased to help out if I can" and signed a further form that she gave me, signing it Spunk Bin.

We left the office and Jason took me shopping, however I had to use my own credit card to make the purchases. The looks I got from the young ladies and men serving made me go bright red in the face, even more so when I handed over my credit card in the name of SPUNK BIN and even worse when I had to sign the same. The first call was to a ladies fashion shop, where I purchased two more pairs of jeans, both hipsters, boot cut flares, and very feminine, in size 10 leg 32inch. Also I got a couple of jumpers in another shop very tight fitting and not to thick, one a polo neck the other a V neck in white. In the sports shop then we went, getting my new sports gear, for Basketball it was a pair of white nylon running shorts, and though it had a cotton pair of pants sawn in I had to ask the assistant for a pair of scissors and cut the cotton pants out, there in the shop. They where also a size to small which meant they would be very tight on, and if they got wet would be virtually transparent. The vest was a white mesh sing let with the number 69 on the back, with a pair of white socks and white basketball boots. The swimming gear was one very small pair of Speedo's in bright Florissant pink and would be difficult for me to get my balls and cock into as once again they where a size to small. To finish off I purchased an all in one athletic suit for running in very tight and in white cotton and lycre, and although it had a lining in I was later told to cut the lining out so that if this to got wet it would become totally see through. It was quite obvious that any sports I did I was going to be if not naked then look naked as Jason and the others intended to continue their humiliation of me, which I found so exciting if not always totally enjoyable.

Once back in Alpha Hall I put all my shopping away, and stripped my cloths off, Jason ten made me walk the length of the first floor corridor in my shit and piss filled nappy and pink rubber over pants to the showers where I was allowed to get cleaned up and on Jason's Instruction wash the nappy and pants out for possible use another time. I was then allowed to go back to my room and went to sleep for some hours, dreaming of the events that had taken place last night and this morning. I was totally exhausted and drained and looking forward to my next adventure as I drifted into the land of sleep.

To Be Continued...