Chapter 5


It was now six weeks since the first term started, and here we now sat in the nearby high school visitors changing rooms, waiting for Jason to hand out our team strip for tonight's charity basketball game with the 15 - 16 year old high school team. It was Jason's idea which the coach had accepted and left up to Jason to organise and select the team. The proviso was that he did not pick anyone from the college first or second team. Once selected Jason gave us extra coaching sessions and we felt good as a team, even if we where not the best, we only had a kids high school team to compete against, so felt we had a good chance of really shafting these kids. I also felt quite good as on the first day of term Jason had told me I could grow my body hair back, having had all but the hair on my head removed. I felt once again like a man and was acting less submissive. By now some of the lads had their kit on, and it looked very smart, Flame red mesh vests with name and number on the back and the college name on the front and underneath in the same yellow block writing `BOTTOM TEAM', The shorts where in the same colour and made of nylon, with stitched in cotton pants, and the team number on each side in yellow writing. I was the last to receive my kit from Jason and quickly stripped off my ladies jeans and white mesh vest top and boots. I saw Jason smiling at me and wondered why he was in such good spirits, unless he liked the look of my new manly body with it's body hair. I quickly discovered what he was smiling at and it wasn't my hairy body. My vest unlike the others being loose and long was the opposite, skin tight and stopped just below my breasts. The shorts had the cotton underpants removed and where very short in the leg and nearly cut me in two. It also meant that my flaccid cock and balls just protruded from the legs of the shorts, and I would have to be careful how I moved without really showing them to all and sundry. The vest also had a canvass, elasticised type arm band with the word CAPTAIN on them for each arm, The problem was that they where tight around the biceps of the arm and where stitched to the side of the vest. This prevented me from lifting my arms above shoulder height and even this was difficult. There was no way I could play basket ball in this kit, unable to shoot or deal with high balls and passes. Jason wouldn't have it, and there where no other spare kit, I could still dribble and pass low balls. Then before we left the changing room Jason took me into the showers and told me to drop my shorts, he thought it might help me to have a comforter for the game. He greased up a large silver egg shape and twisted it. It started to hum and he told me to bend over whilst he inserted it up my arse, before I was allowed to replace my skin tight shorts. The amount of grease he had applied meant that I really had to concentrate to keep it up my arse, and the vibrating egg hummed away inside which caused my cock and balls to twitch and start to become erect. With a slap on my arse I followed the team out up the corridor and into the sports hall.

I felt stupid, and really had to concentrate on keeping my arse cheeks pressed firmly together to prevent the greased up vibrating egg inside me. I would be totally humiliated if it came out because it would fall straight out of the short skimpy shorts I was wearing and everyone watching the game would see and hear it on the floor, and with the tightness of the shorts I would be unable to bend over and pick it up. A further effect the egg had was to prevent me running or turning at any great speed. As the game started I must have looked a complete idiot and useless player, which only got worse as the game went on. My dick and balls twitching as I began to throw a bonner, and there was nothing I could do. The colour of my face must have been the same as the vest and shorts I was wearing. Then one of the lads fell badly and injured his ankle, we had no sub as both had gone sick prior to the match. So with two players down, as effectively I was more a hindrance than a help we where hammered into a total defeat by the kids on the high school team, we did manage 2 points though even if the high school lads finished on 130 points. In the last few minutes of play, I accidentally knocked the other teams captain off his feet, and when he got to his feet, he told me "Why don't you watch what your doing FAG BOY" I just saw red and shoved him back and although he was my height and probably slightly heavier, I caught him off balance and he landed on his arse on the floor.

Spunk Bin : "Listen kid go play with the little boys and girls and don't call me a FAG BOY"

Not waiting for an answer I moved away, hearing the laughter from his fellow team members around, and some of the girls sat in the audience. Once the final whistle blew I got back to the changing rooms as quickly as I could. The team following on just as quick, to get away from this horrendous defeat, at the hands of those kids. Jason came and praised the other lads and told them it was just bad luck about Ron's injury and it had been his mistake in choice of such a pathetic captain. I was going to say something and Jason saw me. Before I could say anything Jason called me outside into the corridor. The look on his face stopped me saying anything to him and I just bowed my head in submission too him. He then told me about the forfeit, which I was now going to have to do. The College Bottoms had been shafted by the high school kids, therefore the loosing team captain, me, now had to go to the winning team captain and do a forfeit. I had to do everything the other captain and team wanted up to midnight and it was now just past six in the evening. I nodded my head and turned to go back into our changing room to get showered and changed before going to the other teams changing room. What the hell they where only 15 and 16 year old kids, the forfeit should be easy enough and it was only until midnight.

Jason : "SPUNK BIN you need to report now, we'll leave your cloths with the other team for you to get later. So I turned again and went into the home teams changing room. All of them where showered and dressed and as I went in most left, with the last saying they would get the hall set up, what ever that meant. There standing in the centre of the room was Rob, the lad I had pushed to the ground.

Spunk Bin : "I am hear to carry out the forfeit, Rob."

Rob : " Listen FAG BOY, you are pathetic, you will call me Master Rob for the duration of the forfeit, do you understand BITCH ?"

I nod my agreement and say "Yes Master Rob" to be told by him to say it louder, so everyone around can hear, "YES MASTER ROB" He points out how I have been teasing him and his whole team all night showing my cock end and balls off, and they after all wanted my kit as a display trophy for their victory. I therefore had to strip naked which I did, I was glad however that only two other lads remained with Rob in the changing rooms. I handed my entire kit to one of the boys and he took them into the back of the changing rooms. I stood before Master Rob, naked, however now having body hair seemed to make me feel that bit better. I had forgotten about the vibrating egg up my arse and was embarrassed when it fell out onto the floor, as I moved to pick it up Rob stopped me, commenting on I wouldn't need that anymore tonight and anyway they he considered it part of my playing kit and as such would be displayed on the team trophy board accordingly. I was then lead to the shower area to get cleaned up. Master Rob appeared as I was nearly finished and handed me a can of shaving soap and razor.


I got to work and before long my body was once again hairless except for the hair on my head. I had endured six weeks of my body hair growing back, with all the itching that had caused me to now loose it once again at the hands of this 15 year old boy.

Rob : "You are totally pathetic, can you not do anything right, Boys help him out please"

His two helpers told me to kneel, and I then heard the buzzing of hair clippers, "Please Master Rob, not the hair on my head, I beg you please" It was however to no avail, and after the hair clippers shaving foam was applied and my entire head of hair was shaved clean and smooth, followed by my eyebrows.

Rob : "When I say TOTAL I MEAN TOTAL got it BITCH"

Spunk Bin : "Yes Master Rob, I am so sorry for not shaving my total body properly as you told me, please forgive me MASTER ROB."

He then made me stand up and grab hold of my ankles, He then unzipped his cock from his jeans and ran his large 9 inch cock head up and down the crack of my arse. He then told me to mount his cock, so I shuffled back, impaling myself on this boys huge shaft of man meat, until he was fully inside me, all the time begging and pleading with him to now fuck my arse, as my advert on my back said I needed. I was told to continue to plead and beg as he fucked my arse soundly, excited and humiliated at having to do this for this young well hung Master. It was not long before his hot juices filled my arse hole, but instead of removing his cock which continued to remain fully erect he grabbed my head and pulled me upright, making me thank him for filling my arse with his man juices. He then told me to start sucking my left thumb, and wanking myself with my right hand. Before proceeding to cock march me out of the changing rooms and up the corridor to the sports hall.

Spunk Bin : "Please Master Rob, I beg you don't take me in there not like this I beg you"

Rob : "Shut the fuck up BITCH I told you to suck your thumb so get on with it and don't stop wanking yourself either. So impaled on his cock I was marched into the sports hall, full of the rest of his team and a number of class mates both boys and girls who had stayed behind. One lad said how gross it looked but at the same time was so wicked and only right, There team had shafted ours in the game and now their team had the right to shaft the loosing captain. Impaled on Master Rob's erect cock, completely naked and totally shaved of all my body hair I felt totally degraded and humiliated, although I enjoyed the excitement and feeling of Rob's spunk inside me, I continued to suck my thumb and wank myself off. As I was marched to the centre of the hall I fired 6 great wads of my spunk, catching it in both my hands. Master Rob then told me to wash my face and head with it, which I did feeling very silly and pathetic. Then Rob withdraw from my arse and I was bent over the box set up in the centre of the gym. My arse was then invaded by every team member until my arse felt like it was going to bust open it must have had so much spunk in it.

To finish off Master Rob then got a rounder bat from the store room and whilst standing in front of my smeared it in what he said would help get it up and keep it there. It was then inserted up my arse hole as far as it would go. It still left about six inches of handle sticking out, which Rob said was ideal, it even made me look like I had a little dogs tail, as I was such a BITCH. With all the hammering my arse had received I had also cum myself a further three times catching each in turn and eating it down as told to by Master Rob.

Well its nearly eleven, so I was lead by a rope lead out of the gym and across the playing fields and into the local park. I was forced to walk on my hands and knees and somebody pushed me along at the same time with the rounder bat stuck in my arse. I was lead to the gents toilet in the park and was surprised to find them open. I was lead in and told to stand up. The lead was removed and I was forced to stand facing out towards the outside door up against a short six inch width of heavy wire mesh fence, which was fixed solid to the floor and ceiling. Normally the gates on either side would be locked closed on a night so that the toilets where save from vandals, but a small urinal could be used on the outside vestibule area. Master Rob then made me push my now flaccid balls and cock through the mesh fence which was even tight with a soft flaccid cock and balls I had. I was then given 6 cans of beer to drink to help celebrate their teams victory. After four of them I had the biggest erection my 5 inch cock and balls could muster. It was then that Master Rob explained that the cans had contained some additives, One a very strong dose of something like viagra, the second an additive that would increase my sperm production, the third had akin to speed in it to help my energy levels and the forth had an experimental additive which if it worked should cause severe itching in my cock and balls which would only be relieved by massaging my balls and wanking my meat off. In slight disbelief I finished the sixth can off, and a plastic bin bag with my cloths and boots in was put on the floor at the other side of the mesh and the top left open so I could see them. Well its nearly midnight so we had better be on our way home.

Spunk Bin "Master Rob, please don't leave me like this, how do I get out, and people may come in, I beg you please help me"

Rob : "Sorry can't do for one its now after midnight and for two the effect of the chemicals will last for up to ten hours, so your cock and balls are stuck in that mesh till they get soft again and nothing I can do will effect that."

I tried to remove the bat from my arse as I could just reach it but found this was stuck solid, as Rob then told me don't worry the adhesive is only good for up to twelve hours then the bat should slide out. My cock started to itch like mad and I reached round the fence and started to massage my balls with my left hand and wank myself with my right. I must have cum ten times during the night, once finished firing my spunk my cock would start itching again within five or ten minutes. The six cans of beer also had the effect of making me want to piss which I did all the piss and spunk I produced however fell into the bag containing my boots and cloths. By next morning they where all totally soaked in my own spunk and piss and before anybody came in to the toilets my cock finally went limp and I was able to get free from the fence. I was just about to get my cloths out of the bag and get dressed when in walked a police officer, just then the bat freed itself and fell out of my arse with a clatter and followed by a stream of spunk which splattered to the floor. I was told to get dressed and then I had some explaining to do down at the station. I quickly put my cloths on even though they where soaked in my piss and spunk and boots and the officer cuffed my hands behind my back picked the bat up and took me to the police station. I the captain of the college Bottom team had well and truly been defeated in the game and shafted by the winners. I also knew that I was in serious trouble.

To Be Continued...