Chapter 6


I was now stood in an interview room at the police station, dressed only in my, boots and ladies skin tight, flared jeans with the leather lace up fronts, which where soaked in my own piss and spunk from the night in the public toilets in the park. Having been shafted well and truly by the local high school basket ball team. The officer having taken my vest top for forensic tests, as they checked out my story of being attacked by a gang of unknown lads, who had dragged me into the toilets as I walked back to Alpha Hall and forced me to do a number of sexual acts on them and myself. The officer was sceptical but treated me as a victim and had gone to do some further checks. They had allowed me to phone Jason, who was on his way to the station now.

It was then that my cock and balls started to itch with that intense itch from the additive in the beer, that I had felt last night and I remembered Master Rob telling me that for the next few weeks I would get this about every 4 - 6 hours. Within a short time the itch was so intense I was going out of my mind and my cock and balls where totally swollen and erect. I quickly untied the leather lace and pulled them down around my thighs, and started to wank myself off as hard and as fast as I could, as this was the only way I knew of stopping that itch in them. I kept an ear as open as I could for footsteps outside the door whilst beating my meat off. Those High School kids had something to answer for. It was not long before I managed to shoot a huge load of spunk into the palms of my hands, so much was there, which I had never produced such a quantity before, but that was probably down to the additives in the beer as well. It was such a relief to have stopped that intense itch in my balls and cock, as I started to lick one of my hands clean and get rid of the evidence of what I had just done before anyone came back. The door suddenly burst open and in walked Jason, I felt such a clown, stood there with my jeans slung around my thighs, spunk filled right hand, left hand at my mouth licking the spunk from my fingers, and spunk smeared around my mouth. My cock starting to go slightly limp with spunk dripping from the piss slit still and dropping to the floor in front of me. Then behind Jason I saw my father as he entered the room, I clamped my hands to my cock and balls in total shame at my father seeing me like this and felt the spunk from my right hand splatter over my cock and balls.

I was so shocked I just stood there, not even trying to pull my jeans back up and get them fastened. At least the officer which showed them down did not enter and just closed the door and left.

Spunk Bin : "Dad!!! It's not what it looks like. I mean I can explain."

Dad : "Don't bother, I have spoken here with Jason and now seen for myself, you are totally pathetic and disgusting and no son of mine. I will continue with your tuition fees and accommodation and food fees but that is it."

Spunk Bin : "But Dad I .."

Dad : "Just shut the fuck up and listen, because you are very lucky to have a friend here like Jason. The fees I have said I will take care off, however as far as I am concerned you are no longer my son. Therefore any other expenses you will have to find yourself by working part time and in vacation time. Jason has talked me into giving you a second chance though god forbid I don't think you deserve it. I will review my decision as to re instate you as my son in five years time on your 30th Birthday. In the interim you will not communicate or correspond with me and the rest of the family other than through Jason here, who has agreed to act as a guardian to you, which we will get the legal papers drawn up for. Jason will send me frequent reports on how you do which will form the basis for my decision in five years time. I will of cause pay him for his services and it is up to him what if anything he gives you. I have also agreed that I will pay for his new room in Alpha Hall, which used to I believe belong to you, but as you are so pathetic you can have Jason's old room. The car I had brought down to give to you as a present I am giving now to Jason for his help in this matter and the fact that you don't deserve it. Well that's all I have to say I wish you all the best Jason and thank you for helping this pathetic disgusting fag boy out, please keep in contact as we have discussed, and feel free to come and see me anytime, consider me your father if you like, as I now no longer have a son. I only hope you have better luck as BOSS of this sorry lump of spunk covered shit here than I ever did."

With that my father turned and left giving Jason a set of car keys as he departed, and I realising now my state of dress pulled my jeans up and tied them off. I then licked as clean as I could my hands of any remaining spunk. I tried to call to my dad as he left but was totally ignored. I looked at Jason completely dumb founded and at a loss, and he just stood there with a great smile beaming from his Cheshire cat like facial grin.

Jason : "I must say SPUNK BIN you certainly have good timing, I could not have even managed to stage that show of yours as we walked in there. I was completely humiliated and degraded.

What the hell was I going to do now, I didn't have many options left except to do exactly as Jason said and to hopefully get my father to accept me back as his son on my 30th Birthday in five years time. All I had to do was put up with five years of being Jason's SLAVE BOY. The prospect of which I had to admit if honest excited me in many ways but was frightening in other ways and was certainly going to be very humiliating and probably very degrading for me, which only excited me more, in a very apprehensive way.

The officer returned and told me that further enquiries where on going and he wanted me to have a medical examination, for evidence gathering. Unfortunately the medical examiner was not available till tomorrow. I was asked therefore to come back to the station tomorrow if I could and if possible not wash or clean myself up till after the examination. He apologised for having to ask this but with financial cut backs in the force it was all he could do, and it would at least allow me to go and get a good nights sleep in my room in Alpha Hall. I was still in a state of shock from the encounter with my father and Jason agreed for me, as I stood there open mouthed like a gold fish.

Outside Jason took me to my car which was to be and now belonged to him, a large 4x4 with cabin to seat four and a pickup back which had a solid mesh cage over the top, securing anything put in the back. As I went to get in Jason stopped me and told me to get in the cage at the back. I was only fit to be caged and with my spunk and piss stained jeans and body there was no way I was going to be allowed in the passenger cab. Totally dejected and tired I got into the cage and slammed the door to, hearing the click of the lock. Not only was I going to have to suffer the humiliation of travelling around in this cage, for all to see, I also had to ask the BOSS Jason to unlock me and let me out if it pleased him.

Jason didn't take me back to the hall, but took me first to the studio again for further art work to be added to my body, a lot of it was very painful and all very humiliating. As I now had a tattoo in black ink letters across the top of my head




Then across my left arse cheek one word SPANK and on my right arse cheek WHIP and the worst of all around my arse hole, with the O of Boy actually ringing my arse hole.





And to finish it off down the entire length of my cock shaft both front and back was






On the back of my cock it read from my body down the shaft so that it could be read when my cock was flaccid and soft. On the front it read from the tip of my cock down to my balls so easily read when I had an erection.

Jason then with me travelling in the cage in the back of the pick up returned to Alpha Hall where I was allowed to go to my room and fall asleep on the bed totally drained of energy with a rather painful cock and arse from the new art work Jason had decided to add to my body. I slept right through until 6 o'clock that night when I woke to find my raging cock and balls had become fully erect again and the intense itching in them once again was driving me mad. Tired as I was I lay there on my bed and wanked off as best I could with the still semi painful tattoo on both sides of my cock. It didn't take to long though and with a huge load of my spunk covering my face chest and abdomen I fell back into a deep sleep.

I woke up next morning about seven to find Jason standing in the doorway of my room, my cock and balls swollen once again and itching intensely, so I went to wank myself off again. I was told by Jason not to touch my cock and balls until he allowed me to. I was so dominated now by him I stopped wanking myself and stood up with my hands by my side, even though my cock and balls where going wild with that itch, all I could do was dance from one foot to the other bobbing up and down like a demented little boy. I pleaded with him to let me wank myself and the reason why, but he knew why already. I then had to run to the showers at the far end of the corridor naked as I was with a throbbing itching cock and balls and get showered. I reminded Jason about the police medical examination today but was told not to bother myself with that and to get my sorry arse into the showers. Half way down the corridor John came out of his room just as I past it and called me back. He told me to turn around and bend over so he could read my arse. He then made me stand in front of him so he could read my cock. Finally he told me to turn and bend over again before he spanked my left arse cheek with his hand, very hard. I leapt into the air as my arse stung and was allowed to continue on my way with a red and burning left arse cheek. I quickly showered except for my cock and balls which as Jason had ordered me I was not to touch until he told me I could. I then ran back naked to my room where Jason finally allowed me to wank myself off after pleading and begging him. I finally came in a huge rush which I then had to spread over my whole body and ensure I had some up my arse hole. I was now on my knees thanking Jason for allowing me the pleasure of wanking myself off, so dominated by him was I now that I would do anything he told me to, after all I needed good reports sent to my father.

Jason then told me what I was going to say to the police, I was going to have to change my story. So I was down at loosing the basketball game with the high school and needed to pick myself up. I had gone to the toilets in the park with a rounder bat I had found at the gym and a couple of cans of beer. I had stripped off and having had a drink and adding some speed I had purchased started to play with myself, I had hoped somebody might come along and join in with me irrespective of their age or just get myself excited at getting caught doing lude sexual acts in a public place. So dressed in my jeans and boots and a clean white vest and a baseball cap Jason let me have to wear I went in the cage back to the police station. A number of officers laughed as I went in which I thought rather strange but continued on. I told the officer I needed to speak with him and we went back into the interview room. I then told my story of the events in the park as told to do so by Jason. I was informed by the officer that that would appear to go along with the evidence they had got, and the pictures they had managed to get from the beat up security camera in the toilets, and the fact that all the cans and bat only had my fingerprints on them. One other thing the officer went on to say was that he would like to have a word with Jason at some time, I looked non plus. It was so he could arrange possibly a video shoot he had in mind as the video from this interview room yesterday went down well in the police club last night. Shit I thought I had not realised the room was on camera, and yesterday I had been wanking myself daft in here. So that's why I am getting all the laughs from officers I pass.

I was then charged with possession of drugs, lude and indecent behaviour in a public toilet, making pornographic material without a licence, and male prostitution. I was photographed and processed and then given a full medical examination with samples being taken even from up my arse, all later proved to be my own spunk and piss. I was put before the court that afternoon and pleaded guilty as Jason had told me to. The solicitor provided by Jason put a proposal to the court for consideration and this the court finally accepted as a suitable punishment and sentence. I was given two years suspended providing I attended a clinic for Sex Offenders and drug addicts on a part time basis, once a month and at certain times during the vacations. I was to remain on the course until signed off by the psychologists I would be under who would work alongside my guardian Jason. I was allowed to leave the court and met Jason outside. He told me to get into my cage and lay face down on the floor and hump the floor of the 4x4 all the way back to Alpha Hall. I had to make myself cum at least twice before we got back. I was in full view of high vehicles and buses that looked down into the back of the 4x4 as we drove back through town to Alpha Hall, for all to see me laid there humping the floor like an animal. I felt excited and humiliated at having to put this show on for everyone to see as for the second time my jeans filled with a second load of my own cum. I was now in Jason's total control and domination for at least five years, as my guardian, court appointed mentor, and BOSS for Alpha Hall and the College Basketball team. I did on getting back try to phone my father and speak to him but only got Joan his secretary who in no uncertain terms told me to get lost as her boss no longer had a son and the photo's Jason had sent which now sat on the wall in her office of me naked and hairless, being fucked up my arse by a teenage basketball team was totally pathetic and disgusting but the one of me being walked with what looked like a bat up the arse she had enlarged and placed in the staff ladies rest room and all thought it most laughable. I was not going to try again I decided with a very bright red face coming off the phone. Then I heard Jason shouting me, so I ran up to his floor to find out what he wanted. I now lay on the bed in my room, having completed his orders and changed my bedroom door with the one from the cupboard in the foyer. So I had a full length window now in my door, allowing everyone using the landing to look in and see me laying naked and hairless on my bed, as Jason had ordered me to be when in my room unless otherwise ordered.

To Be Continued...