An Unrequited Love

Chapter Eight


Written By: Richey

Edited By: Danny



I walked over to the refrigerator in the break room at work, got out a brown lunch sack that had my name on it, and walked over to an empty table and sat down.

There were three other people that were on break or lunch while I was back there. One of them was a girl named Misty that worked in the health and beauty department. She was skinny with long brown hair and was pretty cool to talk with. The only thing that bothered me was that every time she saw me she asked when I was going to set her up with my cute friend that comes to see me at work sometime.

That cute friend was Kevin. If only she knew. Haha.

The other one on break was a guy named Davis that worked in the hardware department. We didn't talk as much as Misty and I did because we didn't have as much in common. He always talked about going hunting and working on his truck. I didn't like hunting and I didn't know the first thing about fixing up vehicles. I knew a little bit more than Kevin, but that wasn't really saying much. I guess you could say that Davis was a little bit on the redneck side.

The third guy back there was new. He was a cashier and worked mostly evenings like me. I had noticed him a few days earlier, but hadn't talked to him. He had curly blond hair, and looked to be a little bit taller than me.

I took my phone out of my pocket and smiled when I saw that I had one new text message from Kevin saying that he loved me. I scrolled through my contact list and found Caughman's and pressed send.

"Thank you for calling Caughman's Dry Cleaning. This is Kevin how can I help you?" Kevin answered the phone.

"Hey there cutie." I said quietly. I wasn't exactly comfortable with people at work knowing that I was gay just yet. I preferred to keep my private life private for the time being.

"Is it lunch time already?" Kevin asked.


"Have you opened your lunch sack yet?" Kevin asked.

"No." I replied. "I just sat down and the first thing I did was call you."

Kevin had packed me a lunch earlier that day and told me not to open the sack until I was on my lunch break at work.

"Well open it." He was getting a little bit on the excited side.

I opened the sack and took out a canned Mountain Dew Code Red. Then I pulled out a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips (a favorite of mine). The last thing in there was a blue plastic container that was used to keep sandwiches cool.

I smiled again. "It looks like all of my favorites."

"Open the sandwich container." He instructed me.

I opened the container and inside was a heart shaped sandwich. I raised the bread and saw that it was smoked turkey with White American cheese. I saw a red piece of paper under the sandwich.

I took the sandwich out of the container an under it was a piece of paper. It was in the shape of the heart. Written on the paper were the words: "I give you my heart, enjoy. I love you."

I could feel myself blushing.

"Thank you. You are so sweet."

I could picture the look on Kevin's face. I know without a doubt that he was grinning from ear to ear.

"I just want you to know that I love you more than anything." Kevin told me. "It's kinda cheesy I know."

"No it's not. It's sweet." I took a bite out of the sandwich. "This is really good." I told him.

"I'm glad you like it."

I heard the sound of the door buzzer ringing through the phone.

"I'll be with you in just a minute." I heard Kevin say to whomever it was that walked into the store.

I grabbed the pull tab on my soda and opened. I took a big gulp out of it and washed the sandwich down.

"Hey Ry, I have to go." Kevin told me. "A lady just came in and I have to help her."

"Okay. I love you."

"I love you too babe." He told me. "I will see you at ten o'clock when you get off work."


When I heard Kevin hang up the phone, I pressed end on mine and sat it down on the table. I took a huge bite out of my sandwich. I looked at the note from Kevin again, then folded it up and put it in my pocket.

"Hey how have you been?"

I looked up and saw that Misty was now sitting in front of me.

"I've been okay." I replied through a mouth full of sandwich.

It was no secret around work. Everyone knew about my family being killed. They had all got together and sent flowers, balloons and cards to me while I was in the hospital.

It was also no secret that the trial of my family's' murder had been taking place. It was in all the papers and on television.

"That's good. We've all missed you around here." She smiled at me.

"Thank you." I told her.

"A bunch of us are going bowling Friday night after work if you want to go. It's going to be me Kyle, Dustin, Cassie, Sarah, Mark, and Chandler."

I knew all of those people except for Chandler. I had never heard of him before.

"Who is Chandler?" I asked.

She nodded in the direction of the guy that was sitting in the break room that I had never seen before.

"That's Chandler."

"Ah ok." I took a chug of my Code Red. "I was wondering who he was."

"So do you want to go?" She asked.

"Um I think I have plans with Kevin that night." I told her.

I wasn't sure what we were doing, but I was pretty sure we would go out and do something that night.

Misty smiled. "You can invite him too. I haven't seen him in awhile."

"I'll see if he wants too." I told her. "I can't make any promises though."

"Cool." She stood up from the table. "I hope to see you there."




"You okay?" Kevin asked as he pulled his truck into the driveway. "You were pretty quiet the whole way home."

"I've just had a lot on my mind." I replied. "That's all. Just thinking about this whole trial and stuff. It has been a whole day and I just feel like the jury should have already made a decision."

I noticed Daniel's white Chevy Silverado parked to the side of the driveway behind my car. I hadn't seen him since Friday evening. He was always good at taking my mind off of things.

Kevin grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

"I'm sure they have certain guidelines and stuff that they have to follow." He tried to cheer me up.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"I hope it's okay with you but I invited Dan, Mike, and Haleigh to hang out with us for a little while. I kinda figured you could use the distraction."

I looked at my watch. It was 10:30. I was tired, but always enjoyed the time that I got to spend with my friends. "That's cool." I reached for the door handle of his truck. "I'm pretty much caught up on my homework and all."

Kevin game me his trademark grin and flashed his pearly whites at me. "Awesomeness."

I opened the door and got out of the truck. I was getting ready to close the door when I realized that I had forgotten my books in the back. I raised the seat up, grabbed my backpack and slammed the door shut.

Kevin had somehow already beaten me to the front door. He stood there smiling at me.

"Come on slowpoke." He teased.

I took my time walking to the front door.

"I'm not as young as you." I said when I made it to the door.

Kevin held up his hands and started fluttering his fingers. "OOOOO you're a whole six months older than me. You are so old."

"Well, I was born a whole year before you."

Kevin opened the door and I followed him inside. Daniel, Mike, and Haleigh were already in the living room waiting for us. Daniel was sitting in the recliner and Mike and Haleigh were cuddled together on the couch.

"Hey." I greeted everyone.

"How's it do?" Daniel always had weird greetings that he liked to use on people.

"You're silly." Kevin said.

"I'm going to go change into something a little more comfortable." I announced to everyone.

I had worn jeans and a green striped polo to classes earlier that they. I had to change into the khaki pants and red polo for work after class; which was what I still had on. I hated my work clothes.

"Me too." Kevin said.

Haleigh laughed.

"Yeah right," Dan chuckled. "Kev, I've seen you in action at work and the day you break a sweat there is the day I'm rich."

Kevin laughed.

"Well you are rich but I ain't broke no sweat."

Daniel frowned. He was a pretty easy going guy, but there were two things that could easily upset him. Talking about how much money he has and talking about his mother. "I'm not rich my old man is." Dan huffed. His dad owned Hendricks GMC-CHEVY-BUICK. He sold new GMC, Chevy and Buick vehicles and I am sure he made a fortune doing it. My old house was nothing compared to Dan's. I had lived in a three bedroom double wide out in the middle of nowhere. Dan on the other hand, lived in a five bedroom, three bath, three car garage house complete with a swimming pool and a small guest house.

His dad and he didn't see eye to eye on a lot of things. His dad was what you would call a country hick. He literally believed that women were supposed to stay in the kitchen barefoot, pregnant and cooking. There were numerous times that I would be over at Dan's house and his parents would be downstairs having a shouting match about his Dad's chauvinistic attitude towards women. That is also why I was scared when Dan walked in on me and Kevin in the shower together. His dad hated gays. He was very outspoken about it too. I guess I should have known that Daniel wouldn't have been anything like his dad. He was after all one of my first friends when I started school.

I had been friends with Dan longer than I had been with Kevin. It was just that me and Kevin had this natural bond that drew us together.

Kevin followed me down the hallway to my bedroom. I opened the door and he followed me inside.

I peeled off my shirt and tossed it in a basket in the corner of the room. I looked down and ran my hand across the ugly scar that was starting to form on my stomach.

"It's not ugly."

Kevin walked up behind me and hugged me from behind, reaching around and touching my scar.

"Every time I look at this, I think of what she did to me and my family."

Kevin turned me around so that I was facing him. I looked up at his adoring face. "What do you think would have happened if the bullet would have actually gone in my head? What were the chances of when she went to shoot me the gun would misfire and just graze my forehead?"

Kevin leaned down and kissed me. He was starting to tear up. "My dad was looking down on you from heaven and knew how much you meant to me and was protecting you."

I just nodded my head. Kevin didn't talk about his dad much. I know it was as sensitive a subject to him as my family was to me. They were both shot and killed by someone, so there were similarities.

Kevin's text alert went off interrupting us. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone and read the message. He rapidly typed a reply back and tossed his phone onto the bed.

"Who was that?" I asked. I didn't like asking Kevin who he was talking to on the phone because I didn't want to seem like a jealous boyfriend.

"Oh it was just Eric wanting to know if I wanted to cut class with him tomorrow. Apparently it stormed so bad there earlier that it knocked a bunch of power lines down and they don't know when they will have power back so classes are cancelled tomorrow." He explained.

"You going to do it?" I asked.

"Nah." He replied. "I need to be with you. Besides he has really been really annoying me lately. He kept texting me while I was at work asking me if I wanted to go pussy chasing with him this weekend."

I took my pants off and tossed them in the same basket that I had tossed my shirt in earlier. Kevin whistled at me. "I like what I see."

I smiled at him. I pulled my Hanes briefs down and flashed him briefly. I could see a big bulge appearing in his pants. I smiled. I still can't get over the fact that Kevin Sawyer loves me and is my boyfriend. I don't know what I would do without him. I walked over to my bottom drawer and pulled out a pair of Nike athletic shorts and pulled them on. I grabbed a white t-shirt I had tossed on top of the dresser that morning and put it on. I walked towards the door and slapped Kevin on his butt.

"Oh you might want to change into something else. That is what you came back here for after all." I winked at him and headed out the door.

Dan, Mike and Haleigh were all still sitting in their exact same spots as they were when I left to change my clothes. Haleigh was sitting on Mike's lap. The three of them were watching something on television. I wasn't exactly sure what it was though.

"What are you guys watching?" I asked as I walked over to the other side of the recliner Dan was sitting in and sat down on the floor.

It seemed that furniture wasn't very plentiful. There was a couch against the wall when you first come in from outside and there was a recliner. Kevin's mom had taken all the furniture with her when she moved in with Steven and brought all of his old furniture over here.

"I have no idea." Mike replied. "It's funny."

"Oh I see." I said. "So what does everyone want to do tonight?"

"We can't stay too much later." Haleigh replied. "My mom wants me home before midnight and Mike's parents want him home before midnight too."

I scrunched up my face. "That sucks."

"Tell me about it." Mike agreed with me. "It's not like I get into any kind of trouble. David can get away with anything just because he makes straight A's and is in sports." David, Mike's little brother, was a sophomore and played football and basketball. The two of them were total opposites. Mike didn't much care for sports. He was his own person and didn't try to please everyone else by doing what they thought he should do. His parents were always riding him because he didn't have straight A's like his younger brother. They wanted him to play sports and have the perfect grades. They insisted that it was the American way.

"I have movies." Kevin announced as he appeared from down the hallway.

He had changed also, just not into his clothes. He was wearing a pair of my Nike athletic shorts which were way too short on him. They came down to my knees and well Kevin was taller than me and they just came right past his thighs. He also had on one of my white t-shirts. The sleeve barely went over his shoulder. He had taken out his contacts and put on his glasses also. I put my hand over my mouth to hold back my laughter.

He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. "What is it?"

I could hear Dan stifling laughter behind me. "You not own any clothes of your own?" I teased.

"I didn't have anything clean." He pouted.

I just shook my head at him. I had to admit the sight of him wearing my clothes which were too small on him was kinda a turn on. He probably even had on a pair of my underwear. He held up three movies.

"Which shall it be?" He asked. "I have Sling Blade, The Hunger Games and American Reunion."

Haleigh looked at her watch and stood up. "As much as I hate to cut it short I have to get going. Our parents both want us home before midnight and I have to take Mike home." She walked over to Kevin and kissed him on the cheek.

"Hopefully if you guys aren't doing anything tomorrow we can hang out earlier." She suggested.

"I'm off tomorrow." I replied.

"Me too." Kevin replied.

"What about you?" She asked Daniel.

"I get off at 3." He told her. "I usually work Monday thru Friday 7-3."

"Cool." She smiled. "How about we all meet up here at around five?"

I nodded my head in agreement.

"Yeah." Dan agreed.

"What about my movies tonight?" Kevin whined and put on his best pouty face. I tried my hardest to not laugh.

"If you watch them just don't tell me what happens." Haleigh said.

Kevin spit in his hand and held it out for Haleigh to shake. "Deal."

She took a few steps back. "Deal." She held out her hand. "You just keep your spit away from me."

Kevin walked closer to Haleigh and held up his hand like he was going to rub his spit on her. "I'm going to get you."

He started laughing and then started tickling Haleigh until she fell to the floor laughing and begging Kevin to stop.

"Don't be getting all frisky with my girlfriend now." Mike teased.

"You can have her." Kevin jumped up from the floor and was half out of breath. He ran over to me leaned down kissed me on the cheek. "I got this one."

Haleigh shook her head laughing as she got up off the floor. She looked at Mike. "You ready?"

He stood up from the couch. "Yeah, I suppose so. Don't want the rents harping at me for being late." He and Haleigh walked over to the door.

"See y'all tomorrow." Kevin said.

"Bye." The both waved as Haleigh opened the door and they both walked out into the night.

"You sure are hyper tonight." I commented.

"Well. I like being around my friends." Kevin said as he paced back and forth across the living room floor.

I had noticed that over the years he always did this when he was either board or thinking of something.

Dan's phone started ringing. "Who the hell is calling me this time of the night?" He asked as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. "Well, shit." He pressed the button on the side of his phone to mute the ringer and laid his phone down on the end table on the right side of the chair.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Some people don't know how to take a hint. Eric called me earlier and wanted to know if I wanted to go to "The Titty Bar" with him tonight. He sounded shit faced drunk when he called and I said no. He has been calling and texting ever since."

"Haha." I laughed. "He wanted Kevin to do the same thing."

I stood up so that Kevin could see me. I pulled up my shirt and flashed him.

"This are the only titties that he gets to see."

Kevin and I both laughed. Dan however did not.

He got up and walked over to where I was standing and raised up my shirt. He touched my nasty scar from where I had been shot. "Dude, I'm so sorry." He put my shirt down. "I didn't realize that it was so bad."

"It looks a lot worse because they had to cut me open and dig around and find the bullet." I told him. "It's still a little tender and doesn't look pretty."

Dan's phone started ringing again. He picked it up and looked at it. He pressed the mute button on the side to silence it.

"Geeze." He stood up. "I'm going to go home so he thinks I'm asleep. I don't feel like dealing with a drunken asshole tonight."

"I guess I will see you tomorrow then?" Kevin asked.

"Yup sure thing." Dan replied as he walked towards the door. "Night."

"See ya." I waved.

He opened the door and I watched as he walked outside and got in his truck. I closed the door and locked it behind him. Kevin held up the DVD Hunger Games.

"Just you, me, and this movie." He waved the movie around. "And you do realize it's you turn to stay the night in my bedroom right? I have stayed in yours for the past couple of nights."

"Fine." I groaned. Kevin walked over to me and put his mouth next to my ear. I could feel his breath tickling me.

"Meet me in my bed in five minutes." He whispered seductively.

I smiled and shook my head at him as I watched him walk down the hallway to his room.




"That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." I told Kevin as I rested my head on his chest. The movie had just finished. Neither one of us knew where the remote to Kevin's DVD player was and we were both too comfy at the moment to get up and change it.

"I told you." He was trying to rub it in that he was right. "Am I ever wrong?"

"Every day."

He gave me a playful poke in the side. "I love you Ryan." He told me as he lay there staring straight above him at the ceiling.

I smiled. Those had become my new favorite four words to hear. "I love you too." I told him. "I'm glad we finally realized how we felt about each other. You do realize that it has almost been a month since we made it official."

"I know." He replied. He rolled over on top of me and pecked me on the lips. His lips were so soft against mine. I looked him in the eyes. I could see nothing but love in there for me. I can't ever say this enough but I loved looking into Kevin's amazing blue eyes.

He touched my nose with the tip of his index finger. "You, my boyfriend, have the most amazingly beautiful green eyes in the world." He leaned in and kissed me again. This time I could feel his tongue dart in my mouth. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer to me. I could feel his heart beat against mine. I could feel his ever growing erection pressing against the fabric of his shorts and against mine. I slid my hand under Kevin's shirt as he lay there making out with me. His body was perfectly smooth, blemish free, and hairless. Kevin placed his hand under my shirt and started rubbing my back also.

If you would have asked me two months ago if I could have ever been as happy as I was in that very moment. I would have to say no. I knew right then and there in that moment that no matter what happened, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Kevin Sawyer.

Kevin removed his hand from under my shirt and started to lift my shirt above my head. He abruptly stopped. "I don't want to do anything that you don't want to do." Kevin told me. "I know we talked about it and wanted to wait until the time was right."

"I think the time is right Kevin. I feel it." I told him. "I know we will spend the rest of our lives together."

Kevin continued to pull on my shirt until it slid above my head and off my arms. I placed my hands on each side of his shirt and slowly raised it above his head. I then tossed it on the floor. Kevin lay on top of me and we started to make out again. The feel of his skin against mine was such a turn on for me. It may have been just our bare chests touching, but it still felt amazing.

"I love you more than anything Kevin." I mouthed to him through the kiss as he looked at me with an almost angelic smile on his face.

"I love you more." The sound of his voice vibrated across my tongue as it moved around in his mouth.

I grabbed his shorts and slowly pushed them down until they were at his feet. He kicked them off his feet and onto the floor. He reciprocated the act on me. Our underwear was the only thing that came in between our bodies having all around direct skin contact. Kevin slowly slid his right hand down into my underwear. He closed his eyes and smiled. I slid my hand into his underwear and it felt so amazing. I closed my eyes and we continued our make out session.

I could feel tears sliding out of the corner of my eyes. I hadn't been this happy in months. I honestly didn't even know if I would ever be happy again. And now here I was making out with my boyfriend. It was amazing.

"What the fuck!"

Kevin and I both snapped out of the euphoric state that we were in and looked over at the door where the yelling came from. There stood Eric drunker than I have ever seen him. He had grass in his hair and his clothes had grass stains all over them. The pants that he had on had the knee ripped out of them.

"You fucking faggots!" He stammered. "I'm gone for not even a month and you turn fag on me what the fuck!"

Kevin and I both pulled our hands out of each other's underwear at the same time.

"Shut up Eric!" Kevin shouted.

"Me shut up? You shut up. What are you gonna do about it?"

This was bad. This was going to be very bad. I had known that if and whenever Eric found out about us it would be bad. I just figured that it would be at our own terms and not him barging in on us like he owned the place. I felt like I could strangle Kevin for even giving Eric a key. Kevin stood up. He picked his glasses up from the bedside table and put them on. His face was beet red, a mixture from being embarrassed and from being mad.

"I'm going to give you two choices." Kevin explained. "You can calm down and we can talk about this or you can leave."

"Fuck talking," Eric staggered against the wall. "I ain't down with this faggy shit!"

I jumped out of bed and stood next to Kevin. I felt really exposed. Since I had been a teenager Dan and Kevin were the only two that had seen me in just undies

. "Leave!" I shouted.

Eric staggered over to me and looked me in the face. His breath reeked of alcohol. He was between my height and Kevin's height. He poked me in the chest.

"You my friend don't tell me what to do."

Kevin shook his head, clenched his fist to his side, and took a deep breath. "You need to leave Eric." Kevin demanded. "Now!"

"What the hell dude!" Eric shouted. "You're my bro and we were gonna go pussy chasing together!"

"I'm with Ryan." Kevin explained calmly. "You can either accept it or not. Either way I don't care."

Eric turned around and looked at the door. He suddenly turned back around with a huge grin on his face. His fist came flying at my face. I could feel his bony knuckles at they made a huge impact onto my right eye. He charged at me and pushed me down on the bed.

"You faggot!" Eric shouted. "You are trying to turn my best friend into a fag like you!" He was punching me wherever he could. Arms, legs, face, chest. It didn't matter to him.

I felt he bed sink in a little as Kevin climbed on it and pulled Eric off me. "Get off him!" Kevin shouted. He threw Eric on the floor, then looked at me. "Are you okay?"

I nodded my head yes. Eric stood up and charged at Kevin. Kevin punched him in the stomach and he doubled over. When he caught his breath, he rose back up and looked at Kevin. Kevin punched him in his nose. Eric's nose immediately began seeping out blood. He grabbed it and looked at Kevin. "You asshole, you broke my mother fucking nose!"

"Get out or else there is more where that came from." Kevin ordered. Sweat dripped off Kevin's forehead. His nostrils flared out. I knew he meant business.

"This isn't over!" Eric turned around and staggered out the bedroom door.

Kevin followed him. I could hear Eric shouting obscenities the whole time. I finally heard the front door slam shut and a few seconds later Kevin came back into the room. He looked a lot calmer now. He had a worried look on his face which in turn worried me.

"You okay?" He walked over to me and sat down on the bed next to me where I had remained. He touched my eye. I could tell it was bruised by now. It hurt like a mofo.

"I'll be fine." I replied. "What about you? One of your good friends pretty much just turned his back on you."

Kevin shrugged his shoulders. "I'll be fine. The only reason I really deal with him is because his mom and my mom went to school together and were pregnant together so we kinda grew up together. We honestly hadn't really been that close since the seventh grade."

"Okay then."

I could tell something was bothering Kevin. He had gone from the laughable cheerful everyday Kevin to someone that seemed like he was carrying the world on his shoulders. I had learned that Kevin didn't like to talk about his emotions. He was the type of person that kept everything bottled up. As long as you let him know that you were there for him when he was ready to talk, then he would come to you and open up.

I laid my head down on the pillow and patted the spot next to me on the bed. Kevin lay down next to me. I kissed him good night. He laid his head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arm around him which is how we both fell asleep that night.


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