Please note: This story contains a male and male relationship. If this this offends you in anyway then why are you reading such writing? anyway, please enjoy this story. This is the continuation of Anthony's Desire.

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Anthony's Desire
Written by Talkwriter
Chapter 2 Anthony Lost, Anthony Found

Suddenly my eyes opened and I looked around.  The last thing I remembered I was at home with mine and Josh's parents and dad grabbed my throat and then suddenly everything went black.  As my eyes began to adjust to the darkness of the room I realized that I was in a different place now.

As I began to take in my new surrounds I realized then that I was in a hospital intensive care unit.

Suddenly the door opened and this cute male nurse enters the room.

"Hi! I am glad to see you're finally awake." He said cheerfully. I must admit we had quite a scare when you were brought to us." He said faintly.

"Wha--what happened? Why am I here in the intensive care unit?" I asked.

Just as I asked that question, I felt a major headache come on and the room began spinning. 

Suddenly I could faintly hear an alarm sound.   I looked around and saw myself lying below.  Although I felt as though I was a balloon I was now floating above my body lying on the bed below me.

I began to feel a variety of emotions; the strongest was fear.

"What did I have to fear?" I thought to myself everything I was ever afraid of in my 20 years.

From fear came love.  I knew my spirit was not just loved, but also loved unconditionally.

From love came overpowering feelings of hatred, denial, depression and sorrow.  Somewhere in this depression I felt like I didn't want to return to my body.  As I was stuck in these emotions I looked down.

"Fuck you, mom and dad! Go to hell.  You want to think I killed my brother and the guy I loved? Then just go to hell damn it! I will have nothing to do with you!" I thought over and over.

The harder they tried to bring me back the harder I fought to stay in this world, I was determined to stay here or so I thought.

Suddenly from somewhere I heard Josh.  Then I realized why.  I was not in my human body.  As I looked down I saw that all kinds of activity below as the room were a buzz with hospital emergency staff working furiously to bring me to their world. A world I felt did not want me.

The more I fought to stay in this unknown place I began to feel extreme tiredness.  As I continued to stay here in this unknown place I began to hear Josh's voice clearer.

"Anthony!  Anthony, I never meant to hurt you with sorrow, I love you like the brother I always wanted and didn't have until we became adopted brothers."  He said. 

Suddenly I could see him clearly now.

"Let me show you something, Anthony." Josh Said.

"Okay, Josh." I said in reply wondering what was happening since I was now in a timeless place.

Suddenly I was back at the house scene where everything first began.

I had not realized this until now, but Josh had been watching the scene as everything unfolded.

Here I was also reliving the scene that transpired three days ago when I had to go face mom and dad after my traumatic experience of watching Josh die horribly.

As I watched I realized that anger and rage two traits were two traits dad had that night when I never remembered seeing these in him growing up. In my late teens these traits did became slightly apparent.  I also realized another spirit among us who I had not seen since they died during a separation when I traveled with Josh's parents.

"Hello, Charlotte" I said.

"Hello, Anthony, my son." She said looking more beautiful than I ever imagined possible.

"I know you are curios about all of this, but we don't have a lot of time.  Josh and I wanted to let you know that you are protected." Charlotte said.

"I realize that now, momma Charlotte." I said.

"Anthony, you need to not loose mom and dad.  They need you as you need them.  I am gone and they need their other son now more than ever." Josh said.

"I know, Josh.  I never remember dad's temper being that volatile before." I said.

"There is something bad happening to them and you that you can't fight on your own.  That is why we have been sent to protect you." Josh said.

"The time has arrived for you to return now.  It is not your time to leave your earthly body." Josh said.

Suddenly I felt like I was being pulled into a vacuum.  As I looked downward, I could see my body lying on the bed surrounded by several people.  I could faintly hear a male voice saying something.

When I finally returned to my body I could barely move.

"What Happened?" I was barely able to get out.

"Quiet! Young man." A rather heavy girthed doctor said handing me a pen and a pad of paper.

I wrote the question: "Did I die?" On the page

"Yes, you were dead for a bit." The doctor said.

We were getting worried that we were going to lose you." Said the doctor who was doing a examination on me as he spoke.

"What happened?" I wrote out on the paper.

"You apparently had a series of seizures." The doctor said.

"I did what?" I asked dazed and confused.


To be continued...

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Author's Note: The next chapter will be longer. I appologize for the length of this chapter.