I left college to head home for the holiday. I was looking for some of my old friends when I ran into Avery. He was young guy I knew in high school, a sophomore when I was a senior. I remember him well, about six feet tall and very thin. He couldn't weigh more than 140 pounds. He had dark brown eyes and dark thick lashes. His wavy black hair was short in high school, but he had let it grow out. Avery had not gone to college, but was sitting out a year to earn some money. He was now an assistant manager at the local BK and that's where I ran into him. He was wearing this shirt and tie with a collar about three sizes too large. When he leaned forward you could see right down his smooth chest and catch a glimpse of his necklace and a bit of hardware on his left nipple I thought. I sure got to thinking about him.

"Hey, Avery how are you doing?" I asked him hoping he would recognize me.

"Ryan! It's been a long time, where have you been?" He asked.

"Off to school, you know," I told him.

"What are you studying?" Avery asked as he flashed this crazy smiled.

"I don't know, civil engineering right now. But I'm not sure what I will end up with."

"Yea, that's part of the reason I'm not in school now," said Avery.

When he gave me the change, I held his hand while we talked. He didn't protest or even act like he noticed so I squeezed it pretty tight. The guy just smiled and chatted.

Once my order was ready, I went to my table and ate alone. I was thinking about what to get everyone for Christmas, when Avery came up and sat down. He said "Hey I've been thinking, we never did much in school, but would you like to see a movie or something while your home?"

I said "Sure" and he gave me this form, a work application. I asked, "what's this?"

"It's the only thing I had to write on, my number is here. I'll close up about 1:00 am. Give me a call. If your up," he said then went back to the counter.

I had always thought he might he might be gay, but it was hard to get to tell back then and people would ask questions if it looked like you were hitting on some cute young sophomore. High school sucked, at least in that regard. But I am sure this guy wouldn't be talking to me if he were straight.

About 1:15 I called him, "Hello, Avery."

"Hey yea Ry, what's up man?" he said.

"I was just waiting for you to get in. Do you want to do something?" I asked.

"We could go hang out at the coffee shop, the clubs close in about an hour and everyone will be there!"

I said sure, he told me he would come over to pick me up. I told him how to find me and all of that. In about 30 minutes he was at my front door. Now my parents were asleep by that time, but my bedroom was moved out to the garage apartment when I went to the college. When he got there he was dressed head to toe in black. His hair was perfect and he had a silver loop ear ring and his black silk shirt was so thin I could see right through to his tribal armband tattoo and nipple ring. He was so hot, I was hard the minute I saw him.

"Ready?" he asked. I just stood and stared. He laughed and asked again.

"Yea, but let me change" I stuttered. I was still wearing what I had on at lunch, jeans, my best white t-shirt and gray sweatshirt. So he and I went out back to my bedroom. The bathroom light was on, but I told him I wanted to keep the lights off so the parents wouldn't know I was up. He stood there by the door and I went around looking for something to wear. I found a cool shirt and pulled off my sweatshirt and T to put it on. While I was half dressed I took off my jeans and walked around looking for a good pair of pants. Avery just watched me. I felt so stupid.

But then he called to me, "Ry, you don't have to get dressed. We don't have to go anywhere you know."

"Yea, what do you have in mind?" I asked, standing there in my boxers and an unbuttoned shirt I had just picked up.

He just walked up and put his arms on my shoulders and stared into my eyes with this big evil grin. He pulled me closer till our foreheads touched, then we kissed. I tried to slip him a bit of tongue, but he was so aggressive he nearly sucked it out of my head. That boy knew how to kiss and make out. We turned slowly around kissing and nibbling at each other's faces and necks as our hands searched bare backs. I could feel his cock stiffen in pants as we pressed our bodies together.

He sort of made this pleasant deep growl that turned into words, "that's what I had in mind."

"Well I like that. Let's just stay here tonight..." I told him as I started to unbutton his shirt.

Once I had exposed his bare chest I pulled him close and pressed his hot skin against my own. We turned and fell onto the bed together. We made out and I kissed his lips, then his chin, then his neck and sucked his nipples. I like the way the pierced one looked, but I preferred the one without steel. He moaned in pleasured, and that really turned me on. I liked this vocal kid! I liked knowing he was really enjoying what I was doing to his smooth lean body.

I went down to his naval and started probing and kissing. I unsnapped his pants and he raised his hips just enough I could slip then off. But then I had to take off his shoes big clunky shoes (D Martins I though, but it was dark). Once I had him completely naked I made him stand in front of me so I could touch and admire his whole body while I sat on the edge of the bed.

"I don't want to be the only one naked" he said is this sweet whinny voice.

So I pulled off, the being the polite host. I stood up and stepped out of my boxers. I had already lost the shirt some where!

He pulled me to him and we started kissing. Then I ordered him "Down on your knees, bitch."

He said "Yes Sir!" and went down on me as he took my whole cock slowly into his hot wet mouth and down his throat. I was in heaven. I ran my hands through his long black hair as he worked my cock.

I was felt my cock swell. I pulled him up and threw him on the bed before he could make me cum. We rolled around and kissed, played with the each other's cock. His was long and fat for such a lean kid. I swear it was 8'' long, but his balls were kind of small and hung low in his soft clean shaven sack. I could get both of his balls in my mouth at once and liked sucking them down.

He was leaking pre-cum like crazy, so I took a big hand full and held it to his face to show him. But before I could do anything with it, he pulled it to his face and licked my hand clean.

"Hey that was mine damn it, now I got to get more."

"Eat all you want I'll make more", he said.

I went straight to the source, and started sucking up that thin sweet slippery liquid. He laid back, moaned and rocked his hip as I sucked him. He had to pull me off his cock, I am sure I was gonna make him cum. Then we rolled over and he started doing me again. I loved holding the back of his head, helping him with his timing. But then I was over come by this urge to pull him up and kiss his beautiful face. So I did. So after a while we ended up with me lying on my back and Avery between my legs. Then he asked in this whimpering child-like voice, "why am I on top?" This big silly frown came over his face.

"Would you like it better on bottom?" I asked.

"Uhhh Huhhh" he said.

I told him to look in the nightstand, and he found a condom and KY. He rolled it down my shaft, then lubed me up good. I told him to turn around and give me that ass.

He sat his ass over my face and I started to rim him good, licking and probing. I thought he was gonna start crying with pleasure as I pushed my tongue as far up his ass as I could. He was squirming and pushing his ass against my face. He was now as lubed up as I could get him with just spit. I have always had this aversion to fingering a guy. I would rather rim him because it makes any guy crazy, begging for my cock. Just for good measure, I got some KY from my cock and slipped my finger in his ass. He stopped moaning and started saying "Oh yea..." over and over.

I asked, "Are you ready?"

"Yea, please, do me now." He said with this pleading voice.

Now you have to understand that I have really never liked fucking guys. I would much rather have them suck me off and let my cum shoot into their mouth or spray on their faces. But I got out from under Avery and he sat there on the bed on all four. I pried his ass apart and pushed my head against him. I couldn't quite penetrate so he reached under to help me. My fat head squeezed into his tight ass. Then slowly I pushed in inch after inch. He arched his back and breathed in deeply. He moaned as I went in deeper and tossed his head and hair. "Oh man" he gasped, "is there any more?" I was in as deep as I could go.

"Nope, you got it all babe," I said as I bit my lower lip. He was so hot and tight. I flexed my penis to make it swell up and he gasped and squirmed every time. I must have been hitting something right. Soon he was pushing back on me trying to get more in side him. I grabbed hold of his hips and started fucking him fast and hard.

After a few minutes he said, "go slow and deep." I went back and forth like that forever. Every stroke made my cock burn with pleasure. And I know from the way my boy was rocking, he was loving it too. We fucked like that for a long time, then my cock came out by accident. Avery was quick to say he wanted to lay all the way down and be fucked. I had trouble getting it in at first, but found that it was almost easier like that. It seemed like I could get in deeper and pound him harder with long deep strokes.

I had never broken a sweat while having anal sex, but this time both of us were getting hot and slippery. He was moaning out loud, the bed was squeaking and I was grunting. I thought, you don't know how happy I am to be in the garage apartment now! But then Avery started yelling, "Yes! Damn it! Yes!" I had to reach up and hold one hand over his mouth to stop him from waking the freaking neighborhood!

Avery cinched his tight ass and my cock start swelling up. I tried to hold it back as long as I could but it was no use, I exploded. I could feel the hot cum fill the condom as I pumped in and out. He started making these faint whimpering moans, and he collapsed on the bed like a rag doll. I just laid there on top of him as we breathed in unison. He was wearing some sweet cologne that I still remember. I kissed the back of his neck and tasted his sweat.

"Thanks babe," I whispered and kissed him on his ear.

Avery said, "No, thank you Ryan." And then he giggled and said "Sorry about your sheets." I reached down to find his soft cock and the sheets drenched in his cum.

I looked at my wet hand, "Bad boy, and smeared the hand full on his face." He laughed and started licking my palm and between my fingers. Once he had cleaned my hand, we curled up and spent the night as one.

Now listen, I like sex with guys, but I have never craved an ass before. Now I want him so bad. I have been thinking about his sweet ass and dreaming about that fuck for a weeks now. I would like to have him every night. I`d make him my wife if I could, wonder where he is going to school next year and if he needs a roommate...

Well that's my latest and greatest experience, let me know what you think!