Young Seduction July, 2000

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Who convinced me to write.


A Walk at the Mall

Delhi Spring

Camp David

Summer Vacation

A Chance Meeting

Adult Friends
My Two Way Marriage


  This was my first job, and the first time I was living away from home. The place was new, as was everything else. The feeling was new too, of being alone, of food not cooked by mom, of the new people I met at work everyday.

  But I was getting used to it. The job was good, as was the pay. The company had provided a lovely apartment, and the guy at the office canteen came over to cook my food.

  Within a month I was well settled, both at work and 'home', and started enjoying myself at this new experience of being on my own!

  Soon I had also made a good number of friends too, both at work and also at the building where I was living. So, my social life too wasn't any more as dull as when I had first come here. There was enough people visiting me, as also the numerous parties that I was attending.

  Opposite my apartment lived a couple and their son. From the very start they were very nice and helpful, always ready with advice and every kind of help! Their son too, a young guy in college, but cute enough to pass off as a school kid, was always inquiring if I needed to get something or anything done. I really thought that he was a sweet boy and had got this helpful nature from his parents, specially his mother, a real sweet lady.

  It was nearly three months now that I had been here and had nothing to complain about. Life was as good as it could possibly get. My spirits were really high. The next door kid, Manish, just 18, had become a good friend by now, and a constant companion. It didn't bother me much to have him tagging along most of the time or spending most evenings at my place till late into the night, he was a nice kid and I did like him. He always insisted on making my tea on holidays and literally pulled me to the theater to watch all the latest movies.... I was no movie buff, but he was! He got all the information about all the fairs and exhibitions in town and made sure WE went! Well, I was getting to like his company, and did as he told!

  His parents didn't mind it at all, it seemed they were happy to have him away from home and out of their hair! And they, having a very high opinion about me didn't see any harm in their young son being with me, instead of some friend with a suspect reputation!

  It was late afternoon on Christmas day, I had just taken a late bath and as I sat reading a book the doorbell rang. I got up to open it, still in my bathrobe. Mani stood there, a small gift-wrapped package in hand. Yes, I had started calling him Mani, while he called me Vivek. Well, he stood there, a big smile on his face, and gave me the small package wishing me Merry Christmas! I was absolutely touched! And felt extremely guilty. This guy goes and gets me a christmas gift and the thought had never even struck me to buy him something!

  " Well, thanks a lot, Mani. But, do come in"

  He walked in and sat down as I closed the door.

  "That was real nice of you, very thoughtful! But you needn't have spent money on a gift for me!" I said as I sat opposite him on a cane chair.

  Today he seemed pretty subdued, just smiling and not his talkative self as he softly said, "O, that was nothing really, wont you open it? Please?"

  I looked down at the tiny square packet in my hand and opened it carefully. I was shocked to find one of those colorful 10's pack of condom revealed as the wrapper came off!

  I may have been dumb all this while, in not realizing Mani's interest in me, or in being unable to read his true feelings in those large brown eyes earlier. But I wasn't naive enough to be still 'unaware' of this young boy's intentions with that packet staring me in the face!

  I looked up at Mani, as he sat there, looking serious now, the packet still in my hand. A surprised look on my face. But somehow I felt no anger or horror!

  He got up and came over to my chair and knelt down on the floor in front of me. His hands went to the front of my loosely tied robe and parted the cloth! I suppose I was too 'shocked' to react or say anything! Neither did he say a word as his warm, soft hands caressed my thighs, lowering his face into my crotch!

  I felt the fiery hot and wet tongue lash out and touch the tip of my penis!

   I groaned with an unknown thrill, something I had never known or thought about, it shot up my spine and filled my brains! The thought that I should stop this boy from doing what he was intent on, didn't occur to me... the packet dropped from my hands, as I reached out to touch his head... caressing, while he opened his mouth to suck in my quickly hardening penis!

  His hands were all over my groin now, touching, probing, as he took my, by now raging erection deep into his throat! squeezing my large balls as his other hand undid the knot on the belt of my robe and followed by tugging it off my shoulders.

  I lay sprawled on the chair, buck naked, as the youth sucked me with a great expertise that left me totally breathless! Watching his head bob up and down as he sucked me, lashing his hot tongue all over the inserted shaft.

  He took me deep into his gripping throat, as his luscious lips crushed into my pubes, running his tongue over the tingling glans, sending shivers up and down by whole body! Then he moved right up to the very tip, probing the eye with his pointed tongue tip as he clamped down on the flared rim with his pearly teeth! His soft hand played with my balls, pulling at the lush pubic hair, as he pushed my thighs further apart for better access to the throbbing bone between them!

  I was driven out of my mind at this new feeling... of this kid awakening such intense sexual pleasure in my very soul. I sat there, with splayed thighs, running my fingers through his locks, pushing him further into my raging crotch... as if his oral caress would put out the fire that the boy had lit in my groin!

  He soon released the enflamed penis and started licking my engorged shaft, starting at the thick base and working upwards, the tongue busy in its oral worship of my pulsating phallus. Up and down he went maintaining a delicious grip while his tongue moved hotly against my burning prick. I gasped every time he reached the responsive area just below the bulbous head. His lips quivering against the narrow slit, as he rolled his tongue against the taut glans which was exposed by the retracted foreskin, then he licked down the pulsating vein to the tightening balls and raising them to his mouth sucked them in...WOW! This guy really knew how to blow! He was driving me absofuckinglutely crazy!... as I thrashed and moaned, pulling at his hair!

  He released my cock and started licking all over the pubic arch, running his tongue over the silken jungle, licking between the parted legs, probing deep where the ass cheeks joined... his hands now massaging my thighs. Soon he was back to my bursting cock, taking it once again into his boiling mouth, enveloping the hard flesh pole with his moist lips that slid further down to the very base. While his fingers played with the loaded globes! His other hand roamed aimlessly over my shuddering torso... caressing, feeling, pinching the erect nipples...I felt I'd blow my mind, along with my whole throbbing dick!

  I was soon on the verge of cumming... nothing would stop it now as Mani kept up the tempo of his frigging and sucking... both his hands cupping the hefty balls now, to squeeze them, as if willing them to release the boiling cum into his worshipping mouth! Demanding for the load of hot jism that bubbled in my loins, as a price for his efforts!

  Giving a sharp cry and gripping his head tightly, I ground my hips up into his slobbering face as the sperms shot through my shuddering cock to jet in thick spurts deep into his throat! He replied with a nasal whine, as both his hands gripped the thick base of my penis, and his mouth drove down to cover practically the whole of the bloated monster! His throat swallowing the copious jism, gulping audibly... his christmas gift from me?!

  He milked me dry with the suction he created with hollowed cheeks and pumping fingers, as he retained the delicious cargo of my surging cock, in his mouth.

  I lay there, stunned! breathing heavily, as Mani rose and was soon standing naked in front of me... a lithe young body, a more than ample cock sticking furiously out of his parted legs. The chin glistening with the fresh coat of cum... the hot lips all red and puffy from the job it had just finished.

  In a husky voice he whispered, "Now you fuck me, Vivek." !!!!!


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