B & G


Chapter 13

The following fictional narrative involves sexually-explicit erotic events between men.  If you shouldn't be reading this, please move on.

In the world of this story, the characters don't always use condoms.  In the real world, you should care enough about yourself and others to always practice safe sex.

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Thanks and love to Tom for always patiently and carefully doing the editing chores, to the rest of my Nifty Six colleagues for their love and support, and to Drew for several helpful suggestions about this chapter.


"Tell the truth and shame the devil," my grandmother likes to say.  I saw Dane in the hallway at Kling that day and followed him into the break room with the intention of picking him up.  I also confess I'd been thinking about fucking him.  I didn't count on liking him so much -- or that he would like me.  From that first encounter, though, we wanted to be together as much as we could.

"Be together."  That means two things, and both were true in our case.  We liked to just hang together whenever we could.  But more and more we wanted to rip each other's clothes off and go at it, so "be together" also meant having sex.  The problem was that we just didn't have anyplace where we could do that.

Oh, we kissed a lot, furtively at first, and then, as our feelings and frustration became more intense, blatantly.  We had "Get a room" shouted at us more than once.

All sorts of things went on in the stalls of the men's restrooms at the Con.  One day I pulled Dane into one of the stalls and gave him a blowjob.  Of course, someone came in.  We froze, but he could obviously see our legs and feet below the door.  When he had pissed and washed his hands, he said, "Have fun, boys!"  Dane refused to use that place anymore -- except for its intended purpose, that is.

I tried to find a time when TJ, my ever-present roomie, wasn't going to be around, but he was always there.  I asked if he had any plans to go home for a weekend, and he said he didn't.  Since he never brought a woman to the room, I didn't think I could ask him to stay away so Dane and I could do what we were increasingly desperate to do.

When we went to see a film, we tried to sit apart from anyone else, either down front or in the last row.  We put our coats across our laps and played with each other's dicks.  As Dane had said once, "Any port in a storm."  But I felt like a junior high school kid, and I hated that.  It all seemed so sneaky, so tawdry.  But in three weeks I'd never seen the little stud naked, much less have a chance to have sex with him, and I had to find a place for us.

Then one day I got an idea.  Nadia Stern, my piano professor, had one of the nicest studios in the conservatory.  Not only did she have a fine instrument, she had a long couch on which she "rested" occasionally.  Because I loved to play her Steinway, she had very generously given me a key to the studio and told me I was free to use her piano whenever she wasn't there.  I knew that she occasionally came back to her studio after dinner, but she was always out by 9:00 or so.  Although the practice room doors all had windows in them, btw, the studio doors didn't.  

The building closed officially at 11:00 PM, and campus security started shooing out the stragglers about 11:30.  You could leave at anytime after the outside doors were locked, however, since they had a panic bar on the inside, and they weren't hooked up to any sort of security alarm.  I saw no reason why Dane and I couldn't "borrow" Nadia's studio for an hour or two.  Dane was reluctant at first, afraid that we'd be caught or that Nadia would find out somehow and be angry with me.  He gave in, finally, because, as he said, he was as hot for me as I was for him.

We thought we'd planned everything perfectly.  

We got to Nadia's studio just before 11:00.  I used my key, and we went inside, not bothering to turn on lights.  There was enough light coming in through the windows that we could see to move around.  We sat together on the sofa and began a kissing session that lasted until about 11:30.  

Music schools are noisy places most of the time.  Students are using the practice rooms, and there is always a cacophony going on.  By 11:30 that night, however, it was almost eerily quiet.  After a half hour of kissing and feeling each other up, Dane and I were breathing heavy.  I pulled his sweater over his head, and then his tee.  He unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, and then my tee.  I leaned over and began to suck on one of his nips while I played with the other.  He had a hand in my hair and was rubbing my back with the other.  He began to moan softly.  I was in heaven sucking his hard little nubs, and he was obviously enjoying it, too.

After a while, though, our need grew, and we had to stop to take off our shoes so we could get our jeans off.  Our boxers came off immediately after that.  Then we stood, naked, arms around each other, kissing again, grinding our cocks together.  The boy knew how to kiss, and soon our bellies were wet with the precum we were smearing over them.

"I brought lube and a condom," Dane said.  "They're in my coat pocket."

I chuckled.  "So did I."  

"Will you fuck me, Kurt?"

"Little dude, I've wanted to do that since the first time I saw you!"

I fumbled around for my coat while trying not to completely let go of Dane.  He put a hand on either side of my face and kept kissing me while I tried awkwardly to put on the rubber and lube it up.

"Okay, babe, why don't you kneel beside the sofa with your arms resting on it?"

He did that, and I began to smear lube in his crack.  He liked that.

"Oh, God, Kurt, I've needed that.  No one's been there in way too long!  Hurry!  Fuck me!"

I worked my liberally-coated fingers into his ass as he whimpered his appreciation.  Just as I withdrew them, he said, "That's it now, babe.  It's time to FUCK ME!"

I had just begun to push into his hot chute when the door opened, the light came on, there was a brief pause, and a female voice screamed!  I don't know much Spanish, but in the torrent of words that followed I heard two I recognized:  "pingas" and "maricones."


I had gone back to my office after my two morning classes.  Gabe was sitting there waiting for me.  He'd used his passkey to get in.  Since the hallways were crowded, I didn't shut the door and we didn't kiss.  He grinned at me as I flopped down at my desk.

"So, what's up?  You look as if you'd just swallowed the canary."

"You haven't heard the latest scandal?"

"Nope.  I haven't talked with anyone.  Just taught my classes and came back here."

Gabe knew my schedule as well as I did, so he knew I didn't have anything until 1:00.  

"Meet me at Hernando's for lunch?  I'll tell you all about it then."

"Beast!  You're going to make me wait until lunch?  Give me a hint?"

He chuckled.  "Would you believe students having sex in a professor's studio?  At midnight?"

"Ohhhh, sounds delicious.  How can I contain myself?"

"Grade exams or something.  Or go practice your horn.  See ya later."

I had a cheeseburger with fries and a beer at Hernando's.  Gabe frowned at it but didn't say anything.  He had a chicken Caesar and chardonnay, knowing that none of his Buildings and Grounds colleagues ate lunch at Hernando's, so he didn't have to eat "butch."

"Okay, Sutton, out with it!  What's the mystery?"

"Last night Esperanza Sanchez, who's on the cleaning crew for Kling Hall, walked in on two males fucking in Nadia Stern's studio."

"No shit?  Who were they?"

Gabe grinned.  "Well, it seems they got away.  Esperanza ran to the other end of the hall where Cletis Appleyard was working.  By the time the two of them got back, the boys had grabbed up their clothes and disappeared.  Cletis said they must not have been fully dressed when they ran off because they just wouldn't have had time.  And, get this, one of them left his boxers, size 30, in the studio.  They also left a bottle of lube and the foil off a rubber."

"Amazing.  And no one has any idea who they were?"

"Well, it's assumed they were both Con students, though I hear the dean is stumped.  But I think I know who one of them was."

"Oh, really?  So, Sherlock, elucidate, please."

"Nadia had us make up a spare key to her studio for her prize student so he could practice on her Steinway."

"Kurt Schlegel, the kid we've seen Dane with at the recitals recently?"

"Yes, and if it was Schlegel, then wouldn't you guess that his tryst partner was young Pierce?"

"Those two have been awfully thick lately.  I haven't mentioned Kurt to Dane, but Dane isn't boned up at his lessons anymore.  I've sort of assumed they're an item."

"I wonder how Nadia is taking it?"

He grinned, set down his fork, and took a sip of wine.  "From what I hear, she's inclined to say that `boys will be boys.'"

"How do you know all this?"

"Don't you know?  We have eyes and ears everywhere."  He chuckled.

"What have you done, hidden cameras and microphones in all the offices and studios?"

"Hardly.  But B & G people are all over campus, in every building, day and night.  Not much goes on that we don't know about."

"Well, then, I guess I'd better not plan on using my office for any late-night liaisons."

He smiled at me sweetly.  "You have late-night liaisons with anybody but me, stud, and your balls will be in serious jeopardy."

I chuckled and chomped another bite of burger.

"Gabe, you've been here longer than I have.  Do you suppose there will be any serious repercussions for the boys involved?"

"Since no one knows officially who they are, I doubt it, especially since Prof. Stern isn't upset.  If it's Kurt, she may handle him in her own way."

The fries had gotten cold and were beginning to get soggy, so I pushed them away.  "Gabe, I feel sorry for those kids.  Can you imagine how desperate they must have been to resort to fucking in a professor's studio?"

"You mean you don't think it was a kind of dare thing, just to see if they could carry it off?  Some people get off on having sex in risky places."

"So I've heard.  But if it was Dane and Kurt, I'm sure Dane isn't that kind of kid.  He may be so scared now he'll never have sex again.  I'm joking, of course, but I think I'm going to have a talk with him."

"You like this kid, don't you?"

"I like most of my students, Gabriel, but, yes, Dane is special."

"Because he thinks you're sexy?"

"Bite your tongue!  He's very talented, for one thing.  He's also a bit less sure of himself than a lot of college freshman, almost na´ve.  There's a really sweet sort of freshness about him.  So, yeah, he's special.  And I want him to feel he can come to me with a problem."

"Like when he comes to you with a boner begging for relief?"  He grinned to show he was joking.

"When he tried it, I made it clear that I wasn't about to help him with that particular problem.  Now it appears he may have someone with whom to get release, and nowhere to do it.  I just want to talk with him.  Okay?"

"Sure, hon.  You're such a love.  But you will keep me posted, won't you?"

"Yeah, of course.  Any special reason why you want to know?"

"Just a bad case of curiosity, I guess."

"Changing the subject, is there any news about the `saboteur'?"

"Oh, yeah, I think so.  I'll tell you all about that at supper.  Right now, I gotta run."  He put down enough money for his lunch and tip, winked at me, grabbed his coat, and left.  I took a few minutes to finish my beer.  Then I paid the bill and went back to teach my 1:00 class.


Talk about coitus interruptus!  Our coitus never actually got started.  When that woman came in and started yelling, I almost shat.  She's only about five feet tall and maybe 95 pounds, but, man, could she holler.  

"Come on," Kurt said.  We both slid into our jeans, grabbed the rest of our stuff, and ran for the stairs.  She'd gone to the opposite end of the hall, apparently where someone else had started to clean a studio there.  Wearing only our jeans, carrying shirts, coats, shoes, and socks, we tore down the stairs, out the door, across the parking lot to my car.  There was no snow on the ground, but the lot had been salted recently and the salt hurt our feet.  We climbed into my car and I peeled out of there.  We were both nearly blue with cold by the time the heater got the Lumina warmed up.  Kurt had managed to get into his clothes before we made it to his dorm.  

"Dude, I don't want to leave you here like this," he said.

"I'm gonna get my clothes on now that we're stopped and then head for home."

"Okay.  Let's not meet in the break room tomorrow.  How about lunch at Mickey D's?"

"Yeah, sounds safer."  

He gave me a quick kiss and went into the dorm.  I drove to a darker part of the parking lot and put on my clothes.  My feet were like lumps of ice and I was shaking by the time I got all my clothes on.  At some point I remembered that I had left my boxers in Prof. Stern's studio.  Thank God my name wasn't in them and there was no way they could be traced to me.  

As I drove home, my heart was still pounding, though it had returned to almost normal by the time I let myself in and went to my room.  Mom and Dad were already in bed.  I had trouble sleeping that night, worried about the repercussions if the people at the con ever figured out who we were.  And, of course, Kurt would be the logical suspect, seeing as he had a key to the studio.  SHIT!  All we wanted to do was fuck.  Why did it have to be such a big deal to find a place where we could do that?


I didn't have a lesson scheduled with Nadia for the next morning, but Marsha, another of her students, found me in a practice room and told me Nadia wanted to see me, "at my convenience."

"What kind of mood's she in?" I asked Marsha.

"She seems cool, why?"

"Oh, just wondered."  If Marsha had any idea why Nadia wanted to see me, she wasn't letting on.

I decided I might as well face the music.  By the time I got to Nadia's studio, my hands were sweating worse than before a concert.  I rubbed them on my jeans before I knocked on her door.

It didn't go anything like what I was fearing.  Nadia was amazing!  She hugged me, as she usually did her piano students, and then had me sit on the sofa.

"Kurt, perhaps you've heard that two students managed to get in here and use my studio in a most inappropriate way last night."

"Oh?  No, Nadia, no one has said anything to me about that."  I was being deceptive, of course, but at least it wasn't an out-and-out lie.

"Well, dear boy, I'm sure you had nothing to do with it, but I think I'd better ask you to return my key.  Just so you can't be suspected of doing anything like that.  You understand, don't you?"

She knew, but she was letting me off the hook!  I could have kissed her at that moment.  Instead, I fished they key out of my pants and handed it to her.  "I understand completely," I said.  

"Perhaps in due time I can return it," she said, smiling at me with a little sadness in her eyes.

"Prof. Stern, what is the dean going to do to the people who came in here last night?"

She smiled.  "I've persuaded her that I am not upset.  After all, no harm was done, and young people will be young people.  So the dean says that she doesn't officially know that anything happened.  Senora Sanchez has been calmed and assured she'll never have to walk in on anything like that again.  I believe last night's event could truly be called a non-event.  But, of course, dear boy, nothing like that must ever happen again, wouldn't you agree?"

"Oh, yes, I do!"

She hugged me again, and feeling pretty much like a total shit, I left.  I was relieved, of course, more for Dane than for myself.  After all, I'd been the one to persuade him to do it.  If push had come to shove I'd have told the dean, or whoever, that.  But it really looked as if we had gotten away without any kind of blot on our records.  

Our big problem was still there, however.  We still hadn't been able to have a night of sex, and despite the scare we'd just had, I thought if we didn't get to fuck soon, we'd both be victims of spontaneous combustion or something.  


I was spending the night at Gabe's house.  He fixed pork chops, baked potatoes, and broccoli for supper.  I had never been too keen on broccoli, but he said it was extremely good for us and I should humor him by eating some.  He never covered it with cheese sauce, as my mother had.  Instead he steamed it and poured a little melted butter mixed with balsamic vinegar on it.  It wasn't bad.  Not my favorite thing to eat, but not bad.

He'd baked a frozen cherry pie for dessert, a nice indulgence, a little heavier and richer than the desserts he usually provided.  After we had loaded the dishwasher, we took more coffee into the living room and sat in front of the fire.

"Okay, Poirot.  What's the news about your in-house vandal?"

"Poirot?  He's too oily, not my type at all.  I fancied myself more like Sam Spade."

I chuckled.  "Maybe so, but you're lots better looking than Bogie."

"Really?  I think he's sexy."

"Oh, no doubt.  But you're gorgeous, and he wasn't."

We didn't talk any more for a while.  It's hard to talk when someone's tongue is exploring your mouth.

Eventually, though, when we were once more able to articulate rational thoughts, I said.  "Hey, Spade!  About the saboteur?"

"Oh, yeah.  Well, you remember we decided it had to be someone who had access to and was looking at the work orders for our department."

"Uh huh."

"I've tried to find out whether anyone on the crew has taken any unusual interest in the work orders, but I've drawn a blank.  Sandy, who takes care of the paper work in her own inimitable fashion, doesn't remember seeing anyone leafing through them or anything like that.  Of course, if she'd pay less attention to the conversations on her cell phone and more to her job, she might have been able to help me."

"You think it has to be one of your colleagues."

"Sure.  Only an electrician could have screwed up those jobs without causing more damage.  I can't imagine what this person's motive would be, but a couple of those things could have had serious consequences.  Any competent electrician should have known better than that."

"So, what's the next step?  You going to the administration about it?"

"No.  I'm in no position to make accusations at this point."  He flashed me a devilish grin.  "But I do have a plan."

"Tell me!"

"I'm going to set a little trap.  I'm going to put in a fake work order for moving an outlet or something."

"And hope that the mystery person comes to mess it up?"

He flashed me that brilliant smile.  "We'll hide until we see what he does."

"We?  Can I come, too?"

"No, Brent, I'd rather you not come.  I want to have Jay with me."


"For one thing, he's been helping me with this.  We've done several jobs together so we could both attest they were done right."


"If I have to confront whoever might show up when I set my little trap, I'd rather have someone from the electrical crew there.  Besides, the culprit might claim that you would lie to support me when I accused him of doing all the vandalism.  Some people do know about us, I'm sure.  So I'd rather you not be involved here."

I could see what he meant, but I was disappointed that I wouldn't be in on the unmasking of the perpetrator.  It sounded like a pleasant adventure.  "Okay, Spade, but you've got to tell me when the great expose goes down, so I can sit here and chew my fingernails and fret."

He laughed.  "I promise to keep you fully informed, lover."


After that really embarrassing episode in Prof. Stern's studio, I had the feeling everybody at the Con was looking at me funny, laughing at me behind my back.  It was probably all my imagination, and Kurt had explained that, though Nadia knew it was him, she didn't know who else was there, and, besides, the administration was going to look the other way -- this time -- anyway.

I didn't know whether the story had spread beyond the Con or not, but none of the students in my non-music classes seemed to have changed any in their generally friendly attitude toward me.  

The thing I worried about was what Brent would know, what he would say, what he would think.  I really liked him a lot, and I didn't want him to be pissed at me or disappointed with me, or anything like that.  That's why I was nervous when I went to my first lesson with him after the fiasco.

I also felt my skin flush with embarrassment every time I thought of that tiny little woman screaming when she walked in, flipped on the lights, and saw Kurt and me naked, with him about to drill my butt.  At that moment I was frozen to the spot and wanted to die.  It's a good thing Kurt made me grab my clothes and haul ass out of there.  

What made things even worse, though, was that now we were back to square one.  We were desperate to fuck, and we still didn't have any place to do it.  Mom knew I kept hand lotion in my bedside table drawer.  She didn't know that I had a black plastic bag hidden behind some books in my bookcase.  In it I kept KY and condoms, just in case, and recently I'd added a dildo.  Not one of those humongous things you've seen online, but one about the size of my own dick.  Each night since the aborted fuck, I'd used it, imagining that it was Kurt entering me, filling me up, hitting my love nut, making me come!  Each morning I woke up horny and frustrated.  A dildo is not a substitute for a hot cock up your ass, especially when the cock is attached to such a sexy and sweet guy as Kurt!

He and I talked about all kinds of things.  We joked about killing TJ and leaving his body on the porch of his frat house (the only place he ever went when he left their room).  We talked seriously about my moving to campus the next year.  It would mean I'd have to get a summer job and save all my money to pay my share of the room, or better still, a little apartment.  I didn't know how my folks would feel about that, but I promised Kurt I'd talk with them soon.

So, when I got to the studio where I had my lesson with Brent, I had a lot on my mind.  The story about the two guys caught fucking had gone around the Con like wildfire, and I'd heard some people mention Kurt's name, but they were just guessing.  I don't think anyone knew I was there.  But he and I had been together almost all the time in the last few weeks, so people could probably figure it out if they were nosey enough.  And I couldn't help wondering if Brent had figured it out.

No woodie that day.  But my heart was beating a little fast when I knocked on the studio door and then went in.

He seemed like he always did.  We worked on the piece he'd assigned last time.  He listened, occasionally asking me to replay a passage a little differently.  He made helpful suggestions, and sometimes he'd take his own horn and show me what he was looking for.  

About ten minutes before we were supposed to quit, he suggested that I keep working on the same piece for next time and then asked me to put away my horn.  After I had done that, he asked me to sit down again.  `Here it comes,' I thought.

"Dane, I may be way out of line here, but I'm worried about you."

`Yep,' I thought, `here it comes!'

"It was you and Kurt in Prof. Stern's studio the other night, wasn't it?"

"Well, uh, I -- "

"Dane, I am not out to get you in trouble.  But I do have a reason for asking.  Trust me, please?"

His expression was so kind that I did trust him.

"Yeah, it was us."

"Would you tell me what drove you guys to doing something like that?"

"God, professor, what drove us to it is that we are going to have a meltdown if we can't find someplace where we can be alone together."

"Come on, Dane.  You know I've asked you to call me Brent."

"Yeah, well, sorry.  But I'm pretty tense right now."  Then I realized I had tears in my eyes.

He leaned forward, looking at me with the kindest smile.  "Dane, I don't want to hassle you.  I suspected that was the problem, and I think I can understand.  You really have feelings for Kurt, don't you?"

"Oh, yeah.  I think I love him.  He's so great looking and so talented, and he makes me feel so good.  He wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him."

"And you've nowhere you can be together?"

I explained about my living at home and about TJ.  I told him that we couldn't afford a decent motel room and that the idea of something sleazy for our first time together was a major turn-off for both of us.

He stood up.  "Okay, Dane.  Thanks for trusting me with all this.  You can go now."

When I got up and started to pick up my horn case, he came over and gave me a hug!  He held on to me and looked down into my eyes, smiling a little.

"I may have a solution to your problem.  Don't get too excited yet.  I have to run this by my partner."  He may as well have said "Gabe," because the fact that he and the hunky electrician from B & G were a couple was pretty well known around the Con.  

"For real?"

"Uh huh.  I can't promise, but I think you and Kurt may find your problem has vanished.  Stop by my office tomorrow when you're free."

"Oh, wow, Brent!  You're the best!"  I threw my arms around him and hugged him tight.  I also threw instant wood.  It didn't matter, I was too happy to care.  He kissed the top of my head and said, "You'd better get out of here, kiddo."


I was spending the night at Brent's.  He'd gotten a Stouffer's frozen family-size lasagna and fixed a salad to go with it.  We'd opened a bottle of merlot, and I'd brought a fresh baguette from the local bakery.  

Concentrating on the food and wine, we made small talk during the meal.  Carrying out his theme (he was learning), he'd gotten some spumoni for dessert, and we were having that with our coffee when he said, "I need your advice."

"Okay.  Advice freely given."

"Dane was in for his lesson today."

I perked up.  With everything going on at work, I'd forgotten this was one of Dane's lesson days.  "And . . . ?"

"He and Kurt Schlegel were the ones who got caught in flagrante delicto in Nadia's studio the other night."

"I'm not really surprised.  I'd figured it had to be Kurt, and Dane's clearly his boyfriend."

"Gabe, am I your boyfriend?"

"Hell, no," I said, grinning at him.  "You're my lover, my partner, my mate."

"Well, it may be that Kurt and Dane are just boyfriends.  But I think they'd like to be more than that.  Dane says he thinks he loves Kurt."

"Ah, but does the heartthrob of the conservatory love Dane?"

"Look at it this way.  I think Kurt could have almost anybody of either sex he felt like choosing, don't you?"

I had seen young Schlegel around the campus for almost two years.  "Yeah, he probably could."

"And he seems as attracted to Dane as Dane is to him."

"At the moment."

"Do you have reasons to think Kurt's just a player?"

"No, not really.  I haven't actually kept track of his partners, but I have the impression he's been pretty much celibate this year."

"Until he and Dane got together."

"Well, yeah."

"So, stud, give them the benefit of the doubt.  Here are two kids who unquestionably have the hots for each other bigtime, who think they may be in love, but who can't find a place to go to the next logical step."

"What a euphemism, Brent.  You mean they need a place to fuck."

He took a sip of coffee and made a face.  "Yech, that's cold.  But, yes, they need a place to fuck."

"And you have a solution to their problem in mind, I suppose."

"Uh huh.  I'm not here two nights a week and alternate weekends."

"And you're going to let them use your apartment?"

"Why not?  What harm would it do?"

"You'd have to set some ground rules."

"Sure.  We could let them do it once, with no promises after that.  But if they changed the sheets and towels and left the place decent, what harm would it do?"

I got up, went around the table, and pulled him up.  Then I hugged him, nuzzling that great place between his neck and his shoulder.  "You're such a sweet man, Brent Collins!"

He grinned.  "Yeah, I know, and don't you forget it."  Then we got the best part of the evening started with a long, searching kiss.

To be continued