B & G


Chapter 16

The following fictional narrative involves sexually-explicit erotic events between men.  If you shouldn't be reading this, please move on.

In the world of this story, the characters don't always use condoms.  In the real world, you should care enough about yourself and others to always practice safe sex.

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Thanks and love to Tom for always patiently and carefully doing the editing chores, and to the rest of my Nifty Six colleagues.


Gabe came into my office and, instead of flopping in one of the chairs facing the desk, shut and locked the door.  He walked around the desk and grinned down at me.  No sooner had I stood than he grabbed me into a breathtaking kiss.  

When he released me, I said, "Ah declah, suh, this is most surprisin'.  To what do I owe the honuh of such a greetin'?"

I'd always thought he looked a little like Clark Gable, and at the moment he seemed a lot like Rhett Butler.

"Forget the Scarlett act, Dr. Collins.  I'm here to ask whether you'd like to be Watson to my Holmes tonight as we set a little trap for our nocturnal malefactor."

Changing personae, I replied, "Harrumph.  Indubitably, Holmes, I should be happy to assist."

He released me and sat down.

"I don't want to delay catching this bastard any longer than necessary, Brent.  I can't go on making up phony work orders forever, but I've made up one as if I had done a repair today on a panel in the hallway of this building, down at the other end on the third floor.  The problem is, Jay has other plans for the evening.  So, is your offer still open to be with me if we manage to flush out the guy tonight?"

I grinned.  "Yeah, Sherlock, I'd love to be there with you when you catch the jerk."

"We can work out the details at supper, if you're sure you want to do this."

"Of course I want to do it.  This guy is trying to discredit you, obviously.  It's a wonder Hudak doesn't know already.  I'm surprised you haven't been called on the carpet."

He grinned.  "Well, so far I've managed to correct the damage he's done before anyone else has found out.  Except Jay, of course.  But we can't let this go on.  I just hope he shows up tonight."


We had to wait until the cleaning crew was finished in Kling Hall, assuming that the saboteur wouldn't risk being seen by them either.  I should explain that the hallways of campus buildings were never totally dark.  After the buildings were locked for the night, low-wattage security lights were on in the hallways.  Gabe had chosen a panel to "repair" across from a practice room which, like all practice rooms, had a large pane of glass in the door.  He pointed out that we could wait in the dark practice room until the guy we were waiting for appeared.

We hid ourselves about 1:00, after the last of the cleaning staff had left the building.  Since some light came into the room from the hallway, we sat side by side on the floor, our backs against the wall.  After twenty minutes or so, with no sign of the vandal, I leaned over and licked Gabe's ear.  He chuckled and immediately put his arm around me, pulling me into a kiss.  

We kissed for so long I think we'd have been fucking on the floor if he hadn't pushed me away at some point and turned toward the door.  He got up on his knees and looked out the window.  I followed suit.

There across the hall at the panel was a burly guy in jeans and a dark shirt.  I looked at Gabe, waiting for him to make a move.  When he didn't offer to go confront the guy in the hallway, I jabbed him in the ribs.  He looked at me, frowned, and shook his head.

I was sure he knew what he was doing, so I just waited.  The guy in the hallway used a screw driver to remove the panel cover.  Then we heard him say, "Fuck!"

At that, Gabe stood up, opened the door, and went into the hallway.  "Didn't find what you expected to, Ralph?"

"Sutton?  Uh, what are you doing here?"

I almost giggled when Gabe said, "I might ask you the same question.  What possible reason could you have for looking at this panel at this hour?  You're not on call tonight.  And according to the work order, the panel was repaired this afternoon."

"Yeah, but there ain't been a repair here that I can see.  What kind of games are you playin'?"

"Again, I think you're the one who should be explaining himself.  We've had a series of acts of vandalism where repairs that I've done have been messed up.  I think now it's pretty obvious you're the one who's been undoing my repairs.  What I can't figure out is why you'd do it.  What do you have against me that you'd go to such pains to try to discredit me, Ralph?"

Bray got red in the face.  "You're a fuckin' faggot, Sutton, that's what."  Then he pointed at me.  "He's what I've got against you.  Your fairy girlfriend.  I always thought you were an okay guy, and you turn out to be a goddam degenerate!  How are decent folks supposed to work alongside fuckin' queers?  So I figured if Hudak thought you were gettin' sloppy with your work he'd fire you and things could return to normal around here."

Gabe was obviously furious with Bray because of his language.  He was about to say something when I put a hand on his arm.  I loved it that he was so protective of me, but it wouldn't be a good idea for him to hit a co-worker.  I could see the anger in his face.  His jaw was clenched.  He had to unclench it before he said, "First, I suggest you moderate your language.  Then tell me, you weren't hoping you'd get my job, now were you, Ralph?"

"No, honest to God, I wasn't.  I just wanted you out.  I don't see how I can work with you, knowing what you and this pansy professor here are doing at night."

Gabe bristled.  I'd never thought of him as the kind to get violent with anyone, but he took a step closer to Bray and said, "If you say one more word about Dr. Collins, I'm going to lose my temper.  And I don't think you want me to do that, do you?"

Bray put up his hands in a placating manner.  "Chill, Sutton.  I don't want to get in a fight with you.  You're in better shape than I am even if you are queer.  So, what happens now?  I suppose you'll go to Hudak tomorrow and tell him all about this."

"That's exactly what I should do.  What you've been doing is malicious and potentially dangerous.  And I think it might even be considered a hate crime.  You'd be in deep shit if I went to Hudak, you know."


"You have a wife and four kids, right?"


"You're a good electrician, Bray.  You could get a job with an electrical contractor, I suppose."

"Well, probably.  But construction can be slow this time of year.  Besides, I'd never get the fringes as a new guy that I've built up here at the university."

"Too bad you didn't think of that before you started your little campaign of sabotage," I said.

"He's right, Ralph," Gabe said.  "I should go to Frank Hudak in the morning and tell him all about this little campaign you've carried on to discredit me.  You know, Jay came with me when I've done several of my recent repairs that you've fucked up, so I have an independent witness to what you've done."

Bray slid down the wall and sat on the floor with his head in his hands.  "Aw, shit. I've really fucked up everything, haven't I?"

Gabe stood, looking down at him.  "Meet me at the coffee machine in the morning at 8:30, and we'll talk.  I need to think about what to do with you."

Bray didn't look up.  He just sat there.  Finally he said, "Yeah, I'll be there."

"Okay," Gabe said, "Then we all need to get out of here and get some sleep."  He looked at his watch.  "It's nearly 2:00 AM."

We waited while Bray replaced the panel cover.  At first I had wanted Gabe to fire Bray on the spot.  But I was proud that Gabe had shown such restraint.  I knew he was furious with the man for what he had done and for what he had said, especially about me.  It showed what kind of guy he was that he was concerned about the bastard's family.

As soon as the panel was back in place, we all went down in the elevator and out into the parking lot together.  Bray's car was parked by the door.  Reminding Bray to see him later that morning, Gabe walked with me to the parking lot of the next building, where we'd left my car so Bray wouldn't think there was anyone in the Con.

On the way back to his place, where I was dropping him off, I asked, "What are you going to do with him?"

He gave me a tired smile.  "Baby, I honestly don't know."

When we got to his house, he asked if I wanted to come in.

"No, sweetheart, it's too late.  You need your rest, and so do I.  Why don't we have lunch together tomorrow and you can tell me what you did about the nefarious Ralph?"

He leaned over and gave me a kiss.  "It's a date, baby.  Thanks for being with me.  I enjoyed the backup.  Not to mention all that kissing and groping before Ralph showed up."  He grinned at me, and got out of the car.


Ben and I were lying there in an after-fuck glow, on our sides, facing each other.  He had an arm under my neck and one on my ass.  He was idly running his fingers up and down my crack.  

This was only our second time together and might very well be our last.  It wasn't that we didn't enjoy each other.  It's just that I wasn't inclined to let things go on too long.  Ben was nice, though.  He had a great face, and the bod was nice, too.  For an art history professor, he took good care of himself.  Even though he had a receding hairline, there was plenty of red hair on his chest, arms, and legs.  I loved the nice red bush that sat above his long, cut cock, too.  The first time we'd been together, he'd fucked me.  This time, he'd been the bottom, and he seemed cool whichever way we did it.

"So, Guy," he said softly, "who's next on your agenda?"


He smiled.  "Look, little stud, this is twice, and I know you're probably ready for somebody new.  I just wondered who you have your sights set on now."

He'd hit the nail on the head, but I was embarrassed.  "Ben, I'm not Don Juan, you know.  I'd love for us to do this again sometime."

"Yeah, yeah.  So you say.  But it's okay with me.  You're a hot fuck, Guy, and I hope we can do it again.  But I know your reputation.  I knew it when I got involved with you.  Twice and out.  Or so they say around campus."

"Christ, Ben.  I'm not that bad, am I?"

He grinned again.  "You tell me.  Who is your next victim?"

I stroked his fuzzy chest.  "Well, you've got to promise not to tell anyone, but I got turned down today.  For the second time."

"No!  I don't believe it!  Not you!"

I licked his lips and that turned into a nice kiss.  When we finished, I said, "Yeah, me!  But I was angling for a three-way, and the other guys weren't interested."

"No way!"


"Okay, you've GOT to tell me who these guys are.  I can't believe they refused.  Unless, of course, they're in a pretty tight relationship."

I pinched his right tit and said, "You got it, professor."

"Now, li'l hunk, you've really piqued my interest.  Who are you talking about?"

"Sorry, Ben.  I can't tell you that.  You wouldn't want me talking with other guys about us, would you?"

"Well, no, but . . . "

"Well, nothing.  Sorry I brought it up."

We just lay there for a minute or so.  Then he said, "Guy, tell me.  Don't you ever wish you had somebody special?  Don't you get tired of playing the field?"

"If you'd asked me that six months ago, I'd have said no, I don't.  Now, though, I have to admit that it would be really nice to have just one man I could get serious about."

"Well, stud, let me know if you are taking applications for the position."

I scooted down and took his dick in my mouth.


The next morning Ralph was where he'd agreed to be.  I had told the superintendent's secretary that Ralph and I were going to look into a pesky problem and not to call our cells for at least 45 minutes.  I promised we'd check in to see if there were messages as soon as we could and that meanwhile she should ask Sherry or Jay to handle whatever came up.

My desk was in a room with the desks of several other crew chiefs, so there was no privacy, nor was there any in the area where the vending machines were.  I suggested we find an empty classroom, which wasn't hard to do at that hour, since 8:00 classes weren't popular.

We turned two student desks facing each other and sat.

With a sullen look, Ralph asked, "Well, what happens now?"

"First of all, I've got a question."


"When I asked you last night what I had ever done to you that you'd want to discredit me, to make me look incompetent, to get me fired, your answer was . . . ?"

He cleared his throat and looked at the ceiling.  Then he readjusted himself in the uncomfortable seat and said, looking down rather than at me, "You're queer."

"And that affects you . . . how?"

"It's sick what you guys do.  It's unnatural."

"I'll ask you again.  What business of yours is my sex life?"

He didn't respond immediately, obviously trying to find an answer.  

"It makes me nervous to have to work with you."

"Can you explain that?  Have I ever come on to you or done anything to suggest that I was interested in you sexually?"

"Well, no."

"Have I ever talked about sex when you've been around?"


"So what's the problem?"

"How do I know you aren't checking me out?"

"You've GOT to be kidding!"  I was sorry the instant I blurted that out, but the idea of being interested in the fat slob facing me was ridiculous.  He didn't say anything, but he blushed.  At least his face got red.  Perhaps it was from anger.

"I'm sorry, Ralph.  I didn't mean to put it quite like that.  But I assure you I've never had any interest in you sexually.  As I think you know, I'm in a committed relationship right now, and I only have eyes for my, uh, partner."

"Ah, sheesh, don't go talking about him."

"I mentioned him only to reassure you that you're safe from my glances.  Now, the question is, what are we going to do about your late-night activities."

He looked nervous.

"Look, you're good at your job.  And I'd hate to see you have to go hunting in today's job market.  As you said last night, a job change now would mean you'd lose a lot of the fringes you've accumulated here at the university."

He nodded.

"I've thought a lot about this overnight.  Part of me would like to kick your fat ass out the door, and you know that's what would happen if I go to Frank Hudak with all of this.  You do know that, don't you?"


"Apart from both of us missing a fair amount of sleep, there's been no real harm done.  Is keeping your job worth trying to go back to working with me as we always have?  Can you manage to curb your homophobia to stay on here?"

"Homo—what's that?"

"Hatred of gays."



"Uh, yeah.  I really do want to keep my job.  It's decent of you to keep quiet to Hudak about, you know, what I did."

"Then we're through here, I think.  Let's get back to work."

I offered him my hand, which he shook.  His palms were sweaty.


When I figured out that Gabe Sutton was gay and was practically living with that music professor, I was really down.  Down and pissed.  Pissed with myself for fantasizing about the hunk in the first place.  A guy that sexy wouldn't have wanted anything to do with a runt like me even if he was straight.  But a girl can dream, right?  I don't know why it made me so mad that he was gay.  It just seems such a waste!  

Right after I put two and two together, I made the mistake of telling Ralph Bray what I suspected.  I'm sorry I did that.  He practically shit a brick.  And every time I saw him he'd pull me aside and spout off about how sick it was and what perverted bastards Gabe and Collins were and things like that.  I mean I had my own problems, but it got really old having to listen to Ralph going on and on about it.

Then one day he just quit bitching.  He never talked about Gabe at all.  In fact, he seemed kind of quiet.  He seemed nervous, too.  Being me, I was pretty curious about what had caused the change in him, so when I had a chance, I caught him at the Coke machine.  When we'd both gotten our Cokes, I dragged him off so no one could hear and asked what had made him back down about Gabe.

What's really weird is that he didn't tell me.  He just said something about Gabe being a good guy to work for and that we should just leave it at that.

Something happened there, and I'm dying to know what it was.  But old Ralph is right about one thing.  Queer or not, Gabe is an okay boss.  And I still get wet looking at him.


Gabe and I had gone to a Wednesday night student recital and from there to Hernando's.  We got a booth and drinks (chardonnay for me, Jack Daniels for Gabe) and talked about the recital.  That night's line-up of students had been competent, but there were no stars.  I told him to wait until after spring break when Dane and Kurt did the Mahler.  He said he was looking forward to hearing them.

Then I switched the topic back to the events of earlier in the week.  I told Gabe I thought he was more than generous in the way he handled that Bray bastard.  When I told him so, he said,  "Ralph is good at our trade.  There's never been a problem with him before.  He has a wife and kids.  As long as he was willing to live and let live, I couldn't see getting him fired."

"Well, if he makes any trouble, you can still go to Hudak, can't you?"

He gave me that grin and said, "Yeah, there is that."

He was sitting so he could see the entrance, and from the look on his face, he'd seen someone he knew.  

"It's Rae and Bruce.  Shall we invite them to sit with us?"

"By all means!"

Gabe slid over, stood, and went to where they were.  Soon he was back with Rae.  Bruce had gone to the bar to get their drinks.  I was pretty sure it would be scotch for both, and it turned out that I was right.  I got out of the booth so I could give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  Damn, she smelled good!

"Sis, it's good to see you.  We work in the same building, but it seems like we have to come here to see each other."

She gave me a brilliant smile and said, "Yes, dear, but if we didn't see each other here fairly often, you know I'd hunt you down so I could be sure you were okay."

"Hey," I said, turning to Gabe, "this guy keeps me more than okay."

She smiled at Gabe and said, "And see that you keep on doing that."

He gave her a hug and then his sexy grin.  "Rae, you can count on that!"

I'm SO glad he loves me, because I think he could have anybody he set his cap for.  

Bruce showed up then with, as I predicted, two neat scotches.  We managed to sort ourselves out and settle back into the booth, this time with Gabe and me on one side, Rae and Bruce on the other.  We all touched glasses and said "Cheers!" and drank.

After we had talked a bit about the recital, I asked Rae how practices were going for her quartet's next recital.  She knew I was especially interested in the Mozart piece, which my colleague Roger Burton was playing with them.

She set down her glass and looked at each of us in turn.  "This stays here, right?"

We all nodded or murmured that we'd not tell anyone.

"Roger is being a prick."

Roger was a formidable horn player, but I'd learned during the year that he could be pretty inflexible when it came to matters of music and its performance.  I tried to look sympathetic but didn't say anything.

"Look, we're the ones who invited him to play the quintet with us.  And he's insisting that we play it HIS way."

"What's the problem?" Gabe asked, sympathetically.

"He's such a hot dog.  He sees us as merely the accompaniment to the horn part, and that's not the way Mozart wrote it."

"Well," I said, "maybe someone should remind him that he's your guest."

"Yeah," Rae said, grinning, "but it's definitely not going to be me."

I knew what she meant.  New people don't make waves.

After a suitable time had elapsed, I said, "Bruce, Gabe gave me your story about the fencer.  I'm no expert, but I really liked it.  And, since it was included in that anthology, I assume the experts did, too."

Rae looked at me and winked, as if to tell me that I had done the right thing.  Bruce beamed at me and said, "Thanks, Brent.  I'm glad you liked it.  I never thought when I wrote it that it would be as successful as it has been."

Gabe leaned forward a little and said, "Bruce, do I hear right that you're working on a story about a gymnast?"

Bruce grinned.  "You've obviously been talking to either Rae or Guy Mannington, for no one else knows."

"'Tweren't me," Rae said.

"So," Gabe asked, deftly avoiding a difficult spot, "even if it's a sports story, I assume it will be different from the fencing story."

"Oh, certainly," Bruce said.  Then he talked for ten minutes about the differences between the award-winning story and the one he was currently working on.  He was enthusiastic and very interesting.  I gained a new respect for him as I listened to him talking about what he was hoping to achieve with the new story.  Meanwhile, Rae sat there sipping her drink with a bemused expression on her face.

I must say that I enjoyed Bruce a lot more that evening.  Suspecting him of playing around with Guy had poisoned my attitude toward him the last time we were together, and I regretted I'd been distant that night.  I made a special effort to be friendly, to ask questions about his story.  He turned out to be a good talker, not boring at all.  

When it was time for Gabe and me to leave, we both hugged and kissed Rae and shook hands with Bruce.  On the way to the car, I caught Gabe smirking at me.

"What?"  I asked.

"Well, you certainly seem to have changed your attitude toward Dr. McDermott!"

"Yeah, he's okay.  I'm sorry I was such a dork the last time we were together.  He's a nice guy, isn't he?"

"He is, indeed.  I'm really looking forward to his new story, too."

By this time we were in the car, and I pulled him over for a kiss.  He was not only the sexiest thing on two legs, but he was also right most of the time.  What a catch!


When Brent gave me the Mahler to work on for my recital, I couldn't wait to show it to Kurt, so I went to his favorite practice room, and sure enough he was there.  Normally I wouldn't interrupt him when he was practicing, but I'd told Brent Kurt would accompany me without asking Kurt first.

"Hey, li'l stud," he said, grinning at me.  "Whassup?  You look excited."

Checking to see that nobody was looking in the door, I gave him a quick peck on the lips.  I wished it could have been more, but we were on "probation" anyway, and neither of us wanted to risk having to see the dean.  "I have a question to ask you, maestro."

"Maestro?  Me?  You must want something really big."

"Yeah, your big cock up my ass."

"You don't have to ask for that, babe."

I chuckled.  "Well, that's not really why I'm here.  You know I have to be in a recital right after spring break."  I sat down next to him on the piano bench, and he began to rub my thigh.  "Ohh, that's great, but you gotta quit."

"Oh, well, if you insist."

"Look, I've sort of assumed you'd accompany me."

"Where are we going?"

"I'm going and leave you here, dumbass, if you don't let me get this question out."

He cleared his throat, straightened his face, and looked at me with perfect seriousness.  "Yes, Dane, I'd be honored to accompany you at the recital.  What are we playing?"

"That's the second reason why I'm here.  Brent gave me the music he wants me to work on for the recital.  I thought we might play through it together."

"Let's see it."  I handed him the piano score.  "Oh, Mahler, lovely!"

We worked for two hours and by the time we quit we'd both fallen in love with the piece.  Kurt was wonderful, too.  He made suggestions about phrasing that seemed perfect after we'd tried it but which hadn't been obvious at first to me.  

Since he'd become my boyfriend, I thought about him nearly all the time.  I had trouble concentrating in my classes, as I drove to and from campus, and when I was studying at night at home.  My mom was so worried about me that I had to tell her about Kurt.  She was really happy for me, but she also was dying to meet him, so I had to promise to ask him for Sunday dinner soon.  What I want to get at, though, is that while we were playing together, we were two musicians, not two sex partners, lovers, or whatever.  He was older and more experienced as a musician, and I was surprised at how much he knew, how much I learned from him.  But he always treated me with respect.  He never told me what to do.  He asked me if I'd thought of doing it that way.  When I tried it his way, it usually seemed exactly right.  When I disagreed, he'd grin and say something like "Well, Dane, this is your show.  Besides, I'm sure Brent will have a few suggestions for you, too."

How cool was that!  I had the best piano student in the whole damn conservatory for my accompanist.  He just happened to be my lover, too.  And we worked together on that Mahler piece like two equals.  No temperament ever got in our way.  And over the weeks we worked on the piece together, I came to love the music even more just because Kurt and I were learning it, making it part of us, together.  And I think our relationship was growing, deepening as we did.


A night or two after Dane and I played through the Mahler for the first time, we were able to spend our second night at Dr. Collins' apartment.  At our conservatory, it was customary for instrumental students to call their major professor by his or her first name.  We usually called the rest of the faculty Dr. So and So or Professor So and So.  But Brent had asked me to call him by his first name when he gave us the key to his place.  

Dane and I were both not only grateful but impressed that he'd trust us with his key.  That was a lot of responsibility.  He was showing a lot of faith in us.  We were so happy to have a place to be together we were determined not to fuck it up.

That particular night we got there late.  We'd been at the con, working on the Mahler.  This is a good a time as any to say that I really hadn't had much idea of whether Dane was any good or not.  I'd been afraid, since he'd been assigned to Brent instead of Professor Burton, that maybe he wasn't a very promising hornist.  I'd guessed wrong, though.  My cute little stud of a lover was a whiz.  He had surprising technique and – not a surprise – great sensitivity.  Sure, he had lots to learn.  Don't we all?  But I found working with him on his recital piece exciting and fulfilling.  Which wouldn't be a bad way to describe our relationship, come to think of it.

Anyway, that night we went straight to the bedroom, where we quickly undressed.

"Maestro, I need a shower.  Care to join me?"

I chuckled.  "Cut the maestro crap.  And yeah, I'd love to get all soapy and slick with you."

In the shower, we washed each other, dwelling, of course, on the sensitive spots.  I'd done his bod and was ready to do his hair, when he said, "Wait a minute.  There's something we missed."  He began to get the middle finger of his right hand soapy.

"If that's going where I think it's going, I want to do it."

He gave me a sexy grin and said, "Go right ahead."

So, while I soaped up my finger, he put his hands against the wall of the shower and stuck his butt out.  I gradually worked my finger, which, after all, was longer than his, into his butt hole.  Of course I looked for and found his love nut and began to stroke it.  He giggled and said, "That's great, stud, but that's not what I want up there.  Just get me as clean as you can."

"Only if you return the favor."

So, after we'd cleaned each other's holes, we shampooed, rinsed, dried, and ran for the bed.  Dane threw back the covers.  He'd brought a dry towel from the bathroom, which he spread on the sheet.  Then he handed me the condoms and the lube, lay on his back, pulled his knees up to his shoulders, and said, "I need you in me so bad, babe.  Please make love with me.  Come inside me!"

How could I refuse a request like that?


Wow!  What an evening.  What a night!

I met Guy for dinner, and after ten minutes it was like we'd been friends forever.  He was so easy to talk to, not to mention being easy to look at.  I don't remember too much about what we said.  I do remember that he didn't drink anything alcoholic and that he had some sort of dinner salad instead of a full meal.  I got the impression that he was kind of a health nut, at least about what he ate.

He got me to talking about myself, my folks, growing up in Lorain, my Air Force experiences, and shit like that.  But I was really interested in him, so I got him to tell me about his experiences as a gymnast.  He'd won gold medals in national championships in several exercises, but by the time the 2000 Olympics came around he was, as he said, a little old, and just missed being on the team.  He loved coaching and seemed really happy.  For sure he had a great personality.  I'd never been around anybody who was so comfortable to be with.  And, like I said, he was so fuckin' fine to look at.

After we'd finished eating, he asked me if I'd like to come back to his place.  I wanted more than anything to do that, or at least to be with him.  He didn't live too far from Hernando's, and despite the cold, he'd walked.  I took him home in my car.

When we got there, after hanging up our coats he asked if I wanted anything to eat or drink.  I told him I was okay.  Actually I was nervous.  While I was in the Air Force I'd had a couple of overnights with guys I'd picked up on weekends, but it had been several months since I'd been with anyone.  And I wanted this night to go right.  I was hoping Guy was attracted to me and not just being nice.

When he took my hand and starting leading me toward his bedroom, I sort of got the idea he wasn't just being nice.  

"Jay, would you undress for me?  I'd like to watch you."

"How about you?  Are you just gonna stand there with all your clothes on?"

He gave me his twinkly smile.  "First you, then me, okay?"

I was nervous, but I slowly took off my clothes.  Guy sat on the edge of the bed, smiling.  Even with his clothes on, I could tell he had such a great body, and, even though I knew I was in good shape, I was afraid he'd think I was skinny.  

I couldn't get my jeans off over my shoes, so I had to sit beside him on the bed to unlace them.  While I did that, he ran his fingernails up and down my back.  I was already hard, but that made my cock start to leak.  When I got the shoes off, I shoved my jeans and boxers down and pulled them off.  After that I just sat there, like I was waiting for this little white dude to tell me what to do.  Fuck!  By that time I would probably have done anything he asked me to.

"Stand up for me, babe."

I was embarrassed, but I did what he wanted.

"You're beautiful!"

"You're shittin' me!"

"Believe me, Jay.  I've always wanted to be long and lithe like you."

"For real?"

He grinned.  "Yep.  I guess we all want what we can't have."

"Well, li'l stud, it's my turn.  I want to see what you got."

He pulled off his shoes and socks and then stood up.  He took off his sweat shirt and the tee under it.  Then he dropped his jeans.  He was going commando!  He picked up his jeans, folded them up and put them on a nearby chair, along with the clothes I'd left on the floor.  I sat there with my tongue almost hanging out.  This man had a perfect body.  Gymnasts are all hunky dudes, but Guy was too much.  Smooth muscles everywhere, broad shoulders and a tiny waist.  But the term "bubble butt" could have been invented to describe his perfect ass.  As I sat there awestruck, my cock was pointing toward the ceiling, precum running down it onto my balls.  

It turned out to be a busy night.  Guy sucked me off as I sat there on the edge of the bed.  I couldn't believe all this was happening.  The little hunk was a great cocksucker, but it was his face and body I kept thinking about.  He looked so fantastic, I couldn't help wondering why me?  What could he possibly see in me that he'd invite me to his apartment and give me a blow job?  But that's what he was doing, and I just put my hands in his nice blond hair and held his head gently while he worked on my happy cock.

When he had me good and hot, he asked me to fuck him.  Like I was going to say no?  He told me to get the rubbers and lube from the nightstand.  Then he got on the bed and pulled his knees back.  As I worked on his hole with my fingers, I wanted to pinch myself.  But not for long.  My big ole cock was throbbing by that time, and I needed to get on with things.  

So what do you say about a fuck?  He was so cute lying there grinning up at me, and I wanted it to last forever.  But it didn't `cause I came way too soon.  He was nice about that.  When I offered for him to fuck me or said I'd suck him, he just said he'd like to lie together for a while.  I felt so relaxed that I went to sleep with him in my arms.

I woke up about 1:00 and was looking around for my clothes, thinking I should go home.  He asked me to stay the night, and he didn't have to twist my arm.  When I got back in bed, he rimmed and then fucked me.  After that we cuddled again.  I'd had sex with other men, some of it pretty hot, but I'd never experienced anything like just snuggling up under the covers with someone and being held as we exchanged little kisses and finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning after a quick trip to the pisser, we had a nice, slow sixty-nine session.  If this was a one-night stand, it seemed like we both wanted to make the most of it.  But I was hoping it would turn into something more.

After we showered together, he gave me juice and some weird-ass cereal he made up himself, and then I scooted home to get some fresh clothes before going to work.

I asked him as I left if we could do that again soon.  He got this very strange look on his face for a minute.  Then he twinkled at me and said, "Yeah, J.B., how about tonight?"

He put a hand behind my head, pulled me down for a quick kiss, and let me go.  I couldn't think about anything all day except being with the little stud again that night.

To be continued.