Being Josh

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Part XI:  Hottie.

"Joshua doesn't want to see you..." I said.

" that you? Please open the door."

I opened the door. "I said I don't want to see you..." I took a glance at him. "COME IN! They never told me you are handsome" I smirked. I was simply awestruck by this...this...hunk's looks. I could call Steve ugly if I made him stand with this stud.

He smiled. "Joshua...Sam thought you could use a little perk in your life..."

"You are one of his 'my boys'" I said smiling.

"Huh?" he said. God! He looked even more gorgeous with that quizzical expression on his face.

"Never mind. Come in." To my life.

"Boy! You are a hottie Joshua!" he said. Who the heck was this? A one ever called me that before! And I loved the way he said it, he stressed on hot and had a sexy way of adding the 'tie'. Hottie.

"Er...thanks. You are..."

"People I like call me KALE." he said.

"So what do I call you?"

"You are a you get to call me Kale..."

Kale was wearing a really really tight black tee shirt that literally exposed his sexy chest to me. I could clearly see his nipples poking out of the tee shirt. I suddenly wondered whether he wontedly dressed like this to impress me! He was wearing a pair of brownish  jeans, that was hopelessly tight too. Kale must be a little less than six feet I estimated. His face had perfect features...those black eyelashes...simply soft and suck-able lips...brownish black hair. His eyes were the most impressive...they were so expressive. I would easily give him a rating of nine and a half on ten. The only flaw his face had was a small scar on his forehead. Wonder how he did that to his precious face! I didn't realize I was starring at him for a long time.

"Done admiring me?" Kale said.

"I wasn't admiring you!" I said in contempt.

" ought to. People always do." he snapped at me.

He simply talked whatever that came to his mind I suppose. Blabbing, some people say.

"Well...there is more to in a person than outer beauty!" I said, as if I was so beautiful inside.

"You good he is in bed?"

"Jeez...can't you think like a normal person?"

"Not with a hottie like you in front of me...Joshua."

"Stop calling me Joshua. Call me Josh."

"Why? Do people whom you like call you Josh?"

Boy! He was such a flirt!

"So how is that c2bg guy of yours?" Kale said.


"c2bg..Coward To Be Gay...You are dumb aren't you?"

"If I'm dumb, I wonder what you are!" I smirked. "How do you know about Jake."

"Sam told me everything. I was his junior in school and he is a good friend of mine."

I was going to kick Sam for discussing me with this prick. Sam had gay friends...who were just friends? I was shocked. And why did he send such a prick to meet me.

"You can leave simply frustrate me."

"No I won' are going to sit and tell me all about that c2bg of yours." Kale said pushing me towards the couch. I felt a shiver in my spine as he touched me with his hands...I don't know why.

I remembered how Adam had begged me to give this asshole a chance....and called him a "kid"!

"Uhhhh...okay. Sit down..." I said frowning.

It was strange how you could come out with all your feelings to a stranger. I was surprised at myself. Kale listened to me patiently without murmuring a single word.

"...and he left. He told me he was afraid of all this and simply left." I concluded. It was like I narrated Alice in wonderland to Kale...with all the puzzles, like my life...

Kale looked at me with a blank face. I still couldn't get over his looks. He was simply perfect.

"So this loved him?"

"Jackson? JAKE. Yes. I loved him, more than anyone else."

"And Jack didn't say he loved you...the last time you met him."

"Jake! No he didn't...but...he had to leav.."

"He has found someone better"


"Were you such a moron to believe what he said? He has hooked up with someone during the funeral thing..."

"Not funeral. Wedding! What makes you say he has found someone better?"

"You are dumber than I told you before. You tell me...he enjoyed your pathetic first fuck with him...and suddenly he wants to leave you...because of his parents? No man can resist the temptation of sex...for no matter what. He has found someone better than you hottie..."

"That does it. Get out! Get out of my house!"

"Hey...I'm just helping you out!"

"You have helped me enough. Get out else I will call security!"

Kale left. I couldn't see any expression of disgust...anger...he was just handsome!

Steve came home late at 1 AM. He just went to sleep. He was so weird...not the outspoken types I suppose. I was still awake on my bed rolling from one side to other...shifting pillows in hands...throwing them up and down... I just couldn't sleep. Had Jake found someone better? No man can resist the temptation of sex...for no matter what.

The next evening after a tedious day in college I felt an urge to be left all alone. I ran back to by apartment. I would lock myself in my room away from this confusing world of mine. I opened the door to our apartment.

I got a fright as I saw someone inside the apartment. "Hey! look more of a hottie today..." Kale said. He was comfortably sitting on my favorite couch. Ohhh....why did this prick come to my house!

"How the fuck did you get here?" I screamed.

"What's his name? Stef? Steve...Steve...he was here when I dropped in hottie."

That was the first time he had got a name right - Steve. Perhaps he gets the name of handsome hunks right.

"First, stop calling me a 'hottie'. Secondly...Get your ass off that couch and get lost!" I said angrily.

Kale got up from his couch and walked towards the door. I was surprised he didn't have anything to say. He was actually going to go. I guess he got fed up of me, ha!

Suddenly Kale turned and looked at me.

"What? Get out! You want a goodbye kiss you asshole?" I screamed.

Kale closed the door behind him and walked towards me. "I bet you can do better than that" he said. He caught me by my arms and pushed me on the floor. He was on top of me.

"Get off me, you bastard...uhhhuh...get off!" I screamed. I was trying to get him off...but he had a tight grip of my hands. He was obviously much more stronger than me. I was helpless.

"Help! Help!" I screamed.

"Ohh...shut that big mouth of yours." Kale said.

He kissed me. I could feel his immense power in his was forced on me. I tried to stop him, but couldn't...I just couldn't move. Seconds later I stopped struggling. Kale was still kissing me and I found myself kissing him back. My mind was going crazy. A crazy guy had pushed me to the floor, forced a kiss on me and I was actually liking it. Kale stopped, god knows after how long.

" long since someone gave you that?" he said gasping for breath.

"Fuck! No one...has ever given me that."

"Now read my lips. Get over that motherfucker who didn't have the god damn courage to be himself. You have to get your shit together..."

"Okay..." I said innocently. I suddenly felt like I was talking to my eight grade English teacher who always scolded me.

"Now you swear you will be nice to me..." Kale said.

"Nice? Have you heard yourself lately?"

Kale got up. I felt the pressure on my body disappear and felt relieved. But the next second I wanted it  back...I wanted all that body contact.

"Okay...hottie. Catch you later... I have to shit around at my work..." Kale said.

He used his lovely hands to turn the door knob and open it.

"Kale..." I said.

"Yeah...?" he said turning around, showing me his magnificent face.

"Don't go..." What the heck was wrong with me? Was it me who was saying this?

"I guess work can wait..." he said and smiled.

He locked the door and stood there with his back resting on the door and his hands above his shoulders. I instantly felt attracted to he was some kind of magnet. I felt my legs move as I walked towards him. The next moment I found kissing Kale. I closed my eyes and imagined I was kissing Jake. But this was not Jake. I opened my eyes and saw handsome Kale. I closed my eyes again...Jake didn't come back to my mind. I was kissing Kale... Jake was gone.

"Hottie..." he murmured. 

"Hi Sam..." I called Sam...not knowing exactly why.

"Hey there dude! So...howz Kale? One hot hunk eh?" he said.

"I don't know where you find the weird people like him!"

I could hear Sam laughing. "I know...I know...he talks funny, but he is real nice once you get to know him."

"It was very childish to set me up with someone like this, you know?"

"Childish? I did it for a friend who thought his life was over. I wanted you to show how much more beauty lies in this world"

I found myself laughing now. "Beauty! got that one right! Thanks for the hunk delivery!"

" did you guys...?"


" know what I mean. Did you DO IT?"

I blushed. "Ye...ah...Last night...I think that is why I called you..."

"To thank me?"

" bum, to find out more about Kale."

" don't have to thank me, but wish me a long and happy life okay?"

"Sure..." I smirked.

"Kale is originally from L.A. He did his high school here. We were in a soccer team together and you know that you can't resist his unique personality!" Sam found it 'unique' sheesh! I would say 'frustrating'...then what how could I let last night happen?

"Er...Didn't you out?"

"Ahhh...well...he didn't know I was gay that time."

"What!?!" I swear I could sense Sam take his ear away from the receiver for a second.

"Yeah. I told him I was gay after I got back with Adam." Sam was laughing. "He asked me whether I was gay  on the first day I met him! I said 'no' because I wasn't sure of all that then. But we became good friends and I didn't want to ruin that."

"Oh well...I wanted to ask you more about Kale...but I have a class now...laterz!"

"Bye Josh...have fun!"

I didn't have any class, I just wanted to stop talking to Sam because something was getting me thinking hard. Why did I have sex with Kale? I hated Kale's behavior...still I slept with him, why? I came up with two reasons immediately. One was because I was incredibly lonely. Second reason was because I was mad about Kale's looks and wondered how he was in bed.

I was disgusted at myself. I had sex with a guy just because he looked good?? That wasn't me...that just wasn't Josh. I sat on my couch and thought for some time.

Moments later I realized I was wrong. I actually like Kale. His witty character actually attracts was like you want to know what makes him so care free and straight spoken. I dialed a number from a piece of paper.


"So what do you want to do today hottie? You sizzled yesterday night babe."

You sizzled yesterday night... That was the first compliment he gave to anyone for that matter maybe? And it was about someone's ability to make magical sex.

"I want to talk to you!"

"Hell...we could have done that on phone. We are together...lets have some action!" he said. Kale was bending forward to kiss me.

"Stop!" I said lifting my hands up like some kind of signal. The signal was not only meant for Kale but also for me. 

I woke up smelling the smell of cum. I saw the clock on the mantel piece. I had gone to sleep just three hours back after having be three times.

What the fuck was wrong with me? I was drifting away from my own character. I never believed in 'physical only' relationship. I always attached emotion to any relationship. I looked by my side...Kale was lying by my side naked. I looked down and saw his simply huge penis and I was getting an erection. What the heck is wrong with me? I got up with a jerk and left the room, else I would wake up Kale for an early morning sucking session.

I opened the refrigerator and picked a milk carton. I sat on the table and started eating my cornflakes. My mind was thinking faster and faster. At last I was able to reason my erratic behavior.

I missed Jake so badly that I was using Kale to fill the gap he left. 

I thought again. must be physical...he is a hot hunk and that is why I was losing control.

Nah...I really liked Kale's 'unique' character and that is why I did those things.

I stopped thinking when Kale came out of my room, naked. I could lick him all over right then.

"Hey hottie...up early?" he said wiping his eyes.

"I have class. Why don't you wear something?"

"As if there is something you haven't seen or licked any skin on me now?" he said with a grin.

I gave him a dumb smile. He came and sat on a chair opposite to mine. I took looks at his magnificent body. No, I wouldn't allow myself to lose control again. I ran to my room and got a bed cover. I came to the kitchen and covered Kale with it. He kissed me while I was doing so. He got up and pressed his body towards mine...kissing me continuously. I could feel his penis getting erect against my body. The white bed with which I hoped to cover his gorgeous body fell to the floor...

I bent down on my knees and started sucking his cock. Kale was moaning loudly. ""

He bent down and pushed me on the floor. He sucked my nipples and it felt wonderful. A few seconds later I could feel his tongue revolving my penis and it felt wonderful too. Kale kissed my body all over on his way up to my lips and kissed me there again. Our tongues didn't belong in our mouths anymore...they were exploring a whole new mouth... I could feel Kale's naked sexy body on top of mine. He was a heavier than Jake and applied more wonderful pressure on my body. He sucked me so wonderfully. Kale was wonderful. Seconds later cum oozed out of my erect penis...and Kale was right there to fetch every drop of it. The first thing that came to my mind after I came: Joshua Bouchard was a sex maniac.

End Of Part Eleven

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