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Part VI: Playing Cupid



"I want to meet you."

"You can come to my place."

"No, that's not going to work. Come over here, say tomorrow around 6ish?"

"I have some work, but, screw it, I'll be there."

"Ok. Bye now"

I hung up. The conversation with Sam was so formal. I wanted to keep it that way until I was sure he was telling me the truth. I dialed another number.

I waited an hour, but Jake wasn't home. I was beginning to get worried. I called up Laura, even Jenny. They didn't know where he was.

I waited and waited, Jake was still not home. It was 12 AM and my eyes were wide awake. If he wasn't with his friends, then where was he? Maybe he had an accident? Maybe he got mugged, or worse?! Where the hell was he? I was getting seriously worried. Hell, I was beyond getting, I was already there. But I couldn't do anything about it.

Just then I heard someone put a key into the lock, and unlock it.

"Josh? You are awake?"

"Where the fuck, were you?"

"Chill man! I was hanging out with some old friends."

I hugged him. My worry, my anger, all fell away, Jake was home.

"Josh! Are you okay?"

"I'm okay now."

I knew that I was over reacting and nothing could happen to Jake. But I didn't want to lose him no matter what. He meant so much to me in such a short time.

I looked up into his innocent eyes and kissed him. We kissed our way to Jake's room. (His room just happened to be closer than mine)

When we reached his room we stopped kissing and looked at each other.

"Are you sure?" Jake asked me.

"More than anything. You ?"

"What do you think?"

"I want it now!"

He kissed me again. I unbuttoned his shirt slowly and then eased it open, my fingers sliding between the shirt and his warm skin, pushing it off his shoulders, my touch making him moan. His chest was utterly smooth and hairless. It made me so hot, so fast. I leaned down towards Jake's nipple and licked around the rim, and bit and sucked the little erasers on his nipples. My tongue attacked and caressed his chest, stomach and every place my lips and tongue could find. Jake then unzipped his trousers and dropped it. Jake was wearing a sexy white Calvin Klein bikini brief just as I hoped. Just by placing my hand on the bulge in his bikinis, his breath caught, and I felt the burning heat of his cock. I fell to my knees. I tentatively licked Jake's organ through his bikini.

"Oh my god Josh" I licked again "You're turning me on more than anybody else has ever been able to before"

He lifted me up by my shoulders and violently pushed me on the bed. He lifted my tee shirt up and started to lick and suck my chest, not just my nipples, my arm pits, my chest, my belly button, it seemed like his tongue was everywhere at once.

"Oh god Jake, you like my chest don't you?"

"I think you've got something I'll like better further down," he said, still in those sexy white bikinis. He pulled my gap blue jeans down, but when he got half way through he stopped.

He looked down at my naked loins, a quizzical smile on his face. It was like "Huh?" written on his face.

"I planned ahead." I smiled evilly at my lover. God I loved that idea.

"Naughty boy!" he said in his sexy masculine voice.

Well someone has to do it first. Jake stood up next to the bed, right by my face. He slowly lowered his bikini brief, letting little by little more skin show, until his cock bounced out. He dropped his bikinis to the floor, and got into bed next to me. In the 69 position

"Holy shit!" I said.

He then used his hands and ran it from my asshole to the hair patch above my cock. He then jumped on top of me and kissed me again. Jake looked hungrily at my dick.

"I'm going to suck it..." he said.

"I don't need a warning...go right ahead!"

Jake's mouth felt damn good, I moaned at the pleasure. I could feel the warmth of his mouth and the wetness enveloped my cock. It was the most amazing feeling I ever had in my life. I suddenly felt as if I was going to explode. But I didn't want to, not now at least.


He stopped and looked up. Jake looked his best at that moment, with my erect prick in front of his face. I caught Jake by his sexy muscular arms and rolled him over. I was on top of him now kissing him again. I then explored the rest of his body. My fingers traced every muscular line, and my lips kissed a line down his happy trail. I saw his tool. I prepared myself to take it inside my mouth. It was my first time, I was nervous, but all I wanted to do was to suck it, and to make Jake feel the pleasure he had given me.

"What is the matter?" Jake asked with his cock partly inside my mouth, but not touching the sides of my mouth.

I pulled my mouth up. "I've never done this before Jake! It is amazing how you did it so easily..."

"I've done it before..." he blushed.

It was 5:45 PM the next day. There was a knock on the door. I opened the door. It was Sam.

When I saw him I got goose bumps. I was looking at him, no longer as my boy friend, just a person who cheated on me.

" look good!"

You look good? Was he flattering me?

"Come in." I said.

He sat on the couch. He had not changed a bit. Again I had to remind myself that it was hardly a week since I left him.

"So why did you call me here?" he asked me.

"Your letter."

"Josh, whatever I wrote in that letter, is from my heart. The complete truth."

Yeah, tell me about it.

"How long did you know Adam?"

"I guess about a month"

A month. Good enough.

"What happened?"

"Well after his father caught us sleeping together, we were still going out. But some time later Adam could no longer bear to be with me...and...he left me."

The words were coming out of his mouth with great difficulty.

"And after you came here you slept with everyone you found attractive?"

"Josh I know it sounds pathetic. But I was lonely and I missed Adam badly. I needed someone to talk to. But there was no one."

"What about me Sam?"

"Josh, you were just like Adam. Whenever I saw you I saw Adam in you. That is why I never gave up on you. But no one was like him. He was special."

Gave up on you. How dare he say something like that?

He continued. "When Adam came out of the blue I was so happy to see him. I forgot the rest of the world. He missed me too. We were inseparable."


"What happened after...I...came?" I was getting the scene of Adam on top of Sam in my head again. Damn it!

"That night he came and told me all about you. I found out that he was talking about the same Josh I was going out with. But I didn't want to spoil my only chance with Adam. After you came, I told him the truth. He got pissed, and then he left."

"Sam, if you were to see Adam again what would you tell him?"

"Why are you asking me all this?"

"Because I'm talking to Adam soon."

"I would tell him, no matter how much I've fucked up, the truth was and is that I love him so much. I wanted to be with him always."

"Good...Adam, you can come in now." I said turning my face towards my room.

Sam looked at me, astonished.

Adam opened the door to my room and walked in. Sam stood up, still in shock. Adam looked at Sam, his eyes wet. He ran to Sam and hugged him, kissed him.

Sam looked at me. "Josh...I...I don't know how to thank you."

"Don't cheat on Adam, be honest always." I implored

"It is a promise"

My plan worked out perfectly. I played Cupid!

After Sam and Adam left, together, I sat and thought about what had happened between me and Jake.

"Done it before? With whom?" I asked him.



"Weeks back..." he said.

"You had sex with someone two weeks back?"

"We gave each other blow jobs..." Jake said, looking worried.

"A guy?". Jake nodded. "Where is he now?"

"He is here in New York."

"Do you still see him?"


"Why didn't you tell me about this before?"

It had started out small, but soon snowballed into huge argument. I regretted the whole incident. I had overreacted and made a big deal out of nothing. I left Jake's room that night.

The next day I had a class at 9 AM. I left our apartment at 8. Whenever I saw Jake in the morning I tried not to look at him. I didn't talk to him, neither did he.

Jake, unfortunately, had the same class as mine. I couldn't concentrate on the class. I was replaying the events of the previous night.

When we were going home I came face to face with Jake. He looked at me with an expressionless face. He wasn't angry or guilty, just cool.

At home, I was still not talking with Jake. I could hear him watching the television in my room. Our rooms were connected by a door. It was locked when I moved in. I requested for a key, after I started going out with Jake. I went to Jake's room.

Jake's room was so well kept, clean and tidy. His room reflected on his incredible personality. Mine, was more of a junk yard. I sat his bed. On his desk I could see a diary, with a bookmark. I opened it. It read:

"Today Josh and I had a big fight..."

I closed it. It was his journal! I couldn't possibly read it!!

Ten minutes later, I opened it, and started reading it.

"...It all started when I told Josh that I'd been with a friend two weeks back when I hadn't met Josh. The guy never meant anything to me; it was just to get off. Although he's pissed tonight, I know he will come around. I know Josh. And I love Josh. I'm going to ruin whatever we have if I get angry too. So I'm just going to keep quiet."

I replaced the bookmark and closed the book. I asked myself: What the fuck is wrong with me? Why was I trying to spoil something that I should treasure? Something I had craved for so long. I thanked God for giving me Jake and now I was pushing him away. Why?

I decided to forgive myself and apologize to Jake for acting so stupid. I waited in Jake's room for him. I didn't have guts to go to him and apologize.

A few minutes later I lied down on Jake's soft bed. I looked around. I could see Jake with his mother on a photo on his table. He told me his mother was the sweetest person he knew. His father was sweet too, but he wasn't quite the cavity mom was.

I opened my eyes. Jake was beside me. He was starring at me. Shit! I remembered. I had fallen asleep the previous night, waiting for Jake. I smiled at my own foolishness.

"Jake...I'm sor...sorry."

"For what? Sleeping on my bed? You almost pushed me off the bed last night, you know?"

I knew that he could have as well slept in my room; I also knew why he didn't.

"You know what I'm sorry for..." I said, sadly, my face obviously showing all my guilt and stupidity at its best.

He smiled at me. "I'm sorry too. I had this strong urges for you. I was just discovering myself."

I hugged him tightly.

We kissed. We then got up from the bed.

"I'm going to make some breakfast for us." Jake said and left the room.

I sat there on Jake's bed. Jake's bed. I had slept a whole night with Jake. It was like a dream come true.

I went to my room. My class was not until 11 AM and I had plenty of time to get ready. On my table was Sam's package. I remembered what he had given me.

"And here is the greatest man in my life, Jake. Look, he is wearing an apron making breakfast." I announced. I was holding the handy cam in my hands and focusing it on Jake as he prepared breakfast. He looked up and smiled at me.

"So Jake. Are you an expert cook?"

"I hate cooking. But we all have to survive. And my boyfriend is too lazy to do anything."

"How do you like this apartment?"

"I love it here. Most of all I love the people around here."

We ate. I was recording every bit of our morning ritual. I followed Jake to his room with the cam.

"And now Jake is getting ready for college" I said to the cam. "Look he is removing his shirt! Isn't that a great body ladies and gentleman?"

Jake smiled and looked at me. "What are you doing Josh?"

"Just having some fun, creating memories to cherish!"

"Sure. Keep that tape in a safe place. We can show it to our grand children."

I smiled, but took his comment seriously.

Jake dropped his trousers, leaving him only in a pair of navy blue bikini briefs.

"Wow, look at this! Do you mind giving our viewers a peek?"

"Yes. I don't like exhibitionism."

"Oh...come on Jake!"

Jake walked towards the bathroom. I followed him.

"We are presenting the world exclusive of," I yanked Jake's bikinis down, "Jake's amazing ass!"

He pulled it up and entered the bathroom. Before I could follow him inside he closed the door half way. His head popped out and he said "Sorry viewers, this is restricted area!"
He closed the door.

"Well our viewers have to wait to see more of Jake I guess. This is Josh Bouchard, reporting from the JJ residence."

"What is the JJ residence?" Jake asked me from the bathroom.

"The Jake & Josh residence!"

"Yeah. I wonder if you use all this creativity in your subject maybe you can get higher grades"


The following evening Jake came home. In his hands were bags from structure, Gap, and a few other brands "Coming with me later?"


"To the club!" he said.

I was so tempted to say `Yes'. "No"

"Why? It is a Friday evening!"

"I have to help Laura with her project Jake."

"Ohhh! Never mind. Then I will stay home."

"No. I want you to go and have fun!"

It was six. Laura was right on time. I could have as well postponed my meeting with Laura, but I owe her.

"Jake, I hope this is not a problem..."

"No Laura. I' tonight."

We got on to work immediately. This was the only subject I was quite good at and Laura knew that too. Otherwise she would have asked...Jake!

"So are you seeing anyone?" Laura said.

That was a strange thing to ask. Was she hitting on me? What was I going to answer?


"Aren't you sure whether you are seeing someone?" she smirked.

"Are you?"

"No I'm waiting for the right one."

Yeah sure!

"Just kidding," she said.

"Thank god!" I said

"I don't have a boy friend right now. I dumped my old one just a week back."


"Actually I was the one who got dumped!" she said unaffected.

"Oh! I'm sorry."

"He found someone sexier and dumped me!"

"MEN!" I said.

She laughed. "Aren't you one of them?"

"Yeah. But I'm different." Queer.

"Different? How are you different Jake?" she said. She was now lying on her shoulders on my large bed, looking at me interestingly. I knew the bed was a silly place to work on a project, but I insisted. I loved lying on my stomach and doing work. Fortunately she found it comfortable too.

"I guess; I understand women. I have a girl in me too." Yeah! I was mad about all the hunks, that is what common between me and the girls.

"Wow! You know something Josh?"


"You've really got your shit together. I like that in a guy!"

We laughed. Soon it was time for Laura to leave.

"Thanks for all the help Josh."


I closed the door. The phone was ringing. I picked it up.

"Is this Joshua Bouchard?"


"Mr. Bouchard. This is the NYPD calling. Do you know anyone by the name Jake Parker?"

"Yes. He is my room mate." I was worried. What was this about?

"Mr. Bouchard. Jake has been in an accident."

End Of Part Six

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