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Part VIII: Life Without Jake

"Going where?"

"Boston. Kate is getting married."

Kate, that is Jake's sister. When I saw Jake standing with her in one of the photos on his table I always thanked nature for making Jake the more beautiful sibling! And he looked cute standing with an ice cream in his hand and ice cream all over his face.

"What's so funny?"

"Huh? No. I was just thinking about something. How long are you going away?" I asked sounding very depressed.

"A week. I will be leaving next Wednesday."

"Next Wednesday! Oh dear lord!"

I wanted to ask him, whether he really needed to go. I wanted to stop him from leaving. But his answer was obvious; it was his sister's marriage! I suddenly felt so selfish. But all my life I wanted to feel loved. To have someone love me for who I am. And here was my love standing in front of me, making my dreams come true.

"Darn! Why did she have to get married now?" I smirked.

"Actually it was a last minute thing. My sister's fiancee is a discoverer of some sort. Strange people she falls in love with! After their wedding, he is off to South Africa on an expedition!"

"Wow. South Africa! Is she going along with him?"

"Most likely..."

"I will miss you Jake." I said. I will miss you. Why was he leaving me so soon? It seemed like I met Jake yesterday.

"I will miss you too Josh. But it is only one week!"

I kept quiet. I knew what a nightmare that one week would be.

Sam had rented a car. Sam, Adam, Jake and I on one car, together!

"So what exactly are we going to see on these mountains? Wild  boars?" Adam asked.

"Well there are wild animals on the mountain, hope we see some."

I could see Adam shrug like a pussy cat surprised by a dog. I knew what he asked was a trick question. He actually wanted to ask - Are there animals on the mountain? Will we be in any danger?

"Don't worry Adam, no Animals will come close to you if you wear that funny big hat of yours!"

Adam smacked me in the stomach. Ouch!

Adam, Sam and I were doing most of the talking. Jake was silent deep in his own thoughts. I leaned over him and kept my hand on his chest.

"Thinking about what we can do in such a romantic spot?" I whispered.

"Huh? No you ass I was thinking what to do for the project this semester!" Jake said.

I sat straight with a grin on my face. How unromantic Jake was! I became more disappointed when I realized I had to do something for the semester project myself. But I knew I could do it, I was good at projects!

"Wow! These are really big rooms!" Jake exclaimed.

"After all it is Sam's father's hotel!" I said

"Yeah. Lucky dude Sam is." Jake said.

"Yeah." Lucky, only if his father had loved him.

Adam came to our room. "So what do we do now?"

"Dinner! I'm so hungry!" Sam said, smiling.

"So am I" Jake said.

So was it hunger that made him keep quiet on our trip? Hehe!

Sam had a sparkle in his eye. He always liked taking care of events. He stood there like a Priest about to give a speech.

"Tomorrow we have got huge plans! At 9 AM we got trekking! Have lunch on the mountains. We come back at 2 and then relax besides a lake nearby."

"I'm in no mood for trekking" Adam said.

I remembered. Adam always refused to come even for camping trips with me. He was such a weenie!

"Adam, you are coming with us..."


"No argument. You are coming!" Sam said.

I smiled. I was amazed to see how Sam handled Adam!

"Where is Jake?" Adam asked me.

"He is in the men's room."

"Okay. You guys follow me!" Sam said.

"Where?" Adam asked.

"Just follow me!"

"But Jake..." I said.

"I have asked someone to direct him. Now you guys follow me damn it!"

Adam and I followed Sam. We walked through a long corridor which had beautiful paintings on the wall, high ceilings and marvelous lights hanging on the sides. We stopped in front of a wooden door which had wonderful carvings on it. Sam opened the door.

"A Jacuzzi!" Adam said.

"A private Jacuzzi! Montgomery family members only allowed!" Sam said with a proud smile.

I was in awe. The Jacuzzi was simply so beautiful and tempting.

"Now strip till you are naked." Sam commanded.

"Huh! Naked?" I asked.

"Yeah! Any problem? Don't worry no one around here wanna see what we got!"

I watched as Sam and Adam removed their clothes one by one till they were butt naked. They then climbed down into the Jacuzzi.

"Josh? Come on! What? Are you shy or something?"

"I will wait for Jake..."

"Don't worry. He will come. must jump in here right now."

I was tempted seeing the relaxed faces. I removed my tight tee shirt and my sexy Levi jeans to reveal my Calvin Klein boxers. I slowly pulled them down.

Sam and Adam were now looking at my penis, with their mouths wide open! They were such a tease!

I joined the guys.

"Fuck man, this is so...relaxing!" I exclaimed.

The water massaged by body and it felt just wonderful. I closed my eyes. When I opened them, Sam and Adam were kissing and caressing each other.

"Come on guys! You can wait, bedtime is close!" I mocked them.

"Jake isn't here, otherwise I would be saying that" Sam said.

I blushed.

I heard the door open. It was Jake.

"Josh!" he said looking surprised, or was it just me.

"Come on Jake, join us!" Sam said.

" Sam. I'm kind of having a headache."

"Then this is what you need!" Sam said.

"Josh, can you come with me? I need to show you something." Jake said, ignoring Sam's comment.

"What?" I said.

"Just come, will you."

"Oh must come and feel this. It is so rejuvenating. Come inside." I insisted.

Jakes face then underwent rapid change of expression. He then turned and left the room banging the wooden door behind him.

"What the fuck is wrong with him?" Adam asked.

"I have no idea." I said. "Anyway I better find out what is bothering him."

I got up and quickly grabbed a towel. I dressed up and walked towards our room.

"Jake...what happened? Are you all right?"

"How could you do this?"


"Be with those two like that? Naked! And you like it!"

"Jake! What are you trying to say? I..."

"Josh. If you want to be with me, I don't want you to see them often"

"What the...! You can't..."

"Yes. I can."

"But why...?"

"I don't like you around them..."

"They are my friends! I..."

"'Fuck them!"

I couldn't stand to be in front of him any more. I entered the bath and slammed the door close. I locked the door and stood there for some time, my head resting on the door, my eyes closed.

A few moments later I looked in the mirror. They were back. The tears. I hadn't felt them on my face so long. And now they were back, showing me their ugly faces, one by one coming out of my darn eyes.

What was wrong with Jake? Was he jealous? Does he think I'm messing around with Sam or Adam? What the fuck was wrong with him?

"Josh...Josh..." Jake was calling, banging on the door.

I took a deep breath and managed to speak. "I don't want to"

"Please open the door..." he begged.

I kept quiet.

I just sat there on the edge of the bathtub. I could hear Jake telling me to open the door, pleading me. But I couldn't. I kept thinking about Jake, what he had said. I stepped inside the tub. I thought: our first meeting, the night he touched my lips, then the kiss in the barn. I was running the events in my head again and again.

A few moments later I saw my wrist watch, it was 11:30. I was lying there inside the tub for almost two hours now. It seemed more like ten minutes.

I opened the door. And Jake was there! Sitting on the floor. As the door opened he looked up at me with his big innocent eyes. He stood up. He was looking at me in my eyes.

"I'm sorry" he said constantly blinking his eyes as if trying to stop tears or something.

I pushed him and walked towards the door.

"The only reason I don't want you to see them, is because Sam hurt you Josh, he hurt you. Maybe you can forgive him for that, but I can't." Jake blurted out.

I stopped.

I turned around. "Oh Jake..." I said. I ran towards him and hugged him. I ran my fingers through his hair.

They were coming again, the tears. But this time they were not because of pain.

"No matter how much Sam hurt me, I loved Sam once. And Adam is my best friend. I don't care what they did to me, because I love them too much...I...I don't know what to say..." I said.

"I love you." Jake said.

"I love you too. I...I'm sorry."

I looked at his innocent face. He cared so much about me.

Jake kissed me. We kissed and kissed...

"Come to me baby" I said. Jake was standing nude in front of me while I was lying on the bed. He smiled and slowly climbed on me. He kissed me pressing his penis against mine, thrusting his hip up and down...up and down...up and down. I remembered how last time we did it we were interrupted by our argument. I wanted no interruption now.

"Do you want to fuck me up?" Jake asked me. It was simple question. He said it so simply you want an apple pie?

"You bet!" I said, trying to sound sexy.

Jake was now on his knees. I made by erect genital ready to venture into not just anyone. It was someone, I love deeply. Jake moaned loudly as I pushed and pulled my manhood.

"More...more" he shouted. It was my first fuck. I looked up at the ceiling, closed my eyes and enjoyed the pain and pleasure. Words are insufficient to describe the feeling when two people become one. At that moment of my life, my sole purpose of living was until this moment came back. Till then I would crawl through time, waiting patiently!

"Owuuww" Jake moaned. I knew it was time. He bent over and immediately cum shot out of his genital like a fountain.

"Whoa! Your cum reach great heights" I mocked him.

"Let's find out whether I have competition..." he said.

Moments later I ejaculated as Jake sucked me. We cleaned up each other. We lied there besides each other naked under the bed sheets looking at each other till one of us fell asleep. And that happened to be me.

"Where were you guys?" Sam said.

"Well...we got busy..." I said shyly.

"Give them a break Sam!" Adam mocked us.

On our way back to New York I was excited about something: my birthday! My birthday was on Wednesday. I knew that Jake was leaving on Wednesday and I hated to even think of that fact.

A ticket was lying on the table in the hall. It was Jake's ticket to Boston. As soon as I saw the ticket I knew my face had lost all its color. He was going away...tomorrow.

"Planning to tear it up?" Jake said coming out of his room.

"Now that you have given me the idea, you better watch out! I'm crazy in love and I might do anything to make you stay!" I said.

He kissed me. "It is only a matter of one week. I will be back!"

"Heck, I'm going to go crazy missing you."

"Didn't you say you are already crazy in love Mr.?"


"Cheer Up! Tomorrow is your birthday! As a pre birthday party, we are going out tonight for dinner!"

I knew about the surprise party Jake was planning for me tomorrow evening! I had heard him talking to Sam on the phone. Yup! I was so shrewd! But I didn't want to spoil it for him. The poor kid wanted to make me happy. And I was. Very much indeed, just to be with him.

We both loved Chinese food and couldn't get enough of it!

"So what did Mrs. Parker tell you today?"

"She was making sure I had got the tickets. The wedding preparations are going slow. I should have gone there sooner."

Sooner? I wouldn't survive if you'd go away for more than seven days!

"They will do fine."

"Yup. I know. Kate will handle everything. I can't wait to meet her!"

Jake and her sister were close. But ever since Jake moved here, he had been cut off from his sister. He always felt a gap in his life after that. I wondered whether I fitted in that gap somehow.

"I wonder..." I said.


"Never mind..."

"Tell me. What?"

"Whether you would be comfortable coming out to Kate?"

"Josh...I have been thinking about that too. But I love my sister so much. I'm afraid I will lose that if I come out to her."

So. He didn't want to come out to anyone. I suddenly told myself: Look who is talking? The coming out pro!

"Take your time. But you know you have to do it some day Jake..." I said.


He never commented about that and changed the topic so meticulously. He was a smart kid, no wonder I fell for him! But I knew I had to bring this topic some time again.

Jake was gone. As soon as I returned home, the loneliness in my apartment freaked me out. I knew this was coming but now that it has come, it seemed worse than my imagination. It was a nightmare. A week long nightmare. My birthday was simply the best one ever. Sam, Adam had come, even Laura was there! After the party it was time for Jake to leave. I made up my mind to be strong and bid him good bye.

"It is only a week. We will have a lot of fun when I'm back!" Jake said.

And he left.

Now, I was sitting in my home all alone. I looked at all the gifts they left for me. I dug them up looking for Jake's gift. I found it.

"For Josh. - Love, Jake."

His message was simple. I quickly removed the gift wrapping to uncover a box. Inside was a piece of Jeans. I looked was stained. It was a coffee stain. I smiled. It was my jeans which I wore the night Jake kissed me the first time and poured hot coffee on me! On the back was a paper. I opened it. It was a copy of Jake's return ticket. On the Jeans he had written with a black felt pen:

"Love you, forever. Will be back soon. Muaak! Love, Joshua Bouchard."

I held the cloth close to my face.

"I love you Jake. Forever!"

Seven days seemed to take forever. Jake promised he would call me every night, but he hadn't called me. Yet another day passed, Jake still didn't call. I was getting worried.

Four days passed, still no call from Jake.

On the fifth night, the phone rang.

"Jake!" I said.

"Josh. It is Sam here."


"Just calling to say HI and find out how you are doing."

"I'm doing fine." I'm miserable.

"Oh...Adam is here. We are going out tonight. Talk to you laterz. Bye!"

We are going out tonight. How I wish Jake was here, we would have gone out. Shit! I was obsessed about him!

The phone rang again.




"I was busy with the wedding Josh. I couldn't call you. I'm sorry."

"It is okay, now that you called! So how are you?"

"I'm fine. How are you hanging?"

"Okay." Come back soon! "When are you coming back?"

"Thursday night."

"So how is the wed..."

"Josh. I got to go now, something has come up. Bye."

"By.." He hung up.

Ah...he must be really busy.

I slept most of the time, so that the days would go sooner. Going to college without Jake made me miserable. I didn't feel like doing anything, until Thursday! People say you only realize how much you will miss someone, when that person leaves you. In my case I knew how much I would miss him if he left. When he actually did leave, I felt still worse.
It was Thursday at last! I wanted to give Jake a real good surprise when he came back.

I heard the door to our apartment open. Simultaneously I opened the door to my room lifted my arms up like a showman on center stage and said, "Surprise!"

Jake was standing at the door. He was looking at me in horror. His mother standing besides him had the exact same expression on her face. And I was standing there in front of them, naked except for a sexy leather jockstrap...

End Of Part Eight

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