Well I ended up at home tonight, alone. It's been a long day and I was getting bored. Then things started to perk up, errr well one thing. So great, I am home alone on a Friday night with a hard on, what to do? Its cold tonight but I am thinking about a hotter time just a few months ago, hummm. I started this story right after it happened, but its hard to make it a good clean story so I am gonna sit around in a t-shirt, flannel boxers and a hard on and just work it over good. (The story that is.)

The school I go to is in a small town and there is not much to do. The Student Union hosted this party with barbecue and volleyball going on all afternoon. It was hot, so no one was wearing shirts. I got into a game and played next to a big Hispanic guy. He was build and tan and I started to wanted him badly.

After the game I asked him if he wanted a drink and we started talking. He put on this thin tight white t-shirt and that little to conceal his cut chest and abs. After we talked for a while he must have figured out what really held my interest. He got they wide eyes and this big grin and said, "You gay aren't you."

Now I am not all that out. So I don't act gay and most people don't know. But I guess licking my lips while I stared at his nipples through that sweat soaked t-shirt! I didn't know what to say. This guy was HOT but his question sort of frightened me.

I didn't know what to say so I just stammered.

He just kind of grinned and had this wicked look in his dark brown eyes. "Don't worry, Its cool. You want me don't you? You're a horny little fag and you want my cock don't you?" He toyed with me. Then he reached over and kind of pinched my nipple right there in public.

"I certainly think you're hot a hot little guy, and I'll try anything once" he said slowly.

I said, "OK what do you want to do and when?"

"I just want to see what another guy can do... How about now?" he said.

"Sure, my roommate is out of town this weekend" I told him and we walked cross campus to my room. When we got to the dorm we sat on the couch bed, watched a porno and talked. I kept getting closer but he seemed to me waiting for me to make the move. I stopped watching the movie and started studying his face and jaw line. Then I touched his face and kissed his face. Then rested my head on his neck and kissing him and putting my arm around his huge shoulders.

He stared intently at this prono of guys in a jail cell fuck and suck each other. He said "Gay porn is so boring." and then "I want to do that, and that..." I glanced up and he was watching these to fuck hard.

I thought Oh lord my ass is gonna be so sore, but then he said a few other things and I all of the sudden I realized this guy wanted to be the bottom.

"You little slut!" I said as if I was shocked.

"Yea, I want you to use me. I want to be the woman for a change," He said distantly as he watched the t.v.

I was excited now. I stood up and pealed off my shirt and dropped my shorts. I was so fucking hard my prick stood out of my boxers and I had to tuck it back in. I told this guy "OK bitch, lay back on the couch." He did what I told him and I started feeling his massive crotch and balls through the black material of his shorts. When I started to pull then down he said "no, please." I was confused.

I just looked it him, and he opened his mouth. So I stood next to his face and leaned over. He took my cock in his hands and studied it and gently stroked it. I was in heaven. This big, tall dark handsome guy was stroking me so tenderly. I just moaned when he had it right and wanted his to make me cum. Then he licked the head, the underside of the shaft then the base of my cock and balls. I said "yea bitch, lick those balls." I know I was sweaty, but he started licking and sucking. I was surprised when he took my whole cock deep in his mouth. He sat up and started twisting my balls and stroking my cock and trying to sucking my head off! I told him "ok boy, I'm gonna shoot."

He just stopped and held my dick inches from his open mouth. I lost it and said, "bitch you have to keep beating me off for me to cum!" So he gave it a few more strokes and that's all it took. I shot about 5 or 6 blast of cum all over his face. It was in his left eye and looked like snot running out of his nose and he caught a good bit of it on his tongue. I was weak at my knees and needed to sit down. I found his damp sweaty t-shirt on the arm of the chair and wiped the spit and cum from my cock and balls with it. He wiped his face and licked his hand clean.

"That was great, your cum taste better than mine" he said.

"Well when do I get to taste yours," I asked?

I don't know, he said as he adjusted his cock. A big damp spot had apaered in his shorts. He got real defensive and asked if he could just the bathroom. He went he there for the longest time. When he came out he said, "I got to go." He put on his wifebeater, and you could see cum on his t-shirt but he didn't notice.

I said "What? Now?"

"Yea, we'll do this again, and I really want to try fucking." he said.

"Like when?" I asked.

"I don't know, give me you number, oh and name, and I'll call you. I don't want anyone to know." He said with a wink and grin.

I gave him the number and I have seen him since then! Many time since then. I see him around campus, he has a girlfriend and a bunch of jock friends, but when we're together he is the woman, a total bottom now. My bitch.