ORAL LOVE July, 2000

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This story contains some pretty graphic scenes of sex between males. And if you have finally clicked your way this deep into the site its obvious you enjoy such things, so read on. But if you are underage I think you better be leaving for though biologically you can throw a boner and even father a kid and may have done all or most of this, the keepers of society feels that you should neither read nor view what you have already done!!!

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A Chance Meeting

Away From Home

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Carpet Cleaner

Young Friends
Group Initiation


  Steven lay on his bed, naked, stroking his thick 7" cock. His eyes were closed and he had a grin on his face, like a satisfied Cheshire cat with a belly full of cream. And indeed his belly WAS full, of cream taken directly from the hardened stalk of a very cute 20-year-old!

  At 21, Steven was staying with his dad's childhood pal at their home in Sydney, doing his graduation. He came from central Australia and since the colleges there didn't fascinate him his parents had agreed for him to stay in the bigger city and pursue his dreams. The Wilsons' were nice people and their son, Paul and he became good buddies. But Paul had a problem, being an extremely handsome young man he attracted numerous girlfriends and was continuously in and out of one affair after another... he wasn't exactly a womanizer, but found it difficult to refuse any pretty woman that approached him and that led to further complications. Thus, by the age of 20 he already had a mild drinking problem.

  It was late Saturday night and as Steven drove back from a campus party that he had been to he noticed Paul's car parked at the side of the road and worried he stopped. Walking up to the driver's side he opened the door and was hit by the putrid smell of vomit. He saw Paul slumped over the wheel covered in his own bile.... God, this boy! He's again got drunk and is sick all over the car and himself.... thought Steven.

  Trying to wake him or get him to move proved futile, so Steven pulled the half conscious boy out of the car and helped him to his own car. Getting him out and up the stairs was no easy job and as he stank so Steven led him to the bathroom and asked him to wash up. But the boy could hardly stand so Steven decided to help him some more. Getting the water running he sat the boy down and started to remove the stinking clothes sticking to his body. The shirt was like a second skin and literally had to be peeled off. The pants too were stuck to the skin as the expelled bile had seeped in. Once done he again helped Paul into the tub and turned to leave. As he reached the door and looked back he saw Paul lying there in the tub, eyes closed, dead to the world.... God, he may drown in there... he thought and returned to finish what he had started - getting the boy cleaned.

  Being of the same age and having lived together (in separate bedrooms of course) Steven had seen Paul semi naked, in shorts and briefs.... but as he looked down at the boy now and saw his body totally naked he felt a weird kind of thrill.... Paul was magnificent!!! Slowly sitting down Steven let his hands touched the submerged torso.... A tingling sensation ran up his spine and he pulled back.

  "Paul..... Paul, clean up quick and get out of the bath...." he said softly.... not sure if the boy even heard him.

  "Mmmnnnnn...." was the only reply.

  "Paul, clean up.... your stinking!" he repeated.

  "I don't feel like....." Paul mumbled softly.

  God, what was he to do now! "OK, can I clean you up?" he asked a little louder. .

  "Feel free..." Paul replied and attempted to turn over as if he was on his bed.

  Quickly taking the wash rag and getting the soap Steven started scrubbing Paul. He cleaned the face and chest and moved to the hands. He looked down and again noticed the beautiful cock nestled amongst the lush thatch of dark pubic hair.... Avoiding touching it he started with the legs and worked up the perfectly sculpted thighs then reached under and cleaned the cheeks. Now only the stomach and pubes remained.... he didn't know why but dreaded to touch Paul there. He wasn't gay and never had thought about it either.... yet the sight of the naked Paul was doing something funny to him. Slowly, tentatively, he allowed his hand to touch the flat stomach and rubbed it gently... gradually he moved down and as his hands came in contact with the limp cock he gasped and felt his own dick throb into a full erection! It felt so good to touch the warm piece of flesh.... to curl his fingers around it.... he felt the thick shaft fill his palm and begin to pulse lightly. He wanted to pull away but was mesmerized - by the cock, the feeling.... the moment. He continued to stroke the rapidly hardening shaft and heard Paul moan. He speeded up and soon the boy's hips were pumping as he masturbated him. Within minutes Paul ground up and let out a geyser of creamy white spunk that shot up and floated in the water like long strings of pearls, to slowly sink down.... Steven felt extremely embarrassed at what he had just done and quickly getting up he washed the still 'sleeping' boy and got him out. Drying him he helped Paul back to the bedroom and into bed. He covered him up and left the room.

  He was shaking as he entered his own room and undressed. He felt fevered and wanted to jack off. Getting into bed he took his painfully hard cock and proceeded to beat himself silly spewing a huge load all over chest and face! As his body calmed down he slowly drifted off to sleep.

  The next morning he got up and remembered the previous night and went into Paul's room to see how he was doing. He knew that Paul wouldn't remember anything yet he felt kind of ashamed of his action as he knocked and entered the room. Paul was awake but still in bed the cover around his upper thigh, giving a clear view of the large cock and heavy balls. Steven walked up to the bed and sat down.

  "Feeling better?" he inquired.

  "Yes, Thank you..... " Paul replied looking him straight in the eyes.

  "Want to tell me what happened?" asked Steven, avoiding Paul's gaze.

  They got talking, Paul doing most of it as Steven listened. And as they talked Paul started to scratch his shoulder and Steven just reached over to help him scratch. Paul seemed to enjoy that and rolled on to his stomach and asked Steven to scratch his back. The cover fell off completely and Steven gasped softly at the sight of the most perfect bubble butt... and as he scratched the back his hands slowly traveled lower and lower until it lay on those perfect twin globes... more kneading than scratching. Paul just lay there and absorbed it all raising his ass ever so slightly as Steven's fingers neared the deep valley between the cheeks. He suddenly rolled over and Steven continued to scratch his front, brushing his cock lightly with his fingertips while Paul just kept talking as if nothing was wrong.

  A bit emboldened, Steven now openly grabbed the quickly stiffening penis and stroked it getting it firm. It felt so fantastic... Paul had stopped talking now and was just lying there with eyes closed and moaning softly. The cock was now rock hard and as Steven watched fascinated it pulsed and gobs of clear pre cum oozed out of the tiny eye.

  Steve had had enough.... Lowering his head he slowly licked the broad tip of Paul's cock and was immediately rewarded by the violent jerk of his hips. and a loud groan. Opening his mouth wide he inserted the throbbing pole into his oral cavity and clamped down with his lips on the thick base. Paul's hands flew to his head and his fingers pulled at his hair as he ground up his hips, feeding more of the surging cock into the hot wet cavity of Steven's mouth. It was new to both of them and as the inexperienced Steven slobbered at his groin Paul pumped his hips rapidly into the hot mouth.... feeling the tight throat muscles gripping and realizing his probing dick head. Pulling away Steven held the thick cock at the base and started running his tongue over the pulsating surface.... licking the silky smooth skin. Beginning at the base, he moved up to the glistening and taut head, tickling the flared rim just under the mushroom tip and then curled his tongue around it to lap at the oozing lube. Tickling the teary 'eye' he again moved down the shaft to the base.... cradling the large globes and lifting them to his mouth, sucking on them.... and then back again on his way to the tingling tip! On and on he labored at the alter of Paul's pubes.... his other hand pulling at the thick bush, pulling st the curly hair.... massaging the corded thighs and stomach....lavishing the boy with tender care.

  Paul groaned and called out his name and babbled incoherently, his hips rapping a tattoo in the hot oral cavern as Steven once more engulfed the cock with his moist lips taking it deep down his throat. In a moment he screamed out and flooded Steven's mouth with a rich cream that send the older boy into a frenzy... it tasted so glorious... so sweet, Steven gulped and gulped, making sure that not a drop slipped out of his lips.

  As Paul calmed down and his once raging cock wilted in his mouth, Steven got up and kissed his friend on the mouth, sharing the taste of fresh cum with his buddy. Being a Sunday they spent most of it in bed, together. And only after Paul's parents returned later that night (they were out of town that weekend), did Steven return to his own bedroom to jack off once more, thinking about the new turn that their friendship had just taken!

  Over the next few months they continued their 'scratch game' as Paul called it and Steven always had his fill of fresh cream.


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