Sorry for the long wait, hope you guys enjoy this. This is a story based on fiction. Some events and characters may be based on an element of reality, but names have been changed, and the events are mostly fictional. Sorry if there are coincidental similarities to your life.


RECAP of the MAIN CAST for new readers:

Paul: dark somewhat curly short brown hair, occasionally wears glasses, soft brown eyes, Jewish, premed engineer, only straight main boy we've met because they're less important ;)

Kyle: light brown/dirty blond short hair, light blue-grey eyes, hotelie, varsity lacrosse defense

Tristan: very short blond hair, deep blue eyes, hotelie, varsity lacrosse offensive machine

Adam: medium length black hair, green eyes, hotelie, varsity lacrosse star goalie


Chapter 3

The Bold And The Beautiful


It had already been three weeks since classes had started and it was already ridiculously busy for Cornell students. Exams were starting and prelims were impossible. People were using their rape whistles constantly after prelims. It was amusing, but also true.


"Yo, yo," Kyle drawled as he rolled up at Trillium cafeteria where Adam was sitting.

Adam perked up when he saw Kyle. "Hey. How'd your microcomputing prelim go?"

"Horrible," Kyle scoffed. The professor is such a dick. I feel like he's trying to fail all of us."

"That sucks, man. I don't take it until next semester. Hopefully it'll be a different professor," exclaimed Adam.

"You would find a way to fail anyway," teased Kyle.

"Whatever, you're just jealous because I'm athletic AND smart. And good looking. And charming. And I have perfect hair and perfect teeth...and I'm well endowed..." Adam bragged.

"WHAOO TMI, dipshit. We're eating. And I've seen your penis. Or more accurately, lack of," Kyle jeered while rolling his eyes and making faces. Kyle actually had caught a glimpse of Adam's body while they showered after workouts and off season training sessions for the lacrosse team. Adam's body was gorgeous. His abs were phenomenal, and his legs had the perfect amount of muscle and hair on them. And Adam wasn't lying. His penis was pretty friggin' big. And Kyle had only seen it when it was flaccid. Kyle would always have to turn away or think about his dead grandmother so he wouldn't sport wood.

Adam chuckled. "It's so sad how jealous you are. It must be so tough being friends with me. I feel your pain. Oh, wait, no I don't. I get to be me."

Their tirade went on for about 45 minutes before both of them had to get to their next class, to their dismay.


Kyle had been hanging out a lot with Adam, and they were really hitting it off. They had the occasional non intentional flirting going on, but they had real chemistry. Neither were comfortable admitting they were gay, but both were enjoying each other's company. They were basically dating without knowledge of doing so.


Tristan had witnessed their encounters and was naturally pissed about this. Whenever they hung out, he always felt like the third wheel. It was killing him that the two guys he liked were really into each other. He assumed it was just straight male bonding, but he still got really jealous.


The weekend was rolling around and Sigma Phi was having a closed party. All three of the lacrosse studs along with Paul were given invites to the exclusive party. Tristan had heard about the stereotype that Sigma Phi was criticized as being a bunch of pretty boys with no real brotherhood. He was skeptical, but did not really care about the pretty boy part. He didn't really see anything wrong with being hot and just assumed other fraternities were jealous.


Adam and Paul had gotten the roommate change approved, so now all four of them lived in the same suite. Tristan had gotten over Paul's drunken antics, but Paul could feel some tension from him. Paul didn't really understand why, but he just attributed it to the stress from exams. Although he did not understand why Tristan was so stressed. He was, after all, only a hotelie. Hotelies didn't have to actually learn anything.


Friday came along, and the boys went out to eat dinner at Appel, one of the best rated cafeterias in the country. Cornell definitely had the goods when it came to food. The two best cafeterias were on north campus where the freshmen lived, so they could enjoy great food with easy access.


After, they all took showers and dressed up in nice clothes to spend a night out drinking. Paul called his girlfriend in the process, and they seemed to argue for the entire conversation. Adam just headed over to Kyle and Tristan's room so Paul could have his privacy. And also so Adam could flirt with Kyle. Tristan just fumed in front of his laptop. Most of the flirting was in the form of teasing, but Tristan seemed to have a short fuse when it came to jealousy. He knew it was sad, but he couldn't help it. He couldn't stop crushing on the straight boys. He decided that he would actually find a gay guy to hook up with that night. Except he didn't want to come out, so he knew it would be virtually impossible.


Kyle was just smiling. He couldn't help it. He had found such a great friend in Adam, and Adam seemed so perfect. He just was not sure if he was gay, and Kyle did not want to make the first move. He was too nervous, and really did not want to come out. Plus, he still had not gotten over Tristan. There was just something about Tristan that intrigued him more than any other guy. It went beyond his hotness. He was just always on Kyle's mind, even if he was talking and looking at Adam. But he knew Tristan was straight, so he was trying to not suffocate him. He knew that if he gave him too much attention, he would become obsessed with him, and no straight guy would want a gay guy puppy dog around them all the time. So he gave Tristan his space. And focused on Adam since Adam was the one that always wanted to hang out with him anyway.


Adam decided that he was going to make a move on Kyle that night. Kyle had never rejected any of his flirting. And whenever he made a supposedly non serious gay advance on Kyle, Kyle always jokingly accepted it. Adam felt comfortable with Kyle, and even if Kyle was straight, he felt Kyle would be accepting, and maybe would be even open to experimenting. Adam was from California after all, so his philosophy was that straight guys just haven't found the right guy yet. Plus everyone should try new experiences at least once.


BZZZ. Adam looked at his phone. Traci was calling.

"Hello, gorgeous!" Adam complimented while answering the phone.

"Haha, I feel like you're always mocking me when you say that," Traci answered.

"No, I'm just being nice. But I guess next time, I'll call you a toad so you don't think I'm mocking you," Adam explained.

"You're such an ass," Traci complained.

"Yes, I do have a nice one," Adam shot back.

"Ughh, I've never met someone so conceited in my life. Is Tristan there? Is he coming to the party?" Traci inquired.

"Yes. And yes." Adam answered without revealing what Traci was asking.

"I'm so having sex with him tonight. I'm done waiting for him. Time to be aggressive," Traci told Adam.

"I was thinking the same thing about my situation," Adam replied.

"OMG, are you going to finally hit on Kyle? You guys are so adorable. You would make such cute babies," Traci exclaimed excitedly.

"Traci, that's biologically impossible. At least for right now," explained Adam.

"Whatever. Two guys making a baby is totally hotter than one girl and a guy making a baby. Guy on guy sex is so hot," answered Traci.

Adam started laughing hysterically. Tristan and Kyle both gave him looks, so Adam went into the hall. "You do have a point. Sometimes, I wonder if you're a gay man," Adam whispered.

"Sometimes, I wish I was," shot back Traci. "You guys have it so much easier. You just have tons of sex with hot guys without any strings. I wish my life could be like that. Sex always complicates things in straight relationships. Plus, I have to use it to my advantage since I'm a girl and it's a weapon for me. Even though I want to have sex as much as any guy."

"Wow, way to stereotype gays, bitch. Not all of us just have meaningless sex," corrected Adam.

"Yeah, you're kind of a woman," Traci teased. "Are you sure you even have a penis?"

"Are you sure you don't?" shot back Adam.

"Ass. Just bring Tristan tonight so I can molest him," requested Traci.

"You're so classy," Adam sarcastically answered.

"Always. Bye whore! See you later tonight!" ended Traci.

"Bye slut. Don't forget to groom yourself," teased Adam.

"Eww. Fuck you. GOOD BYE!" Traci hung up. Adam chuckled to himself and returned into Tristan and Kyle's room to talk to them.


"What'd she want?" Kyle asked.

"Well, let's just say Tristan might get lucky tonight. Don't forget to bring some condoms!" Adam teased.

Kyle chuckled and winked at Tristan. Inside, he was jealous as hell. Of Traci, that is. Tristan laughed uncomfortably but was groaning inside. Traci was going to be a nuisance tonight. He knew she liked him, but she had been getting on his nerves the last few times they had hung out. She was totally gorgeous, but totally the wrong gender. She just did not have the right equipment to please Tristan. He would just have to work hard to get rid of her. Maybe she'd get so drunk and pass out so that her friends would have to bring her home. It had happened before, which is why Tristan had never been forced or pressured to have sex with her. Tristan could only hope. Otherwise, he'd have to reject her, and he'd have a hard time explaining that one to the boys.


That night, the four boys walked down to Sigma Phi and were let in quickly. It was quite pleasing to see that there was a huge line, and they were some of the very few lucky guys that were let in along with only the gorgeous ladies, which were few and far between at Cornell. It was clear Sigma Phi had their priorities straight. The party was mostly female. The guys were either the brothers, close friends of the brothers, or high priority rushes.


Traci and her friends just walked to the front of the line at Sig Phi and she started flirting with the brothers guarding the door. It took only a few seconds before the brothers told the bouncers to let all the girls in. Traci smiled and winked at the brothers, and the brothers smiled back while they stared at the girls' asses.


Traci walked in on a mission. She was going to find Tristan and get laid. She wanted him so bad. She spotted Adam and Kyle in line getting some drinks, but Tristan was nowhere to be found. Traci groaned and continued searching. She did not want to waste time talking to Adam and Kyle, who were clearly into each other. Traci chuckled to herself. She wondered if Adam would finally get lucky tonight.


Tristan was getting having a good buzz going. It helped that he was also high as he was drinking his alcohol. He loved this fraternity. The guys were hot, and super nice. This gorgeous fraternity guy was giving him expensive free alcohol and great weed, all complimentary. He had the most beautiful light blue eyes. They definitely stuck out. His dark black hair and slightly unshaven look made him look so masculine and hot, and he definitely worked out judging by his biceps which were straining against the sleeves of his tight polo where the outline of his flat stomach and well sized pecs and tits shone very clearly.

"So Tristan, what position do you play on the lacrosse team again?" the sexy hunk asked.

"I usually play center attackman, but sometimes, I'll switch with a middy to help with defense," answered Tristan. "I'm sorry, I actually didn't catch your name."

"Archer. Archer Archibold," explained Archer.

"I'm sorry, your parents named you Archer when your last name is Archibold?" Tristan laughed hysterically. He couldn't keep it in. It was just too funny, especially when he was high.

Archer chuckled. "Yeah, I know, they were delusional. But I can't do anything about it." Archer smiled at Tristan.

Tristan's heart skipped a beat. Their eyes were stuck on each other's. Could Archer be gay? Tristan had been hoping all night to run into a hot gay guy, and Archer had snatched him up first. It had seemed initially like Archer just wanted to do some rushing and try to build some relations with Tristan to lure him into the house. But why wasn't he perhaps looking for someone to hook up with at the same time? There was no one else there, and he had made sure to seek out Tristan alone. Plus, he kept staring at Tristan with those eyes, and it didn't seem like it was in a platonic manner.

"You want another drink?" Archer asked.

"Sure," answered Tristan. Maybe Archer was going to get him drunk and take advantage. Except Tristan would be a completely willing participant. "So you do anything on campus?"

"Yeah, I'm actually the vice president of the IFC, and I'm the striker on the varsity soccer team," Archer replied. "And of course, I'm a member of the best fraternity on campus."

Tristan laughed. Archer smiled. They had finished off the blunt and were feeling really good. Tristan didn't want to make a wrong move and lose his chances of getting into the fraternity, but he was hoping Archer would make the first move.

"Well, we should probably go downstairs and socialize. I can introduce you to some of the other brothers. The more important ones too. I really like you. I think you're a great fit for the house," explained Archer.

"Yeah, definitely," replied Tristan. His heart dropped. He disappointedly followed Archer back downstairs.


Finally! Traci spotted Tristan coming down the stairs. She hurriedly pushed her way through the crowd and gave him a huge hug. Archer smiled knowingly at Tristan, gave him a thumbs up, and walked away with an understanding nod.

Tristan was pissed. He did not want anything to do with Traci right now. She had scared away the guy that he was most interested in that night. Who knew girls were such amazing gay cock blockers.

Traci smiled. "Let's get a drink, handsome."

"We should probably find Adam and Kyle," answered Tristan frantically trying to get help.

"Oh, they're in a blossoming bromance. We shouldn't bother them. Plus, we need time to ourselves," Traci said with a devious look in her eyes.

Tristan groaned quietly as Traci pulled him towards the bar.


"Looks like Traci has her claws in finally," Kyle said smiling.

"Yeah, Traci tends to get what she wants," laughed Adam.

"Well, I'm sure Tristan doesn't mind. She's hot," Kyle replied.

"Yeah. So, have you had a lot of girlfriends?" inquired Adam.

"Not really. I'm just trying to focus on school and lacrosse right now. Girls can come later," lied Kyle.

"Oh. Did you have a high school sweetheart?" asked Adam.

"No. Not really. I dated a few girls, but nothing serious. I just wasn't into the girls at my high school," answered Kyle. He really wasn't into any girls, for that matter, thought Kyle to himself.

How odd. Usually a stud like Kyle always had a high school sweetheart. It just didn't make sense. It seemed more and more likely that Kyle was gay. And Adam was growing more hopeful. He was going to make a move tonight. By telling Kyle he was gay. He had gotten the impression that Kyle was not homophobic, so even if he did turn out to be straight, he was pretty sure Kyle would keep his secret. Adam was from California after all, and no one really cared that he was gay back home. He had even gotten some action with some straight guys that wanted to experiment. Those experiences were always super hot. So no matter what, there was always a chance to get with Kyle. Adam was growing more and more excited. He just had to wait for the right moment. It would probably have to be after they left the party.

Paul had been talking to a girl named Heidi all night. She was a hot brunette with a banging body. They were really hitting it off. Paul had been getting into constant fights with his girlfriend recently, and it was nice to actually talk to a normal female and have a fun conversation with the opposite sex. There was definitely a good amount of flirting going on, which made Paul understand why his girlfriend was always so jealous about him being away at college. But he was seriously contemplating breaking up with her. Paul had been getting restless without sex, and not seeing his girlfriend had made him confused about his feelings. He did not feel like he loved her anymore, and she just did not seem to be the one. Their relationship just was not fun anymore. Paul put his arm around Heidi and started leading her out of the fraternity and back to his dorm room. It was time to make a change.


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