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Bill's Education ­ Summer Vacation (M/M, muscle, college, interracial)

This story is a continuation of Bill's Education and Bill's Continuing Education previously posted and archived.


Part 1

"What are you doing this summer?" Eddie Lee asked.

"Huh," I mumbled. I wasn't expecting the question. Eddie had his fourteen and a half inch man-cock up my butt. He and I just finished our second orgasm since waking up about 30 minutes ago. The last few drops were still seeping out my piss slit and I could sense his now soft pulses that were still pumping cum deep inside me, faint echoes of the powerful throbbing that clouded my mind a minute ago. It just takes me a few minutes to recover after a good fucking before I can move or talk normally.

I shook my head trying to recover. The room was spinning and my vision was cloudy. My mouth was slack as I breathed deeply.

"Bill. Bill?" I heard Eddie call.

Suddenly a jet of liquid spraying my face shocked me back to reality. In rapid succession several more spurts drenched Eddie and I. It was Earl Greene, my black stud roommate in the opposite bed, emptying his huge balls through the twenty-inch cannon he carries between his legs after his lover, Dan Wong, plowed his ass. Dan may be smaller than Earl now that Earl has had the growth formula too, but he can turn that mountain of muscle into jelly with a few well-placed strokes of his 13.5 inch joy stick.

"Hey, you were supposed to use a condom to contain the flood guys." Eddie shouted, clearly angry.

He held me to his powerful chest with one bulging arm as he carried us over to the other bed and jumped onto the lovers still caught up in their mutual orgasm. Eddie pounded their biceps with his fists. Strong as he was he couldn't do any real damage to the dense muscles of these massive studs, but it must have stung. After a few free blows Dan and Earl recovered their wits enough to tie up Eddies arms and start to wrestle him. There was little I could do trapped between these much bigger men. Eddie was still plugged up my gut and I was sliding over Earl's torso slicked by his cum that coated my body. My nine-inch cock was slipping wetly along his much longer one.

Earl and Dan were starting to overpower Eddie. We rolled off the bed onto the floor. Fortunately Dan was on the bottom of the pile and could stand the impact of half a ton of muscle on top of him. I would have been crushed. As it was, I had the wind knocked out of me as Eddie pounded my body into Earl's granite-like frame.

I was dazed as the other boys writhed seeking an advantage. Eddie's stiff shaft moved in and out of my ass as he sought to keep our weight pinning the other guys. As they tried to toss us off, my body ground along Earl's mountainous muscles. Then Dan arched his back, almost throwing us off. He grunted and I knew he was unloading inside Earl. His cock pulsing deep inside brought Earl to another explosion. His cock spewed its massive load everywhere and I felt it beating on my body like an out of control fire hose. That was enough to bring me off again and I felt Eddie letting go within me as well.

After sexual ecstasy took over nobody had any interest in the struggle. Eddie rolled off to his back carrying me over on top of him. The four of us lay side-by-side finishing our orgasms. Earl's super cock sprayed our already soaked bodies for half a minute before he finally emptied his balls for the moment.

I lay on Eddie, panting to regain my breath and licking up some of the salty fluid that coated my face. Eddie rolled me to the side as I felt him finish pulsing and slowly withdraw the thick intrusion in my bowels. After I felt his cock head pop through my ass ring there were a few inches of cum inflated condom that pulled out with it. Eddie stood up and removed the latex swollen with five or six of his massive loads, twisting the end to trap the milky fluid. He threw the obscene water balloon at the still sprawled forms of Earl and Don. It burst on contact soaking them as much or more than we already were.

Don pulled out of Earl and tried to pay Eddie back with cum stored in his condom. It wasn't quite enough for a balloon, so he gripped the end in his fist and squeezed the reservoir to force out a stream he aimed at Eddie. Newly soaked Eddie charged Don, but Earl grabbed both guys and held them to his body.

"Guys, guys, it was an accident," he stated. "My rubber was full after my first morning load and I took it off. Don didn't know when he started a second round and, you know, I wasn't thinking too straight after he gets going in me. Let's forget about it and get cleaned up. We're a mess."

He hugged the two Chinese studs. I joined them in the mutual embrace as cum dripped from our bodies.

We broke our huddle and prepared for a much needed morning shower. Don passed out towels so we could dry up most of the sticky sex juice. I don't like to see cum wasted, so I held Eddie's towel and cleaned him in a more personal way. Most of the goo was Earl's salty seed, but there was some of the sweeter nectar that Don sprayed and even a few gobs of Eddie's own tangy stuff that must have splashed from the bursting condom he threw. I suppose I'm a bit of an expert. I can identify most of the guys in the fraternity by taste; each is a bit different.

After I finished licking Eddie clean I didn't bother with myself. We headed down the hall to the shower room. Most of the guys were up now, preparing for the start of the school day. We got a lot of congratulations and smiles from the brothers, several of whom showed the residue of their own action, though nowhere near as messed as we.

I saw Tony Thieu at one of the sinks. He had one of the freshmen, William Reyes, a Philippine-American stud, on the counter. Bill's legs were on Tony's shoulders and he was getting the full benefit of Vietnamese guy's twelve-inch butt-reamer. Meanwhile Bill had an arm around Tony's thick neck and was giving him his weekly shave. Fortunately he was using an electric shaver because he didn't seem able to concentrate much on his task. A blade would have been a real danger.

Bill had been in my pledge class this year. He didn't look like much when I first met him, about five foot and not even 100 lbs. with less than four inches between his skinny legs. However when he had a drink of Eddie's muscle growth formula there was quite a transformation. He is now five foot six inches, but packs 220 lbs. of muscle on that frame. Add a fifty-six inch chest, twenty-inch arms, a twenty-six inch rock-solid waist supported by thirty-two inch thighs with and eleven and a half inch horse-cock and smooth, tanned skin and you have quite a package.

Of course, except for me, he is still the smallest guy in the fraternity, so he is mostly a toy for the bigger upper classmen. The guys call him Big Bill as a joke. I'm Little Bill.

Yet he's a real tiger out in the general campus community. He has a thing for jocks, the taller and more muscular the better. With his enhanced strength he has no trouble controlling even the biggest guy. Going between classes he always has two or three of the school's top athletes walking with him.

Tony waved to me as I entered the washroom. I envied Bill who was getting the benefit of Tony's fucking skill. I think he is the most talented in our group, but I still like Eddie's long snake a bit more.

I passed into the shower with my roommates. Eddie started washing me with his strong hands. "So what are you doing this summer?" Eddie asked again.

I had forgotten about his question. "I don't know. Maybe I'll head home and get a summer job. I haven't thought about it much."

"I have a research grant for the summer and I can hire a lab assistant. Are you interested?"

"Sure. You bet." I was excited at the prospect of spending the summer with my lover while earning some money. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to try and perfect my muscle growth formula as a supplement for bodybuilders. Part of the work will become my senior honors paper. A big company is funding it for $250,000. After I gave their president a sample they were almost pushing the money at me and I only owe them the chance to match my best offer to get production rights."

"But your stuff already works better than anything I've heard of. What do you need to do?"

"Yeah, it works, but you only need one dose. In addition it works best on Blacks and Asians and not so much on Caucasians. What I'd like is to tune it to work equally with all races and to make the effects temporary so users need to take it every day. Then I'd really have something to sell."

"You'll be a millionaire," I said in admiration of his plan.

"Ha, ha, ha. If guys can get muscles and a cock like me by taking a supplement," he said hefting his heavy member, "I'll be a billionaire."

"So what do you want me to do?" I asked. "Besides taking care of this," I added while soaping up his long fuck pole, paying particular care to clean under the hood before he hardened too much to allow access.

"I'll show you how to help out in the molecular analysis, but you'll also be my test subject. If I can get it to increase your size while you are taking the supplement and go back to normal after, I'll know I'm on the right track. But don't worry, we'll have plenty of time for play."

"That's sounds great, but we better play a bit now. I can't let you go to your first period molecular biology class with this hardon. You'll distract all the students."

I bent down to nurse the head, then easing down until I had all fourteen and a half inches. I could feel the beat of his pulse in the shaft that snaked down my throat. His flaring head pulsed like a second heart where it rested in my chest near my own heart. I brought him off quickly. I knew all his sensitive spots by now. As I felt cum start to force its way to eruption I backed off to enable me to taste his load. He flooded my mouth and I swallowed furiously to keep up.

As we left the shower I was licking my lips to catch the part of Eddie's load that inevitably leaks from my mouth. We met Tony and Big Bill on the way in. Tony was rolling on a fresh condom while Bill was sucking out the load Tony had pumped in his ass from the old one.

Part 2

Finals are finally over. I got all A's and B's for a solid B+ average that I thought was pretty good for me. It is about average for our fraternity, but Eddie thinks I can do better. It is almost totally an Asian fraternity except for Earl Greene and I. While they may be muscle studs they work and study as hard as they fuck.

Earl pulled an A- average. You wouldn't think there was such a good brain to go with all his muscle, but he earned his way in here; Berkeley eliminated affirmative action a couple years ago. He headed back to LA last night. He'll work in a youth gang outreach project for the summer. The gang Don and he took on for harassing Earl's kid brother over spring break learned their lesson. Earl practically fucked their leader to death, he had to have a foot of his bowel removed, but he got their attention and respect.

Don is back with Intel for the summer. He said he'll be working with the group trying to fix the disappointing speed of the next generation Itanium chip. We'll see him at the Long Dong Kung Fu Club on weekends. He's the fraternity vice-president for his senior year.

Tony Thieu and Bill Reyes are among the few taking summer courses, so they'll be staying at the frat house this summer. Tony is the pledge master for next year when my brother Joey will be pledging. Tony told me that Joey will have my old duties as fraternity fuck toy. I suppose that next year the Foster brothers will have to share the Asian cocks. Fortunately there is plenty to go around.

Eddie was straight A's, of course, even though he was taking several graduate level biochemistry courses. He'll be fraternity president for his senior year. Just now he was taking me to his laboratory to get started on his research project. It was in the Life Sciences Building Addition, a good location. The library was just to the east and the gym and aquatics center just south. Even the student union wasn't much further.

The building was pretty quiet. The summer session didn't start until next week so there were only a few people around. The lab was about 20 by 30 feet and filled with equipment. Except for two computers, the latest Macintosh G4's, I didn't recognize any of it. Eddie sat us down at a worktable in the center of the room that was piled high with notebooks, texts and computer printouts. He explained the program.

"My advisor gave me use of this lab for the summer for my senior honors paper. My subject is the variation in human growth hormone that we call HGH for short. I've actually already done the research in the spring, but have to write it up. It was pretty easy. The gene has been identified and the Human Genome Project has an on-line database that can be accessed. There are several genetic variations listed and once you have the DNA, getting to RNA and protein is straightforward. I think that this variation may be part of what causes my formula to work differently on different races.

"When I worked at a biotech company in Silicon Valley last summer I took the opportunity to analyze the ingredients individually and in mixture. These printouts have the results. Some, as you can see, changed in the mixture. Those are my prime candidates for the key active elements. Another group is known to be biologically inert and I've crossed those off. What I'd like you to get started on is to take these other ingredients and search some of the biochemistry journals available on-line to see if there is any existing research on their effects. If you see anything, call me over and I'll evaluate it. Can you handle that?"

"Yes, I think so. I might not know much about this stuff, but I've done plenty of web-based research."

"Great. Meanwhile I'm going to investigate the activity of the new compounds in the mixed formula."

And so we got to work. Eddie was really dedicated in the lab. He wouldn't fool around during the day. Even in the evening he was often evaluating 3-D models of various compounds that were suggested by the computer runs he did during the day. Of course, that made him extra horny when we finally got it on. I wasn't so dedicated. I was always ready to accommodate one of the other brothers.

It was only a few days after I started that I came across my first hit in the journals. I called Eddie over and showed him.

"This compound was indicated as being similar to one that is believed to regulate sperm production," I told him pointing out the statement in the abstract. "Here it is in the report. It's not an exact match but close."

"Yes, you're right. It's one of the components in the ginseng root, I see. A little alteration, here," he mused, pointing at the structure diagramed in the paper, "would make it much closer to an exact replica.

"How many more compounds do you have to research? I'm just about done my review of the other components. I'd like to make a potion with just what I think are the active ingredients and none of the others and see how that works."

"I think I'll be through the list in a couple days at the most."

"That's perfect. I'll make a batch up by Friday, but we'll need someone to test it on."

"I thought I was going to be the tester."

"You will for the final supplement, but for this run we'll need someone who hasn't had the formula to see if the response is still there when we eliminate the other ingredients. Preferably he should be black or Asian."

"How about the Chinese student we met on the plane back from Hawaii?" I offered. "Do you have his local number? We can invite him to the kung fu club this Saturday."

That night Eddie seemed particularly distracted, so I went down to the basement weight room to see Tony Thieu and "Big Bill" Reyes. Tony asked me if I wanted to have some fun and help their workout. Naturally I agreed. Tony had me stand on a chair and strapped my arms to the chinning bar. With me secured to the bar he removed the chair and tied my legs to the vertical supports so I was spread wide. I didn't know what they had in mind, but I trusted Tony.

I saw that Bill had stripped and tie a 200-lb. barbell plate to a belt around his waist. It hung between his thick legs. He had stoked his 11.5-inch cock to full erection and rolled on some protection. I was getting the idea of what they had in mind when he got on the bar behind me. It sagged just a bit from the extra weight. It was built extra strong to take anything these guys might try.

I felt Bill pull his body up and soon his cock poked my ass. He adjusted his position a bit until the tip touched my ring. Then he started his first pull-up, sliding his long pole smoothly up my gut. Slowly he let himself back down, easing almost all the way out of me. I was positioned so that, if he let his arms relax, he would slip out. Yet his groin would hit my ass before he could get all the way over the bar on the up stroke. So his body was under constant tension during this exercise fuck. He managed to keep it up for about 10 minutes before he came and allowed himself to relax.

Then it was Tony's turn. While he was getting ready, adding another 100-lbs. to the belt, Bill pealed off the rubber and allowed me to drink the load in the tip. I felt Tony mount the bar, pull right into position and then mount me. He didn't just go up and down, but angled his body so his thick twelve-incher would rub my most sensitive spots the whole way. He always knew how to excite me from the first day. Already warmed up from Bill, I spurted after just a few strokes.

Tony had lots of stamina left though. He kept up a steady pace for another twenty minutes. I was hard again and leaking a steady dribble of pre-cum on the mat. I felt Tony's dick swell even larger in my gut and knew he was close. He pulled up hard and started to throb within me. He grunted as he shot the first wad and tensed his muscles, pulling up on the bar. I was pushed above the bar just from riding his steely shaft until the bonds tying me to the bar prevented us both from moving higher. I came too as he held that position for a minute while he finished his orgasm. Done he finally exhaled as he relaxed and eased out of me.

Bill helped me off the bar. When I got to earth again I turned to face Tony who was rubbing his muscles that had a good pump from his workout. I smiled when I saw that he had also pumped up a golf ball sized globe of cum in the tip of his condom. He saw where I was looking and inverted the rubber, squeezing the tip shut as he removed it to hold the precious fluid. I was disappointed for a moment when he drank his own seed, but he stepped over to me for a big kiss, his tongue coating my mouth with his essence.

When we broke the kiss, I said I'd be happy to help them train anytime. I thought I'd better check on Eddie, so I grabbed my shorts and, without putting them on, bounded up the stairs. Eddie wasn't on the main floor, so I checked our room. He was undressed for bed, but sitting in a chair lost in thought.

"What's the matter?" I inquired.

"This is the modified ginseng that was indicated by your research," he said indicating a small cup on the nearby table. "It should be completely safe, but I was still considering whether to try it."

"I'll try it. It was my research."

"No, I need you as you are to try the final supplement formula. This is just one of many steps we'll take over the summer." That seemed to decide the issue for him because he took the cup and downed its contents. There was no obvious effect.

"What do you expect to happen?"

"I'm not sure. Heightened sex drive I think."

"This I've got to see. You're already off the charts. Maybe we should get to bed?"

I opened a condom. He was already hard when I started to roll it on. I left plenty of room in the tip, just in case, then got onto our bed. He put me on my back, my favorite position, for our goodnight fuck.

Eddie didn't waste any time making himself at home. He wasn't any bigger than he was before, but, as he filled me up, he felt harder, like my intestines were rearranging themselves more and his cock bending less. I was glad the other guys had gotten me nice and loose.

Eddie started with long slow strokes like he normally uses to warm me up. Ha ha. It doesn't take much to get me going, almost any nice thick cock will do, but Eddie and I have been lovers and bedmates all year and we have an almost instant rapport. I let my mind drift with the bliss of his stimulation of my insides.

I came out of my reverie as he started to be more forceful than normal. He wasn't hurting me, but it was a change from our normal routine. He had bent me almost double as he leaned over me with my ankles resting between his thick neck and bulging shoulders. Meanwhile he was undulating his body to piston his thick cock in foot long pile driver strokes. His eyes were closed and sweat was dripping off his body onto me.

"Ugh," I grunted as he pounded into my butt particularly hard. "Eddie? Ugh. Are you, ugh, Ok? Eddie? Ugh. Eddie?"

He didn't respond and seemed lost in his own feelings. A few more strokes and I felt my own explosion building. I came for half a minute, shooting ropes of juice onto Eddie's chest and abs where they dripped back on me. He didn't notice and kept his furious pace. The fire he lit in my gut kept me from going soft.

He pounded me even harder. "Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh," I'd grunt as he impaled me again and again on his flesh fence post. The room seemed to start to spin. I gripped Eddie's nearly thirty-inch arms to try and steady my perceptions. I stared at him. His face was right above mine, but I couldn't quite focus my eyes.

He slammed into me one last time and held himself buried to the hilt. I felt his massive dong snap up in my belly, actually lifting my back off the bed. I felt a huge surge through his deeply embedded hose, followed by another, another and another. Inside it felt like he was growing, taking more and more inches of my gut for his own. Then the feeling vanished, replaced by a boiling flood that coursed through my gut, pushing further with each new blast from Eddie's cock.

After a timeless interval I realized it had stopped, My back eased down on the bed as he softened. Eddie rested on top of me as I shifted my legs to surround his thin waist. His muscular weight pressed me into our mattress. I realized I had cum again sometime in the ultimate passion without even noticing.

"Eddie, Eddie," I whispered, rubbing his back softly.

"Bill? Are you OK?" He asked while pushing up on his elbows and taking his weight off me.

"Yes, I think so, but I believe the condom burst. You just shot too much."

"Bill? I'm not doing anything, but I think I'm going to cum again. Ohhh. Here it comes"

My body shook, up and down, side to side, as he went wild inside me. In fifteen seconds it eased off. I was almost bloated with his load.

"Before you pull out you better carry me to the toilet. I think you've given me a cum enema."

"Maybe I'm having too much fun to pull out," he joked. "Another good load and it will come out your nose." But that was no joke. I thought that was just plain fact.

But he held me against his chest and carried me down to the washroom. We met Tony and Big Bill coming up from their workout. They offered a greeting. The sight of Eddie and I coupled was nothing unusual around the fraternity. As they continued down the hall I could see that the workout included Bill's ass.

When I was over the bowl Eddie eased out of me as I steadied myself by holding his shoulders. When he popped the head out it snapped wetly up against his body as drops of cum and ass juice flew out all along its length.

While it dripped off Eddie's cock, it poured out of me. I could feel my guts deflate as they emptied a good quart of cum into the toilet. I sighed in relief.

"Wow! Was that the new formula that caused that?" I exclaimed.

"I think so. Maybe that's one change we better not make. We can't have guys bursting condoms every time they have sex. It's not safe."

"Will it ease off in a few days?"

"No I don't think so, but maybe the amount will be a bit less if I empty my balls every few hours. I still think it is going to be a lot relative to what I did before and that was quite a lot.

"So now's the time to ask you something I've been meaning to bring up. Bill, we've been bedmates for the whole school year and I really like you a lot," he stammered a bit unsure of his words.

"I know, Eddie, I like you too. You're the best."

"Well, I'd like for you to be my steady boyfriend."

"Yes, Eddie, nothing could make me happier. And we can make love bare?" He nodded and I hugged him.

Part 3

I was waiting for our Chinese guest and, hopefully, test subject, in front of the McDonalds at the corner of Powell and Grant at the entrance to San Francisco's Chinatown. His name was Ming Li in American terms or Li Ming in China where the family name comes first. We had met him on the plane back from our spring break trip to Hawaii and invited him to the club. Unfortunately he said he was too busy getting settled in America to make that date and, with finals coming up, we hadn't gotten around to calling him up sooner. We were happy he accepted our invitation for today. He knew we were gay, but I don't think he has any idea what he's in for today.

I saw him alight from the cable car a few minutes before noon. I waved him over.

"Hi Ming. I'm Bill Foster. Do you remember me from the plane?"

"Yes. You and your friend Eddie. Hard to forget. Very hard." I could see him glance at my crotch where the outline of my nine-incher could be seen under my Levi's.

"Ha. I see you do remember. I'm here to take you to the clubhouse. It's tucked in a back alley, but we start this way," I indicated pointing down Grant Street. He started walking beside me.

"Do Americans think China is like this?" His arm swept to encompass the gaudy storefront and restaurants along Chinatown's main street.

"I don't think so. It is supposed to look exotic and foreign for tourists. Sort of a dream China, but it can't be real."

We walked a few blocks before I turned us into a side street. A couple more turns and short blocks and we were in the alley by the black painted window with its dragon logo and Chinese lettering. I opened the door and ushered our guest in to the empty training area.

The guys are doing a lion dance for the opening of a new restaurant. They should be back any minute. This is the training area. Feel free to look around. Can I get you something to drink?"

Just as I finished the door opened and Little Dragon, Eddie's younger brother, marched in carrying the ball on a pole used in the dance. Eddie was right behind in costume and carrying the large lion head mask in one hand and a red envelope with their pay for the performance in the other. Don Wong and the rest of the guys in their black silk uniforms embroidered with their logo followed.

Eddie and Ming spoke a few minutes in Chinese. It looked like he introduced his brother and Don before they switched back to English. Meanwhile the rest of the guys were getting out of their uniforms. I saw Ming's eyes go wide as all those muscular bodies were revealed.

"We always have a little party after a job and you're the guest of honor," explained Eddie. "And you're way overdressed for it," he added pulling off his top to display his 68" chest.

"Here let me help you," offered Little Dragon stepping behind Ming and pulling his shirt from his slacks.

Little Dragon was already naked. He had grown another inch since spring break, up to five foot seven. He packed 240 lbs. on that frame, with twenty-two inch arms and a fifty-five inch chest. He turns seventeen this August and his frequent boast to get bigger than his big brother is starting to look at least possible. He added half an inch to his cock too and is only three inches short of Eddie.

As I got out of my clothes I examined our new friend as Little Dragon unveiled his body. Ming was about five foot one or two and about 110 lbs. His skin was a smooth, unblemished golden brown all over. His muscles were small, but defined from athletic activity. He said he played soccer.

When Little Dragon pulled down his pants a thin 4.5 inch dick sprang up, pointing to the ceiling. He had a nice round butt too with dimples in the side formed by the shape of the muscles. Little Dragon rubbed it possessively then reached around Ming's body to hold him in a tight muscular embrace, his thick fuck pole sliding through the thin legs, pressing against the bottom of Ming's drawn up ball sack and sticking out several inches in front.

"I have dibs on this," he announced.

"Have you ever had sex with guys before?" Eddie asked seeing the confusion on Ming's face.

"Yes, with my university friends, but only with the hands or playing the flute, sucking in American. Everyone is so big Are you going to fuck?" He asked reaching out both hands to encompass the thick girth of Eddie's member.

"No, Eddie only fucks Bill now," interjected Little Dragon. "They are a couple. They're practically married. Doesn't Bill make a good wife for my older brother? He's so petite."

"Well, why don't you suck on me a bit," offered Eddie. "It will distract you while my little brother prepares you for your first fuck. Then we'll see if our other members can loosen you up enough to take Don. If it gets to be too much for you, just yell and we'll stop. You're our guest and we want you to have fun and I bet you will."

Ming looked at Eddie as if considering his situation. Then without a word bent over and licked the plum-shaped head of Eddie's cock while squeezing the shaft in both hands about half way along its length. He opened his mouth and pushed down on the crown, but only got about half of it in. He then tried to stretch to the max. Eddie gave a bit of a push to the back of his head and they got the flaring rim to slip in. Ming's cheeks bulged as he sucked on it and ran his tongue around the surface.

Little Dragon wasn't wasting time. He was on his knees behind Ming. Both hands spread Ming's butt apart revealing his pink rosebud. It was twitching a bit. Little Dragon dove in to lick it to get it nice and wet with his saliva. He teased the ring with the tip of his tongue until he felt Ming relax, then pushed about half an inch inside. You could see Ming's body tense a bit with the penetration then relax after a few seconds. He wiggled it around in there then withdrew. This was repeated until Ming grew accustom to the invasion of his ass, building up slowly until he had a couple of inches into the opening.

The other guys had gathered around to watch the show. Most had paired up, the one in front getting a standing fuck and hand job from the guy behind. Ming was getting into his sucking and had worked a couple inches of the shaft into his mouth. I saw Eddie's hose shudder a little and Ming swallowed. Ming backed off the cock and looked up.

"Did you cum? Do you want me to continue?"

"Ha, that was only a bit of pre-cum," laughed Eddie. "You'll know when I cum. Just be ready to swallow quickly."

Ming went back to work. Little Dragon had stood up again and was putting some lube on his fingers. With one hand on Ming's back, he rubbed the butt with the other, then drawing his hand up the crack eased in one finger up to the knuckle. He rotated it around until he felt Ming's prostate. Ming tried to stand when he hit the right spot, but Little Dragon's hand on his back held him in position. He pulled out and got some extra lube then pushed in two fingers. After lubing the entrance he concentrated on massaging the sensitive spot through the walls of the gut. After a few seconds Ming was moaning around the plug Eddie had in his mouth.

As he grew accustom to the two fingers, Little Dragon pushed in a third and continued to loosen up his toy for the main event. I could see that Ming was dripping his own pre-cum onto the floor. I figured I'd get into the act and slid under Ming's torso. I grabbed his upper thighs and took him to the root in my mouth. I had my head right between his legs, his balls on my nose and a great view up his crack of the fingers working his hole.

He was starting to wiggle around a lot as he was being over stimulated at three different points. Little Dragon spread his fingers apart to stretch his hole. The muscles in Ming's legs where I was holding him tightened when he did this. This was repeated until he got used to it. Then Little Dragon got ready. He put on a condom and got it coated with extra lubricant and added a dab to the entrance too.

He reinserted the three fingers and used them to spread the opening again. He positioned the tip of his long, thick tool at the gaping hole beneath the fingers. With a smooth move he removed the digits and replaced them with the fleshy head before the sphincter could snap shut. It was close, but he got the mushroom head inside the ring before it tightened on the firm pole. I heard him groan.

Eddie thought this was the time to give Ming something to occupy his attention, so he put his hands on Ming's head and pushed more of himself through the straining lips until he touched the entrance to his throat. At the same time Little Dragon held Ming by the hips and shoved in a couple more inches. The dick in my mouth leaped a bit as it reacted to the stimulation, as cock rubbed prostate. I decided to help out a bit more and sucked both his balls into my mouth with his cock. I could lick his whole package now.

Little Dragon started to stroke Ming's hole with the first four or five inches of his long spear. I could feel Ming react to the assault. He was leaking steadily into my mouth as his cock twitched at every inward stroke and his balls got hard and pulled up tight to the shaft. Then his muscles went stiff and he spurted several streams of hot spunk into my mouth. When he stopped shooting his body went limp. He would have collapsed if we were not holding him by his head, hips and legs.

Little Dragon must have felt him relax after his orgasm because he pushed in another five inches. Eddie also took advantage to slide into his throat. Ming's hands were just resting on the shaft instead of holding it, so they moved down to the base as Eddie popped almost ten inches into the exhausted boy. We held still, rubbing his body until he recovered.

I felt his cock start to stiffen and the muscles of his thighs regain some tone. Eddie must have noticed the change too.

"Are you OK?" He asked. "Just nod your head yes or no around my cock" I felt his body move a bit. "Good. If you thought that was something wait till we really get started."

Little Dragon started stroking Ming's hole again, eight or nine inch strokes now. He was trying to push deeper to get the last few inches into Ming's virgin butt. Eddie was giving Ming's throat a massage with short in and out movements that still kept him almost into Ming's chest. I could here Ming's muffled gasps as he breathed and moaned around the hard flesh that transfixed his upper body while his ass was skewered on Little Dragon.

Little Dragon started pounding really hard and fast to fit the last bit into his new conquest. It was working as I had a front row seat to see him bottom out, balls deep into the quivering butt. He had lifted Ming's legs off the floor to get his hole at the correct height for the deepest thrusts, so Ming was now suspended in the air between the two Chinese brother studs.

Without warning Ming released another few spurts into my mouth and went slack for a few seconds. The guys didn't stop this time, as, I could hear from their own exertions, they were getting close themselves. Ming revived quickly though. The guys were pounding him furiously now.

Little Dragon made a final slow push into the clutching hole and I could feel Ming's body shake as the big piece released its sexual energy in the depths of his body. Eddie was grunting too as he unloaded a huge flow of sperm direct to Ming's stomach. When the quantity dwindled to amounts he thought the inexperience boy could manage, he pulled out of his throat and let him drink down the rest. All the time Ming was feeding me his biggest load yet. As this was all happening we were being sprayed by several of the onlookers who were shooting off in sympathy with the hot scene they were watching.

Ming was really out of it now. When the brothers finished unloading up his now limp body, we lowered him gently to the floor mats. But there were still lots of horny studs waiting to try him out, so his ass was propped up by a cushion and the next guy pushed into his no longer cherry hole. Little Dragon felt concern for the man that he initiated into anal sex. He placed Ming's head in his lap and, as Ming sucked reflexively on the tip of his cock, he caressed his head and whispered words of encouragement in his ear.

Now that we had gotten things started I couldn't wait to get Eddie up my gut again. I sat him down where we could watch the festivities and settled down snug in his lap with his long tent pole pressing my intestines against my diaphragm. While we had a few rounds of our own most of the club had a go at Ming. He didn't seem to notice when one guy replaced another, but every few minutes his cock would dribble a few spurts of cum onto the mat. By the time Dan finished the round two hours later, it was quite a little pool.

Eddie thought this might be a good time for a break, so he told everyone to hit the showers. Little Dragon carried Ming to the shower. I eased off Eddie while trying to keep about a pint of his fresh seed within me. He deposits it so deep inside I can retain it as long as he's milked every few hours. If he doesn't unload for much longer, he just floods my guts completely and I lose most of it when he pulls out.

The shower was reviving Ming though Little Dragon was still supporting him a bit with a strong arm around his back. I could see he was looking around in wonder at the guys. A few were still finishing a last round with their partners under the spray.

"Did you have fun?" Eddie asked.

"Yes, I think I did," mumbled Ming while running a fingertip against his hole that was now quite red from the excess friction and stimulation. "I don't remember it all clearly, but I know I enjoyed it once you got me loose. How did you all get so huge? Most of you are much bigger than the bodybuilders I've seen in magazines."

"Well we have a secret method and, if you want, you can share it," Eddie answered.

"You would do that for me? What do I have to do?"

"I have an herbal potion for you to take. This one is going to be a bit experimental. It doesn't have anything that all of us haven't taken, but it may not be fully effective. I think it will be, but, if it doesn't work fully, we'll give you the normal formula. After you take the potion there will be plenty of food and muscle supplements to fuel your growth. You should double your body weight in a couple of hours and there will be other changes that I think you will like," he added hefting his thick dick.

"When can we start?'

"You seemed to have regained your energy. Dry off. The guys will set up a meal and mix the supplements and I'll get your drink. We should be ready in a half hour."

A while later everyone was gathered around for the event. Eddie handed Ming a cup that he downed quickly. A minute later Ming said he was hungry and started to consume tremendous quantities of food and supplements. Everyone else started to dig into the food as well before Ming finished it all. We watched his body change.

"It seems to be working just fine," Eddie said to me. "That means we only need to concentrate our research on the compounds we've already identified. The rest are just inert filler as far as the body changing effects are concerned."

A couple hours later Ming said he was full. That's the signal that the change is over. He had gained about six inches in height to five foot seven and doubled his body weight to about 230, all of it muscle. In body form he looked like a double for Little Dragon, except maybe a tad smaller. He measured 21.5" for arms, 53" in the chest, 28" in the waist, 34" thighs and an 11" cock that was about three times thicker than before. He was bigger than I, as we expected, but smaller than the other guys. However, he started out as a small guy and the end result was about what we expected.

"That is great. I feel so strong!"

"Try to lift Little Dragon," I requested.

Ming held him around the waist and pressed him overhead easily. "He feels so light."

"Your muscles are about three times stronger than you expect from their size," Eddie explained. "I expect you could lift about 700 lbs."

Holding Little Dragon overhead Ming had another request. "I'd like to try something else. Can I fuck one of you?'

"I think you've already picked me for your first fuck," Little Dragon said from overhead. "That's fine with me. I was the first to have your ass, so mine can be the first ass you have. Somebody get him ready."

When he was prepared Ming lowered his sex partner to the tip of his erect cock.

"Push in slowly," Little Dragon directed. "Now pull out and change your angle a little. Now push it in again. Aaaah. Feel that spot? Try and rub that as much as you can on every stroke. That's it. Now go in all the way. Verrrry gooood. Just keep that up. Aaaah, yes. See, I can squeeze your shaft with my ass muscles. Do you like that? Now let me have it hard and deep."

Ming responded well to instruction. He was obviously enjoying his first ass, lifting Little Dragon rapidly up and down along his stiff boner. Little Dragon had split his legs wide to afford him really deep access. His own rigid member was swinging in a wide arc as he bounced on Ming's pole. Drops of pre-cum were flying off with each motion.

After a few minutes, Ming pushed Little Dragon down to the base of his shaft and held him there while he unloaded, making soft cries at each spurt. The throbbing inside brought Little Dragon off, shooting several strong streams of his seed onto the crowd of watchers.

After he finished unloading up Little Dragon, Ming seemed to lose his strength. He set him on the floor then held on to his waist as he lowered himself to the floor pulling himself from the tight confines of the ass he enjoyed.

"That was very good for your first time," Little Dragon said, complementing him. "It will get better with some practice. I have some things I can show you. Why don't you stay at our home tonight?"

"Thank you. You are very kind."

"Ok. You can keep your new pet," laughed Eddie. "We are lucky our parents don't mind guests."

"Do you have anything for me to wear?" Asked Ming. "My old clothes will not fit my new body."

"You can wear my clothes," offered Little Dragon. "We are the same size now and they will be too small for me in a few months anyway."

Part 4

"I've got it."

"What?" I asked drowsily, awakening from a night's rest.

Eddie leaned over my shoulder. "A way to get the formula right. I have to make some notes while it's fresh in my mind." Eddie put his arm around my chest. We were sleeping coupled as usual with him tightly plugged up my gut. The residue of the goodnight fuck was still sloshing around inside me. He carried us over to the desk and sat us down in front of the printouts he was studying before bed last night.

After the test with Ming was successful, we had spent several weeks analyzing the active compounds. He showed me how to run protein structure simulations on the computer. He had several of my runs on the desk.

"See, here," he said pointing at a sheet. "The growth hormone receptor is slightly different for different races. The compound in our mixture fits best with African genes, but it is not perfect. If we add here a methyl group, that's a carbon atom with three hydrogen atoms attached, the fit is almost perfect. For Asians we need the methyl group here and, for Caucasians, we need it in both places. If we do a reaction some will go in one or the other or both places. We can keep all the varieties in the formula and the body will just naturally prefer the type with the best fit.

"It's the same here with this compound. It is a cofactor with the growth hormone. It enhances the binding of the growth hormone. This one is a metabolic enhancer. I think it is what causes our extra strength proportionate to our muscle size. It seems to bind to mitochondria. There is no racial differences I can see, but again the fit is not perfect. A little modification here would make it better.

"So with a few chemical changes I'll have a potion that will work for all races and be even more potent."

"Will that make the effects temporary?"

"No, this only makes it better and with equal effect to all genetic types. But, if we were to add a long chain sugar instead of a methyl group, the molecules should be attacked by the cell's metabolic enzymes. Then our molecules will become food for cellular processes and be dislodged from the growth sites. Bone, once it grows, won't shrink, but muscle mass will drop and strength decrease unless new molecules are added by consuming our supplement. We'll keep the amount really low, by mixing it with normal proteins. That way you would have to drink gallons a day to get the same amount of the active ingredients as my current potion. Still, the normal user could see several inches growth and fifty to sixty pounds of added muscle."

"What's the next move?"

"Next I'm going to fuck your brains out." And he did.

Eddie was busy most of the day working in the lab preparing chemicals and purifying the products he produced. In late afternoon he had what he wanted. He called me from the computer simulation I was running. He had a 20-lb. tin of protein supplement and a glass of milk on the table.

"This is it," he announced triumphantly. "There are only a few grams of active ingredients blended into a normal supplement mix, but that should be plenty. Add four tablespoons to a glass of milk, stir, and drink," he continued, mixing the glass and handing it to me. "Two glasses a day, morning and evening, should produce dramatic results in a week or so. Then we'll see what happens when you stop taking it."

"It is safe?"

"Yes, almost certainly. It is based on what we have already taken to get our current bodies. The modifications I made shouldn't produce any toxic effects and the active material is highly diluted to slow down the action and, of course, boost sales of the final product. It's keyed to human physiology. We can't test on animals, so you're the test subject. You know I wouldn't give you anything harmful."

"Yes, I know." I drank it all. "I don't feel any different."

"That's what I expected. We should see measurable changes in two or three days. Now we try a second experiment." He pulled out a small beaker filled with a clear liquid. "This is the optimized growth formula without the changes to make the effects temporary. I'm going to try it. The impact will be immediate so I've mixed 30 gallons of supplement to fuel my transformation."

"How big will you get?"

"Well we know the old potion fit best for African genetics and you saw how big Earl grew. I estimate that this will be about 20% better and equally effective for all racial types. Since I've had growth already I think I'll add about 150-lbs. give or take twenty. The 30 gallons I've mixed should cover me to plus three standard deviations."

He drained the beaker.

"It's working. It feels like it did when I tried my original formula, but maybe more intense. Bring out new bottles of supplement as I work through these." He started drinking.

In five minutes he had already finished three of the gallon bottles and it was easy to see he was markedly bigger. I just kept placing new bottles on the table and removing the empties while he continued drinking.

"Damn! I should have undressed before I started this." He quickly slipped off the lab coat. Underneath his shirt had stretched as his chest and arms expanded. The top three buttons popped off, exposing his massive pecs. He undid the others, but his biceps were now so taut in the fabric of the sleeves he couldn't pull it off. Flexing the arms shredded the cloth and he tore away the remaining rags like so much tissue. Then it was back to drinking.

A few minutes and bottles later his jeans suffered a similar fate. When his cock sprang free I could see he was already equal to Earl's twenty inches and still growing. Eddie was now naked except for a ring of material from his jeans around his waist. The waist hadn't seemed to grow at all though the abdominal muscles were big, bulging and clearly defined. He was taller too. He used to be six four to my six foot, but now I only came up to his shoulder. He was still growing too.

An hour later he put down the bottle he had just emptied and announced that it was over. He had used 24 of the 30 bottles to add just over 200-lbs. more size and muscle. He towered over me at seven foot two. The top of my head didn't even reach his shoulders now. He weighed 540 lbs. I measured his expanded chest at 84 inches. The pectoral muscles were as big as pillows, but hard as stone. The shoulders were like basketballs. His arms measured 38 inches around. They were thicker than his waist that was still only 30 inches. It looked too small to support that tremendous upper body, but it was like a steel column. His thighs were 48 inches each, as thick as my chest.

Yet the focus of his body was his awesome sexual development. The fourteen and a half thick inches he used to have was nice, but now he had a twenty five inch pole of steel and a couple of orange-sized balls to supply it with quarts of cum. It was as thick as my forearm and crisscrossed with bulging veins. The mushroom-shaped head was bigger than my fist.

I ran my hand along its length. My fingers could not quite get halfway around its girth. I almost surrounded it with both hands and tried to pull it down to horizontal. It resisted my efforts. When I tried to force it beyond forty-five degrees I lifted myself off the floor. With seemingly no effort, Eddie raised his cock back to vertical, carrying me with it. I lost my grip when it was almost straight up and I slid down until I was sitting on the broad head. The tip of it pushed up the seat of my jeans with almost an inch of the fabric-covered head pushing into my ass ring, but the material held and it got no further.

I steadied myself by holding onto the boulders that were his shoulders. I was lifted about a foot above his head. We looked at each other.

"Do you want to try my new cock?" He asked. "I could push right through your jeans if I want."

"I know you could and I've never turned away from a cock all year, but your clothes were destroyed, so if you wreck mine I won't be able to go out to get you something to wear. Let me down and I'll be out of these in a minute."

He did and I was nude in 30 seconds, just tossing things every which way. I took part of the time I saved to grab a bottle of lube from the desk. As I smeared his manhood with the slick liquid, I asked him to take it easy and not kill me. What a way to die though.

I looked up at Eddie. He smiled. I nodded. I was ready. He put his hands on my hips and lifted me off the floor. At first he just brushed my torso along his mammoth sex tool. My own cock sprung up to its full nine inches. He slid it alongside his own monster endowment. It looked small, just over a third of his length and thickness, yet it would have gotten me envious stares in almost any locker-room in the country. I touched him. It felt hot. The heat seemed to radiate off it.

He lifted me higher, rubbing his cock head around the root of my shaft and my drawn up balls. The head was broader than my entire ball sack. The tip moved under my balls and pressed into my crack. It parted my muscular glutes like they were water. This drove home his irresistible power. He found my opening and set me lightly on the tip of his spear. My hole eased open to accept the first inch, just a small fraction of just the head. This time there was no fabric in the way.

As I rested on this perch he rotated my body left and right so my ass lips skated over the oiled skin. This stoked the fire as fresh waves of heat seemed to flow into my body. A momentary twitch propelled a bolt of his pre-cum into me with great force. I felt it splash deep in my colon.

Eddie bent his head and inhaled my entire cock in one unexpected motion. He sucked me strongly while running a long tongue over the surface. I was squirming in pleasure from his oral ministrations, but I couldn't ignore that every movement made me sink a little deeper on his cock head that was gradually forcing me open wider and wider.

A few minutes of this and I lost control, shooting a big load into Eddie's mouth. As my body shook in the pleasure of sexual frenzy, the flaring crown of his dick popped fully into my gut. He let me slide down a few more inches, pulling about half my spurting cock from his mouth as my body drifted lower.

As I regained my senses, I knew that we had passed the toughest part. My ass was so tight, tighter even than when I had both the huge Hawaiian dudes at the same time on spring break. I was stuffed and I liked it.

I looked at him. My mouth was at eye level now so I kissed him on the eye. He looked up at me and I down on him. I bent to kiss his lips, but was still a couple inches too high. He opened his mouth and speared through my lips with his long tongue; it had grown with the rest of his body. I sucked on it and tasted my own love juice. Then he lowered his hands a bit and I slid down his pole and his tongue until our lips were in contact.

I concentrated on kissing him, but I couldn't get my mind off the massive intrusion in my body. As we chewed on each other's lips our relative positions changed as he let my body drift lower. Periodically a spasm would shake me as he spewed another jet of natural lubricant into my bowels. Soon my head was craning upward to maintain our kiss.

A bit lower and we broke the kiss. I rested my head in the deep valley in the center of his broad chest and wrapped my legs around his narrow waist. Eddie moved his arms up and surrounded my chest, holding my body against his. My own stiff piece was sandwiched tightly between his abs and mine.

He was dominating my body just by his irresistible presence within me. I could hear the beat of his mighty heart where I rested on his chest and feel the beat as the blood pulsed in his engorged member. My heart matched its rhythm. We were joined in the most intimate way and beating as one. With no anticipation I shot my seed in another orgasm. The room started to spin and I closed my eyes.

My mind registered just one thing, the sensations flowing from deep inside my body. By fractions of inches, he was filling me up, claiming more of the space for his presence. My body adjusted, it had no choice. Nothing else mattered to me. I felt him in places no man had reached before. After some time it registered that he was not moving inward any more. The tip seemed to be trying to press into my chest.

He just held us together not trying to move within me. He didn't need to. My muscles were convulsing around his entire length. I felt him react with a muscle movement that shook my body from within. My body squeezed back and that caused a stronger reaction from him. This feedback continued out of control for a few cycles. Then he exploded. My guts flooded with hot lava.

My body shook uncontrollably. He was going wild inside me. I couldn't breathe. The heat flowed from the stake that impaled me and seemed to pour into my balls and race up my cock. Streams of boiling liquid struck my chin. It felt like I was being pulled down a whirlpool of pleasure. My head spun as it went on and on. My awareness seemed to retreat to a small part of my brain while the rest filled with messages from my body that I could no longer interpret.

From the far away place I was hiding I sensed that the bombardment was over. My mind timidly returned to fill my brain. He was still in me. I couldn't overlook that fact, but it was calm, solid, an anchor I could use to focus my attention. I opened my eyes. He was looking down at me tenderly.

"You did fine. You took all but three inches." He guided my hand down to feel the spot where he penetrated me. There was a hand's-width of shaft below my butt. I ran a finger along the junction between our bodies. My ring was incredibly tight, but it made no impression his super-hard flesh.

My belly was full of his sperm. He started to lift me off his pole. As he left my gut, the pressure dropped. I was no longer sharing my body space with him. When just the crown was left, he asked me if it was Ok to continue. I nodded. He popped out the flange with a quick snap of his hips, but let me rest on the pointed flesh until he felt my ass muscles recover and try to shut. Then he slowly eased the rest out. He set me on the floor and we hugged.

"Oh, Eddie, that was too intense. I felt like I was part of you. But I'm totally drained, like I just finished a marathon. It's just that I don't know if I can handle sex like that every day."

"It's all right. It should get easier as your growth kicks in. Hell, if you get bigger you may be able to take the whole thing."

"We'll see. Just let me rest for now. Besides, I need to get you some clothes."

"I'll just finish some work here. Get dressed and hurry back." He smacked my butt playfully.

I ran back to our frat house. I found Tony Thieu and Bill Reyes in the basement working out and explained my problem. Bill said he might have a solution and told me to come with him. He had a fuck buddy that was taking a summer course. The guy was a football defensive end, about six ten and three hundred eighty. If we can borrow some of his sweat suits, they may fit Eddie.

We arrived at the athletic dorm and Bill led me to the room, knocked on the door and announced himself. A big buff black stud answered the door wearing a bulging muscle shirt and gym shorts. If I hadn't known better, I'd have thought he had some of our formula, but his development was natural.

Bill just said what we needed and ordered him to get it. He didn't waste any time getting it either. Seeing his big feet, I asked for a pair of training shoes too. When they were produced, Bill told him to strip and get on the bed. He scattered the clothes around the room as he tore them off on his way. I saw he had a nice thick ten-inch piece that was already hard. Bill was removing his own clothes and invited me to stay for a bit, saying how nice and tight his buddy's ass is. But I had to get back to Eddie and left them to their fun.

The clothes fit, but they were tight around the chest, biceps and thighs. There was a bit of waist showing between the top and pants and the pants only went to mid calf. The shoes were fine though and we could still use Eddie's sweat socks.

We closed the lab and headed home.

Part 5

I was picking Eddie up at San Francisco International. He was coming back from closing a production deal for his supplement with a company in the Midwest. It worked like he expected. In two weeks I had added four inches in height, fifty pounds of muscle and a couple inches to my dick. We stopped and my muscle size and strength dropped. I couldn't wait to get back on the stuff again. We tried it with Tony Thieu and Bill Reyes and it was also effective, though the gains weren't as dramatic because they had more benefit from the original formula. We even shipped some to Earl in Los Angeles. He got results and he put his kid brother on it too. The kid really jumped in size and won't need to worry about gangs next year.

Eddie was off the plane quickly. He traveled first class because he needed the room and could afford it now. He was wearing a suit we had custom tailored in Chinatown, as all his clothes must be now. He towered above the other passengers and we drew stares the entire walk through the airport. I had driven his old mustang down, but he got behind the wheel for the trip back to Berkeley.

"I got a ten million dollar bonus for signing with them," he reported. "I'll get twenty percent of the retail price of each can we sell as royalty and they issued me stock for a twenty percent share of the company. They estimate three hundred million in sales the first year, but I think that's way under because it converts fat to muscle, so anyone who is overweight will want it instead of dieting. When they have an initial public offering next year, I should be worth between five and ten billion dollarsWe'll have to trade this in on a Ferrari."

"What are you going to do with your life now."

"We'll fix up the frat house. We can make it a lot nicer. I'll graduate next spring Suma Cum Laude. I want to get my Ph.D. in biochemistry. I have enough money to build my own laboratory and work on projects that interest me. There are a few things I want to try. I have so many possibilities and I just don't know.

"But one thing I do know is I want to share my life with you." I reached over and hugged him. "Careful. We don't want to plunge off the Bay Bridge on the day we struck it rich. Besides, if we can make it back to Berkeley alive, I have a special surprise for you."

When we pulled up to the fraternity house a moving van was just leaving. There were a lot of cars parked around. In the driveway were two red Ferraris.

"Those are our new cars. Consider yours a bonus for this summer."

"You don't have to do that. I would have worked for free to be with you."

"I know. Let's go in. The cars can wait."

The living area was stacked with computer boxes. Tony was waiting for us.

"Eddie, everything was delivered. The new beds are set and everyone is waiting in downstairs."

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Come up to our room while I explain." Eddie ushered me upstairs with a huge arm behind my shoulders. He continued as we walked. "I bought new computers and beds for the fraternity. The old twins were too small for two guys, especially our size, so now the sophomores and freshman have doubles, the juniors and seniors queen beds and the president and partner have their own room." He opened the door.

The room had been redecorated. It was now dominated by a single king-sized bed. A new plush carpet covered most of the tile floor. Two desks were set up on one side, both with new Macintosh desktops like those in the lab, these with large wide-screen flat panel displays.

"Wow! It's great. Does this mean I'm the first lady?"

Eddie just looked at me, picked me up and tossed me ten feet into the center of the bed. Then he jumped on the bed straddling me on hands and knees.

"I'm serious. I love you. Since I can't marry you officially, I want you to be my partner for life. Will you?"

"Yes. Yes. Yes. You knew I'd say yes, didn't you?"

"Yes. If I didn't know that, we weren't ready for a committed relationship. Now get out of those clothes."

I rushed to disrobe as Eddie did the same, but instead of putting me back on our bed, he tied a white silk cape over shoulders and donned one himself. He held my arm and guided me down the stairs while I looked at him wondering what was next.

The exercise room was packed with people and set up for a party. Everyone cheered when we entered. There was Don and Earl, Little Dragon and his new buddy Ming plus a dozen of the club members. The Kolani twins, Paul and Andy, had come from Hawaii. My younger brother Joey jumped out from hiding behind Earl and gave me a kiss full on the lips. About half the fraternity had come back early from summer break to join in the celebration. Bill Reyes had brought his football player friend. He had the guy kneeling at his feet while he held him by a chain attached to a studded leather collar.

Eddie and I were the only ones wearing anything and that was just the capes that highlighted our bodies instead of concealing them. This must have taken weeks to set up.

"Was I the only one who didn't know about this?" I whispered to Eddie. He smiled.

Eddie made a short speech to the group about us. Then Tony came up with a satin pillow holding two silver rings. I slid one on Eddie's finger. Them Eddie put one on me.

"It's too big," I muttered seeing that it was extremely loose on my finger. But then Tony produced a cup of clear fluid and Eddie handed it to me to drink. I knew what was in it. I drank. Everyone cheered and the party began.

While everyone else was devouring the food or each other, I was busy chugging protein supplements to fuel my metamorphosis. When I felt the changes stop a couple hours later I was only about 5% smaller than Eddie, but easily out massed anyone else in the room. I was glad that I hadn't exceeded him. The ring now fit perfectly.

By this time most of the food was gone and the guys were starting on other recreations. I saw the Kolani boys were double-teaming Joey. There were several other groups of two and three and some had left early to test the new beds.

Eddie clapped his hands three times for attention and the room fell silent. As we stood up everyone broke off and gathered around. Tony came through the group and put a large cake before us. Decorating the top was a very X-rated picture of Eddie and a good estimate of a post-change me, in our capes, cocks rampant, like we were now.

A large knife was produced for me to cut the cake. I cut it carefully and pulled out the piece depicting my cock for Eddie and the one of his for me. Naturally, the portions were quite large. I picked up Eddie's serving in my fingers and fed it to him while he did the same to me. When we had devoured the cake our lips met in a kiss and we cleaned up the icing around our mouths with each other's tongue then licked the other's fingers clean.

"It's time to go," Eddie told me and swept me up in his arms. There was another round of cheers and a few shouted suggestions for the night's activities as he carried me up the stairs.

He set me down in our room and undid the cape, letting it slip to the floor. Then he removed his own. We kissed as we embraced tightly, our cocks rubbing together between our hard bodies.

I could feel how we were now alike, yet still different. I was six foot nine to his seven foot two so I had to rise on my toes or tilt my head back to kiss evenly. My cock was twenty-three inches to his twenty-five and just a tad slimmer. His chest was 84 and mine 75, his arms 38, mine 34, his thighs 48, mine 43. Our waists were very alike at 30 inches and both extremely defined. I weighed about 380 to his 540. He was in charge. I wanted him in charge and I was glad our physical difference emphasized that.

He lifted me off the floor so we could kiss more comfortably. While our tongues played, I wrapped my legs around his body. He carried me over to our bed, set me on it and rolled on top of me to continue our kissing.

On his knees and elbows, he hovered above me. We kissed deeply, his tongue spearing my mouth as I stroked it worshipfully with my own. Besides our mouths our only point of contact was his cock that he was lightly rubbing across my own with gentle moves of his hips. This excited me no end. Every few seconds my shaft would shudder, beat up against his granite abs a few inches above me, snap back against my own body and spurt out a gob of pre-cum. He was squirting out prodigious amounts of his own natural lubricant. We he continued to stroke along my body we were both soon well coated.

He reared back on his knees, breaking our kiss. I lifted my legs and he rested my ankles on his shoulders in the deep valley between his trapezius and deltoids. He ran his cock for a last time through the big pools of juice collected in the hollows between my abdominals, getting it nice and sloppy.

He bent me double by pushing his body over mine. As my ass raised up to be in position for him the liquid on me flowed like a small stream through the cleft of my pecs, dividing around my neck and soaking into the sheets. He held me in place by my thighs so he could back off the couple of feet needed to line up the mushroom helmet that capped his tremendous pole with the entry to my inner sanctum.

He poked at the door lightly, transferring some of the wetness to the muscle ring guarding the way. He looked at me to see if I was ready. I licked my lips and smiled back in anticipation of the pleasure he always gives me. The pressure against my tight hole increased and it gaped open easily to welcome him. I was immensely stronger now than before, but Eddie still easily overpowered my flesh.

As I snapped over his flaring flange against the veined shaft that was ready to fill the void inside me. I squeezed my newly powerful muscles against its unyielding surface. The pressure brought a smile of pleasure to Eddie's face as he shoved a few more inches through my tight grip. He was so thick there was constant pressure wherever he was and on all my most sensitive spots. A persistent gentle pulse that spread from our connection announced the continued flow of the slippery stuff he spread inside me to prepare his way deeper.

He pushed his entire massive organ into me in one slow irresistible motion that took several minutes. It brought an almost continuous moan of pleasure from my lips. As I felt his groin connect with my butt I knew I was now big and strong enough to handle his overwhelming size. I told him so.

"Go for it stud. Put us both in paradise."

He eased out of me in a move that sucked air into my body as my diaphragm pulled down to fill the vacuum caused as my gut contracted when he left me. Back he came again forcing the air right out of me. Then repeat, faster and faster. I was almost ready to explode when he stopped embedded fully. He leaned over me as I calmed down just slightly. I was panting, trying to regain control of my breathing. He buried my face in soft quick kisses as I held onto his flaring lats. All the while he was pumping me with slow short strokes that kept me just short of the point of no return.

He pulled back just a bit and grabbed my throbbing cock in both his hands. He pulled it away from my body and raised the head to his mouth. At 23 inches he had no problem reaching it while still fucking me. He licked the goo from the uncut head that was bright red from the stimulation I had been getting. He resumed the full ass strokes as he sucked in the first foot of my hose to his hot mouth and throat.

A couple minutes of double stimulation had me squirming all over except at the points I was anchored to my lover. I was right at the verge when I felt his pulse inside me explode into a sexual crescendo. As the flood burst into my guts the beat spread to my balls and up the long path to Eddie's mouth. As he poured his essence into me, mine streamed into him.

Our passion flowed for several minutes before I felt the peak pass and sensations return to normal. Eddie let my tool slip from his lips. It smacked my torso still mostly hard and expelling small spurts of cum in weakening echoes of the past. We kissed again and I tasted myself.

Eddie rolled me on my side and eased himself behind my back while remaining coupled with me. He split my legs with one of his massive thighs. A giant arm reached around my chest to hold me in a muscular embrace while the bulging biceps of his other arm provided a pillow for my head. He resumed the slow stroking of my ass that was still excited from the previous stimulation.

I felt total security being coupled with my lover. My body tingled from each point of contact and, in this position; we touched almost from head to toe. The sensations peaked where he entered me and continued from the friction he generated deep inside of me.

He was building us up again for another burst of passion. He made this one last, bringing us up and down for an hour while he massaged my interior tirelessly, fast then slow. I felt like the room was a sauna, but it was only the heat he was generating in me. Eventually, his motion became harder, more forceful, and I knew he was building us up to climax. He curled his body behind me and forced me to conform to his shape. I saw the tip of my own straining shaft bubbling with anticipatory flow near my lips. I bent my head a bit and accepted it into my mouth, tasting my juice straight from the source.

The sight of me going down on my own meat inspired Eddie to pound me even harder. I knew we wouldn't last long at this pace and we didn't. A minute later Eddie plunged into me and I felt him start to go wild in my gut. His searing seed once more scalded my body with his passion. I came in sympathy and flooded my mouth, swallowing reflexively to keep up with my gushing flow. Again we seemed to drift in bliss for ages. As the sensations faded my energy did too.

I awoke with the morning light streaming in the window. I remembered yesterday. It seemed like a dream. I felt a tremendous arm around my chest. My own arm contacted it and seemed to be almost as huge. My hand rested on my cock head that stretched into my chest. It wasn't a dream. I squeezed the muscles in my ass that surrounded the shaft that extended impossibly deep within me. As I felt the slumbering snake react all along its length to my pressure and the giant that was my lover stir from his sleep, I smiled, anticipating the pleasure to follow.

The End