Chapter 11

“Walid you're joking right?” I ask him.

He isn't joking. He's dead serious. He's looking at me with eyes that show how serious he is. Even with all the alcohol we had, Walid is having a sober moment. He's looking so sure of what he's about to do. And it scares the fuck out of me.

“Territory is everything to a wolf,” he replies.

He's said it before.

It's now that I realize what the professor is afraid of. It's now that I realize why he wants a new Alpha and is helping Qadir. Walid is DEAD serious about this.

“Walid, there are hundreds of students at Vanderbilt University,” I respond, “And the town...hundreds more. How do you plan on getting all of these people out of this territory?”

“You don't have to worry about that,” he responds, “It's happening soon.”

Fang is just staring. He must know about Walid's plan. Hell. The others must know as well. What kind of fucking plan is this? There are 6 of us. 6 fucking wolves. How the fuck did he think 6 werewolves could take over Vanderbilt Mountain?

I take a deep breath, “You can't fuck with humans like that.”

“Why not? They are weaker than us. Look at them. Feeble,” Walid says staring across the room, “I'm am Alpha here. This is my territory.”

Mayorga did say it. All Walid cared about was territory.

“Are you so power hungry?” I ask him.

A part of me feels like he is going to attack me for speaking out against him like he did Professor Timus and the others multiple times. The majority of me knows that isn't going to be the case. Walid just takes a deep breath and waits patiently as though letting his anger subside before responding to me. I can tell he shows restraint towards me unlike he does anyone else.

“All I want to do is protect my pack. All I want to do is protect my mate,” Walid responds before reaching out to me, “We had this mountain and the packs in the past allowed humans to intrude on it. It's natural that wolves become aggressive when humans move into their territory. I'm doing what I have to do to protect everyone. To protect you. If that means sacrificing some be it.”

“Sacrificing?” I ask, “You are going to kill them?”

“I'll do what I have to do. Animals do what they have to do in the wild. We're wolves, Nasir,” he continues, “You've said it yourself.”

The idea of being a wolf. If you think like a wolf you can understand exactly what Walid is saying. But a part of me is still human and the human part doesn't understand the threat that humans are posing us. We've lived with humans this whole time. Sure we had to hide our true nature. Sure we had to pretend to be humans. But that's a small price to pay for peace.

Walid didn't want peace. I can see now that Walid wanted war. He wanted to this territory for himself.

“I have to throw up,” I tell him.

I get up at that moment and run to the bathroom.

I'm so conflicted. I'm falling for Walid. I love everything about him but I'm scared that I may be on the wrong side of this. I'm scared and upset because I think that maybe the professor does have a point. He's a traitor. There's no doubting that. But Walid has lost his way. He's planning on somehow going on some suicide mission to get the humans out of Vanderbilt. They outnumbered us 500 to 1.

“You don't look like you're throwing up...”

I turn to the door to see Fang. He's standing there. The smaller version of Walid crosses his arms and leans up against the door at that moment. He looks over at me.

“What are you doing in here?”

“Walid sent me in hold your hair back. He treats me like I'm not the Beta in this pack. He treats me like I'm a goddam Omega. 'Hold his hair back', he tells me. I'm a werewolf not a fucking wet nurse.”

“Well I'm not throwing up. You can leave.”

Fang walks over to me. I'm surprised when he stands behind me, “Wash your face. I'll hold your hair back. You look...flushed.”

He's right. It must be the alcohol. I look flushed red. I wait until he grabs my extremely long hair and pulls it back into a ponytail. I lean over slightly enough so that I'm not throwing my waist back into his crotch. I start washing my face at that moment.

“Thank you,” I respond.

Fang hasn't let my hair go. He continues to hold it and reaches over to hand me a towel. He's still standing behind me. A part of me is afraid.

“Don't thank me just yet,” he responded, “You don't know what to really thank me for...”

“Excuse me?”

I look in the mirror at Fang standing behind me. He's standing so close. He could snap my neck if he wanted to right now. He has a face so similar to Walid but I know better than to think a handsome face doesn't make someone less dangerous. I've seen the beast in both of them.

“Walid favors you. It would be horrible if he knew you are plotting against him...especially with his mortal enemy.”

My heart

Fuck. He knew. He overheard it.

I still attempt to play it off, “I dunno what you're talking about.”

“Qadir is alive,” Fang responds shaking his head, “Let's not play those games. I've followed the professor before. I know he has been researching fragrances to hide scents. He's a fucking traitor. I should give him up to Walid.”

Fuck. It's all over. It's all over.

“Then do it.”

“I said that I should,” Fang responds, “There's a complication though.”

“What complication?” I say.

Fang looks at me hard, “You.”

He turns me around. He's facing me. He smells so strong. Fang has sharp features. His eyes go from soft to focused in the way that Walid's eyes go. His body is just as much like a body builder as Walid's is. The only difference is he's shorter. He's just 6 feet. He's still taller than my 5'9” however. He slides up against me in a suggestive way. I have to admit...he's attractive and sexy in a way. He's not as forceful as Walid. He's not as manly. There is something tricky about the way that he's doing this. There is something strange about it.

“What about me?”

“At first I thought I hated you,” Fang replied, “But now I'm just...intrigued. Why does my brother like you so much? You're not as pretty as Naomi, but not as handsome as Mayorga. You're just somewhere in the middle. A girly man...what does he see in you?”

I shrug my shoulders, “I don't know. If I'm such a threat to you though. Tell him. I guess we'll let him decide if I'm worth keeping alive.”

Fang shakes his head.

“It'd hurt him. Believe it as not as cruel as Walid can be I won't get any pleasure from seeing him hurt. Besides. So I'm not going to tell him.”

“You expect me to thank you for this?” I ask Fang.

After he's threatened me for so long all of a sudden now he's being nice to me? I wondered why.

“No. It's me who should be thanking you,” Fang replied, “You saved me. Even though I wanted to kill you, you had Walid show me mercy. I knew Walid was going to kill me when I attacked you. We both did. You didn't have to show me compassion, but you did. I'm not used to...compassion.”

Fang was thanking me. He was doing more than that at that moment.

My 'compassion' seemed to have an effect on him because right now Fang has his hand brushing up against my face. He slowly brushes my cheek.

“What are you doing?” I ask him.

“I don't know...” he responds.

He's so close to me that I can feel his heart beating faster and faster. Fang is clearly excited by me. He's clearly turned on by me. He's breathing slowly. I can smell the liquor on his breath but it doesn't stink or anything like that. There is a slight hint of it as he leans in at that moment. I have to admit he's fucking sexy. His manhood is climbing between my thighs. This primal nature comes over him. I want to just have sex with him right in this bathroom. My body is reacting to him. He must feel that I'm hard too. He must know that he's turning me on. He continues to rub on the side of my cheek. He's gentle. He pulls me in close.

Fang's hands slowly brushes against the back of my ass. His hand firmly cusps my ass cheek. He's so close right now. His eyes are showing an intimacy that it took forever to bring out of Walid.

Fang is attempting to kiss me!

And if I don't turn at that moment he would have kissed me. Instead he licks my cheek. He licks my cheek slowly. The saliva runs across my cheek and moistens it.

“I can't...” I tell him.

Fang takes a step back at that moment, “I understand. You Whatever. That was stupid clearly. I get it. You like Walid after all.”

“It's more than that at this point.”

I don't know why I have the urge to explain myself to Fang. He hasn't been a friend. Sure he's keeping my little secret but he hated me until I begged Walid for mercy for him. Now all of a sudden he's 'intrigued'. I shake my head.

Fang nods, “I'm not going to tell Walid about what I saw in the woods because that would implicate you. So at this moment. We're even. You saved me from Walid and I saved you from Walid. I don't owe you any more favors.”

“Thank you.”

Fang nods and turns to start walking away, “We need to protect Walid. We need to protect him from his enemies...Nasir.”


It's later that night. I've been staying to myself. I don't know how to react to Walid's master plan. I understand his need to protect me but I'm scared as fuck. I'm scared that maybe Walid is being lead down the wrong path. I want to help him. I want to protect him like Fang said. But right now I just shake my head.

There's a knock on my door later that night.

I walk over to the door to open it. It's Walid. He's still drunk clearly but he has a towel around his waist. He must not have used the towel because he's dripping wet at that moment. I can't take how sexy he looks at that moment.

“Sir?” I ask.

“C`mon. You know you don't have to call me that,” Walid tells me.

“How can I help you Walid?”

It's hard to pretend to be sober. It's hard not to actually jump on him. To be honest Fang turned me on in the bathroom more than I would like to admit. I feel like I'm going to sleep with blue balls at that moment and having a bigger, more muscular version of Fang at my a towel is more than I can handle. Walid knows he's sexy too. The towel barely hangs onto his slim firm waist. A V section is almost chiseled into his torso. His towel hangs so low that I can see his bushy pubic hairs. It's wild and untamed just like Walid.

“Are you upset with me?” I ask.

“You're planning on doing something that I don't understand. There are six wolves Walid,” I say, “Humans have guns.”

“Are you afraid?” he asks.

I take a deep breath.


I have to admit it. I know that isn't the wolf thing to do but that is the Nasir thing to do. The human-Nasir in me is scared not just for me but for Walid. Why would he want to risk running humans out of Vanderbilt.

“I'll protect you. Haven't I been protecting you?” Walid asks at that moment.

“Walid what about peace?”

“We'll have peace when we have the mountain. That means no more Mayorga. That means no more humans. That means my future husband can run free...howl...and be the wolf that he wants to be.”

“Future husband?”

My heart throbs at that moment. I'm looking at this MAN who never shows affection telling me that he wants something like that. I'm looking at Walid and my heart starts to turn.

In the next moment Walid drops his towel.

He's standing there. He has the body of some action hero. I look at his tall frame and I'm blown away. Veins are spread out across his body. His muscular frame is something godly. His long dick swings between his legs at that moment back and forth. He notices me looking down there because his hand slowly works it's way down his rock hard abs. They move down lower past a brush of thick pubic hair and finally to his dick. He holds it in his hands.

It's beyond big. The thick meat gets hard in Walid's hands.

“I'm ready to give you everything you deserve as my Alpha mate,” Walid explains, “That means territory and that means love...”

I can't take it anymore. I'm not sure if it's the wolf or if it's Nadir.

“Take me...” I tell him.

I almost whimper the words out and Walid doesn't hesitate. In the next few minutes he grabs me and pulls me into my bedroom. He throws me onto the bed. I'm breathing heavily. My heart is racing at that moment.

I'm on the bed and Walid lifts up my legs. He puts each leg against the side of his head. He fold my legs so that my knees are way above my head. I feel like I'm pinned down. I'm in complete submission to him. It's just the way he likes it. I watch as his eyes glare at mine. The powerful stare just embraces me and lets me know I'm ready to have my world flipped upside down.

“Take a deep breath,” Walid warns me, “This is going to hurt.”

He's cocky and confident but he's also right. He spits on his hand, wipes it on his dick and slides his dick inside of me. I can feel the force almost immediately. I try to squirm away but there's no where to go. There is no where to get up off the table.


The pain shoots through my asshole and makes my way up my spine. I shiver at that moment from how big Walid's dick is. It's massive really. I can feel this pain thoroughly at that moment. I don't know how to react to it but I know that this is the best dick I've ever had.

He strokes me and no matter how I try to hide from the dick I can't. Before I know it he's hovered over me, his massive body between my legs. He must be surprised by how flexible I am as my legs go up so high. He's able to now kiss on my cheek and whisper things in my ear.

He's so vocal and so forceful.

“This is my ass?” he asks me.


“Say it.”

“It's your ass.”

“Promise you'll never lie to me,” Walid says.

It's a strange thing to say during sex.

“I won't...”

He licks the side of my cheek. It's different from how Fang licked the side of my cheek though. Walid's tongue is wild. The only thing I can compare his licks to is icecream. It's almost as though the side of my face has a taste because he's licking me so hard. He's trying to get all the flavor out of me. He's fucking me at the same time. His body is so big and heavy that I'm sweating underneath him but no matter how hot I am there is no where to go.

We sweat together as he thrusts into me over and over. Each thrust is an event. Every time he's inside of me I'm sure I'm letting the entire pack know just what I'm feeling inside the mansion.

“You're mine,” he tells me, “Don't you ever forget that ok? I claim you. You hear me? Follow me. I'll show you the way.”

He's being the leader. He's being the alpha. He's taking control and for some reason as he orgasms and delivers a heavy stream of nut inside me I'm sure that his claim is more than just sexual. He's telling me that I'm in his pack now. I must follow his rules. I must be loyal to him. Him sending that warm stream of cum into the depths of my prostate is him sealing the deal.

“Wake up...”

I roll over thinking I'm going to find Walid.

He's not there though.


Mayorga is in my room. It's the next morning. He's dressed all in black. He's in the corner of my room. This fucking guy is beyond quiet. He's being silent. I don't smell him. He's just in the room silently touching me to wake up.

“I don't have much time,” Mayorga responds, “Walid left about an hour ago. He went to go workout. If I remember correctly his workouts are usually daily for an hour. He'll be back up here in no time.”

I don't understand him.

“Do you have a fucking death wish?” I ask Mayorga, “If Walid catches you--”

“I know,” Mayorga responds, “I had to warn you though.”

“Warn me about what?”

“Your brother is going crazy,” Mayorga responds, “He's paranoid. It's between him not knowing where you stand and Fang possibly seeing us in the woods. He's losing it.”

Qadir never was one to remain calm. He had my father's temper.

“Well then he should leave.”

“That's what I said,” Mayorga replied, “He's planning on challenging Walid to a fight to the death soon.”


I shake my head.

“I can't lose Qadir again,” I reply.

“What makes you think you'll be losing Qadir?” Mayorga asked, “Honestly Qadir has been preparing for a while now. I'm more worried about Walid.”

I did realize how much bigger Qadir was than I remembered him. A fight to the death is something serious though. If Walid found out that Qadir was alive I knew he wouldn't make the mistake to keep him alive the next time they fought.

I feel stuck between the two. Clearly though...I'm not the only one.

“You came to warn me because you're afraid for Walid aren't you?” I ask Mayorga.

The jealousy comes over me again.

“I'll always love him,” Mayorga responds to me, “With all due respect. I had him before you.”

“But I have him now.”

I'm being aggressive. I know I am. I'm off the bed in the next moment. I can't take the fact that Walid was with Mayorga first. Mayorga is handsome. He is masculine. He's not a pretty, feminine guy like me. We have little to nothing in common as far as looks. I have to admit that I'm feeling a little insecure about Mayorga coming here in an attempt to protect Walid.

“Listen, that's fine. If you love Walid...if you care about him like I do, then you'll leave with him,” Mayorga responds.

It's really laughable.

“Walid is not leaving. If you have the history you say you had with him, then you'd know that,” I respond shaking my head, “He'll die before he gives up this territory.”

“That's exactly what Walid is planning on doing, he'll die. And he'll get all of us hunted in the meanwhile. Did he tell you his plan?”

“To run the humans out.”

Mayorga shakes his head, “You can't possibly think that'll work. This isn't about Walid vs. Qadir. This isn't about our relationships with either of them either. This is about the survival of all werewolves. Walid needs to learn. Real power is not having to always show it.”

Rela power is not having to always show it. The words linger in me long after Mayorga speaks.

All of a sudden my defenses come down. I hate that Mayorga is right. I hate the fact that he's showing me the bigger picture here. I want to follow Walid anywhere but Mayorga is right. What Walid is planning on doing is beyond dangerous. He's going to reveal us to the humans if we attack them. I remember what the professor was talking about. Werewolf trials. Humans hunted werewolves. The professor was talking to me about that for a reason.

Walid could bring about that kind of era again.

“I don't know what to do.”

“If you love him. Stop him.”

Footsteps all of a sudden sound off. They are from the bottom of the steps. I run to the door and open it fast enough to see Walid is standing there.


I turn back towards Mayorga, “You need to leave.”

He's gone already though. The window is open and I look out of it to see the black wolf running across the snow covered lawn.

In the next moment Walid is at the front of the door. He has on sweats. It's clear from the print in his sweats that he's not wearing any underwear. He looks extra swollen right now which lets me know that he's probably has really done a number in the gym. His eyes look at me with a slight suspicion when he gets inside of the room.

“Who you talking to?”

I close the blinds and grab my cellphone that luckily was sitting right on the window sill from when I got in last night. I show him the phone.

“Just my dad.”

“He's still communicating with you. That's against the rules. Call him back. You're in my territory now. He can't communicate with you.”

It definitely makes sense now why my father was ignoring all my messages. He was scared of Walid. These werewolf laws of territory were a little extreme to say the least. An outside wolf wasn't even allowed to communicate with his son? I put my phone in my back pocket before Walid get's any more suspicious though.

“You know what I just left a voicemail,” I respond.

He nods at that moment.

“Oh ok. Hey, I got you something.”


“It's Christmas boy,” Walid responds.

I'm not expecting it but Walid is standing over me. He digs in his pocket and hands me a little box at that moment. The box is...very little.

“Holy shit...”

“Relax. It's not that...” he laughs.

I look at the box all of a sudden and open it. It's some sort of necklace that has a wolf head on it. It looks kind of expensive.

“What is it?” I ask Walid.

“It's passed down to the Alpha's mate from generation to generation in this territory. Your father gave it to your mother at one point. The alpha before your father gave it to his mate. I want to give it to you. I guess it's the werewolf version of a wedding ring.”

I look down at it. It's everything. My heart is racing at that moment.

As I look down at this necklace I hesitate, “I can't...”

“Can't what? I'll put it on for you. I know it's kind of tricky.”

“Not that,” I respond, “I can't accept this.”

Walid looks confused. His eyes glare at me.

“You're saying no to me?”

I take a deep breath, “Yes. I'm saying no. Walid. I don't know what you're plan is but it's dangerous. It's only 6 of us and you want to put our life at risk.”

“We're not alone...I have a plan,” Walid responds, “I know you think I'm a meathead but an Alpha is more powerful than you believe.”

“Powerful enough to not do it?” I ask, “Real power is not having to show it.”

“Whose been talking to you?” he asks.

Walid's eyes are glaring at me now. They look at me. I'm scared as I get lost in the green emeralds. They are fierce though. For that moment it's almost like he doesn't recognize me. He's breathing hard. I can hear it. He's standing tall in the aggressive way he's done before.


“Don't lie to me,” Walid says, “You promised you'll never lie to me Nasir.”

Walid gives me the hardest look at that moment. Did Fang slip up? Did Fang really tell him what he saw? Why would Walid say that?

Walid takes a few steps towards me.

“Walid I don't know what you're talking about...”

Suddenly my phone buzzes.

“You just said real power is not having to show it,” Walid responds continuing to take steps towards me, “Mayorga used to say that to me all the fucking time.”

I'm scared now. I'm scared and my phone buzzes again. Walid mouth opens. Where pearly white teeth were grows two threatening fangs.


“Answer it.”


“ANSWER YOUR FUCKING PHONE NOW!” he commands in a demanding voice that he hasn't used with me in such a long time.

I hesitate to get the phone out of my pocket. Walid is right next to me now. With his wolf hearing he can already hear but he's close enough that he would have been able to hear even without wolf hearing.

I'm so fucking nervous that my hands are sweating when I pick up my phone. Walid isn't the man I was falling for right now. He's the beast again.

“He---hello--,” I'm saying with a shaky voice.

“You ok? What's wrong?” the voice on the other line says.

It's Evan.

“Evan what do you want? Now isn't the time.”

Walid is staring at me. His teeth flashing. His eyes warning me one last time what he does to traitors. I can hardly breathe as I'm standing next to him. I'm beyond afraid. I don't know how to respond so I'm just standing there. I'm scared shit-less.

“I just wanted to let you know I finally got back home and was able to send you a picture of those wolves. Take a look at them. Tell me those aren't the biggest wolves you ever fucking seen...”


I hang up the phone and immediately try to put it in my pocket but Walid is too fast. He grabs my arms and twists it so hard that I drop the phone on the floor.

Walid picks up the phone. He looks at it.

After he looks at the phone I know what he sees. He see's Qadir's wolf. He knows why I was trying to protect the phone. I can't hide it in my reaction. I'm trying to protect my brother. I'm trying to protect the fact that I knew my brother was alive.

“You fucking traitor,” Walid responds.

There is a mix of anger and hurt in his eyes but at this moment anger seems to be taking over.

He's approaching me as though I am his enemy as he immediately becomes the white wolf...