Chapter 13: Werewolf Blood.

I'm laying there naked. Fang is in my arms. He's still unconscious.

“Oh my god.”

I turn to see Walid. The look on his face says it all. I can see his shock and appall as he see's the house burning to the ground. He's not alone. Naomi and Amina are there as well. They are by his side. Each one of them naked as the day they were born. There bodies are firm, strong and athletic.

They hold Professor Timus in chains. The professor is bruised to the point that one eye is completely swollen shut. He's bleeding from his lips. If he does has reaction to the burning house I don't notice it.

“I tried to stop the fire. I tried to...”

My words are falling on deaf ears. I've never seen Walid look so completely upset.

“Your brother did this?” Walid asks.

I nod.

There is no defending Qadir from this.

I remember the history Walid told me about this house. It wasn't just a house. This was a throne for the line of werewolves in Vanderbilt. This was passed down from generation to generation. All of that was gone because of Qadir.

I can't hep but to feel anger at him. I can't help but to feel complete and utter shame at that moment.

“We can get revenge,” Naomi states at that moment, “We have Timus now. We kill the traitor and show Qadir...”

“Let him go,” Walid responds.

Walid is cold. He's distant. I look at him with the look of surprise. It's something that I don't really understand. He's trying to let him go. Even Timus seems to react a little bit. He groans slightly. He's confused just as the rest of us are.

Naomi plays her role as that annoyance as usual, “Let him go? Walid...”

Walid looks over at her, “That's what I said. Isn't it? Isn't that what the fuck I said Naomi. Let the coward go. Let him run back to Qadir. But listen here Timus. Timus are you listening?”

He leans over at Timus. He lifts him high in the air. The chains dangle. He could snap Timus in half right now if he wanted to. The pure strength of Walid is something that I've never really seen before. He's a Hercules really.

Timus can barely talk. They must have done a number on him when they caught him.

He mutters a low short whimper, “Yea...”

“Go find Qadir and tell him that I'm going to start howling. And once I do there will be no where for him to hide. There will be no where for any of these intruders to hide. Including you Timus. From now on you're out of this pack. You'd better resign, Timus. You'd better fucking run.”

The threat is loud is loud and clear. I don't know what it means but the look that Timus has means that he knows what it means. He's going to start howling? I don't understand. I howled before. It wasn't a big deal. Walid is saying this like this is some big ass threat or something.

He throws Timus to the ground and in a matter of seconds Timus turns into the brown wolf and makes a weak attempt at running.

“It took us forever to catch him,” Naomi responds.

She's not happy. She never really is.

Walid isn't interested in her happiness though. I can tell by the look on his face in response to what she's saying. He looks over at Amina.

“Amina, get Fang. We'll sleep in the caves tonight.”

Amina walks over to where I'm sitting. She picks up Fang. I can tell by her muscles flexing that she's strong but this is pure werewolf strength at this point. Fang has to be at least 200 pounds of solid muscle and she holds him in her arms like he's nothing more than a baby.

Walid takes another look at the burning building and then he starts walking away. His huge dick swinging in the cold winter breeze.

“Wait...” I say, “What about me...”

He doesn't turn back to me.

He just dismisses me, “You're free to go.”

I don't get it. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Where is Walid's passion that he had before? This isn't the same Walid that I know. I'm used to the dominant Walid who wanted me to either to submit to him fully or die. I'm not used to this Walid who is so dismissive. It's almost like he has something else on his mind.

And I have an idea what that is.


“You're a persistent pup aren't you?” Naomi asks me.

She's asking me this because I followed them to the caves that they are in right now. As I approach the caves I see that Amina is cuddled up with Fang. Fang is up. She is stroking his head in a calming way. All three of them look at me as I approach the cave right next to the hot springs. There is a waterfall that has a calming sound of splashing water. We aren't far from Vanderbilt University. I should be cold...being that I don't have anything on but a fucking curtain but the wolf inside of me keeps me warm.

“Where's Walid?” I ask.

I trailed behind them so I didn't see exactly where Walid was. I didn't want him to know I was following them even though I was sure we could smell one another the entire time.

“You should get away from here before Walid starts howling. He's going to force Qadir out of hiding,” Fang tells me at that moment, “He's going to make Qadir challenge him. It won't be safe for you.”

“You worried about me?” I ask.

Fang looks away at that moment. He doesn't speak though.

It's Amina who responds for him, “Let him do what he wants. It's none of our business Fang. If Walid kills him or if Walid loves him. That's there business. Isn't it?”

I guess that is progress coming from Amina. She always followed Naomi's lead and Naomi clearly wasn't a fan of me. I can see even now that Naomi is shaking her head sick to her stomach that I'm still around. The fact that Amina wants her and Fang to stay out of it definitely is at least a change in tone.

“You're right,” Fang responds to her before adding, “Walid is in the hot springs outside of the cave...”

He looks away at that moment. Maybe he looks away out of embarrassment. It's an interesting sight really to see the three of them laying around naked like we were in the Garden of Eden. Fang's thick dick is sprawled out between his legs. His head is pressed in between Amina's titties. Naomi has a model-like slim body with hard abs. She's pressed up against the wall of the cave just staring and seeming upset at everything.

Maybe it's out of something else. I can tell the way Amina is inside of his arms. She embraces him in a way that I know I would never really get out of Walid. I see his finger playing with the bottom of her thighs. There is a calm comfort between the two that I'm jealous of. I know my relationship with Walid is nothing more than dominance.

Still anything from Walid is better than nothing. Even if I'm jealous of how close Fang and Amina are now I realize I have my own path to walk.

I leave the cave and walk outside.

The springs are on the other entrance of the cave by the waterfall. A blaze of warm heat lights up the ground and I know that I'm getting close. I hear splash after splash. I realize as I get near that Walid is bathing. He is in the water.

“I told you that you can leave,” I hear him say, “You're not my enemy...I'm not going to hurt you. I'm not going to stop you from leaving Vanderbilt...”

He must smell me because he doesn't even look at me. He in the springs. The water washes around him. His nude body is glistening making him look like some sort of God straight out of a myth. He looks like a young brown Hercules or Achilles or some legendary hero.

I'm looking at his ass. He has a strong...firm...ass. It's big but not in a FAT ass way. It's big in a muscular way. It's almost like he could hurt someone with it. I wouldn't even call it an ass really. At this point he has glutes.

“You want me to leave?” I ask.

I highly doubted he did. He was acting like he was looking for my best interest. I knew it was the last thing that he wanted though.

“Isn't that what you want?” he asks me, “Don't you want to be with your brother...or whatever...”

“I never said that,” I reply, “If I wanted to be with my brother I wouldn't have pulled Fang out of that building. I wouldn't have waited with him until you came.”

“You saved Fang?” Walid asks.

I nod even though he isn't looking at me still. I have to remember that fact so I slowly confirm what he's saying, “Yes.”

“Thank you. So what do you want?” Walid asks.


“I asked if you don't want to leave, what do you want?” he asks again.

He finally turns around at that moment and looks at me. He's interested. It's the first time I've heard this question. It scares me. It confuses me.

“Since when does it matter what I want?” I ask Walid.

He raises an eyebrow, “Humor me.”

I hesitate to tell him, “I want this all to stop. I want you to not have to fight my brother. If he wants this Alpha shit so bad. Let him have it. Leave...come away with me.”

Walid shakes his head, “You don't get it. You're a new wolf. I can't just leave. I'm the Alpha. Territory is everything.”

It's the same argument he has over and over.

“What about love?”

I almost expect him to make fun of how soft I'm being. I almost expect him to laugh at me. He doesn't though. He just continues to shake his head.

“I can't give you want you want...not in that way,” Walid explains.

I'm confused, “You asked me to be your mate. Now you're saying you can't love me?”

Walid CONTINUES to shake his head. I can feel anger rise inside of me. I'm so fucking upset. I'm standing at the bank of the springs looking at this man I'm willing to give me all for and he can't sacrifice for me.

“I can love you. But not in the way that you are saying,” Walid explains, “I can be loyal to you. I can hold you down. I can protect you. I can love you but not like a human would love another human. I'm more wolf than human.”

I shake my head.

It's painful. I have to admit that it's fucking painful.

“You want to kill Qadir so bad? You want to fight the humans so bad that you're willing to let me walk away.”

“Then don't.”


“Stay. Stay here and I'll give you everything else that you want. I'll give you everything else that you need,” he responds, “Be my mate.”

He's basically telling me he'll give me everything else but the thing I want.

“I want to be your lover, not your mate.”

I start to turn away. I start to walk away. It's so hard. It's so fucking hard to leave Walid. It's at that moment that I realize I'm stopping.

“Isn't there anything else I can do for you?” Walid asks.

“Submit to me.”

He says it bluntly. He says it slowly. Submission. It's a simple request but Walid seems confused by it. I don't know why it comes to mind. Maybe I'm angry. Maybe it's something else. All of a sudden though right now I just want to show him how weak he makes me feel sometimes. Right now I want to show him how it feels to be dominated.

Walid raises an eyebrow, “Come again...”

I turn and look him dead in his eyes, “I want to fuck you.”

Walid's eyes get wide. He isn't expecting it. Hell I'm not expecting the words that come out of his mouth. He goes from a serious conversation to laughter.

“You're...joking right...”

“You want me to stay. I want to fuck you...”

He can see in my expressions that I'm not joking. I'm serious. Matter of fact I'm dead serious. My eyes are looking at him and I'm staring hard. Walid takes a deep breath.


“Yes now. Or I leave and you never see me again.”

“Yo...I don't even to don't DO THAT SHIT!” he says.

I get in the water at that moment. I wade closer to him. I've never seen Walid scared since I met him but right now there is a look of fear in his eyes.

At that moment I am the BIG, BAD, WOLF. I make my way towards him and he's breathing heavy. I go towards him and turn him around.

He gasps a little bit.

I push Walid HARD on the bank of the springs. He bends over. His ass is exposed. His hole is open at that moment. He's breathing hard.

“This is crazy,” he says.

He says it a few times.

“Are you saying you don't want me to do it? Are you telling me you want me to leave?” I ask him.

“NO! No...just. Just don't EVER tell anyone about this.”

Walid takes a deep breath at that moment. My dick is hard before I know it. I am treating him like he's treating me. I'm grabbing him by his waist. He's bent over. His ass hole is pink and puckers towards me. I spit on the tip of my dick at that moment.

It takes a lot to mount Walid because he's so tall. His huge stature makes me LITERALLY have to climb on top of his back.

By the time my dick is aligned with his asshole I feel like I've accomplished something. He bends a little lower to assist.

Then I push it in...shoving my dick into his pink hole.

“Urhhh...” Walid says.

I see him bite into his arm. I can tell he doesn't want to moan. He's such a man. To Walid, the most feminine thing a guy can do is scream out in pain. The worst thing that a man can do is fucking scream out while getting fucked.

Instead he takes it. I thrust a few more times.

He's incredibly tight. I can't lie. It feels fucking good. He's continuing to bite onto his arm. My thrusts get deeper and deeper. Soon Walid isn't biting on his arm anymore. Soon he seems to be loosening up.

“It feels better?” I tease.

“I am going to get you back for this. You know that right?” he asks.

I continue to fuck him. His asshole tightens around me. I can hear his uncomfortable groans change a little bit. He won't admit it but he seems to be enjoying it. He's panting now. His dick is even hard right now. He has to be enjoying it.

I'm DEFINITELY enjoying it though. I hold on tight to his waist. I thrust deeper and deeper. I'm beating his ass up at that moment. I'm slapping his butt cheeks. I pulling at his shoulders.

I'm going DEEP...DEEPER!

“I'm about to nut.” I tell him.

“Give it to me...”

He's actually begging for it at that moment. So I do it. I deliver my thick warm nut into him. It's almost like I'm breeding him. I keep it in there letting him take every drop.

That is when Walid pulls me out literally and picks me up in his arms. I notice how hard his dick is and my eyes are afraid at that moment.

One thing I should have known about Walid was that he was always about his revenge.

“I warned you I was going to get you back didn't I...”

“Now gentle...”

He raises a devious eyebrow.

“You're going to need to find something to bite down on...”

We sleep in a cave. It's the middle of the night. Walid and I aren't cuddled up. Not in the traditional sense. Not like Fang and Amina probably were. I'm close to him. I'm touching him. With Walid that is better than nothing though.

It's the middle of the night and I notice that he's not there. I turn at that moment and slowly...carefully I see shadows of two people in the care.

I can smell who they are.

Walid and Fang.

They are talking in the middle of the night.

“Can I suggest something?” Fang asks.

“Speak freely.”

“If you care about should leave. You should leave with him. Is Vanderbilt really worth it?” Fang is asking him, “Nasir wasn't built for this. You know it and I know it. He wants you to leave with him and I think you should.”

“Is that what you would do...” Walid asks him.

Everyone else is asleep in the cave. Naomi and Amina are both laid up. Walid and Fang must not notice that I'm here. They must not notice that I'm awake.

“What do you mean?”

“I see the way you look at him,” Walid tells Fang, “I'm not stupid. You're my little brother. It's clear that you like him. Probably just as much as I do. Am I right?”

Fang hesitates. He sounds scared.

“Me and Nasir have never...”

Fang isn't denying it. He's not denying he has feelings for me. I mean I assumed he was attracted to me but feelings. That was something definitely different.

“I never said that you did,” Walid replies, “That doesn't change the fact though. If you had the opportunity you would. I don't blame you. It's nature. It's natural. Sex. Dominance. It's all natural. So that's why you have to understand why I have to do what I have to do.”

Walid wasn't budging. He wasn't changing. It annoyed me more than anything. He was so goddam stubborn. He was stubborn with me and now he was clearly stubborn with Fang.

I can't believe that he's wants this power so bad that he's willing to stay here. The difference between Walid and Qadir was Qadir was fucking crazy. It was clear now. Somewhere in this power struggle Qadir had lost his fucking mind.

“He doesn't deserve this. Nasir loves you as human...not as a wolf.”

I'm surprised Fang is sticking up for me like this. I'm surprised Fang is acting so human about this. To be honest my heart warms up a little bit. He's really understanding the struggle that I'm in. Even if he cares about me he's trying to give Walid advice.

“I don't think there's much human left to love,” Walid explains.

“You know what caused the downfall of Julius Caesar?”

“No. I'm not Timus. I don't read books kid...”

“Well I'll tell you. Caesar became too big. He came far too big. He forgot he was a human. He thought he was something else. You can't forget you're a human Walid. You know that right. You can't forget you're a human.”

“I'm a werewolf.”

Walid is beyond stubborn.

“Even werewolves bleed...” Fang tells him, “Even werewolves bleed.”

It's the next day. Walid isn't there. Fang is though. Fang is sitting next to Amina. I can see their closeness. He probably didn't even let her feel insecure about waking up by herself. With Walid though I knew I'd be waking up alone many days. He's a wolf after all. You can't really give him rules. You can't expect a wolf to be there when you wake up. Not like a human would.

“Where is Walid?” I ask everyone.

“Do we look like Walid's keepers?” Naomi ask rolling her eyes.

Fang ignores Naomi's rudeness and turns to me to explain, “He's getting ready. You know. For the humans.”

“What do you mean?”

“They'll be back any day now. So he's going to drive out the intruders. That includes Qadir. That includes Mayorga. That includes the humans. He's going to drive out all the intruders on our territory.”

“How the hell is he going to do that?”

Amina laughs, “He's such a new wolf.”

Fang shakes his head, “We all were like that once. Stop making fun of him.”

It's still weird having Fang defend me after all.

I am completely confused, “What should I be hearing?”

“You won't be able to hear if you don't shut the fuck up and listen now will you?” Naomi tells me.

I stop talking at that moment and that's when I hear it. It's distant but it's clear. Howling. Howling seeming to be echoing around from everywhere. It's so powerful.

It's so strong.

What the fuck is the howling for?

“What's happening?”

“He's claiming this mountain. Howling is like him marking his territory. He'll scare the humans away. He'll probably scare Qadir away too...if Qadir is smart,” Fang explains at that moment.

I don't understand.

“How the hell is he going to do that by himself?”

“Who said he was by himself?” Naomi asks.

Fang walks over to me. He grabs me by my hand. I realize he's soft with me. He's delicate. It's different from Walid.

At that moment Fang is leading me out of the cave. The girls follow me. We walk in the cold naked. That's when I see them.

“The Alpha can wolves. Countless wolves. From everywhere. They listen to the werewolf. This is wolf country after all. They are coming from all over.”

They are forming all around. At the top of a mountain I see the white wolf...Walid howling and it's causing something.

They aren't werewolves. I can tell. They are just regular wolves but there are so many of them. My heart drops when I realize what Walid is doing.

Walid is forming his own little army.

His own army of wolves.

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