Chapter 7

The black wolf paces towards me. It’s neck contorts. It’s teeth are sharp. My heart races as the bones start to snap. The cold breeze is at his back. It stares at me with blue eyes. They are almost like ice.

Then out of no where the wolf begins to change. He begins to morph back into human form and I watch with my eyes open. I’m too shocked to get up. I’m too stunned to run. I just watch as the wolf changes. It doesn’t invade my space like Walid would have. The wolf shape shifts on the other side of the room. Shyly and quietly away from me.

I stare and look at the person the wolf has changed into.

And I recognize him.

“You…” I say.

It’s the boy who stares at me in class all the time.

“We’ve met, before…”

He is just as quiet and shy as he was before. This boy has so much mystery around him. He has all this allure with him. His eyes are icy blue and I watch how he uses the shadows to cover his naked body. Yes. He’s a lot different from Walid. He looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes. He must be wearing contacts during the day time as well.

“You’re the stray?” I ask.

“My name is Michael Mayorga,” he responds.

Mayorga. The name is the same name that Walid uses.

“How have you been able to hide from the pack?” I ask him.

He stands there, “They don’t recognize me. I’ve changed since they’ve last me. I cover my scent…”

Sneaky. He’s very sneaky. The coy boy shifts in the shadows. He turns to the side in a shy way as though nervously thinking I’m staring at his naked body. I’m not. I can barely see anything but his face and those mesmerizing blue eyes against tan brown skin. They contrast. He’s beautiful. He’s handsome. He’s mysterious. His lips curl as he talks. As I look at him his white teeth and pink lips stand out the most. He reminds me of Matt Kemp, the baseball player. He looks a lot like him.

All of a sudden it hits me as attractive this boy is…he’s the STRAY! He’s the one that bit me. He’s the one that killed India.

“Walid is coming back any minute,” I say.

My voice is shivering even though it’s sort of disguised in a threatening way. He stares at the door quietly, coyly. He’s so fucking weird…even for a werewolf.

His blue eyes glance back at me. He doesn’t move for the door.

“I’m not here to hurt you,” he tells me.

It’s almost as though he’s reading my mind. He knows I’m afraid.

“You killed India?”

He sighs a little bit.

“It’s not as simple as you think.”

“Murder isn’t simple?” I ask.

He shakes his head, “Not with wolves it’s not. India attacked me. I defended myself.”

He tore her apart. He’s not as big as Walid. He’s tall though. He’s slim. He seems just as dangerous though but not in the same way as Walid. Where Walid’s mere size and aggression makes him dangerous, it seems like Mayorga’s strange behavior makes him dangerous.

“Why did you bite me?”

“There is so much you don’t know…”

“Then tell me.”

“He has feelings for you…Walid.”

“Of course he doesn’t.”

“That wasn’t a question,” Mayorga responds, “That was an observation. I wasn’t asking if he had feelings for you. I’m letting you know that it’s clear to anyone with two eyes that he does. That’s a good thing though.”


Mayorga stares at me.

“You’ll get close to his pack that way. You’ll never be in his pack. No. You’ll always be his outsider. But you’ll get close enough and one day he might let his guard down. That’s when we can make our move. I want you to help me kill him.”

“Why would I do that?”

I’m confused by him. There is a darkness about this boy. There is pain there. I don’t know what his history is with Walid but every time he mentions his name he looks away almost as though it hurts. What happened between them? If he was once a member of the pack why would Walid kick him out? And if Mayorga was being hunted here why did he feel the need to stick around.

“Revenge,” he tells me.

“Revenge for what?”

“Why don’t you ask your boyfriend?” he asks.

At that moment Mayorga changes back to the black wolf. I’m not sure what the sense of urgency is all of a sudden. Maybe he smells a member of the pack close. Maybe he just doesn’t want to risk Walid coming back beforehand. In a matter of minutes though he back to being the black wolf.

“Wait!” I scream out to him.

I’m confused. I’m curious. Why would I want revenge against Walid? What the hell was he talking about?

The black wolf doesn’t wait though. Mayorga disappears into the darkness taking his mystery and his past with him and leaving me with more questions about who he is than I had before.

The semester rolls past steadily and soon it’s coming to the holidays. I don’t mention my meeting with Mayorga to Walid. Mayorga seems to disappear again anyway. He doesn’t come to class. I’m hoping maybe he got smart and ran away. It’s clear the pack is on his trail harder than ever after he killed India. I have no doubt he’s scared into hiding and he won’t risk attending classes. Maybe that his front to spy on me anyway. I don’t want to give Walid any reason not to trust me. I see the rest of the pack in passing mostly but they don’t speak to me. They all look at me funny. The only one that seems to not mean mug me is Professor Timus and that’s only because he seems to not be impressed by me either way.

Walid and I don’t hang out. It’s nothing like that but he has sex with me. He comes into my room and regardless of what I’m doing he carries me off. It never fails. I could be using the bathroom, in the shower, sleeping. It doesn’t matter. Walid would walk in, throw me over his shoulder, take me to his room and fuck me relentlessly for hours.

I never sleep with him. That’s against his rules. And even though I act like I don’t like it---I do. There’s something about being completely dominated by him that turns me on so fucking bad.

It’s November now and all of a sudden he just…stops…

It’s been a week since Walid had sex with me and I’m going through withdrawal. I’m missing it. I want to talk to him but I don’t want to seem pushy. And one day I come home and there is a party going on.

I walk into the cabin and there’s all these unfamiliar faces. It looks like a frat party. It dawns on me that around school Walid is a frat boy. He seems like a very popular one too.

I walk into Evan’s room.

“Did you know about this?

Evan looks like shit. He’s been looking like shit since India died. He’s withdrawn into himself. He’s not nearly as friendly as he was before.

“I think I saw another wolf today,” Evan says.

That’s another thing. He’s become addicted to the idea of finding the animal that killed India. That’s all he talks about. It’s annoying more than anything. If he really knew what was good for him he’d drop it. He doesn’t want to know the truth. These wolves tear people apart.

I try to get him off the subject.

“Evan. I’m talking about the party outside. Did you know that was happening?”

Evan shrugs his shoulders, “Walid is throwing it. It’s not a big deal.”

“Finals are next week…” I tell him, “I need to study.”

“Well I mean don’t you have rapport with him?” Evan asks, “You guys don’t seem to care that I need to study when you are banging one another at all hours of the day screaming at the top of your lungs.”

My face gets red with embarrassment. Evan has a point. Walid and I have sex…often. At least we used to have sex often. Even though it’s just sex I feel like Walid has been changing. He hadn’t been hanging out with too many people. He never had girls in his room everyday like before. It was almost like he was exclusively having sex with me and for some reason that was a lot to ask.

“You’re right,” I tell Evan, “I’ll ask him to keep it down.”

Evan shrugs. He’s barely interested in this.

I walk back out into the common room. It’s a loud party with loud ass music in the background. They have Trap Queen playing and there’s white girls dancing on the couch with no shoes on. They are trying their best to twerk as a dozen or so boys look on. It’s definitely a frat party…

“You look lost.”

I turn to see Naomi. She looks as beautiful as ever. I’m surprised she’s here. I don’t usually see the pack around each other on campus much unless it’s one of their secret meetings that I’m clearly not invited to.

“Have you seen Walid?”

Naomi comes up behind me. She puts her hand on my shoulder and she points. I finally see him across the room. He’s talking to two girls. The two girls are clearly all over him. Naomi seems to be reveling in this as she snickers.

“Beautiful isn’t he?” she says before snickering again and adding, “I tried to warn you. Wolves mate for life. But don’t get that mixed up with Walid. He’s a different breed.”

“I don’t need your warning. I don’t care what he does,” I reply looking away.

This causes nothing but more snickers from her, “Really because your face looks devastated. I have to admit. I was blown away that he’s keeping you around in our territory. That should be enough to make you feel special. But you’re still nothing more than a stray.”

Her face changes from a provoking smile to something like a disgusted grimace. When she says stray she looks at me almost…almost like I’m her enemy.

I put my hands up immediately, “I don’t want to be here. I’d transfer schools in a minute.”

“Then do it.” Naomi’s teeth are shape shifting. She leans into me, “You stink. You annoy me. I want to kill you. Do you understand that? Walid won’t be able to always protect you from us.”

Her voice is short. Angry.

At first I’m afraid. At first I’m actually terrified that she would shapeshift her teeth into fangs in a crowded party like this. She glares them at me. It’s clearly a warning. No. It’s a threat. She uses the word “us” in a way that makes me aware that the entire pack has an issue with my presence in Vanderbilt.

“I want to leave but Walid doesn’t want me to leave.”

“You were his fun play thing for a while,” she says< “Mayorga hasn’t been seen for months. Seems like your pack has abandoned you. And now look. He’s bored with you…”

Naomi turns at that moment and shows me Walid.

Just at that moment Walid is walking away. He has a girl in his hands. He’s leading her to his bedroom. I watch the scene almost in terror. Jealousy comes over me so swiftly. There is RAGE deep inside me. I can’t take it. I can’t take Naomi snickering laughter. I can’t take…Walid being with someone else.

I know I shouldn’t take it personal. I know I shouldn’t be mad. I can just feel the wolf coming out of me at that moment and I struggle to hold it back from coming out.

I find myself walking up to him.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I ask him.

He seems confused that I’m questioning him. The girl next to him looks over at me just as confused that I stop them from going in the room.

Walid raises an eyebrow, “None of your business…”

My heart is ripped at that moment. I feel sick to my stomach.

“You’re a piece of shit,” I tell him, “You know that?”

Walid looks across the room, “You’ve been talking to Naomi I see. She’s a bitter bitch, Nasir. Literally. Stop acting jealous. It doesn’t suit you…”

“It’s not about Naomi. You’re disrespecting me…”

Walid looks over me and leans in, “Your eyes are glowing. You need to calm down…”

I don’t know what he’s talking about. I could care less. All I feel is anger. It’s so much anger. He’s still holding this random WHORE’s hand as he talks to me.

“Is this what I am to you?” I ask, “Just a fuck?”

He doesn’t know how to respond to that.

“You’re doing a lot right now.”

“Answer me.”

“I don’t have owe you any fucking explanations…””

I do something at that moment that shocks the fuck out of even me. I punch Walid. I punch Walid dead in his face with as much force as I can. I don’t know what goes over me but the girl next to Walid gasps. The music gets turned down and all of a sudden everyone in the party is looking at Walid and I.

His nose is bleeding.

Across the room the only one that makes a sound is Naomi and it’s laughter. Naomi is fucking laughing about this.

“Walid are you ok?” the girl who he was about to have sex with says.

“Shut the fuck up,” he responds to her.

Then he does something weird. He wipes his nose on his shirt and grabs my arm. I try to pull away but he’s way too fucking strong. Walid manhandles me pulling me into the room. He tosses me on the ground so hard that I almost hit my head.

Walid locks the door.

I look back up at him. I should be scared with the look he has on his face but I’m not scared. I’m just fucking pissed.

“Take your clothes off.”


Walid pulls down his pants. His huge dick is in his hands. He’s hard in a matter of seconds. I don’t know if the rough stuff must have turned him on so fast. Maybe he liked the fact that I hit him. I’m not 100 percent sure. All I know is that look of anger he had is replaced by this look of desire. It’s the strong desire that he has when he’s looked at me a million times before he gave me the best dick of my life.

I look at it and normally my mouth would water. Normally I’d want him to fuck my face until I gag and pin me down and make me pay for not submitting to him. I’d love that. Now is different though. Now I’m in my emotions.

Walid doesn’t seem to notice.

“I said take your motherfucking clothes off. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you. Isn’t that what you want?”

“No…what the fuck.”

I look at Walid. He seems so confused. He doesn’t get it.

“Then why are you tripping?” he asks me, “You’re sitting here getting jealous and I’m telling you I’d rather fuck you than that bitch out there. Now you’re saying this isn’t what you want.”

“You’re not fucking me…” I respond, “Ever again…”

Walid looks surprised. I can tell he’s not used to someone telling him know. I can tell by how his thick eyebrows lift up. His dick is still hard. He stares at me. I know we are pretty loud and I wonder if people outside the door are being nosy. I wonder if people know that Walid is gay---or at least bisexual. Walid doesn’t seem like the type to care or hide it though really. Knowing Walid, I’m surprised he didn’t try to fuck me in the middle of the goddam party.

“You saying no to me?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying,” I respond to him, “And I’m also saying I’m leaving.”

I get up at that moment. I start walking towards the door and Walid grabs me. He takes me by the arm and throws me back on the ground.

“Don’t play with me,” he says. He’s threatening in his tone.

I just shake my head, “Why do you want me here? Clearly you want to be man whore and fuck all these girls. That’s what you like doing. What the hell difference does it make if I’m here or not.”

He just looks at the ground.

“Ok. I…apologize. I won’t um…have sex with anyone while I’m fucking you.”

I’m shocked that Walid apologizes. It comes out of his mouth almost unnaturally. I can tell that he doesn’t say it often. He looks around not knowing how I’m going to react or what happens after that. Things get so dam awkward.

“It’s not enough. I’m leaving.”

“I just fucking apologized!” Walid barks at me at that moment, “I’m the fucking ALPHA MALE in this territory. I don’t FUCKING apologize to anyone. I just fucking apologized to you.”

“And then you offered to make me your exclusive nut rag. No thanks.”

I get up at that moment and make a run for the door. I’m fast. I’m swift as fuck but somehow Walid manages to be even faster. Just as I grab the door handle he grabs my body and throws me back again. He throws me hard but this time it must be the wolf instinct because I land on all fours. I pounce back to my feet quickly.

Walid looks hard at me, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Too late.”

I walk to the door again.

Walid grabs my shirt and puts me up against the wall. Just at that moment he starts kissing me. He’s kissing me aggressively. I try to refuse his kiss but it doesn’t work. He roughly parts my lips with his other hand and forcefully shoves his tongue down my throat.

I bite his tongue as hard as I can.

Walid squirms a little in pain and puts his hand up like he’s about to hit me. He stops though. He stops after making a fist.

“Do it…”

He is breathing so heavy. He’s emotional right now. I’m not sure what it is. Anger and passion mix together between us. We are more like animals than humans right now. Hurting each other. Kissing each other. In the wild female lions can attack a male seconds after sex. That’s how I feel with Walid. I want his kisses, but I hate them. I want to make love to him. I want to fight him. I’m not sure about anything any longer.

“You’re not a nut rag to me,” he says, “Stop…being difficult. Please…”


it’s more reasonable and more human than I’ve ever heard Walid sound.

“What am I to you then?”

He shakes his head.

“Fuck. I’m not sure yet.”

“That’s not good enough.”

“OK!. I…I care about you. I don’t know how much and I don’t know why. Don’t ask me those fucking things. I don’t do this…love dovey bullshit. I care about you. That’s….as much as I’m going to give you right now.”

He seems to be chocking on the words as though it’s hard to say. I can see how unnatural this is for Walid. Aggression comes easy to him. Emotions…romantic emotions comes hard to him. He’ struggling but I see a softer side to him.

I see potential. Potential for something more.

My eyes softens up, “Ok. That’s a start.”

He kisses me again. I allow him to kiss me this time. I don’t bite his tongue. We kiss for almost two minutes and I can tell by how he presses up against me that things are quickly going to escalate.

“Can I fuck the shit out of you now?” he asks.

He’s asking. That’s definitely different from the normal ‘take off your clothes’ and ‘I’m going to fuck the shit out of you right now’ or even just him dragging me like piece of meat and doing it.

“Not now.”

“But … you’re staying right?” he asks.

He looks at me with this look of desperation. I’ve never seen Walid, the Wild boy be so completely vulnerable.

I nod, “I’ll stay…”


I leave the apartment later and take a walk. I need to get away from all the noise from the party. It’s snowing again. Nothing abnormal. It’s always fucking snowing in this area. For some reason I can’t help but keeping thinking about Walid. I guess what I had with him is a break through. Him admitting that I wasn’t just a fuck to him was more than I thought Walid was really capable of.

He cared about me.

Why am I smiling right now? I’m walking in the snow like a school girl gushing over the fact that this fucking boy might like me.

“He’s our enemy…”

The voice seems to come from no where but I turn to see Mayorga. He’s dressed in black. It’s so weird that I don’t smell him like the other wolves. Walid did say he masks his scent. I wonder what he uses. He is quiet too. Really fucking quiet. I didn’t even hear him coming.


“Get over Walid. Don’t catch feelings. He’s NOT your pack. He’s our enemy,” Mayorga states.

“You read minds too? Didn’t know wolves can do that?”

“I saw your little interaction with him just now,” Mayorga stated, “I’ve been watching you. I’m always watching and it’s good that he’s bringing down that wall. The time is coming that we need to get our revenge.”

“What the FUCK are you talking about? I don’t want revenge on Walid. I know he’s a little unkempt and shit. Hell he’s a dick sometimes. But I think I actually like the fucking guy.

“You don’t know what he’s done.”

“Then tell me.”

Mayorga looks down at me.

“Who do you think killed your brother?” Mayorga asks, “Who do you think killed Qadir. It was him. Walid. The white wolf.”

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