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Chapter 2:

Orientation pretty much sucked. Ethan spoke to more people than I did. He dragged me around introducing me to people he met. I came across some people from my floor and most of them are pretty nice. Most of the students here broke 1400 on their SAT's so I was pretty much impressed with that. After all it is just a test but I admire those who were able to make it that far. I myself had to study all night, seven nights a week to get my 1460. I felt cheap though because I was sort of advanced. *snicker*

I was surprised that people flocked over to me to introduce themselves. I used to be the kid who'd shy away form people and wish they'd come to me. Now I grew up, got my wish and I'm acting like some baby who isn't getting what he wants. I was able to hold some conversations with people. I saw Ethan urging me on like a mother hen telling her chic to make more friends.

Not be conceited or anything but I think I had a killer smile. LOL. I took care of my teeth from Day 1 and they came out straight and white. Some frat guys approached me and wanted me to be a pledge because I looked like a frat boy. Oh please. (Oh god they were so hott!) I don't know what is up with these guys who were genetically gifted with nice bodies and all they had to do was lift a few more pounds and they'd tone up a bit. This one guy, Justin, was so cute. I swear he has the most unique looking...look ever! He was one of the frat guys that you'd sleep with on a first date. What I liked about them was that they were all taller than me. I liked tall guys. I'm only 5'9" but these guys were like 6' or 6'2". So hott.

I told them I'd get back to them and they left me alone. Justin was wearing a tight polo shirt and I could see his nice back as he walked away. I smirked knowing that it would be easy for me to get laid here. Wouldn't it be cool if I did join a frat and I slept with all of the brothers? I think that would be too drastic.

So orientation wasn't so bad... We were outside having a barbeque. It felt like a World Fair because of all the people and booths where clubs and organizations attempted in luring freshmen to join them. The food was free and I stuffed myself with BBQ beef kabobs and washed it down with Gatorade. Yummy. I loved Gatorade. One of the four drinks that I drank. Milk, Water, Juice and Gatorade. I wasn't very fond of sodas primarily because they had a lot of sugar in them and I was not intending on getting diabetes like my grandma.

Anyway. Let me cut to the juicy part. The whole world stopped when my eyes caught him. Of course he had a name. I just didn't know what it was yet. He was gorgeous with his 6'2" frame, large biceps, solid chest, dark brown hair, and hazel eyes, calves (omg So hott calves!). His nose was perfect and his mouth was just right. You can fit so many things in there. LOL. His hairstyle was messy/tousled hair type of thing. I thought it was really cute. You can tell he worked out because of his forearms. He was wearing khaki shorts that showcased his awesome butt. Wanna know what really set me off though? His shirt size was probably a large but he wore medium. And when he leaned over to pick up something he dropped, I saw his underwear lining and some of his skin. He was wearing a black Abercrombie boxer. I wish I could rip it off of him.

Oh boy. Oh man. I just get so boy crazy when I see someone like him.

But he was different. I felt so hott inside that I began to sweat.

He was talking to some nerdy looking kid. I wanted to go over there and push him away the flash my killer smile at this beautiful creature. I edged closer to their conversation and found out that he was an OC (orientation counselor) himself and that he forgot his uniform. Thank goodness he forgot.

I was practically drooling when I realized that someone clear their throat. I froze. Panic-stricken.

"Hott isn't he?"

I slowly turned around to see a girl, about my height. The first thing I noticed was that she was very unique looking. She was a cross between cultures that's for sure.

"I'm Hannah," she said holding out her hand.

I just stood there and stared at her. Was she watching me the whole time? Fuck. I must've looked so obvious staring at the `hotness'.

"He is very attractive isn't he?"

Oh god yes. He looked powerful and could probably wear me out in a few seconds, had I ever been given the chance to experience him.

"Are you going to just stand there and stare at me? You were kinda obvious. I thought I'd help out."

I wasn't out to anyone. Someone should give me a medal for being able to pull of sleeping with lots of guys and NOT being caught.

"Is there someone inside that shell of yours?"

"Shit," I cursed.


"Was I that obvious?" I asked beginning to sweat.

"Well yeah. You were like some dog that just saw a BIG bone. And wanted to bite, lick and slobber all over it."

I freaked out. I actually got hard when she said that! Maybe because I wanted to do exactly those things to the `hottness'.

"Don't worry sweetie, I think gay guys are fascinating."

I winced at the comment. Gay? I didn't really like that word. Maybe I wasn't ready to face it. I don't think I'll ever be able to face it. What was I then?

"Here let's go closer so we can hear what they are talking about," she said grabbing my arm.

We inched closer and closer to my walking wet dream and the nerdy looking kid he was talking to. I was so jealous. I lost all my confidence in wanting to knock over the nerdy looking kid and speak to the `hotness' myself.

Usually the guy comes to me, but this time the tables have turned and I found myself weak in the knees in the presence of a scorching hott guy. He was also hard to read. Usually I can tell if a guy swings my way or is curious but this Adonis was unreadable. I've never wanted someone this bad before. I've never experienced what it felt like to want someone so bad except when I was with...Nevermind. I decided not to finish that sentence.

"So do you know his name?" I asked. I was still surprised by Hannah's upfrontness.


"Well? Are you going to tell me?"

"I will if you do something for me," she had that evil look horny girls have. I was beginning to get scared of her. But then I have dealt with worse girls who lusted after me.

"As long as it doesn't deal with me doing something to you, then we're good."

She took my hand and led me away from the hottness. I tried hard not to stare back at him among the throngs of people around us.

"Where are we going and why are you holding my hand?"

"Relax. Those girls over there live on my floor. They all have a crush on you already. You are quite the stud, you know?"

"And you're taking me over there?!"

"No. We are just going to pass by them and make it look like I've snagged you so they don't come after you. They are all snobs also, so when we pass by I'm going to flash them the look of ownership."

"What the hell? Man you are weird."

"You have no idea."

"You are pretty, though." I had to say it. Had I been more into girls, I would be feeling her up right now. I bet she got it all the time.

"I thought you don't play on my side?"

"Well I used to. What? I can't compliment a pretty girl?"

"You are so sweet!" She leaned in and kissed me right on the cheek.

It's so weird that I've been outed to someone yet I am not worried. I felt comfortable with Hannah knowing.

I looked to the left where those girls were and they all gasped. Most of them were preps and I didn't really go for preps. But if they had older brothers who were preppy...*licks lips*...I grew up with preppies and I remember that I would date some preppy girl if they had a hott older brother who I wanted to get close to. *snicker*. If he had a girlfriend, I dumped his sister.

"I just kissed you and I don't know your name."

"You never asked. You just came up to me and said `He's hott isn't he?'"

"Ok. You know my name. What's yours?"

"Miles Hernandez."

"Ooh. You look white. You're very light complected. I don't see a hint of Mexican in you."

Stereotypical Ignoramus. Hispanic people are not all dark skinned. And we are not all from Mexico!

"My parents are from Colombia not Mexico. Well my mom's white/Puerto Rican and she grew up in Colombia." I admit that I look a lot like my mom. I got most of her genes. I looked really white though. You wouldn't see a hint of Hispanic in me.

"Still. You are hott."

"Thanks. So are you going to tell me his name or what?"

"Adam Belmont. He's a junior majoring in Chemical Engineering. Everyone has a crush on him. So you have a lot of competition."

"I usually get what I want," I said with that sneer I'm known to have when something dirty is going on.

"Do you want him to fuck you?"

"What the fuck? You're very forward!" And yes I wanted him to fuck me. Senseless. ♥

"Oops sorry. I'm like this with my brother. I can't help it."

"Brother? Does he swing my way?"

"Oh yeah. But he's younger than you. I don't think he's your type."

I wasn't very much interested in her brother. I didn't really go for guys younger than me. The youngest guy I've ever been with was my Stanford stud. And he was a few months older than me.

"And how do you know my type?"

"Well I just saw you staring at it!"

Ok this girl is coming on too strong for me. I think it was time for me to make like some deer and run away from this hunter. "Ok. It was nice meeting you Hannah. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to dig up more information on Adam♥."


Gosh was she desperate or something?

"Look I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"Being an upfront jerkette. I feel like some female pervert."

I just had to laugh. Hearing that from a girl. Much less a pretty girl was the funniest thing ever. Hahahahahaha! `Female pervert.' Hahahahaha.

"You are so adorable. Gay guys fascinate me. I think the cutest guys are gay."

"Thanks." I wanted to tell her to stop using that `g' word. Sure enough it was better than `queer' but I just never admitted to myself what I was.

"Here," she held my hand again. "Let's walk back together and I'll help you in coming in contact with him."

"But I don't know if he likes guys or something."

"Oh please. With your looks, you can break someone. In a good way that is."

Suddenly I felt my confidence come back.

- - - -

When Hannah and me returned to where Adam and the nerdy kid were talking, we found no one in their place. I ran into Ethan and introduced him to Hannah. She was all googly eyed and was drooling like I had been a while earlier.

I was disappointed that Adam was nowhere to be found. I didn't blame Hannah though because I'm glad that I met her. For some reason I was attracted to people like her. There were so many people around us and though I scanned each of their faces, none of them matched Adam's. It's so weird that I find myself so badly attracted to some guy I barely knew. Usually I would find a guy, make a pass and soon after engage in hot man sex but I could not picture myself doing that to Adam. Maybe that was what thrilled me. I never got my ass kicked before. Usually all of my passes were right and if they were wrong then I slept with a straight guy.

After scouring the entire field for Adam, I ran into my OC who scolded me for not attending the meetings and missing the speech made by the Dean of Students. I just ignored him and decided to look for Ethan instead. I found him talking to a bunch of frat guys. Ethan was in a frat while in college and encouraged me to join one knowing that they were the ones who sort of ran the social flow of the school. I was about to turn around and head up to my room but seeing that one of the guys he was talking to was cute, I made my way towards them.

Oh man I must sound like some slut who'd scam anything that moves. But if I do get Adam♥ then I will be pretty much faithful and won't sleep around. Being single is kinda fun but it's getting old. I really miss doing stuff that couples do. Well since I am not completely out yet, I miss what couples secretly do.

"Miles, buddy, where have you been?"

"Hey Ethan...umm...just you know? Wondering around and meeting new people." That wasn't a complete lie. I did meet Hannah but most of the time I scammed Adam.

"Miles, this is Jude and Logan," Ethan said introducing me to the two guys in front of me. I felt really short in this school because everyone was in the 6-foot range. Jude was about 5'10" and Logan was 6'. I've always liked taller guys. All the guys I have been with were all taller than me and that didn't surprise since 5'9" was a very common height nowadays.

The cute boy population in this school is larger than my high school and there is enough eye candy here to give me cavities. The ultimate sweet spot was Adam, of course. Jude and Logan looked like flings to me. Though both of them were attractive with their brown hair and muscled built... Man this is driving me nuts! I keep checking guys out left and right! The first thing I think of when I encounter a guy I like is how we'd be like in bed. When I did that with Adam, my mind went nuts with an overload of possibilities.

His strong body over mine, our cocks grinding. Oh shit! I'm about to cream in my pants!

I felt light headed so I excused myself and headed towards my dorm room. Everyone was outside enjoying the orientation activities while I wanted to lie down.

Dammit! So many cute boys here! How am I going to focus?!? I was so hard even. I felt like masturbating to give me some release and clear my head. Maybe if I didn't walk around with a pogo stick in my pants then I would feel better. I barely jacked off in the past but I didn't have a fling this time to give me release.

I searched my drawers for some shirt I barely wore so that I don't spill on the sheets. Lame I know, but this dorm room was pretty nice and I didn't want it to smell like cum. Not just yet.

I got on my bed and pulled my pants down towards my ankles. My cock whipped out and stood like a rocket ready to launch. I started stroking myself thinking of Adam and what he looks like under that tight shirt he wore. Me and him in bed while he fucked me in oh-so-many positions. I moaned softly trying to imagine what it would be like to touch him and feel him. See what sex deprivation does to you? Who would have thought that I would ever again masturbate after having sex with so many guys? This is all because of Adam and the rest of the cute boys that I encountered here.

I was on the brink of shooting my load into the shirt I took out when the door suddenly opened. I pulled my pants up, got off the bed and threw the shirt across the room.

I totally creamed my underwear when I came face to face with the intruder. My cock started leaking into my underwear that I had to thrust my pelvis inward so that it would not be so noticeable.

"Hi I'm Lane Hartman, your roommate?"

He held out his hand and I shook it briefly. Hopefully he didn't feel some of the stickiness.

"I'm Miles. I'll be right back," I said turning around picking up the shirt I dropped and walked towards the bathroom. I grabbed my aching cock and jerked the rest of my semen out of it. I moaned softly and my face grew beat red when I saw my image in the mirror. How fucking embarrassing! My roommate is outside and he probably thinks I blew him off.

The thing is though that he made me cream harder. He had this all American look that I always fantasized about. Short/cropped brown hair, straight white teeth and a slender toned body.

I washed my hands vigorously so that it wouldn't smell. I wanted to change my underwear because it felt weird walking around with droplets of semen in your underwear. Nah. It would look too weird if I opened my drawer to look for a pair of boxers and then back to the bathroom. Fuck it, like he's going to smell me down there anyway. Not that I wouldn't mind if he did.

I was about to offer my help in moving his stuff inside but when I came out I saw about five or six movers carrying loads of furniture, boxes and suitcases.

"Umm...need help unpacking?" I offered seeing that the moving in part was taken care of.

"Sure dude. Miles, was it? That's a really nice name."

"You have a nice name too, Lane." Oh boy I must've sounded so corny saying that to him! `You have a nice name too'!! I could've just said `thanks' like any straight guy would say.

"Can you help me load my clothes into the drawers?"

And boy did he have a lot of clothes. He wore mostly shirts and board shorts. He looked very preppy in my opinion and would make anything he wore look sexy. I found his boxers and I was tempted to smell one. This was so hott. Touching my roommate's boxers on the first day! He had a lot of furniture too. Like me, he replaced the standard chair and put in a leather office chair. The movers just laid down his belongings and took his suitcases away.

"I don't think I'll need them for a while," he said.

As if he read my mind. Hopefully he didn't because that meant that he knew that I was scamming him this whole time. I am so happy that I have a cute roommate! He looked clean and healthy to me and wasn't the type to leave some body odor floating around.

After rearranging the furniture in his side of the room, Lane fell on his bed. He looked so cute rubbing his face against his pillow.

"Enjoying the orientation activities?" Lane spoke while I sat on the windowsill.

"No, not really."

"Are you a social pariah?"

I was amazed at his diction. Pariah? It sounded intelligent.

"No, not really." Had I been one then I wouldn't have gotten laid so many times.

"Have you been attacked by the frats yet? Funny how they only ask certain guys."

"Yup. I don't think I'll join one. I don't think it's me."

" neither."

I was at a loss for words. Here was a cute guy in front of me and I had nothing to say! Well...what was there to say anyway? I just met my roommate. Surprise. I didn't feel like we're hitting it off.

"So where you from?"


"Sweet. West coast boy."

"Heh...I guess. How about you?" There's a start at asking him questions. I didn't like having one-sided conversations when I'm on the side that's doing all the talking.

"Schaumburg. Sort of far from here."

"Wow. Did you move out completely? Looks like all of your stuff is here."

"Nah. I just have a lot of stuff. My room back home is still crowded."

"Wow." This boy must be rich. From the look of all of his expensive hardware, his parents probably made a lot.

"So what are you majoring in?"

"Biomedical Engineering."

"Sweet. You good in biology, chemistry, that sort of stuff?"

"I'm okay I guess."

"I'm majoring in Engineering Management. Hopefully it doesn't get too rough."

"You'll be fine. I should be worried."

There was a knock on the door and it swung open to reveal an irritated looking Ethan.

"Miles where were you?"

"In here. Helping Lane move in," I said while nodding my head to Lane who was still lying down, "He had a lot of stuff and it took us a while."

Lane looked at Ethan then me. "Brother?"

I let out a laugh. Ethan and I looked nothing alike. "No. Well...not really," I said remembering that Ethan saw me as a brother as well.

"I'm Ethan."

"Lane Hartman," he got up to shake Ethan's hand.

Ethan went on a rant about how many cool people were in this school and how I missed out on the events that the OC's had planned for us. My only motive for going out there again was to scout Adam, get near enough so I can involve myself in a conversation with him.

"Maybe you should go back to school, Eeth," I said after concluding that he had more fun than I did.

"I will of course. I just want you to have a good college experience that's all."

"Aww," Lane cooed.

"Don't worry about me Eeth, I'll be fine."

"Oh alright. I keep forgetting you're not sixteen anymore."

This was so embarrassing. He was being so fatherly to me. I wish my dad were more like him. Oh well.

"Anyway. Miles, I have to go. I forgot that I am meeting Janice tonight."

"Ooh, a date?"

"Nope. I wish. She's my boss. We have to discuss some things about her firm and all. Business as usual."

I wasn't sure what Ethan did for a living, but Mike said he made a lot.

"I'll be coming in here to check on him," Ethan said offering his hand to Lane.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of him." Lane looked at me and smiled.

"Hey come here," Ethan said to me nodding his head towards himself.

"What's up?"

He pulled me into a hug and patted my back.

"Aww," Lane cooed again.

"It's not like you'll never see me again," I said doing that straight guy pat on the back as well.

"Well yeah, I know. know...I'm here if you need me. You have my number. Just call if you need anything."

"Thanks Ethan. I will. I'll visit you as often as I can."

With that he ruffled my hair, like my real older brother used to, and closed the door behind him.

- - - -

Lane and I decided we were both hungry so we went out to eat at a Japanese noodle shop. He was pretty much straight hearing that all he talked about was girls. He had an awesome ride as well. It was a red Montero with that brace that you use to hold surfboards on top of the car.

When we got back to our dorm Lane said that he noticed this barrier I have been putting up so he suggested that we play this roommate bonding game. He made it himself and all you do is ask each other questions that came from little cards he made. I had no idea how two people were supposed to bond with these cards. You could easily lie to these questions.

"Ready?" Lane asked as we sat on his bed. I felt like some seven year old sleeping over at a friend's house.

"Umm. Yeah. Sure."

"Ok I'll go first and you have to answer each question I ask you. You can lie to me but I can tell when you are lying. My dad taught me how."

Lane had told me how his dad was a CIA agent and all the tricks of the trade he taught Lane while interrogating people. Evil people that is.

"First question. Are you a virgin?"

WTF?! Wow. So upfront even!

"Well...are you?"

"No. Of course not! High school was a horny time for me."

Lane started laughing. He looked so good laughing. High school was indeed a horny time for me.

"Your turn."

"Mmmk." I picked up a card. I laughed at the question.

"Are you a virgin?"

"Nope. Lost it when I was 15."

"Kinda young..."

"Uh huh...and when did you first do it?"

I remembered Kevin all of a sudden but I blocked it out because it hurt. "When I was sixteen."

"Was she good?"

"Hey, It's my turn. So I'll ask you stuff." If he only knew that it wasn't a `she'.

"Fine. Turning this game on me are you?"

"So you were really fifteen?"

"Yeah. What's the surprise? I've known twelve year olds do it."

I cringed at the thought. "Who was it?"

"My babysitter."

"Shit! No way! Were you raped??"

"No dude. I wanted it. She was really hott!"

"Oh Boy. I don't think me and you will get along," I said smiling at him. Although I did find it weird he did it with his babysitter. *cringes*

I've never had `normal' sex where you put the snake in the bush but I was inclined to think that guys were usually the older ones. Lane spared me the details of how he and his babysitter fucked. Honestly, I did not want to know.

"So I take it that your favorite subject is sex?" I asked.

"We are teenagers."

I laughed at his comment.

"When was the last time you got laid?"

"Somewhere during the summer." That was true since I had my summer fling with my Stanford stud.

"Same here," he said putting his hands behind his head.

"I hope you use condoms." Wearing protection is very important. You don't know where that stick has been.

"Yup. Sometimes I like the feel of being bare inside. Skin against skin."

Oh shit. I was getting hard...again!

"Me and my ex-girlfriend fucked this one time and I asked her if I could take off the condom. I just wanted to know what it felt like. I wanted to know what it would feel like...bare. I was so close but I pulled out the moment I knew it was coming."

I got harder. My boner was tenting my shorts. I prayed that Lane would not notice.

"You know what? Let's just talk about sex!"

Oh great. At this rate him talking will be enough to set off a fountain in my pants.

"Did you ever cum before she did?"

"No," I said flatly.

"Do you like orgasms?"

Damn. This boy must be sex crazed to ask another guy that.

"Love them."

"I take it you have a very interesting sex life, Miles?"

"You have no idea," I smirked knowing that I was penetrated by tons of hott guys. I did feel uncomfortable for a moment while Lane droned about his sexual conquest. If only he was gay then I would have been boasting about my encounters and how hard we fucked. Lane continued on and I pretended to be interested.

"...and this one time she rode me while I nibbled on heró

Lane going on about his sex episodes was turning me on. I had to get on my bed and put a pillow above my raging hardon so that Lane would not notice the tower it was erecting through my shorts.

"I used my tongue to lick her cunt and it tastedó

Oh shit. This was getting too much. I was about to go to the bathroom and start fisting my cock because of Lane's sexual diction.

"Ever had a threesome?"


"What if I brought a girl in, would you accompany me in boning her?"

"Fuck yeah," I thought about him boning me instead while the random girl watched with amused looks on her face.

"Sweet. Tag team her sweetó

"OKAY~! A little too much, Lane," I said surprised that his love of sex was little bit too much. It marred my image of him. He was changing before my eyes from a guy you'd see in an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog to brown haired farmer boy turned ghetto thug.

" a little carried away there."

"Like I said; a little too much. I hope you don't bring in random girls and fuck them while I'm trying to study."

"Fuck no! I'm sorry if I made it seem that I'm some cunt slut, but I'm not anything of that sort...really!"

"You sure fooled me," I said smiling.

"One of my weaknesses buddy. Sex. Sex kills. Once you get me going, I can't stop."

I spread my legs at his comment.

"But really... I was just joshin' you. Sex doesn't make my world go round."

Yeah right.

"Now you know one of my weaknesses. You can use it against me if you want."

Oh shit. Like how? Seduce you and have you fuck the living daylights out of me? In short, I found nothing wrong with liking sex. But being so open about it is gross and reduces your self-image. I had a lot of work to do with Lane but I had to be careful before I get turned on too much that I cum in my pants.

- - - -

School started a few days later.

My schedule went as follows:


Differential Equations M T W Th
Organic Chemistry I M W F
Material & Energy Balances T Th

Thermal and Modern Physics M W F

Animal Physiology T Th

I got rid of all of my humanities/social sciences at USC and the community college I attended during my junior and senior year. I was so happy that I did not have to take anymore because this school has a reputation to make students write essays with a minimum of five pages. I think that I was the only first year to have so many upper level classes. This means that I would have older and possibly better looking guys in my classes. I knew that I would not have any problem here when it comes to eye candy.

I had Differential Equations (DiffEq) first and I found it easier compared to the previous Calc classes I had in the past. I was able to finish the homework while my professor was lecturing. Afterwards I had Animal Physiology. I came in late so I had to sit in between this big hairy guy and this woman who was in her early thirties. I looked around the lecture hall and found that everyone was indeed older than me. To my disappointment there were only three guys I considered sleeping with if I had the opportunity.

The Professor had not arrived yet so everyone started to get comfortable and started yapping about how hard this class is and how some seniors withdrew from it last semester. I gulped thinking that this indeed would be my toughest subject this semester.

Just then a familiar face passed by outside in the hallway. I leapt out of my seat and started walking casually fast trying my best to catch up to Adam Belmont. He was wearing khaki shorts again and a tight white shirt that outlined his upper body. I got hard walking behind him. I wanted to get his attention somehow. I was about to run up to him and tell him I was lost and ask him to point me in the right direction.

Suddenly Adam stopped and turned to look at a poster on the wall. I kept going pretending that I was going to the restroom. I inched as close as I can so I can get a whiff of how he smelled. His masculine aroma filled my nostrils briefly as I passed. I did not know if I had gotten too close or if Adam wore a lot of cologne because the smell lingered. I made a mental note to visit a department store later to find similar cologne and spray it all over my bed before I go to sleep.

I kept walking and looped around the hall to enter my lecture hall from another door. The professor had not arrived yet and students were out of their seats talking to each other. I sighed to myself thinking about Adam and how I'd like him to fuck me. I wanted to feel him so had. Seeing his body form was not enough. I wanted that shirt off of him so I could admire what he's made of. I did not know how to picture his rippling abs or his stacked chest but I knew for a fact that he would not disappoint me.

"So sorry I'm late everyone, please take your seats."

I looked up and my jaw dropped. It wasn't Adam but it was a professor who looked about 30 or 31 with black hair and impeccably well built facial features. He reminded me so much of Keanu Reeves in Constantine with his loose tie. Although Keanu was 40-something he still looked hott. My loins started burning thinking about this professor and me and the sexual favors he'd tell me to do if I wanted an A. He really resembled Keanu Reeves. I'm telling you right now! He barely had any wrinkles in his face and he wore no undershirt, so I was able to make out his chest and nipple under his long sleeved polo shirt.


One guy at a time, Miles! What is up with this school and hott guys? I knew the cute boy population was huge but I never expected there to be a devastatingly handsome professor who would make me drool out a waterfall upon making eye contact with me.

"I'm Ken Wilder and this is Animal Physiology."

Hello, Prof. Wilder~! Dammit! Young as he looked, he did not sound inexperienced. He started rambling about general principles drawn out from random phyla but all I could ever think about was ripping off his long sleeved polo shirt. Someone so hott like him should might as well lecture shirtless if they weren't going to wear an undershirt!

My heart stooped for a moment when my eyes caught the glimmer of a ring on his finger. Oh great. He was probably married and had a two-year-old son or daughter waiting for him at home. The thought of me sleeping with a professor never crossed my mind. I barely had any good looking ones at the local community college I went to. But man oh man; Prof. Wilder was making the blood boil down into my loins just as he talked about the blood flow of some random phyla.

I wasn't taking any notes because he was just too good to look at. Adam Belmont had very striking features himself but Prof. Wilder made me look twice. What on earth?! Why can't I be `faithful' to one guy? Faithful meaning getting into one guys' pants first and then going for another. The possibility of Prof. Wilder having a kid and a wife was kind of a turn off for me but the man was gorgeous! How many professors do you get that look like Keanu Reeves but a notch better looking (as in him being younger)?

I pretty much drooled throughout the whole lecture. I had nothing written down and I had to fight the urge to walk up to him and flirt with him for private lessons. The possibility of him being married once again bothered me. It turned me off knowing that he had some kid and I was sleeping with him.

Before I knew it, class was over and I was still in my seat. I was about to make a pass at Prof. Wilder when Adam Belmont came into the lecture hall.

"Adam! It's nice to see you again," Prof. Wilder said shaking his hand.

Shit. This was too good to be true. The boy I have been lusting after was talking to my handsome AnimalPhys professor. The thought of a threesome crossed my mind.

"I just wanted to thank you for the recommendation you wrote for me. Working at Argonne was amazing!"

"No problem. Can't deny my best student a recommendation last semester."

Sweet! Prof. Wilder had favorites! All I had to do was make sure that I did well in all of his tests, ask intelligent questions and I will be on his good side. I then realized that the three of us were the only ones in the lecture hall. Thank god they did not notice me. They were too into their conversation about reaction kinetics and what Adam did at Argonne. I stood outside the lecture hall and heard that Adam was tutoring Chemistry at the Academic Resource Center. `Yes!' I thought to myself. Now I had a chance to get to know this sweet stud boy and get into his pants.


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