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Chapter 3:
Wimp and Rescue

Organic Chemistry wasn't so bad. A lot of older students were struggling to comprehend what Prof. Johnson was saying about alkenes. I mean, come on! People should already know what those are if they are in this class. I visited to the ARC to find that Adam tutored right after lunch. I had no classes during that time so I might as well try and seduce him. We'll see how far I can get. Someone as good looking as him must have experimented with guys.

I met Lane for lunch and we talked about how classes were going and how he needed help in Calculus. I was more than happy to help him until I found out that he wanted me to do his homework rather than help him do it. Jerk. I loved Calc and I can easily make up wrong answers for him. I walked him to his next class since it was on the way towards the Academic Resource Center.

There were barely any students at the ARC since mostly everyone in this school did not need tutoring. A few students were at the Math table; a small group huddled around the Physics table and not a soul on the Chemistry table. The only thing that occupied it was a body of a creature that showcased terrible beauty that lit a veiled flame inside my body causing me to sweat and my heart to pound every other beat. Adam Belmont sat there by himself, his striking features enhanced by his crisped short sleeve polo. It was one of those semi-see-through polo shirts that you'd wear in Puerto Rico or in the Bahamas.

The table was at the other end of the room and I felt my heart slow down and my stomach churn, as I got closer.

"Are you the chemistry tutor?" I heard myself say in a tone higher than usual.

"Yep. You need help with something, buddy?"

Of course he was the Chemistry tutor! There was a big sign that said `chemistry tutor' on the table. He called me `buddy' and I felt my forehead dab with sweat. I sat next to him and stared at his biceps. Each time he flexed, my cock twitched and got harder and harder. I wanted to feel his guns so bad and trace my finger over its lining.

"Umm...I have Organic Chemistry and I have no idea what is going on," I lied.

"Yeah Orgo is a big bummer."

I was about to protest and tell him I am doing just fine but that would be stupid since I told him I was completely clueless. I tried my best to act as straight as possible, not giving any signs that I fantasized about him. I didn't want to make a complete fool of myself just in case the guy was indeed straight.

"Is there a specific chapter you need help in?" Adam asked, his smoky hazel eyes burning a hole in my head. The way he asked me was so sexy that I thought I was about to break. I was so close to him and any closer would lead me to a meltdown.

"Umm...well we did chapter 3 today and I wasn't getting anything my professor was telling me."

"No problem buddy I can explain all to you if you want."

Adam explained to me the whole of chapter 3 but none of the words that came out of his perfect mouth were encoded into my brain. I just sat there next to him watching him look at me and then back towards the book doing certain examples. He was really good at explaining because he did it with a style that enabled a few details to escape into this corrupted mind of mine.

Before I knew it Adam had to go because his shift was over. I did not intend on staying for the other tutor but I had to leave in a way that wouldn't make it obvious that I wasn't here for tutoring. Adam flashed a smile at me before he left the room and my dick sprang into full attention.

I returned the next day pretending to be in need of help again. I couldn't help myself. I couldn't resist not seeing him for another day. I tried to look as clueless as possible but also with a hint of eagerness and desperation to be ready for an upcoming test.

"So what's your name?" Adam asked me while I did some problems on my own.


"Nice to meet you Miles, I'm Adam." He held out his hand and I shook it gladly.

"I know." It was obvious since he had a little nametag on.

"You a sophomore?"

"Nah, I'm a freshman."

"Are you really? Taking Orgo quite early, aren't we?"

"Yes...and a struggle it's been so far," I lied. We got our quizzes back today and I scored a 19 out of 20. I was far from struggling but me being here was probably the only way I can get close to Adam.

"Don't worry you'll be fine. Just come down here if you need help with anything."

My heart leapt out of my chest. Adam was inviting me to see him again. Well...sort of.

My schoolboy crush on Adam surged into an obsession. Whenever he saw me in the halls, he nodded at me and I gave a little wave. I was guessing that the nod was a sign of acknowledgement and nothing more. I was so obsessed that I really went to a department store to find Adam's cologne. I sampled numerous brands but none of them matched Adam's elegant/masculine scent.

I visited Adam every other day so that it wouldn't look too weird when I visited him each time. I pretended that we had a quiz the next day or I wasn't sure about some homework problems. I was actually fine in Orgo. I just wanted to be close to Adam. I wanted to smell him and rub my arms against him when I'd point to something in the book. His arm was solid and beefy and I could tell he worked them almost everyday.

I never see him in the cafeteria and I couldn't find his address in the campus directory so I assumed that he lived off campus. I was on my way to the library when I ran into Adam and two of his well-built jock friends. One of them I had a crush on during the first week because I saw him jogging shirtless around campus early in the morning. The other with blonde spiky hair worked out in the gym almost everyday. I haven't seen Adam shirtless yet but when I do, I will surely cream my pants when my eyes make contact with his granite carved chest.

I slowed down and pretended to be looking for something in my bag. I walked past Adam and his buddies hoping to get noticed.

"Hey Miles!"

I turned around to see Adam jogging towards me.

"How did you do on that test?"

"What test?"

"Uh...the one that I reviewed you for. For Orgo?"

Oh shit. There was no test. I pretended that there would be so he'd spend extra time with me. Oh shit. I tried to keep my look as casual as possible so that he wouldn't be able to read my facial expressions.

"Oh. I didn't do very well," I lied.


"Yeah I wasn't sure about a couple of reactions."

Adam shot me a look and smiled. "You seemed to have understood it when we went over it last week."

Like I pay attention to what you say! Most of the time my eyes wondered his body. He usually wore shirts that outlined his tight upper body and indicated that he had hard pecs. One time he bent over to pick up a pencil I dropped and I saw his underwear lining and parts of his back! So hott! He'd usually pat me on the back whenever I'd leave and I'd go off to my room and fist my cock because I wasn't getting any and I can only contain myself for so long.

Beads of sweat began to form on my forehead and my cock was twitching in my pants. I have never experienced this before with any of the guys I slept around with. What made Adam any different? Well...maybe the fact that he is STRAIGHT and not gay! Who am I kidding? Why am I trying so hard?

Adam grabbed my shoulder and my cock twitched again. Forget what I said earlier. This guy is staying on my fantasy list! He is just too good looking! I can stare at him all day! My heart started beating faster and the beads of sweat started to trickle down the side of my face.

"You ok buddy?" asked Adam as he saw me starting to sweat.

"Yeah I'm not feeling to well. I'm just gonna go back to my room and rest."

"Oh okay. Well just let me know if you need anymore help."


At least I had something to look forward to now.

- - - -

"Hey handsome!"

I looked up and saw Hannah hovering above me while I was finishing my sandwich in the dining hall.

"Hello beautiful," I replied. And I wasn't lying either.

Hannah sat down next to me with her tray of food. I see her around campus and I hung out with her and her roommate a couple of times but other than that, we barely have time to sit down with each other and talk...or gossip rather.

"So how's the whole `I wanna sleep with Adam' mission going?"

I shot her a look to keep her voice down. "Good, I guess. Hopefully he doesn't notice me trying to see what's under his shirt all the time."

"Oh god he is hott. Tell me how he is when you succeed."

Hannah's comments always made me laugh. I was surprised at myself for how well I handled someone knowing about my sexuality. Like I said earlier, I felt comfortable with Hannah knowing and it felt good to talk to someone about other hott guys.

"Do you know where he lives?" I asked hoping that Hannah would know where my walking sex fantasy lived.


I frowned. Had I known, I would have followed him to his house and spied on him. Then he'd catch me, take me to his room and have his way with me. That was only a fantasy though but one that kept me hard during Animal Physiology.

"Don't worry. I know what it's like not getting laid for more than a month."

"Really? Am I supposed to be frustrated and irritated?"


"What if I want more from him?"

"Like what?"

"I don't know..."

"Oh shit! You're in love with him!"

Shit. I winced at her remark. There was no way I was in love with Adam! How could I be! All I do is stare at the guy and have sex fantasies about him! What is this girl thinking?!

"Anyway. There's this guy in my Chemistry class and he is FINE!"

"How fine?" I asked feigning interest. I found it hard to believe that there was another guy who matched Adam's ravishing beauty.

"So FINE! And you know what else?"


"He's gay."

Oh Shit. How come I never met the guy? Surely if he was FINE then I would have noticed him by now. But then the cute boy population in this school is LARGE so why am I being so hard on myself. One guy at a time Miles. You can't sleep with them all!

I made a mental note to ask Hannah to stop using that `g' word around me. I mean I liked guys but I hated being labeled. I didn't feel comfortable discussing my sexuality with her either. I wasn't up for discussing it with anyone! I'll ask her to label me as horny and curious. Which I was indeed.

"Seen Professor Wilder lately?"

Actually I haven't seen that sexy professor of mine in a while.

"No I haven't. Why?"

"Ok I was passing by and I stared at him because he was just so good looking and he winked at me!"

"Well I'd wink too if someone beautiful like you stared at me."

"You are so sweet!" Hannah leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. I turned to see a couple of envious girls giving Hannah the evil eye.

"I wonder if Prof. Wilder works out," I asked remembering how well his body was structured and that he didn't wear an undershirt. HOT!

"Wanna feel his biceps?"


"Touch his pecs?"

"Hell yeah."

"Ok. I think we're getting too carried away here," Hannah said smiling.

I had no idea what possessed me to say those words. I've never discussed my feelings for other guys with anyone before. The guys I did sleep with didn't like it when I talked about other guys so I kept my mouth shut and only opened it when I moaned their names.

"I'm going to get more food. You better take care of that," Hannah said indicating my hard-on that tented my jeans.

_ _ _

_ _ _

I fisted my cock on my bed with the covers on my ankles just in case Lane walked in. I thought about Adam fucking me hard and then thoughts of Prof. Wilder came into my head and he fucked me on his desk. I touched myself and kept moaning, whimpering as I came so close to--

The sex between my hand and me was cut short with my cell phone ringing. I wanted to finish but my curiosity as to who would be calling me now had me pulling my pants up.

The number did not register with my caller ID. This had better be good.

"Hello?" I tried not to sound so irritated.


I felt a smile creeping over my face.


"How are you?"

Well I was jacking off a minute ago.


"Hehe. Good for you. How are your classes?"

By the time we had gone through talking about how her classes were killing her slowly, my cock went limp. I did not feel like reviving it. I wish I wasn't so sexually depraved. Had I been back home, I would just roam around downtown scouring gay bars for sexy guys. If only I had a car...

"Miles? Are you there?"

Whoops. I forgot Adrienne was on the other line.

"Yep. I'm here."

"Me and my roommate are gonna go eat now. I'll call you later, ok?"


Had I been attracted to girls, people would probably think I'm the luckiest guy in the world with a girl like Adrienne chasing after me. I also kissed her remember? What lapse in sanity caused me to do that? People were watching all over! Shit. Well Adrienne was a pretty girl. Kissing her was...Nevermind. I'm not going to say that I had more fun kissing other guys. Thank god she was far away and I had the whole semester to work things out.


I sat on my bed waiting for Lane to come back. He usually worked out everyday at the gym for about an hour so he should be arriving any moment now. He'd be all sweaty and still looked good. While I waited I browsed this underground site for discreet closet cases like me for a nearby bar where I can hook up with someone. This sex deprivation can only last for so long.

I also worked on an excuse for Lane to lend him his car for the evening. He was a really nice guy and I'm sure he wouldn't mind. Hopefully my excuse would be good enough. The nearest `underground' bar was somewhere downtown along the lakeshore. From my experience, the hottest guys go on a school night.

Lane walked in a few minutes later all sweaty like he'd always be after a workout.

"Hey buddy," Lane greeted me.

"Hey roommate."

"Would you stop calling me that?"

"Why? You don't like it?" Hehe. I loved playing around with him.

Lane peeled off his shirt and threw it in his hamper. His torso was wet and water dripped down his smooth back. He peeled off his workout shorts and he was left with only his boxers.

"Um...DO you think I can borrow your car for tonight? I promise I'll take care of it."

Lane eyed me curiously. "Where are you going?"

"Downtown somewhere."


That was easy. I was surprised that he didn't put up an argument. I would have if it had been my car.

"Just let me take a shower and I'll drive you."


"What?" Lane said smiling.

"I kinda have to go alone."



"Why do you always keep things from me?"

Shit. I did not want to argue with Lane while he was in his boxers! I found it so hard to NOT stare at his tight upper body and his six-pack.

"And what makes you think that I would let you drive my car?"

"I thought we were friends..." I said sadly.

"Oh please. Don't play cute with me! I just want to know where you're going!"

Dammit. It didn't work. At least he noticed me being cute.

"Ok fine," I said trying not to sound desperate. "I have a date tonight."

How pathetic. And I didn't have my own car here.

"Oh," Lane said wide-eyed. "With who?"

"Girl I met in the beginning of the year."

"She hott?"


"Wow. Should I be jealous?"

"Well if you don't lend me your car, then no."

Lane chuckled. "Yeah you can borrow it. I trust that you won't get into an accident?"

"No I won't. I promise."

Lane walked over to his desk drawer and tossed me his keys.

"Have her home before midnight."


While Lane in the shower, I threw on my black clubbing outfit, fixed my hair and made my way towards to parking lot.

"Where are you going?"

I turned around to see Hannah sitting down on a bench reading a magazine.

"Somewhere," I said trying not to sound rude.

"Liar. You have a date tonight!"

Damn. This girl can see right through me. Well in a way...

"Are you going to get lucky?"

"Not if you keep talking to me," I said smiling.

"Oh alright. By the way, you look smokin' in that black top of yours."

"Thanks for the confidence boost."

"I don't think you'd need it," she said as if she was about to eat me. "Now go before I rip your clothes off."


The drive down to Tartarus (the club I'm going to) took like forty minutes. It's so boring when you drive long distances by yourself. I was extra careful along the way because I did not want to scathe Lane's car. He'd probably kill me and I'd have to leave school and find a job to pay off the damage.

Tartarus was dark, gloomy and creepy as hell on the outside. Goes to show my desperation.

Things lightened up on the inside. The `bouncer' (they weren't really called that) was cute and he mimicked a kiss when I passed by. Unlike the exterior, the interior was handsomely designed. Very masculine colors of red, black and...yellow? Well I wasn't sure about the yellow but the place looked very straight to me. There were only two females in the entire room and the rest were hott guys around the ages of 21-26. I didn't really see anyone my age. After all, it was an "underground" site.

Thank god most of the guys who were in The Underground were hott, single and successful. Everyone was wearing dark colors since the site said that the dress code was usually black or dark blue. Not purple. Purple would be too...queer, I guess.

Everyone was mingling with each other. None of the guys here matched Adam's masculine beauty. Compared to him, they were on the bottom end of my hottness spectrum.

I ordered a drink, non-alcoholic mind you, and took an empty seat near the makeout booths. Some guys caught my attention and I caught the attention of those who were already talking to someone. I just sat there sipping my drink, trying to look as edgy as possible.

"Is this seat taken?"

I looked up to see a guy who looked about 21 with dirty blonde hair and a 5 o'clock shadow. He was a few inches taller than me. I thought 5 o'clock shadows were weird and indicated that a guy was lazy to shave but on this guy, it looked sexy. He was wearing a tight black long sleeve that showed his firm chest and sharp nipples through the thin fabric.

"I'm Dan," he said offering his hand for me to shake. He wasn't the best-looking guy here but then I realized that everyone here was pretty much decent looking. I guess he'd have to do.

"Miles," I said shaking his hand.

First name only. Never give out a last name.

Dan looked totally straight. Despite his choice of clothing, he had very manly gestures. No one would ever assume that he liked guys.

"So what do you do?" Dan asked.

"Oh I'm a student. You?"

"I'm a writer."

Wow. A writer. He must be a good writer from the looks of it. Most writers were starving and looked like a mess but Dan looked relaxed and had an air of success about him.

"You're cute," Dan said sipping his drink. WOW! Out of nowhere. He was really upfront about it too! Not that I didn't like being complimented.

"Thanks. You're not so bad yourself."

"You a top or bottom?"

"Uhh...depends on the guy."

Damn. This place was like a chat room where you chat with people you could see so that makes the experience more interesting. Dan looked at me while I looked around the room.

"Find any other interesting guys?" he asked.

"Nope. You?"

"Yes. He's sitting right in front of me."


Dan closed the curtains behind him, grabbed the back of my head and planted his lips on mine. He pulled my hair and forced his tongue inside my mouth. WTF? This is not what I had expected when he wanted a make out session!

I pushed him away as he continued to assault me. I liked aggressive guys but Dan was being somewhat of a prick.

"What?" Dan asked.

"'re kinda rough."

"Didn't you say you liked rough guys?"

"Well yeah but--

"But what? Oh I get it. You wanna suck my dick don't you? Suck my dick like good queer!"

"Shut the fuck up!" I have never been called that with any of the guys I slept with and none of them treated me like this.

Dan pushed me hard against the wall and kissed me harder. I kept my eyes open looking for something to hit this fucker with. I pushed Dan harder this time and he hit the opposite wall.

"You fag!" Dan hissed followed by his hand slapping my face. What kind of guy slaps? Sheesh!

I shoved him back again and his head hit a frame. I made my way out of the club through a back door at the end of the hallway lined with makeout booths. I saw Lane's car parked a few feet away when I felt someone's hand grab my collar and threw me back into the alley.

An angry Dan towered over me. The look on his face scared the crap out of me.

"So you want me to fuck you on the ground, huh? A fag like you needs to be roughed up like a good bitch!"

"Go to hell asshole!" That was the best response I could think of. I was no good at this. I should have been panicking but I remained calm hoping that I could talk my way out of this. I wanted to run to Lane's car, start the engine and run this fucker off the road.

"Come here bitch," Dan said grabbing my shirt and slamming me against the wall. I felt Dan's fist collide with my mouth and drops of blood were shed on the floor. I thought my skull cracked when it made contact with the hard wall. I winced and grabbed the back of my head while Dan continued to rough me up.

"Let me go!" I screamed. I wondered if anyone inside could hear me. My head hurt so bad that I thought I was going to faint or something.

"Want me to fuck you? Huh? Fuck your sweet little ass?"


Dan unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. This was so gross. I was semi-bare in this creepy alley with a guy who was about to rape me! I mean, my ass had been assaulted before but there was always lube and condoms involved. I was not too keen on being fucked raw.

He turned me around and gave my butt cheeks a HARD slap. I wasn't really into the whole bondage thing so the slapping hurt. I heard Dan unzipping his zipper and felt his hard organ poke against my entrance.

I felt a piece of cloth go wrap around my mouth and my arms being twisted back. I winced as I tried flailing away from his grasp. I was about to get raped!

Suddenly I felt Dan's cock lose contact with my hole and my arms being roughly released. I don't know exactly what happened but I heard something hit what sounded like a dumpster. I quickly pulled my pants up and turned to see what had happened to my attacker.

Dan's body was slumped against the dumpster and he looked unconscious. I wonder who saved me? I felt like some wimp in a movie where the hero--

"Miles, you okay?"

I turned around. The whole world stopped. My heart went in circles. I had to look twice.


Adam Belmont stepped closer and examined my bloodied lip. I couldn't believe my eyes. ADAM BELMONT! HERE! He rescued me from the clutches of my would-be rapist. I had no idea how to feel. Elated? Overjoyed? Relieved? SO many emotions surged through my body. I couldn't breathe. I was so tired. Before I knew it the whole world turned black.


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