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Chapter 6:

Sex Happens

I found it very annoying to have a stalker. I was so tired last night that I fell asleep while thinking about it. For some reason I wasn't scared. Maybe it was because I was dating a really hott, strong guy who kick the shit out of anyone who messes with me.

I woke up to the sound of Lane typing on his laptop while he was still on his bed. He is so fucking cute.

"Morning," I said getting out of bed.

"Morning," Lane replied.

"Hey do you know who sent me that envelope you gave me last night?"

"Nope. I just found it under the door."

Good. We were actually talking.

"Scoot over," I said to Lane.

He didn't move so I had to push him. I lifted the covers and got in. He was still in his boxers.

"What are you doing? Why are you on my bed? Get off!"

"Right now?" I asked giving him a sly smile.

"What the hell is wrong with you? My BED! GET OFF MY BED!"

Oh god he was so cute when he's angry. I wish I could kiss him. But no I couldn't hurt Adam like that.

"Why don't you get off?"

"Because it's MY bed. Asshole!"

I don't know why I did what I did, but I did it anyway.

I started tickling Lane on his stomach and sides.

"Miles! WHAT THE FUCK?!?"

He started laughing, somewhat agitated though. I couldn't stop tickling him. His skin felt so good. My assault didn't last long because soon after he retaliated and he started wrestling me on his bed. It was so hot. Being able to touch him every here and there with my true intentions hidden.

Lane had a really nice body. I think it was in his genes to be naturally built and have hard muscles. I grabbed one of his biceps and squeezed it. Adam's biceps were bigger.

Our horseplay began to roughen up a bit when Lane kept trying to pin me down on his bed. He had an advantage since he mentioned that he wrestled a bit in high school. I clawed at his chest and pushed him off of me and I soon got the upper hand and straddled him. I was SO HAPPY that I did not sprout a hardon right then and there. That would be so embarrassing. I mean, think about it, me on top of a really hott guy? Who wouldn't get a hardon? And he was in his boxers too!

Suddenly Lane got up and pushed me off of him and I fell back onto the floor.


Just like that.

Somehow I fell on my ass.

"Oh shit! Miles I'm so sorry!" Lane said getting off his bed to help me up.

I didn't say anything. I got up, grabbed my pillow and struck him so hard that he flew to my bed. Ok fine my bed wasn't that far and he didn't fly. He more like stumbled onto it. Still the force I put into that pillow and swing should have been hard enough to hit a baseball from here to Michigan.

I jumped into the bed with him and started tickling him again. It seemed that he has very low tolerance for being tickled. Maybe his hard body was sensitive.

The following minutes were a mess. Lane had me in headlock. I got off the bed and dragged Lane across the floor. He got up and locked me in his arms and dragged me to his bed. This was so fuckin' hott. He lifted me off the bed and threw me back down really hard and I tackled him against the wall. This was a great excuse to touch him!

I don't know how long it lasted but I ended up on Lane's bed exhausted. The room was a mess. If someone were to come in right now, they would assume that Lane and I fucked all over the place and we were both spent afterwards.

I was just lying there next to him. I think I dozed off for a few minutes.

"So who is she?" Lane asked


"The girl you're seeing."

"I'm not seeing anyone."

Lane did that cute thing with his eyebrow. "Dude I see you with that smile on your face. That look on your face that guys have after they get some. Besides, you smell like sex too!"

"Ok fine it's just some girl I met in a club. Nothing more than that."

"Are you serious? So she was just a fling?"

"Something like that..." I didn't know if Lane was buying it or not.

"You're one party animal aren't you? Already got laid during the first few weeks of your freshman year. I guess I'm not cool enough for you to hang out with..."

"Lane you are cool." He got so emo all of a sudden. SO CUTE.

"Wanna hook me up with one of her friends?"

* * *

* * *

Lane and I started talking like normal roommates again. He was just jealous that I had hooked up with someone and he hasn't. A guy like him could probably pick up any girl. He was very friendly, nice bodied and is a dormant sex machine. Hehe. I just made up the `sex machine' part.

We had lunch after and everything was back to normal. One of the things I want to establish is a good bond with my roommate while in college and I can do that now knowing what makes Lane tick. I guess he gets annoyed by the little things like I do so me and him shouldn't have a hard time getting along.

I was having Adam Belmont-withdrawal so I borrowed Hannah's car and drove to his manor.

The house: It's almost creepy to think about living in such a big place by yourself. Who knows what kind of creatures lurk inside? I described the inside before but I don't think I've ever described the outside. Think: Wayne Manor from Batman Begins only more cheerful and a bit bigger. The compound had its own forest to the side and a fountain.

The gate was open so I drove in and parked my car at the right end of the house where the caretakers usually park. There was a nice pickup truck parked where the sign said "head caretaker".

I walked towards the door and passed by Adam's Bentley and another car which I am not familiar with. The brand I mean. I don't know what kind of car it is. It looked European. It was definitely expensive.

I rang the doorbell but no one answered. I rang it again. Still nobody answered the door. I'm a very impatient person. I think I got it from my father. I pulled out my cell phone and called Adam. He didn't pick up so I left him a message telling him that I was outside.

I would've gone back to my dorm by now but my horniness kept me there. I was so fuckin' horny. I mean, when you have someone like Adam to help you out in that area, you can never get enough. I sat on the stone steps and tried calling Adam again.

Suddenly the doors opened and out came Vince, the bodyguard who brought back Lane's car to the school. At first I thought he would scold me so I just braced myself when he caught sight of me.

"Miles! How've you been?"

"Oh Hi Vince...I've been doing well. Um...Is Adam home?"

"Oh yeah he's inside somewhere. Why don't you go on inside and find him. I have to go run and take care of something."

"Are you sure that's alright? I don't want to intrude or anything."

"Look kid, I'm the head of security around here. No one can see the Belmont's unless they get through me and my men. So don't worry about it. Besides Adam put you on a list of people to give clearance to."


"Really-really. Now get your ass inside kid." Vince said smiling.

Whew. That was interesting. At least he didn't kick me out or pull out a revolver.

The house was kinda gloomy because most of the drapes were covering the windows.

[♪ Classical Piano Music Playing]

The music playing: It sounded like something Utada Hikaru would play. It was somewhat melodic and would sound great in a setting like Hong Kong with fireworks. Maybe that's the name of the song "Fireworks in Hong Kong."

The music was coming from a room on the west side of the manor. I made my way towards the sound. I didn't know if Adam was the one playing. Maybe he was.

The grand piano room was very bright but I didn't find Adam. Instead there was this boy about my age playing the piano.

The boy playing: He was hott. Enough said. Swimmer's build. He was wearing black long sleeve polo and each time he played a note he would move to the key played. He wasn't as hott as Adam. Whoever he was. But still. I wouldn't mind a fuck from him. He looked very cherubic but I know that there is a devil deep inside. Yum.

The piece he was playing reached a crescendo and then melodic again. He was on the last measure. He looked up and our eyes met. I turned around and made my way towards the door. Wherever it was.

Just when I took a few steps, I felt someone grab my hand and spin me around. I came face to face with the stranger. He was cuter up close. His hair was a darker shade of brown and had some blonde in it. He had some sort of sex appeal that reminded me of Jude Law. And I definitely smelled sex too. But it was the straight kind of sex. Gay sex is known to be very...driven.

"Who do you think you are?"

I laughed. Not a confident laugh but more like a nervous laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"I don't think I'm anyone," I replied. "I know I'm someone real already."

"Quit being so Shakespeare with me or I will unleash my Spider Ninja skills on you!"

"Oh shit! You play Ninja Gaiden?"

"Dude!! That game is THE BEST game EVER!"

"Tell me about it!"

"Well actually I haven't gotten very far. Mom and Dad don't want me failing out of school just because of videogames."

"That sucks..."

"WELL ANYWAY. Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my house?"

"Nice to meet you too. I'm Miles."

"You imbecile! Stop straying from the question!!"

I LOVED the way he talked. So sexy rich-young American-like.

"Miles? Hmm. Are you on my hit list?"

"Ok I don't understand--

"Don't SPEAK!"

"I SAID..."

"Ok fine, I'm going to leave," I said making my way towards the exit.

I didn't get far. He grabbed my hand again and led me out of the room.

"Umm...Where are you taking me?"

"The Secret Garden."

* * * *
* * * *

I couldn't resist this guy's awkward charm. So I decided to play along.

"So what's your name?" I asked while he led me through a dark hallway.


Cute name. Cute guy. Actually he's the type of guy I'D fuck.

"Ok...Patrick? I'm a friend of Adam? He's my tutor and I am visiting him. Vince let me in and I've been here before--

"Yada yada yada. That's nice. Good for Adam."

Ok he was starting to scare me. I would have loosened myself from his grip but curiosity got the best of me.

He was still holding my by the wrist and led me through another hallway. After that we went through the art room. And after that we went through a study I've never seen before. And then another room. And another waiting room. Up some stairs. Through another study and then down some stairs.

Patrick took out a key from inside his shirt and opened a wooden door. He led me through it and opened another door.

Fresh Air.

We were outside. There was a tall hedge in front of us and a bunch of statues from Greek Mythology. Kinda cool. Yet eerie. Cool and sexy too.

He opened another gate at the side of the hedge and led me inside.

The Secret Garden: There was a HUGE elephant fountain in the middle of the garden. There was a small stone table with some cups and a pitcher filled with pink liquid. The trees that grew here were mostly oak-type trees.

"Have a seat."

I did as I was told. If he tried anything then of course I will fight back. I just decided to play along and see where this was going. You could say I was curious.

So curious

Patrick: So tell me. How do you know my brother?

Me: I just told you that he was my tutor. And he never mentioned you before.

Patrick: We don't talk about each other.

Me: Ok...

Patrick: Drink some of this

Patrick poured a cup of the pink juice in the pitcher and handed it to me. It looked like some alcoholic beverage.

It looked harmless.

I was about to take a sip when--

"Don't drink that!"

I looked to see Adam in a strapping white polo shirt and pants. He looked like a typical rich boy. He takes the cup out of my hand and empties it.

Patrick: Hey Adam.

Adam: I thought I told you to stop feeding our guests your truth serum!

Ohh shit. Had I drunk that then I probably would have spilled the sexy details of how I want Adam to fuck me. SHIT. Thank god he came to my rescue.

"Hey Miles, let's get out of here" Adam said motioning me to leave the Secret Garden.

Adam shot his brother a nasty look. I've never seen Adam so mad before.

"Don't do this again, ok Patrick?"

"I love you too, big bro!"

"Shut up."

I followed Adam out to the hedge-way and when he got out, he locked the gate with a key.

* * *

"Sorry about that," Adam said as we were entering his room. "He does it all the time."

"Luckily I didn't drink any of it."

"Yeah good thing. Or else I wouldn't be able to be naughty with you!"

Adam hoisted me up and threw me on his bed. He got on top of me and started kissing me frantically.

"Oh baby I want you so bad."

Good thing he did. Because I wanted him also

Adam kissed me all over and my hands roamed his hard body. I was so hard thinking about the times he'd be working out at the gym and now he puts his body to good use. We sloppily kissed each other. He tasted so good. His lips were so close and his breath on my face.

I started sweating.

I ground HARD into Adam as he continued to kiss me. His muscles felt so good and his body was so hard. Every part of it.

"Miles can I fuck you?"

All of a sudden we stopped.

"Oh shit. Sorry that just came out. Fuck Miles, you just get me so horny!"

I just stared into his eyes.

"Sorry. I guess you'd probably want to stop..."

I grabbed the back of his head and started kissing him harder. Adam smiled and started kissing my neck.

"I guess that's a `yes'?"

"Oh FUCK YEA. Adam, fuck me like you've never fucked before."

We made out for another two minutes until we stopped.



"Oh but babe we can't do it here. Who knows when my nosy brother will pop in?"


I was so fucking horny.


We couldn't fuck in his room so Adam gave me instructions to meet at his penthouse downtown.

I had enough time to go back to my dorm, return Hannah's car and clean myself up for tonight.

I changed into my DNA underwear. It comes off really easy and it's sexy too.

I had to take the train downtown. I got off and made my way towards the address that Adam gave me.

Adam gave me a bag of goodies. Inside was a keycard to the room that we were going to fuck in. There was also a guest ID to show to the security guard when I entered.

The penthouse building was an enormous skyscraper that towered over the lake. Adam's penthouse was at the very top. The thought of us fucking in a penthouse made me even harder.

I got through the main lobby and into the elevator. There's always a gay obsession for sex and I can never get enough of it. On the way up, I thought of the number of positions that Adam and I would fuck in. I got even harder.

Finally. I was here.

I opened the door with the keycard Adam gave me.

The room was dark and a faint light was coming from a room at the end of the hallway.

Had I not been mad horny then I probably would have been scared out of my pants. It was so dark. Who knows what could have been lurking around while I was walking towards the bedroom.

There was the note on the door. It read:

`Strip down to your underwear and get on the bed'

I did as instructed and sprawled myself on the bed.

"That's a good boy."

I turned to the side and saw Adam come out of the shadows wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. I've already seen him naked. His pecs glowed in the faint light and his abs just glistened. He was wet.

I was horny as hell.

"Are you ready for me?" He had a sly grin on his face. It made me even hornier.

"Give me all you've got."

With that said Adam pulled off the towel to reveal his naked body. His chiseled

athletic frame, smooth firm skin, tousled , and rippling definition was oh-so overwhelming sexy.

My cock instantly began pulsing and expanding in my DNA briefs.

Adam got on the bed and started crawling towards me. When he got close to me he stared at my underwear. Adam let out a smile.

"Cute," he said.

He planted a kiss on my lip and before I could kiss back, Adam started kissing my chest and then down my stomach and started sucking my dick which was still sheathed by my underwear.

"Hmm baby you're so toned. I'm gonna make every muscle in you ripple. Wait till you feel the waves that I'll make for you."


Adam then did the sexiest thing ever. He bit the waistband of my underwear and took it off with his teeth. My raging hardon sprung

out. Adam slowly took my underwear off with his hands instead. Slowly. I felt it pass my thighs. Then down my knees. Past my ankles. And then they were off.

I was under this beautiful college jock naked and vulnerable.

"I like these," Adam smiled and with that he took my underwear in his hands and SNIFFED them REALLY long.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He was torturing me by just doing that. My cock was aching so bad that I thought I was going to cum right there. But I knew that it was far from over.

Adam dove down and took my cock in his mouth.

His mouth was like a vacuum. He licked both of my ball sacs first and then sucked on them. The sexy thing was that while he was doing that, his eyes were always in contact with mine. He wanted to see the pleasure on my face while he did it. The wetness caused by Adam's mouth around my cock added to the excruciating pleasure. He was sucking me so hard. So fast. My head was about to explode. I started fucking his face vigorously and ran my hand though his hair. While he was sucking me, Adam had this sexy devilish look on his face followed by a sexy grin.

I almost came.

Adam knew that I was so close to the edge and just when I was about to fall off, he grabbed me and brought me back.

He planted sweet kisses on my lips and my eyes rolled back behind my head as he slowly sucked my neck. Adam got on his back and I got on top of him and started licking his hot body.

"Which nipple do you want me to suck?" I asked.

"Left," Adam replied.

I sucked the right nipple instead. I made my way down to his 6-8 pack. I needed to lick every inch of his pack because I was so thirsty.

I knelt down and placed my hands on Adam's muscular thighs, bringing my lips to his nut sack. I gently took a ball into my mouth and licked it like a cherry lollipop. Adam moaned with a surprised pleasure. After giving Adam's balls the lollipop treatment, his thick tool began to throb, filling with blood, until all 8 impressive inches stood at full attention. I slowly licked upward around the shaft of his cock, edging ever so slowly towards the round, mushroom head.

I grabbed Adam's cock firmly at the base and began sucking and jacking him at the same time, squeezing Adam's muscled torso with my left hand. Adam began fucking my face and I felt his throbbing pole hit the back of my throat. I felt some sort of force on his cock move while I was sucking him. He was probably close and I didn't want him to explode just yet.

I straddled his cock and rubbed mine against his. Our eyes locked into one another.

"Oh Adam, I've been waiting for this for so long! Fuck me for all I'm worth!" That's something a dirty slut would say but Adam just brings it out in me.

"Miles you're worth a lot to me and I'm going to make you love this."

Adam then grabbed my ass cheeks. Squeezed it tight and threw me on my back. I grabbed the headboard of the bed as he planted a hickey on my neck. I knew that this was going to leave a mark.

Adam reached under a pillow and pulled out a condom and some lube.

He lifted my legs over to the chest and started tonguing my hole. He slid the tip all the way inside that it sent a shiver all the way to my brain.

He didn't know if I was loose enough so he poured some lube onto his fingers and dove right into my hole. I screamed so loud while he fingered me looking for all the right spots. He had this devilish look on his face while he finger fucked me.

My mind was a blur. The pleasure was too intense. Adam knew all the right spots. ALL OF THEM.

"I know where your sweet spot is baby!" Adam said like someone who found gold in Siberia.

"Oh Adam. I wanna feel your cock inside me."

He slipped the condom on and spread my legs.

My hole quivered as Adam's cock approached. I quivered and my cock was mad trembling.

Adam leaned forward slowly pressing his mushroom head against my clenched opening. My hole resisted the invasion at first. Then, after a bit more pressure, I eventually submitted and the head of Adam's cock slipped in. I pulled and tore at the bed sheets. The pain was piercing, and so was Adam's stare. Inch by inch, Adam's cock creeped in and I let out a wild howl. SO FUCKING BIG. It wasn't until I felt Adam's pubes on my ass that I knew that I was filled with his manhood.

Adam gave me a few minutes to let the pain subside. I got used to it quickly and Adam was ready for a heaven to hell pounding of my ass.

"How does that feel baby?" Adam asked.

"It feels so good you sexy jock."

I just felt like saying that. Adam leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I wrapped my legs around his strong back and the sweat from out bodies mixed with each other. I urged him in deeper and my legs wrapped around him allowed deeper penetration.

Adam's first jock thrust sent a wave of pure pleasure from my sweet spot.

It was like a euphoric sexual wave of pleasure like:

[sweet spot]

pleasure- pleasure-

pleasure- pleasure- pleasure-

pleasure- pleasure- pleasure- pleasure-

pleasure- pleasure- pleasure- pleasure- pleasure-

pleasure- pleasure- pleasure- pleasure- pleasure- pleasure-

pleasure- pleasure- pleasure- pleasure- pleasure-

pleasure- pleasure- pleasure- pleasure-

pleasure- pleasure- pleasure-

pleasure- pleasure-


pleasure- pleasure-

pleasure- pleasure- pleasure-

pleasure- pleasure- pleasure- pleasure-

pleasure- pleasure- pleasure-

pleasure- pleasure-


pleasure- pleasure-

pleasure- pleasure- pleasure-

pleasure- pleasure-


pleasure- pleasure-


pleasure- pleasure-

pleasure- pleasure- pleasure-

pleasure- pleasure-


The rippling effect caused me to moan so loud.


"Oh baby the sounds you make! Damn, you are so fucking tight, man. It feels awesome."

I grabbed his biceps and felt them flex each time he thrusted into me. And each time he thrusted I enunciated a moan.

Adam leaned towards me, and brought his lips to mine. He first softly kissed my upper lip, and then opened his lips to allow our tongues to caress each other. Adam then gently took my hands off of his arms and, locking our fingers, held them down against the bed at opposite sides of my head. His tongue explored my mouth; he began to slowly fuck me with long, deep strokes. Waves of pleasure washed over me as I felt Adam slowly slide his massive tool out until only the head remained, and then drive the full length all the way back in. His strokes were tender yet torturous. Just when I think I'm about to explode, Adam slows his pace to prolong my orgasm.

We continued to kiss and I wrapped my legs tighter around Adam's waist. Our hands were entangled and I would hold tighter with each sweet thrust. I squeezed my hold around Adam's cock to drive him insane and he would only fill my hole to its entirety.

His pelvic thrusts made rippling waves. He was such a pro at this that we were moving in a sexy fluid motion. He body was so oily from the sweat and his masculine scent kept me at the brink of sexual heights. I opened my eyes to find him staring at me. His eyes were so tender and sweet. He didn't want to hurt me even though I was asking for something rough and rowdy.

Adam's body was a sex machine. Every muscle in his body was hard as he thrusted into me. His toned pecs were against mine and I felt his nipples on my chest. My legs would urge him inside my hole some more and I would let out a moan each time he hit the spot. Oh-so-well did he hit that spot. My eyes would roll back each time he thrust into me. Feeling his skin against mine made me so hot.

The smell of sex was intoxicating. The sounds I made drove Adam crazy and the sounds he made turned me on.

"Ohh baby, you fill me up!"

Adam continued his lovemaking to me. Some thrusts would be long and slow and some smooth and quick. I urged him to keep going. However he fucked me, I knew I was getting closer to the edge.

Finally Adam hit the sweet spot so many times that my cocked started oozing involuntarily.

"Oh, God, Adam!! Oh, fuck, I'm coming, dude! Oh, fuck! Uhh, uhh!! UHHHHHHH!! ADAM!! Oh, ADAM!! Uhhhhhhhhh!!" I screamed, pulling my mouth from Adam's and biting into the side of his neck."

Adam let go of my hands and started to jack me off and fuck me a little faster. That did it. I exploded right then and there. I held onto the muscled ridges on his back and my legs held on as my body convulsed. At that moment my cock shot my cum out all over Adam's sweaty chest and the ridges of my stomach.

My hole spasmed and clenched down tightly around Adam's tool, which sent him rocketing toward his own orgasm. Adam had lost his edge and lost all control. My eyes were rolled back as I still kept cumming while Adam stroked the juice out of my cock.

"FUUUUUUUUUCK!! Ohh, fuck, I'm coming!! I'm coming!! Uhh!! Uhhh!! UHHHH!!" Adam moaned as he let himself go inside me. I felt some shots hit the end of the condom and tickled my insides. I came even harder. Adam continued his assault on my ass as he continued to cum.

I was so lost in my zone during my orgasm that I fully realized that in between my legs was one of the hottest most masculine jocks on the planet.

I squeezed the last ounces of cum from Adam and soon the condom began to drip cum. My cock still drizzled a little bit.

As our orgasms faded, Adam collapsed onto me, breathing heavily. I put my arms around Adam and held him close -- taking in the feeling of his hard, sweaty body against mine. Between our heaving chests, I could taste the masculine mixture of perspiration and sex sliding across Adam's skin and dripping down onto the bed. After a few minutes, Adam slowly pulled his spent tool from my ass and took the condom off.

I kissed his forehead. We were both drenched in sweat and sex.

Adam was amazing. He knew what he was doing.

I could totally get used to this.

End of Chapter 6

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