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Chapter 7:


Sunlight creeped into the room rousing me from my knockout sleep-after-fuck.


Last night was so intense.

The clock said it was 7:37 AM.

I just lay in bed. My eyes open, absorbing my surroundings. The room was nicely decorated with masculine elegance. The bed had a gray and red design. I didn't know what kind of fabric it was but it felt expensive. I felt some wetness on the bed next to me.

I heard the sound of a shower running.

I decided to surprise Adam since I too needed a shower.

The bathroom was huge and the shower door only showed the silhouette of the person inside.

I slowly made my way to the door and opened it.

"Morning stud," Adam said turning around to reveal his hard 8 inches standing at full length.

I walked in and went under the shower, water pouring down all over me. Steam filled the shower.

I licked Adam's face and kissed him as if I was devouring food from not eating for days. I began licking his chest and arms, sucking and biting his neck and his nipples as the warm water trickled down to Adam's manhood. The very weapon that assaulted my ass last night.

I went down on him and took his tool in my mouth. I slobbered all over it and the noise Adam made caused me to jack him faster.

He fucked my face and I felt like a dirty boy getting cleaned in the showers.

I stood up, took a bar of soap and lathered Adam's smooth chest and arms. I slicked up his dick with my soapy hands making it ultra slippery.

Adam reached down under my arms and picked me up. This super jock has brute strength and that turned me on even more. I wrapped his legs around Adam's waist, and put my arms around his strong shoulders. Adam pressed my back against the shower wall as warm water rushed around us. First, Adam began biting and sucking my neck and then stuck his tongue in my mouth. I felt his cock at my opening and he was teasing me with his cock. Then, suddenly, Adam moved his hips, and I felt his cockhead in my quaking hole, still sore from the pounding it had received last night. But for some reason I didn't feel sore. I felt pure lust and desire. All of a sudden, Adam thrust his hips upward and I was impaled on all 8 inches of Adam's jock meat more.

"Uhhh! Oh, God, Adam! You're so strong! Give it to me again! Yeah, fuck me!!

Oh, God!!" I screamed, grasping Adam's shoulder blades and burying my head into the side of Adam's neck.

He started sucking and biting my neck again and thrusted upward like a soldier shooting a bazooka in the air.

We kissed in between thrusts and Adam licked my jawbone.

My bowels were filled with Adam's cool, phallic organ and his thrusts became more intimate.
As Adam pushed in and pulled out, snarling loudly against my neck, I felt my own
hardness sliding against the soapy, rippled abdomen of my beefy super jock. The
friction caused me to wrap my legs tighter around Adam and rub my upper body against his toned chest.

The water in the shower started to cool and Adam fumbled for the knob. As another moan echoed off the tiles, his hand found the
nozzel and he turned it to the left; just as he was pressing himself further into my nether-regions, the water grew hotter and a fresh
wave of steam rose around us. Adam's hair, wet and hanging, bounced off his forehead with each thrust. He lifted one hand and ran it over my face, touching my cheek and lips.

My groans and cries of enjoyment only grew louder as Adam continued at his torturous pace. His fingers went through my
soaked hair and then held the nape of my neck tightly. His plunges into me grew faster and smoother, his organ gliding against the wall of my prostate with each lunge. Nearly screaming, my legs tightened
even more around the super jock and I massaged my swelled manhood harder and
harder against Adam's washboard abs.

"Yeah, Miles, you like it? You like my big cock, don't you? Yeah! Uhh,

uhhh, UHHH!! I'm gonna fuck you like this all the time!!!" Adam grunted, through his clenched teeth.

I watched over Adam's shoulder as his muscled ass flexed with each powerful thrust and my legs dangling due to my loosing grip on his wet body. This wonderful sight was too much for me and I felt myself hurtling towards orgasm.

"Oh, fuck, Adam! I'm gonna come! Oh, Adam! Yeah! Uhh, uhhh, uhhhhh!!"

I screamed and Adam silenced me with a few quick kisses.

Seconds later, I felt the muscles in Adam's arms and shoulders tense up and with a roar he exploded inside of me, filling my regions with his manly essence.

After toweling off, we returned to bed and got under the covers. I was so amazed at Adam's ability to fuck like that. The ferocity is his fucking was unexplainable and fucking unbelievable.


Sex and Adam are my new drugs.


I got back to my dorm and decided to start on some homework so that I'm always ahead. Each time I did a Physics problem I thought about each time Adam had thrusted into me.


I looked to my computer to see that I have an instant message.

I clicked it and found that it was from:

Me: Oh no. What the hell do you want?
SiCĶ BÖY: Why are you so mean to me?
Me: First of all you are so stalkerish. You're such a coward that you have to use some alias to chat with me
SiCĶ BÖY: Ok fine I do come off kinda stalkerish.
Me: Ok where is this going? Who the fuck are you?
SiCĶ BÖY: I'm part of the Underground.


I stopped typing. The Underground is a network of bars and clubs and some sort of organization. Adam has not really filled me in. Well he did fill me last night but not with details about the Underground.

SiCĶ BÖY: I know everything

Me: Name the 10 essential amino acids.

SiCĶ BÖY: ...

Me: You don't know everything

SiCĶ BÖY: Ok fine I don't. But I've seen you before. I've seen twice around. You're so fuckin hott

Me: Thanks. Wish I knew how you looked like.

SiCĶ BÖY wants to send you a file.


I quickly scanned the file with a virus protection tool on my computer and saved the file on my desktop.

The file: It was a picture of a cute blonde guy. He was All-American with a nice build. He had short curly hair and his shirt said "wanna fcuk?"

Me: Cute. If it's really you

SiCĶ BÖY sent me more files. Most of them were fashion editorials and ads you'd see in GQ magazine. This could not be him. The guy in the pictures was striking and took great pictures.

Me: You're not a model.

SiCĶ BÖY: Wanna bet?

Me: You're probably some poor guy who got these pictures from some website.

SiCĶ BÖY invited me to see him web cam. I decided "what the hell?" seeing some ugly guy over the net won't be so bad.

Receiving Images...55%

If he shows me his fat ugly dick first then I will ask Lane to send him a virus since Lane knows about viruses and hoax files.

Receiving Images...68%


He's probably some old fat guy who likes teenage boys and gets off by watching them fuck other teenage boys like rabbit.

Receiving Images...86%


My computer shows really high quality images from webcams. That's why it takes so long. It makes out the pixels to be ultra detailed.

Images Received Complete











My jaw dropped. He wasn't lying at all. The guy who the other side showing me his face was blonde and beautiful. He was wearing a white `College' shirt. He looked directly at the camera and smiled. I got hard.

SiCĶ BÖY: Believe me now?


His name is Jeremy. Jeremy Oak. Cute last name. There's something about blonde haired white guys that just drives me...wild.

Curiosity got the best of me (again) so I decided to meet up with Jeremy at Sushi Central. He assured me that he wasn't a sexual predator and showed me lots and lots and lots more pictures. All of them were good and Jeremy was the type of guy you'd want so bad but never get the chance to touch. *cough*Pornstar*cough*

I will remain faithful to Adam after what he did for me last night. Sent me waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over the edge. Another
reason that I decided to meet up with Jeremy was that he had connections in the Underground and knew a lot about the

I took the train to Sushi Central. It was Uptown somewhere.

I walked into the restaurant and saw Jeremy sitting by himself in a booth at the back of the restaurant.

Our eyes met. Jeremy smiled. It looked friendly.

Jeremy: Miles! It's so good to finally meet you!

He got up and gave me a hug and then a quick kiss on the cheek.

Me: What the fuck was that for? People could see us!

Jeremy: Yeah yeah. We're in Underground territory. No one's gonna care. Everyone here is just gonna want you and your fine ass. Because you're—

Me: Ok. Fuckin' Shit...So upfront!

Jeremy: You liked it.

Me: Ok so why are you so stalkerish? Using IM? I'm sorry but that's kinda lame. Why can't you just be honest? I mean you're a good looking guy...

Jeremy: I just wanted you to say that.

Me: ...

Jeremy: But seriously...I don't know...I'm just weird like that. But I just had to. You're so fucking hott.

Honestly I was flattered that Jeremy said that about me. I liked fishing for compliments.

Jeremy: Can I kiss you?

Me: NO

The prick just reached over anyway and planted a kiss on my lips. He pulled back really fast. There was no tongue.

Jeremy: Yumm. Just wait. I'll get into your pants soon enough!

Me: Ok you have got to stop. Seriously. I came here because you have information on the Belmont's

Jeremy: Oh yeah you're dating beefy Adam, aren't you?

Me: Don't make me call him to break you in half.

Jeremy just laughed like an idiot. His goofy attitude was making him look uglier and uglier. I just sat there and stared at him. My horniness got the best of me again and led me to meeting this guy. Sometimes a guy can look really good but then his attitude just screws his image.


I just stare at him.

The waiter comes and gives us our order. Jeremy grabs an Avocado roll.

Jeremy: I think you're really handsome.

I just grabbed a tuna roll and gulped it.

Me: Tell me about the Belmont's

He takes another avocado roll and eats it.

Jeremy: Fine. You're cute so I'm going to give you what you want. What do you want to know?

* * *
* * *

Picture this: The Belmont Manor and four handsome guys, two of them being Patrick and Adam. They have a sister too. They are all good looking. Everyone wants them. They have everything they want. They get everything they want. Everything.

[Jeremy voiceover]

So the Belmont's are filthy rich and own a lot of property around the world. The dad's a tycoon and the mom is a tycoon also. All the boys in the family are fucking hott. They are like Kennedy's or something. So let me see...there's Adam, who I think you've already...erm...experienced and then there's Patrick, the cute one, Jason who is in Europe and Christian, who is one sexy fucker but is the most dangerous one. Christine is the only girl, but you're not interested in her are you?

So Adam and Christian are the ones who do...stuff. Sexually immoral bastards. Everyone in the Underground wants them. Christian is straight though I know that for sure but he fucks anything that moves. Adam...well I don't know about him. He's just dangerous. Those two mess with people. They are rich and good looking so the whole world follows them. They have money, nice cars and get anyone they want. They mess with people. They destroy people also. They can have you killed if they wanted to. The two of them together is a bad combination. But then I wouldn't mind being in a threesome with them. Have me cum 4 times in a row!

So...I guess just be careful...They can play with your mind too.

* * *
* * *

I just sat there and stared at Jeremy after his story about the
Belmont's. Adam did not look at all dangerous. He was tall and handsome. Fucked me like I was famous.

"Umm ok so how do you know the Belmont's again?" I asked.

"Duuuude. I just told you that the Underground lusts for both of their asses."

"Who's hotter, Adam or Christian?"

"I think Adam is way jockier and Christian is more of the rich bad boy type. He's very charming but I know he's a snake."

"I'm not really worried about them..."

"You should be, hott stuff"

"Don't call me that..."

"Why not?"

"Because you're a rat...preying on innocent boys like me... Go back to your seedy underworld!"

Jeremy just smiled at me. All he ever did was smile. If I told him that someone rubbed shit all over his face he would probably laugh instead of kicking my ass.

"Well I gotta go," I said getting up.

As I was about to leave I turned around.

"Hey Jeremy..."

"Sup babe?"

I lifted my shirt and showed him my abs. I rubbed my stomach a bit making him want me.

He asked for more but I turned around and left him hanging.

* * *
* * *

I was walking to the train station when I saw a pile of cash on the ground. No one seemed to see it so I darted towards the wad of cash and picked it up.

I ran inside this department store that I wouldn't normally go into but I just went in anyway to count the money.

I felt bad seeing this homeless guy asking for money. I felt like giving him some of the money I picked up. Just then a cop came and told the homeless guy to scram because he was making this rich part of the city look filthy ugly. The homeless guy then goes on his way.

I counted the money in the bathroom. I was disappointed to find that it was only $260. A lot of them were twenty dollar bills which explain why it was so thick.

The store: Elegant and huge. Lots of rich people buying stuff. These entire expensive brand names from Europe or wherever. I don't really care. It's just really high class and expensive looking. Even the models that represent these products look expensive. There's this one ad of a male underwear model who wearing this black boxer brief. He looks so hott and his eyes have this intensity that made him so magnetic. This was a good ad.

I might as well spend the $260 that I found outside just in case I lose it or something. I didn't really need the money for anything anyway. I made my way through the store and looked around for anything that catches my eye.

I started sampling some male fragrances when I saw Adam walking with this other guy with dirty blonde hair wearing a nice white polo shirt. It was slightly open to show off his defined chest. They were coming my way so I hid behind the counter. Their voices got louder and I was able to hear part of their conversation.

Adam: ...I don't know Christian. I don't really trust that girl anymore after what she did to Patrick

Christian: Don't worry about her. I'll make sure she gets what's coming to her. No one messes with my little brother.

Adam: Ok well you're the mastermind behind everything. Just don't be too dirty, ok?

Christian: That's just how I play...

Adam: Yeah whatever. Anyway I'm gonna go upstairs to the coffee shop. Do you wanna come with?

Christian: Nah. I better get back to school. Dad will kill me if he saw my grades.

Adam: Yeah you better lift them up, you dumbass!

Christian: Yeah like that's going to be a problem.

I looked to see Adam and his brother parting ways. Christian was oh-so-sexy. He didn't look like a bad boy at all. He was your typical rich boy. He had a dirty blonder hair color as opposed to Adam's dark hair. He also had a cross on his neck. Catholic boys are cool.

Adam went to the coffee shop upstairs and ordered a cup of coffee. He sat down at an empty chair and pulled out a book from his pocket. I didn't know if he saw me or not so I took another route to get to the top. Adam was wearing a black blazer and jeans. He looked so good.

"Mind if I sit down?"

"I don't boyfriend might catch me," Adam smiled putting his book down.

"Oh? Boyfriend? What's he like?"

"Very handsome, looks great without a shirt, great personality..." Adam leaned in, "AND he is a GREAT fuck!"

"Hmm...sounds like someone I know."


"Wanna go for a ride?"

"You don't know what you're in for..."

"Oh really?"

* * *
* * *

I was on my back while Adam fucked me. He was a wild piston in between my legs and the bed kept banging against the wall. I grabbed his back and took a handful of his skin but it was all muscle, hard muscle. Feeling his hard body against mine drove me crazy and just when I was about to cum, the door opened and I heard Christian's voice talking on the phone.


I wanted to cum so bad. But Adam picked me up and deposited me onto his closet. He put on his boxers just in time when Christian came into the room.

The closet had little slits so I could see what was going on outside.

"Adam the target is here, you ready?"

"Yeah just let me put some clothes on."

"Umm...whose Calvin Klein boxers are these?" Christian said pointing to my boxers that Adam ripped off before we fucked.

"Oh they're mine. I use it as a rag."

"Good. That's a cheapo brand."

Stupid dumbass! What kind of underwear does he wear?

"Well anyway come downstairs when you're ready. The target is with his dad, stupid mafia dickhead."

I had no idea what is going on and who this `target' is. Did Christian say Mafia? What exactly was going on?

After Christian left, Adam opened the closet to let me out.

"So where were we?"

I jumped on the bed and Adam fucked hard until I came.


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