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Chapter 8


Part I: Crush


Part I:

"You're unbelievable"

"No YOU'RE unbelievable," Adam replied, "making all those sexy sounds as I fuck you"

Adam was putting the rest of his clothes on and I was still naked on the bed with the bed sheet covering my spent cock. Adam sat down

next to me and ran his hands over my bare chest.

"Damn, you are stacked. You have a nice six pack going for you!"

"Oh shut up. Look at you, All American jock superhero"

"You did not just call me a superhero!"

"What if I did?"

"Well if I was a superhero, then I could fly like Superman and then I could fuck you in outer space or something"

"You sound really dumb right now, you know that?"

"You are lucky that I have a meeting to go to right now, or else I would fuck you all over again"

"I wouldn't mind"

"Of course you wouldn't, can I have a kiss?" Adam leaned in and I gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"You look really handsome"

"Thanks babe"

"Hey Adam?"


"How often do you work out? I'm just curious."

"Try to at least 4 times, doing weights and cardio and then some more weights."

"Nice. You fucking sex monster"

"Don't get me started!"

"So umm...what's this target Christian mentioned?"

"Oh. Nothing. Don't worry about it. But anyway I have to go, so if you need a ride, Vince can drop you off.

I'll probably be back in like six hours and I'd hate to make you wait..."

"Tryin' to get rid of me, huh?"

"Miles, it's nothing like that at all. I like being around you"

I was just giving him a hard time. Adam leaned in for another kiss and off he went off to wherever.

* * *
* * *

I was in my boxers about to put on my shirt when Patrick opened the door.

"Nice," Patrick said looking at me.

"Excuse me?"

"I said `nice'"


"I think you have a nice body,"

Oh damn. Was he gay too?

"And no I am not gay. I just complimented you."

Oh damn. Too bad...

"Here let me help you," Patrick said grabbing my shirt and attempted to put it on me.

"I can do this on my own, thank you!"

I put on my clothes in a hurry. Patrick watched me the whole time and for some reason I didn't seem to mind.

"Follow me," Patrick said leaving the room.

I didn't really have anything else to do so I followed him anyway.

He led me to this room with a bunch of television screens. It looked like some security outpost or something...

"What are we doing here?" I asked

"Spying on Adam"

"Ok...Why would you do that?"

"Because I am a nosy person and besides I'm sure you'd want to know what they are really up to"

He was right. I didn't really know what Adam was up to. All I really cared about how he fucked me and how he was at it.

So anyway Patrick and I were watching a screen of an empty room. The door in the room opened and in comes

Christian with his cross on his chest (what a liar), followed by Adam and two other people. One of them was a man

probably in his early fifties followed by a young man who was probably around my age. He had dark hair and wore a suit with

an inside red shirt. I couldn't take my eyes off him because he was so handsome!

Christian spoke first.

"My father is leaving me in charge with one of the family restaurants and we need some of your workers."

"I'll send some who already have their papers," the elder man in the suit replied in an Italian accent.

"Where do you get these people anyway?" Adam asked

"Usually from Asia or some European countries"

"Care to specify?"

"No. the point is that they illegally come to this country and the find themselves work in the black market.

Now since your pa wants to buy them off of me and pay them a bit better then I am willing to give them up."

"Alright" Christian said.

"Do you have the check?"

"Yes we do. Our father is a busy man so he lets us in on handling small things like this."

"I'm sure he is."

Christian pulled out a check from his jacket pocket and handed it to the man.

Throughout the whole conversation my eyes were fixed on the young guy in the suit. He was so gorgeous.

I kept staring at him but that didn't last long since Patrick turned off the monitor.

"Ok...they didn't do anything diabolic this time."

"What do they usually do?" I asked.

"Threaten people, play cruel intentions etc..."

"Who were the two guys they were doing business with?"

"That was John Santucci and his some Nick."

Yumm. Nick was this hot Italian college aged kid. I wanted to see him shirtless.


I thought the whole Patrick thing was useless. The only good thing about it was that I got to see a new cute guy named Nick.

Of course I am not going to abandon Adam. He is such a wonderful guy and I am lucky to have him.

But just because I am going out with him doesn't mean that I can't look at other eye candy right? OK I'm a bad person for just saying that...

There's just something about myself I haven't figured out. I have this obsession for sex but not in a way that I'd have a lot of sex.


I decided to visit this Westfield shopping center a few miles away from the school.

I had nothing else to do since I finished all of my homework and reading assignments at the beginning of the week.

Westfield had a lot of neat stores and a lot of teenagers going into them to spend their parents' cash.

I was never like them when I was growing up. When I did spend cash it was hard earned money coming from my paycheck.

As I was looking for a decent bookstore or some Sony store I saw Nick Santucci (the guy at Adam's house earlier)

walking to this clothing store. He was wearing regular (yet expensive looking) clothes instead of that mafia looking suit and tie.

He had jet black hair and really nice facial features. He looked serious most of the time but that made him look oh-so-hot.

Being the weirdo I am, I pursued his hot Italian ass. And damn was it a very nice ass from the looks of it.

Although it was covered in jeans, I could tell it was nicely shaped. I loved the way he walked.

He had this really cheeky swagger that most European male models ought to posses.

As I followed him, he lifted his shirt so he could scratch his stomach. In doing so,

I was able to see the band on his underwear and parts of his nice back.

Man don't you just hate it when guys show some skin and it leaves you wondering what the rest looks like?

Geoffrey Beene. That's the brand he was wearing. Nice.

So I followed him into this store. The clothes were nice and were the kinds I wouldn't mind wearing.

In high school, I had this obsession for following cute guys. Kinda stalkerish, I know...but hey I need to get my fix of eye candy.

So anyway, this one time I was working out at the gym and there was this tall cute blonde guy.

He had a nice body and he wore a shirt that said "Workout Shirt". He looked so hott when he would do sets on the various machines in the gym.

I had to control myself from staring too long!

Every time he would leave the workout room, I would follow him and see where he is going. Usually he would just drink

some water and come back to working out. I felt so stupid doing that and usually I'd give up in the end.

The guy would then go into the locker room and I would pretend I was washing my hands or tying my

shoes just so I could see what he looked like under his workout shirt.

I wasn't disappointed when he revealed his hot upper body which resulted in me popping a

boner which I had to take care of. I thought he was going to take a shower but he put his shirt back on and went back into the weight room.

As my mind was wandering like it always does, I lost sight of Nick.

I looked around the store and scoured the fitting rooms to no avail.

Oh well. I tried. So much for being a stalker.

I was about to leave the store when this stupid guy tripped me on the way out. I fell hard on my ass and it hurt.

I must've looked so stupid tripping in front of all those people.

The stranger who tripped me offered his hand and helped me up. He had a very firm grip and was pretty

strong in helping me up. I looked up to see Nick Santucci staring at me.

"You OK?" Nick asked

Shit. His eyes were so penetrating. They were this nice hazel color. Not those really pretty bright colors

but those dark yet sexy colors that make the guy dangerously handsome.

"Yeah, I'm fine" I replied.

Nick smiled.

Oh shit. He has that really dangerous looking, yet sexy fašade but when he smiles you see this charming

person that could probably the best person you'll ever meet.

Throughout the whole 6 seconds that this event occurred, I realized that I was still holding Nick's hand.

"Oh crap, Sorry!" I said pulling my hand away.

Nick smiled again.

I smiled back this time and turned around and made my way out of the store. I quickly glanced back to see Nick still looking at me.

* * *

* * *

I walked into my room to see my sexy roommate Lane as usual playing with my PS2.

"Hey Lane"

"Hey Miles. Don't mind me playing more God of War. Hehe"

"Do you ever have any homework to do?"

"Yeah I do them pretty fast. Most of the stuff I learned in high school."


"Man I've been playing for hours, I think I'm going to go to the gym."

I haven't really gone to the gym here since I arrived and most of my workouts were when me and Adam rocked the bed.

"Do you want to come?"

"Umm...yeah sure" I figured it wouldn't hurt to work out for a bit. Plus this is an opportunity for me to see Lane in action.

** 10 minutes later **

The gym was large and facilitated almost every sport that college students played.

There were two basketball courts; one for interscholastic use and another for playing soccer or whatever. There were also

three tennis courts, a few rooms for racquetball, and of course a large swimming pool.

"Hey let's go to the weight room" Lane said pulling me like a little kid at the candy store.

Lane wasn't as big as Adam but he was still desirable. The worst scenario now would be

me sprouting a hard on while seeing Lane work out.

We started off doing some bench presses. I looked so bored when I was spotting Lane but I was

actually examining his chest muscles and nice arms while he worked out.

"Come on Miles!! Push a little bit more!" Laid encouraged as I finished my last rep.

"I can see those veins popping! I bet you're ripped under there!"

WTF? Under my shirt? Ok I don't think that's a comment a straight guy would say to a workout buddy.

I rested a little and decided to go for a little run. I try to get some cardio in during every routine that I do.

Not too much though because you don't want your muscles to shrink. All that lifting would go to waste.

The school has this really nice forested area that has a path where you can go jogging.

Runners who go frequently say it's a good scenic view of nature so I thought I would give it a try. Lane said he'd accompany me. I feel that it would look kind of "awkward" to see two guys jogging together but I didn't really want to tell him that.

I tried running faster than him but he kept up so I gave up. People who passed by didn't really pay attention

so I stopped worrying and focusing on my run. If there are two things that do the body good it would be milk and running.

I tried not to think of sex while running because that usually made me tire faster. Heh.

We ran for like 30 minutes and came to this nice open field that was part of a large park.

The leaves on the trees were all sorts of colors but the grass retained its green hue and the sunlight hitting the multicolored leaved trees.

I laid on the grass to catch my breath and Lane laid down beside me. Ok I know this is something

you'd see at some coming-of-age gay movie but that's what really happened. What I wanted to happen,

however, was that Lane would sit up and kiss me on the lips really slow as if he was trying some forbidden fruit.

OMG what am I talking about? He's the forbidden fruit! Why am I having thoughts of Lane when I am seeing Adam?

The answer to that question would have to be because Lane is so irresistible and sexy.

His smile, body, personality...everything about him radiated this heat that puts me in the mood for sex.

Another scenario that could've happened was Lane kissing me on the lips slowly and then running off into the forest.

Of course there would have to be some precursor conversation before that. Then he'd kiss me and run off into the forest.

OR he'd kiss me and run off into the forest and I follow him and we rip each other's clothes off and have hott forest sex.

It'd be so hot that the whole forest would set on fire and it would be OUR fault.

But this is what REALLY HAPPENED:

Lane asks me: "What was your first kiss like?"


"I'm just curious."

"My first kiss was a mistake," I said recalling the time when I was "straight". I was going to kiss this girl

on the cheek but she moved her head unknowingly and my lips met hers. We pulled back slowly and stared at each other.


"How's that nice?"

"Mine was quick and experimental"

WTF!!?!? OMG that is definitely something you'd see in a coming-of-age film by a filmmaker who is having a hard time coming out.

"I mean me and my best friend, who is a girl of course, was experimenting. First kisses usually mean something"

I didn't know what else to say about that so I changed the subject and talked about school.

** 13 minutes later **

I felt so dirty after jogging and sweating and then laying on the grass for some guy talk with my sexy roommate.

Normally I wouldn't shower in a gym but I just felt that I had to after being plastered with sweat.

The showers were wide open with shower heads all over the room. The shower room was packed when

I entered but I found an empty one next to this hott guy. He looked about 30+ but had a nice sculpted ass.

Luckily I was tired that all I thought about was getting clean instead of the many cute guys in the shower room with me.

The water felt so good on me when I felt someone's hand push my back!

"Move over" Lane said coming up next to me.

I tried my very best for my jaw NOT to drop or to look DOWN.

"All the other showers were taken"

I looked around the room to see that he was right; all the showers were occupied.

Lane has a really nice body. Very tight and muscled. Very Abercrombie even. Even better I'd say.

I just looked straight and continued to wash off quickly so that I don't get too excited.

"Oh you have some dirt on you shoulders," Lane said as he wiped some soap onto my shoulder.

"Thanks" I tried my best to say it in the most uncaring way possible. As if him touching me while

I was naked in the shower did not stir me at all. Lane grabbed the shower head and the water cascading down his body was too much for me.

Before the blood could travel down to my cock and sprout a hard on, I left the shower room and told Lane I'd meet him outside.
My cock started to get hard and I had flashed of me and Lane doing naughty things.

I felt naughty and that put me in the mood for a bad boy fuck.

Part II:

**The next day**

I unbuttoned Adam's shirt as fast I could while fighting the temptation of ripping it
right off. I almost ripped his pants off but soon everything came off.
I kicked off my boxers then placed my hands on his waist--
feeling his warm breath against me. Unable to control my horniness,
I pushed Adam onto the bed.
"Whoa, dude! What's got into you?" Adam said, smiling as I climbed on
top of him.
"Oh god, I am so fucking horny! You have no idea!!" I said, as I feverishly
began worshipping Adam's hot body.
 I began licking Adam's chest, spending ample time on his hard
nipples and even burying my face in Adam's armpits to inhale the musky
scent of deodorant and athletic power. I hungrily licked around
Adam's bulging biceps, feeling them with my tongue as they flexed. I
then licked and nipped at the mounds of Adam's pecs, then down the
ridges of his hard abs. I brought my lips to his and sucked on them for a

I slowly made his way down to Adam's nuts - savoring each one
in my mouth while running my fingers lightly
along the shaft of Adam's cock, causing it to swell and stretch out.
Suddenly I grabbed the base of Adam's cock and took half the
shaft down my throat and Adam moaned deeply. I began sucking and jacking Adam's cock with
passion - as if to light the fuse on the dynamite in Adam's balls -
which would soon lead to the explosion that would rocket to
heights of unbridled ecstasy.
"Aw, god yeah, Miles! That feels so fucking good, man! Uhhh! What's
gotten into you today? Whatever it is, remind me to thank it!!" Adam
asked, moaning and gasping.
I released my grip on Adam's cock, and Adam tried to sit up but 
I pushed him back down on the bed.
"Stay right there - just a second," I said. 
I got up and quickly grabbed the small bottle of lube and a MAXIMUM PLEASURE
condom for Adam that I had in my bag. I returned to the bed and straddled Adam, and dripped a few globs
from the bottle into my hand. I slicked up Adam's shaft and placed the condom on.
Adam grabbed the bottle from me and squirted several drops onto his right hand, and then, reaching
under me, began massaging my pucker. I moaned and grabbed Adam's hard shoulders. 
Adam then slipped his thick thumb inside me and my cock twitched. Adam then
began massaging my prostrate and pulled out after hard panting from me.
 I rubbed my cock on top of Adam's and put both of my hands on Adam's
chiseled chest, squeezing the huge muscles of his pecs. I then arched my
back and rubbed my slick cock along Adam's shaft causing friction, up and down slowly,
stopping momentarily and repeating the process.
"Aw, fuck, dude! Stop teasing me!! You're being such a bad boy. I'm going to
have to teach you a lesson!" Adam moaned, practically begging as he roughly squeezed the sides of
my hips.

"My hips don't lie baby."
Adam had this weird look on his face. He was so cute that I just had to kiss him.
I moved my hole to Adam's mushroom head, and, 
pressed back until the head popped through my sphincter. 
I'm in for a wild ride. I bet he'd going to have me screaming as if I was on a
rollercoaster ride for bad boys like myself.
Soon I was impaled on all 8 inches of Adam's
jock tool, until I felt Adam's pelvis on my ass.
"Oh, yeah, man! I love that tight ass! Yeah, ride my cock! Uhhhh!!"
Adam moaned loudly.
I rode Adam's cock like a rodeo champ, slamming my ass
down furiously against Adam's loins. Each time I came up, I clenched
my ass cheeks as hard as I could, milking Adam's hard tool for the
massive load that could send me flying off of him. I squeezed Adam's pecs and
strong arms, staring into his eyes, sweat trickling down my chest -
dripping onto Adam's body. I remembered going to the gym yesterday and working out.
I know Adam works out a lot and for some reason thinking about the gym only made me ride
Adam harder like a real bad boy would. Lost in an almost ravenous lust, I wanted to show
Adam that I could ride it just as fast and hard as I could take it.
"Oh, fuck, dude! Uh, uhhh! Damn, you can ride a cock! God, yeah!
Uhhh!!" Adam moaned, grabbing my hips tightly.
The power dynamic soon changed, however, as Adam began to thrust
upward roughly to meet mine. I thought the bad boy in me would own this ride
but I began to feel the force under me that would prove me wrong. Adam took
over completely and I began moaning, gasping, and screaming. I held on, riding the
bucking rollercoaster jock beneath me.

"You think you're a bad boy huh?!" Adam said as he thrusted upwards into me. My head bobbed with 
each thrust and I kept moaning with each thrust. "I'm going to take that as a yes!"

I leaned into his ear and whispered how much I loved riding his cock and how strong he was. I told 
him that I've been a bad boy and I wanted him to drill me harder. "Show me how you deal with bad boys
you sexy jock fucker!"

I looked down on the sex machine of a jock boyfriend beneath me. He must've been sent
by the Greek Gods or something because his body was just too perfect. I long to see him shirtless
all the time.

"Why are you such a bad boy HUH?!? Want me to fuck you harder??" Adam said as he jackhammered
my hole. I felt the MAXIMUM PLEASURE condom clad cock of his fill my hole and my head bobbed again due to
the massive force of his thrusts.

puts his hands on my hips and raises me up with him as he sits up on the edge of the bed.
He grabs my waist with his strong hands and tosses me up and down on his pole like a toy, thrusting up into me
from below. He kisses around, breathing hard on my chest, moaning little into me. He licked my nipple and
sent me on edge.

"This is the best part of the ride baby, you better hang on tight!"

That turned me on even more! I find my feet and start riding Adam fiercely,
clawing at his back for leverage to slam myself down on his loins harder and harder.
I slam down onto him and grind my ass in, looking into his eyes.
He lets go of me and sits in to watch me bounce on his cock, watching me grind myself into him and raise up to
the tip of his shaft and slam myself back down on him, grinding it in and finding his lips and suck his tongue into my mouth,
and grind myself again, feeling him so inside me I can't get enough of it.

I put one hand on his shoulder and one hand on his back, digging my heels into the bed, and use every muscle
in my body to jam up and down as fast and hard as I can. It's like me trying to compete with his thrusts. Showing him
how bad boys do. This was too much and I knew I was losing.

I try my best to own the ride but he remains unshaken. I look into his eyes and he smiles
through his sweat drenched face.
My cock rubs against his soaked stomach and soon I feel the imminent explosion coming.
I was in surreal bliss and began convulsing on Adam's lap.


I came hard. Torrent after torrent of cum shot onto Adam's abs and chest.

Under me, I feel a flux in Adam's loins and he thrusts into me harder.

"Fuck MILES! I'm coming UHH uHHHHH!!!!!!! UHHHHHHH!!! FUCK!"

The fluid dynamics that seeded inside me were too great that the condom started leaking.
I felt wetness inside. I ran my hands over Adam's broad backside.

We were both shaking from the orgasm and I felt myself rising to some
euphoric dimension that only the best in sex reach. Hell, if this is what it's like to be fucked
as a bad boy (even though I was pretending) then I would be a bad boy all the time.

Adam and I laid back down on the bed. My mind was recapping what had just happened. FUCK!! That was
probably the most amazing sex ever!

"Oh Miles I don't know what got into to you but ..MAN!"

I looked into Adam's eyes. They were soft and kind and were piercing in a good way.

"Adam you're amazing. I love you!" I said panting and quickly kissing him on this lips.
We kissed some more for a few minutes but I was so worn out that I felt my eyes close.

"I know baby, I know. I love you too..."


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