October, 2001


   Chris lay on the bed, awake. He felt exhausted... the tears had long since dried, but his heart ached, the pain was real bad. He just couldn't believe all that had happened, all so sudden, so quick... and then such a dramatic and traumatic end. And the shock and pain of it all... he groaned and felt the tears start again. This had been his first and only time and he had thought he was in heaven, that this was it.... And then suddenly it turned out to be so devastatingly painful!!!

   'God, why did it have to be this way...?' he cried out loud, his body wracked by the sobs.



Breaking Free

   The young boy looked into the mirror, looking at his reflection... and saw a very handsome young man stared back at him... He was an exact copy of his mother, considered one of the most beautiful lady of her times. The same face, the same translucent complexion, the same fragile frame... delicate, but in his case, in a masculine way. Similar golden hair and the same large, azure blue eyes.... the same long, blond lashes, the same coy looks.... His lips, curled in a soft smile, were a bit fuller though.... but the smile was the same.... dazzling and infectious. He was slim and lithe and just developing the subtle hint of muscles....

   He raised his hands high and placed them behind his head, tilting it slightly to one side.... He looked into his eyes and felt a tingle pass through his entire frame. He would turn 18 in another week and that excited him. But his joy was not just about the event of attaining adulthood. He was also excited about having managed to finally convince his father and grandfather, to let him to go on the tour with his friends - without the usual attendants... the bodyguards and valets.... and pages....

   Yes, he was no ordinary mortal but a Prince.... and second in line to the throne, after his father, the Crown Prince. And coming from one of Europe's most ancient and established Royal families he was adored by all... cherished by the public and his family alike. But all the adulation could at times get very embarrassing and downright distressing. And he dreaded it - the incessant attention, of the public, his peers and worse, the press!

   His eyes moved lower, taking in each inch of the beautiful figure reflected in the glass.... There was a slight smattering of silky blond hair, barely visible, under his arms.... but the torso was left bare and smooth, the boy tits pink and so tender looking, already pointed and stiff with the excitement flooding his body.... Lower still, his eyes traveled, over the flat belly, to the sudden rise of the pubic mound... covered with a lush growth of silky, curly blond hair.... and out of the bush rose the most tender looking stalk, his penis, about three inch in its flaccid state and just over six when hard.... The balls hanging low in their silky sac, two equally large globes.... rolling slightly as he shifted.

   He turned slightly and looked at the reflection of his tight bubble butt.... Oh, so full and smooth... incredible! He knew it would send the guys in a tizzy to just catch a glimpse of that awesome butt, those firm rounded cheeks.... But then, he just couldn't let that happen... he had to suppress his feelings.... the real him.... after all he was a Prince and had to be extremely careful ! One false move or one slight hint of his true nature and the press (and the adoring public) would rip him apart and not to mention the shame it would bring upon his family! He still remembered what they had done to his parents.... And he loved his family dearly... he couldn't allow that to happen, not to his family, not again!

   Yes, he loved his grand parents and his father, but he absolutely adored his mother.... But she was now dead, killed in a terrible skiing accident in Switzerland two year back when he had just turned 16 and it still haunted him. He couldn't do a thing to shame his family or the memory of his dear mother. But he did wonder, at times, when the rising hormones in his body engulfed his very being, numbing his senses with its surging heat, making the constant suppression agonizingly distressing - could he not just escape for a few days.... maybe somewhere where he wouldn't be recognized, anonymous, and then meet someone, someone nice, someone tender and caring and loving.... and live his dreams just that once.... for a few days.... And then he would return and live up to the image that was being thrust upon him... an image that he HAD to maintain. O why, why couldn't he be born a commoner, an ordinary, normal boy... at times he thought!

   His hands lowered to take the tiny pointed nipples between his slender fingers, tweaking them and he felt the rush, the shudder, run through him, making him gasp aloud. He closed his eyes and let his hands run over the smooth, tingling flesh.... caressing, fondling....

   'Oh, if only this had been the hand of another man!' he thought.

   One hand moved lower still.... over the flat stomach and into the thick growth, twirling his long fingers around the lush bush that grew over his pubic mound.... He licked his full lips... as his fingers curled around the now hardened shaft and moaned with unbridled lust... wanting... wanting another man, another boy.... His hips bucked as he started to jack himself, slowly, sensuously.... gradually speeding up. Meanwhile his other hand reached behind to caress and knead the full globes of his teen ass.... squeezing the awesome cheeks before a finger snaked in between the crack and searched for the puckered hole. And as the middle finger nudged at the mouth and entered the fiery channel he ground his hips into his fist and came.... his whole body jerking involuntarily, mouth open and gasping for air.... the creamy nectar shooting out far to splatter the glass of the mirror and roll down.... in thick gobs.

   There was jubilation when his friends heard that he too would be coming along with them and most importantly, without the usual entourage! They liked him a lot but didn't particularly relish the idea of him coming with those men. Of them hanging around, literally breathing down their necks at all times. But this time, since his father and the King had agreed to allow him to go without the men they felt relieved and happy. It would be really great fun together they were sure of that.

   There was another week before they left for Austria and the mountains there. They had planned a fortnight on the slopes, skiing and camping and the Prince was excited about the whole thing but something was bothering him.... Once he had been given the permission to go alone, an idea had come into his mind and it didn't allow him to enjoy the preparation and the excitement....

   He still had four days before he left for home for his birthday and then return the very next day to join his friends before they left for Austria. And this thought was keeping him on tenterhooks.... There was just one person who he could confide in..... he could trust..... and who would agree to help - Gilbert. But then, would he really do it.... would Gilbert dare to...? Again, would he, the Prince himself, go ahead with the idea? Whatever, he HAD to decide now itself.... he had to finalize before he left for home and there was not much time left to think or decide.... he HAD to act now!

   He went to Gilbert and told him of his plans....

   "What...? Are you crazy or something?" the boy nearly screamed, in shock and alarm.

   "No.... don't ask me too much for I can't tell you anything, but please do this for me. Your the only one whom I can trust...." but he couldn't finish.

   "And what happens if the King or your father finds out?"

   "They wont, you heard my plans...."

   "But the government? They are sure to keep an eye on what you do.... where you go?"

   "That's why all this elaborate plan Gilbert, they won't."

   "But I don't like this one bit!"

   "Please do this for me.... just this one favor and I'll always remember it. Nothing will go wrong and I promise to be back the same day you all return and then we can go back together and no one will be any wiser!"

   Reluctantly Gilbert agreed to do what the prince wanted.... He was apprehensive of the whole thing but he also wanted to help, they had been such good friends and he truly cared for the Prince. At times he felt very sad for his friend... Though he had everything, it seemed like he had nothing! He could neither go anywhere nor do anything that a normal kid could do.... bound by a false sense of pride and 'image', royal protocol and numerous such compulsions. There were so many restrictions...! Constantly hounded by the press and public.... as if waiting for him to falter so that they could jump him.... tear him apart ! It was like living the life of a prisoner. While all the kids his age freaked out, the Prince couldn't even live like a normal teen, having to maintain reserve and decorum.... act like a grown up.... Gilbert felt sorry for him, pitied him.

   And then there was that incidence of the sudden and tragic death of his mother.... He had seen the trauma the Prince had gone through then. He had also seen the warm, loving side of the Prince, rarely seen by the public.... and he really cared for his friend. He would do it, whatever the consequences... and if they did get caught he would happily take the blame and take whatever punishment was given to him!

   So, when the prince left for home, Gilbert went to the airport and booked a ticket to New York in the Prince's name, a name that not too many people would recognize since he was known by his Royal Title. And since his passport didn't mention his royal status or include his royal title it would be no problem. He collected the ticket and documents and waited for the Prince to return.

   Though the King had allowed his grandson to travel with his friends without the usual bodyguards and attendants, he obviously couldn't allow the young Prince out of their sight.... never. He called the Prime Minister and asked him to take the necessary steps. The Prince had to be totally safe while he, the King, was to be kept informed about each and every happening. Initially the Prime Minister had been reluctant to accept the King's decision - there were numerous threats, what with all those terrorist groups all over the world these days with their own particular agenda and who knew what might happen. And especially after that horrible accident involving the Royal Princess, they couldn't take any chances. Plus there was the press.... if those people ever got the wind of the Prince's plans of going away alone, without security, God only knew what that could lead to. But finally he relented.

   It was decided that the government would send a team of their secret service agents ahead and they would keep an eye on the group once they reached Austria, but from a distance. While two more men would go along with the group, on the same flight, keeping a sharp eye on them while maintaining a respectful distance. The Prince and his group would have a security blanket around them, ready to move in and protect but the boys would never even get to know about it, unless it became absolutely necessary... And the King and the government would be kept informed of each and every move they made. This suited all concerned just fine.... the Prince would be happy in the knowledge that he was finally alone and the King would get detailed information, each day, and the government would also have complete control of the whole situation. But this HAD to be kept away from those snoopy media vultures.

   The Prime Minister, the Chief of the Secret Services and the Secretary of Royal Security finished the meeting and walked out of the King's private chamber, a look of satisfaction on their face. Everything was in its proper place and planned. Everything well taken care of... Nothing could go wrong and there could be no threat...

   The boys gathered at the airport, excited and ready for the two-week holiday in the mountains. The Prince had joined them and as the call came for them to board the aircraft the group got up and moved towards the gate.... The two men from the secret service who were to accompany the boys on the same flight saw the Prince and his group go, merging with the crowd and relaxed. Now it was time for them to follow...

   The main group of security personnel had already left for Austria in preparation of the Prince's coming. The two men now got up and joined the crowd moving towards the gate, keeping a sharp eye on the group of boys.... And as they got jostled by the hurrying passengers they lost sight of the group for a short while but it didn't worry them much, after all, this was a secure zone and nobody, other than a legitimate passenger could enter here. And anyway, where could anyone go from here but the plane...

   They didn't notice the prince slowly pull away and move back, the crowd hiding his action exactly the way the Prince had hoped it would. And neither did any of his friends' notice his sudden disappearance, busy in their excitement to board the aircraft. Only Gilbert knew and he stood for a while, looking back, his heart thumping wildly as he watched the retreating figure of his friend and wished him all the best.

   As the boys settled down and talked animatedly, did Andrew notice the missing Prince. And there was disappointment as Gilbert quickly informed them of some sudden and important engagement that had taken the Prince away. That he wouldn't be joining them on the trip after all.

   The officers too settled down, but in the back, unaware of the missing Prince. The flight was uneventful, not that they had been expecting anything to happen, and they made a most perfect landing. And before the doors could even be opened fully the two men were ready to move on and were the first to walk out. They walked down the narrow passage and spotted their partners waiting for them. The greetings over, together they stood watching the other passengers as they filed past, waiting for the Prince and his group to emerge from the craft.

   And then they spotted the group but surprisingly the Prince wasn't amongst them. The men were frantic as they searched the crowd for their royal charge, following the boys as they walked away to claim their baggage. And as they stood awaiting the arrival of their luggage and gears the officers looked around, desperately searching... They were shocked and also scared. This was terrible! One of the men rushed back to the aircraft and ran in, asking the stewardess if any more passengers remained onboard... searching for the Prince.... But the craft was empty. They didn't know what to do... How could a person just vanish from a flying aircraft thousands of feet up in the air?!

   They knew they had to stop and question the boys but then, they had been strictly instructed never to approach the group under any circumstances. But then, this was different, this was serious. Yet they didn't want to disobey orders.... So, in desperation they called back home for advise after alerting the rest of their colleagues already in the country.

   It was a crisis of the worst kind and the cabinet was immediately called for an emergency meeting, with the King and the Crown Prince.... Meanwhile the officers were instructed to take charge and bring the boys back, immediately. If the opposition or the press got wind of this, it would be catastrophic!

   As the crowd pushed ahead the Prince had quickly entered the men's room, going into one of the stalls to wait patiently... He was excited and nervous... silently praying that nothing would go wrong, that his absence would not be discovered by anyone. The boys Gilbert would manage, it was only the security people that he was scared of. He hoped they would not find out about his disappearance, not until the plane had touched down in Austria, for by then he would be off!

   And as he heard the announcement of the flight's takeoff he sighed with relief. He had succeeded... he was alone now... ready to fly in search of his dream!!! He slowly opened the door and peeked out and seeing the whole area empty walked out heading towards the counters to check himself in for his flight to New York...

   The End of Part One



All characters and situations are a figment of my imagination.

My characters are my 'puppets' and do whatever I want them to do and therefore 'catch' whatever I want them to 'catch', which is NOTHING, not even a simple cold! But real life is different and my stories don't reflect that reality.... So PLEASE, practice
for, the Writer sitting up ^there^ does make His characters 'catch' dreadful things!

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