October, 2001



The Meeting

   'Finally...!' the Prince thought excitedly as he looked out and saw the city of New York beneath him, 'Finally I'm here...!'

   The tiny land mass grew larger and larger, the almost toy like features taking shape as harbor, buildings and streets as the aircraft lost height and moved closer to the city. And then he got a glimpse of that famous landmark - the green lady with the flaming torch in her upraised hand... It was breathtaking! It felt like she was beckoning him to his own 'liberty' as she had done to a million others. He closed his eyes and sank back, letting out a soft sigh.

   He was happy... very happy. He felt a tremendous thrill course through him as he walked out of the airport building.... He was finally alone, finally on his own, finally here... free! If only he could now meet that right person and fulfill his heart's desire.... Just once, even if for just one short night.... Just a few hours of total bliss... He could then maybe go back home, at peace with himself, maybe control his intense sexual urges better....

   He decide on checking into a smaller hotel... something neat and comfortable, not one of those bigger and more glamorous ones. Those would surely be better he thought, providing the comforts and luxury he was so accustomed to, but a smaller place would afford better privacy, provide much more protection from being discovered.... The bigger ones must already have a whole horde of media guys hanging around in search of scoops for their gossips' columns... and surely some smart guy would recognize him...

   'God, that would be a disaster!' he thought, shaking his head as he flagged down a passing cab.

   The King was livid with rage... "How can a boy vanish into thin air from an aircraft flying thousands of feet above the ground?" he shouted at the Prime Minister, quite forgetting his Royal status.

   The Crown Prince sat quiet. Though a grown man and father of a teen-aged son, he was still very much in awe of his father and found it very difficult to even open his mouth in the King's presence. He was very upset, very worried, but he also realized that shouting or accusing wasn't the need of the hour. They had to find out where his son had gone, trace him out and bring him back. Bring him back before something dreadful happened...

   "There could be only one explanation for the whole thing your Highness," suggested the Prime Minister tentatively in a soft voice, "the Prince had never boarded the flight..."

   "Then what were the men doing? They were at the airport for exactly that purpose, to see that the Prince boarded the craft." roared the King, eyes blazing. "They were supposed to keep an eye on him and see that he got onto the plane safely. You personally promised me that all had been well taken care of, then how could this happen?" he shook with impotent anger.

   Well, there was nothing they could do right then, they had to wait till the men got back home with the boys and then they would be able to get the whole story... and finally act. But in the mean time discreet inquiries had already begun, at the airport and at the different airline offices, to get the details about people leaving the country that particular day... on the various flights. And soon they expected some clue.

   Chris didn't know why, but he felt extremely excited, very happy... It had been this way since early morning, from the moment he had opened his eyes. Like something was about to happen, something that he had been waiting for... Something that he had wanted desperately... that something would finally happen!

   The fine hair on his legs bristled as he ran his hands over the tingling surface, caressing... At 18, Christopher Hughes was like any other college fresher, lean and trim, with the just developed muscles straining against the smooth skin, as if jostling to get free. His soft, glowing complexion gave him a fresh, innocent look and with the dark, curly hair and large brown eyes he looked exactly that - innocent and boyish.

   The full, pouty lips quivered with erotic pleasure as his fingers wrapped around the throbbing shaft and he let out a hoarse moan... He felt his stomach tense and his thighs flex... the toes curling as that familiar tingle engulfed his very being. And as his heels dug into the mattress for leverage, the ass lifting off the bed in preparation, his eyes closed and a gasp escaped the glistening lips... The first bolt shot well past his head to hit the headboard of the bed before the thick, creamy passion splattered his chin and chest... leaving him panting and drained, filling the room and his nostrils with the heady smell of fresh cum.

   With eyes still closed he remained on the bed, enjoying the amazing feeling of fulfillment that invariably follows a satisfying orgasm... languid. One hand still stroked the swiftly softening penis while the other caressed the chest, tweaking the still pointed nipples, rubbing the fast cooling jism into the smooth skin...

   He slowly got up and went into the bathroom and opening the overhead shower got under the refreshing spray. He took great care lathering himself thoroughly, scrubbing his entire body... every fold, every crevice... running his hands sensually over the smooth surface, gasping softly at the awesome sensation it aroused in him. He felt himself harden again and reached for the turgid flesh pole, playing with it lazily before reaching lower and hefting the large testicles, cuddling the twin globes in a loving embrace. He wanted to indulge in it again but stopped himself... he didn't know why but felt he should save it for later.... Getting under the warm spray he washed off the creamy soapsuds and turned off the shower. He dried himself and went and stood before the mirror, looking at himself and smiled - he looked happy... well, he felt that way too - happy!

   He went to the closet and chose his clothes with care... Would it be a simple, casual wear or should he dress a bit 'punkish' he wondered... No, he decided on the simple, casual look - a Levy jeans and a loose, white T-shirt and then completed it with his favorite white sports shoe. For a moment he debated on whether to wear any undergarment or not, filled with the anticipation of what would happen... of what he was so positive about. But then finally decided on wearing one and choose a tiny, snug, red cotton brief, that barely could contain his healthy bulge and pulled in on before completing dressing.

   He didn't feel like calling on any of his friends or hanging around with them... 'Not tonight...' he told himself as he let himself out. He decided instead on visiting the new bowling alley and silently headed towards it.

   A few short inquiries and they had it... The Prince had flown to the USA!

   It was immediately decided that the Chief of Royal Security, along with a few top officials from the secret services would go to the States and bring the young Prince back. Meanwhile the American government would be requested to provide help in tracing out the Prince but be asked to keep everything under wrap... quiet. The consulate staff along with the FBI would make discreet inquiries to try and trace out the Prince before the men arrived. And once the men flew in they would guide them to the Prince.

   "I'll go with the men," announced the Crown Prince suddenly, his face a mixture of worry and relief.

   The room fell silent as all turned to look at him. But no one had the heart to refuse him his request. The King nodded his accent as the Prime Minister announced that he would make the necessary arrangements.

   The US government would be requested for help, but everything would be 'unofficial', everything very low-key... especially the Crown Prince's visit. No acknowledgment of the Royal visit should be made... no welcome, no protocol, nothing. Not even an official acknowledgment of his presence in the country. He would go directly to the consulate and the secret service officials would bring the young Prince there before they returned home.

   John had a nose for news... he had been in this field for ages now and was the father of many a scoop and people with secrets to hide dreaded him. It was said that he could smell a story half way across the world. And today he felt that way...

   'Something's about to happen,' he kept murmuring, '...something big... A big story, I can feel it!'

   By late evening he could hardly concentrate on anything and finally picked up the phone. He made a few calls, to the usual contacts he had in all the right places but was disappointed with the negative responses he got. Everything seemed so dull, so routine... And just as he decided to go home and get some rest the phone rang.


   It was Will from the palace...

   "The Prince is missing!" was the short statement.

   "What...?" he asked, the message still making no sense.

   Will gave the details of the Prince's trip with his friends to Austria and then the sudden and inexplicable disappearance, supposedly from mid air...

   And as Johnny digested the information...

   "It's all hush-hush, the Crown Prince is going to the US, totally unofficial," he said, "The government there has been asked to provide some kind of help but no acknowledgment of the Royal visit is to be made.... Why don't you find out? He will be leaving later tonight on a special flight, just top secret service official in tow... There's a nice scoop for you."

   After a few more questions John knew that this had to be it. He called long distance to a dear old friend in New York...

   "Pat, just keep an eye on the consulate office... I'll be there tomorrow. There may be a very big story there!"

   The Prince stepped out the tiny hotel building feeling totally refreshed and walked down the crowded sidewalk. It was still early evening and the streets were crowded with the usual office-goers rushing to get back home and the perpetual shoppers' jostling to move ahead. Kids sped by on their bikes or on the ubiquitous American board, their loose, oversized clothes flying in the light evening breeze.

   The sights and the sounds of the big city thrilled him, made him shiver a bit as he walked on... It wasn't the great big buildings or the bright neon lights or all the glitz and glamour that awed him, the way it might someone from a less privileged country - after all he was the Prince of one of Europe's great powers... But it was the sense of freedom and the very fact that he was walking down the street as any other person, an ordinary, normal person that enamored him. And of course the very thought of what could happen... that his dream might just become a reality in this land of dreams that filled his soul to the brim with joy.

   Suddenly the blinking lights of a bowling alley, tucked away in a narrow side street, caught his eyes and he stopped. He loved the sport and was an adept player. But he only got to play at his own private game room, with a few very close friends. This would be different, playing as an ordinary 'mortal' with other real people around him... He turned and went in.

   Paying at the counter he collected the bowling shoes and went over to an empty lane and began his game. His passion for the game and the long practice at home paid off and he scored a perfect triple...

   'Turkey...' the prince smiled remembering the American term for a triple.... And suddenly he realized that there was a whole crowd of people standing behind him, watching him. Though used to the constant attention he felt a bit awkward now, a little self-conscious. He smiled at the guys looking at him expectantly and picked up the ball. He finished a perfect 12 strike and the crowd roared with approval, clapping and cheering the visibly embarrassed prince. And as he turned around to acknowledge the applause he noticed a strikingly handsome young guy walk up to him....

   "That was real cool!" said the guy smiling.

   The prince smiled back, nodding in acknowledgment.

   "Haven't seen you around... new here?" the stranger asked.

   "Yes." replied the prince.

   "Oh, I'm Chris... Christopher Huges." said the youth extending his hand.

   The prince's heart was already beating fast.... God, this was exactly the kind of guy he had dreamt about... only if.... Shaking himself out of his reverie he finally took the proffered hand and gave his most dazzling smile.

   "Ah, Gilbert.... Gilbert Jarvis." he said thinking quick, using his friend's name.

   "You from Europe?" asked the boy, noticing the accent, so different... so sexy... he loved it.

   "Um, yes."

   "On vacation?" he asked again.

   "Ah, kind of... yes."

   "Traveling alone?" Chris asked again... hoping.... He was absolutely smitten by the youth and prayed that the guy would be alone... that this was what he had anticipated the whole day... that this was it!

   "Um... yes." he replied, himself already feeling an awesome tingle fill his young frame. This guy looked exactly like the boy in his waking dreams... and he seemed so nice and warm and friendly... If only something would happen... If only his dreams would finally be fulfilled.... His desires consummated....

   Moving away from the lane the Prince sat down to undo the shoes as Chris sat next to him, talking...

   "That was the most perfect game I ever saw," he was saying.

   "Uh, thank you again... but really..."

   "No, I mean it Gilbert. I too love this game... but never this perfect." Chris smiled in all sincerity.

   "Well...." the Prince began, really not knowing what to say. His ears buzzed and his heart was slamming against the rib cage. He felt light headed and his hands were suddenly all clammy... But how could he ever say it to the guy...?

   "Let's go out for a soda... There's this real cool place round the corner..." Chris suggested, hoping that Gilbert would accept his invitation and then maybe....

   It was nearly an hour later when finally the Prince asked his new friend to join him in his hotel room. They had been walking all the while, talking... generally enjoying the evening and each other's company. Both felt very comfortable, like they had known each other for ages, were old pals... They just wanted to go on... talking, being together. But both wanted even more... to tell, to ask, to let the other know... Yet neither knew how to 'approach'... How to drop a few obvious hints, let the other know... and get to know what the other felt like... It wasn't that they didn't know how to say it or make their interest in the other known... but it was the apprehension of loosing a friend that held them back... Even if the other person wasn't gay and their desires weren't fulfilled neither wanted to loose the other as a friend - and that held them both back.

   "Sure..." replied Chris, at once excited... Excited about spending more time with this amazing person from Europe and also the prospect of being alone with him, in the privacy of the hotel room, away from the crowd. He didn't know what to expect... whether to expect anything at all... yet the thought thrilled him.

   On Chris' suggestion they picked up some Coke and a pizza and finally made their way towards the hotel, going to the Prince's room.

   Just being together felt so amazingly satisfying, so beautiful. Neither had experienced such joy before... An indescribable sense of well being, of fulfillment, of completeness filled both boys. They sat munching the pizza and sipping their Coke, talking away, as if intoxicated... and as the last piece of pizza was picked up they both suddenly fell silent... as if there was nothing else to talk about, as if both had suddenly lost their tongue....

   They sat quiet, staring at the floor when simultaneously they looked up and at each other, both eyes burning, the look of hunger clear in the fluid, passion filled eyes. And as if on cue they both moved towards each other, slowly, as if through dense atmosphere... their face coming closer and closer... both lips parting slightly, as the head tilted in preparation... And then their lips touched!

   It was a moment they would never forget... a moment of intense emotion, electrified... They both let out a soft gasp and shook at the contact, as if struck by a lightening bolt, new feelings flooding their young bodies... And then with a groan they kissed, first lightly and then with a grinding force. The nostrils flared as the youths sucked in air, eyes tightly shut, thrilling at what they were experiencing. There was passion, there was hunger... and there was desperation.... Like two famished kittens they licked and chewed at each other's mouth, the saliva coating their lips and chin, the tongue licking and fencing as it darted out to curl around each other...

   No other part of their bodies touched as their mouth worked... sucking and nibbling at each other's lips, the tongue playfully jostling for space in the other boy's mouth... Then slowly the hands reached out, tentative... searching.... Chris rested his hand on the prince's shoulder and felt his new friend's anxious fingers seek and find his bulge between his thighs and he instinctively spread them wide, giving him better access to his treasures.... Both now breathing hard... almost labored.

   And the hands got bolder in their roving, firmer in touch... Groping and sliding they fell back, deeper into the couch, clinging to each other, both shaking with the heat, the passion... the thrill. They were breathless, the lungs screaming for air as the mouth stayed locked, slurping away. And almost simultaneously both pulled away, panting... looking at each other, with wonder and tender love. There was silence, even the harsh breathing seeming to have stilled... and then they both grinned, falling forwards again to hug each other in a tight embrace, suddenly giggling like small kids with the joy of a naughty idea. They got up from the couch, hand in hand and went to the narrow bed in the corner and tumbled over it, their mouth glued once more.

   They rolled about, tumbling over each other as they gasped and moaned their passion into each other's mouth, oblivious of everything else but the feeling of pleasure and love that flooded their very soul. Letting their passions flow, not holding back anything, totally wanton, as if intent on devouring each other, they clawed and kissed away, the tongues sliding in... probing, licking, tasting and exploring, the blood gushing... the hearts pounding.

   Slowly Chris got up and pulled his new friend into a sitting position reaching for the buttons... with shaking fingers working them off as the hungry eyes drank each other... Each pulled the other's shirt off and reaching lower for the metal studs at the waist, the soft hands dragging over the tingling hot boy flesh... arousing both the bodies and minds even further.

   Without exchanging even a word they both stood up and lowered his partner's zip, opening the bursting fly, both making small guttural sounds as the moans rising from deep within stuck in the gulping throat. They lowered the jeans over the firm mounds of ass flesh and let the pants drop, both eyes lowering finally to take in the other's aroused pubes still encased in the cotton briefs, but stretched, the seams pulled taut.

   Chris dropped on his knees and bringing his face close inhaled deeply, the smell of arousal filling his nostrils and hitting him hard, flooding his senses with lust. He reached up and hooked his finger to the waist band, feeling the smooth skin below and slowly... ever so slowly, lowered the tiny garment... revealing its hidden treasure, a bit at a time... And as the first few strands of the pubic patch came into view, he shuddered and let out a moan, feeling his head reel and his hard cock jerk in its prison. And as the thick base came into view he could hold back no longer, gripping the brief he pulled it off with a swift motion, setting the engorged cock free, to jerk up and audibly smack the flat stomach of his new friend.

   The thought of another boy undressing him, seeing his cock thrilled the Prince and as his cock rapped his belly he groaned and felt the juices spurt out of him, wetting him before forming long, dangling strings, swaying with the motions of his cock.

   Chris sat there, on his haunches, staring unbelievingly at the beautiful cock in front of him, mesmerized... It was large and gorgeous... incredible! But what most fascinated him was the partly retracted foreskin through which the engorged, pink cock tip peeked out much like the shy bride from behind her silky veil... the tiny eye all teary with the dews of joy, making the swollen glans glisten and glow. He licked his lips and looked up at his friend. He wanted to wrap his lips around the juicy, leaking shaft... but hesitated... He knew he wanted it... was dying for it... but...

   "Let me see you..." the Prince cut into his thoughts with a whisper, "I want to see you..."

   He stood up and suddenly blushing, looked away. It wasn't shame or embarrassment, just a weird kind of feeling that he didn't quite understand. He reached for his briefs and felt the other boy's hands cover his, together pulling off the only piece of garment that remained between them. And as he bent low to remove it his face was once again in line with Prince's magnificent cock... and he shivered as he stepped out of his briefs and stood up.

   The Prince pulled Chris closer, looking into his soft brown eyes and as he stared into his new friend's face, an immense joy filled his heart. Chris' face was so gentle, so kind... so amazingly beautiful, he could have spent hours just holding his hand and staring away... But there were more urgent needs... and every few minutes their face moved closer in a renewed kiss... nibbling at each other's already puffy lips, only to pull back breathless and gasping.

   They could smell each other, that clean, fresh smell of boyhood that both had just left behind not so early, yet already tinged with the musky and rich flavor of oncoming manhood. The Prince dug the pointed tip of his tongue between the corner of Chris' mouth and ran it over the trembling lips, finally pushing them apart to sink in, again kissing deeply, passionate and loving.

   Grinding their naked bodies against each other... rubbing their aroused genitals together, they fell back on the bed, both slippery with the sweet sweat of passion.... happy celebrating the prospect of the ultimate union of man to man, the beginning of a new chapter in their young lives... the excitement of discovery... of fulfillment...

   The End of Part Two



All characters and situations are a figment of my imagination.

My characters are my 'puppets' and do whatever I want them to do and therefore 'catch' whatever I want them to 'catch', which is NOTHING, not even a simple cold! But real life is different and my stories don't reflect that reality.... So PLEASE, practice
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